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					7 Roads to Meditation

             Bill Bodri

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                            Why Meditate?
• Reasons
   – Health
   – Longevity
   – Spiritual Progress
   – Calm Your Mind - Defuse Stress - Learn to Relax
   – Cultivate Virtue and Purity
   – Facilitates Changing Your Behavior
• How
   – Cross legs in a quiet place (tune the body)
   – Cover knees with towel and avoid drafts
   – Relaxed but straight, head up
• When
   – The best time is whenever you can (like exercise -- ―there is no best one …
     the one you bother to do is best‖)
   – 20, 40, 60 minutes once or twice a day
   – Quiet time (morning/night), before eating or >1.5 hours later
        The Purpose of Meditation
• Buddhism: emptiness, enlightenment
• Judaism: ayin (nothingness) - the annihilation of thought
• Christianity: selflessness/nonego (give up your personal thoughts
  to be one with the Father)
• Islam: seeing God‘s face
• Confucianism: rest in the highest virtue
• Zen: original nature
• Yoga: sense withdrawal and then pacification of thought, samadhi
• Taoism: Tao
• Final goal: emptiness, enlightenment, self-realization, Buddhahood,
  become an Immortal, ...
               BASIC METHOD(s)
Sit, cross your legs, relax your body, forget
your body, watch your thoughts in a detached
mode, they die down => mental quiet ==> find
the watcher/ultimate source of the quiet
–   ―Adding methods‖ - Tibetan ceremonies
–   ―Subtraction methods‖ - letting go, neti neti
–   One-pointed Concentration - visualizations
–   Mantra - Tire/busy the mind
–   Breathing - breathing and thoughts are linked
–   Pacification methods - relaxing, tantra
–   Etc. (they all rely on the principles of cessation and
    contemplation, or samadhi and prajna wisdom)
       Shakyamuni Buddha said:
Do not believe something solely on the strength of traditions,
even if those customs or traditions have been held in honor
and in many places for many generations. Don't believe
anything simply because many people say it is so either.
Furthermore, do not believe something just because it was
maintained by ancient sagas. Do not believe that which you
have imagined yourself either, thinking a god has inspired you.
Believe nothing which depends only on the authority of your
teachers or of priests. Rather, test everything and after
investigation, believe that which you yourself have tested and
found reasonable and true, and which is good for you and
others. Prove things through your personal experience.
The 5 Stages of the Spiritual Path
• Meditation 1 – Seeing the light
Tao School Basics: jing-chi-shen transformations
• Meditation 2 – Skeleton meditation
The Time Sequences of the Spiritual Path and Physical Transformations
• Cultivation Method 3 – 9-bottled wind
Esoteric school and Wu Liu methods: all based on breathing
• Meditation 4 -- Mantra
• Meditation 5 – Meditations for Cancer and High Blood Pressure
Mozart effect, Healing, Chi and Consciousness are linked ...
• Meditation 6 – Cessation-contemplation practice in Confucianism,
   Vipassana, Now!, Sandhinirmocana jing
Various stages of samadhi
• Meditation 7 - Dream Yoga
• Meditation 8 – Sexual cultivation
Big cheats: positive thinking, visualization, naturalistic being in the moment
The 5 Stages of the Spiritual Path
• 1) The Stage of Wisdom and Merit Accumulation (Study and Virtue)
• 2) The Stage of Preparatory Practice, Progressive Practice, Evolutionary
  Yoga, Intensified Preparatory Practices, Earnest Endeavor
    –   Warming
    –   Peak
    –   Forbearance
    –   Highest Worldly Dharma
    –   Introduction - transition - attainment - perfection
• 3) The Stage of Seeing the Tao, Direct Vision, Clear Light, 10,000 miles of
  Empty Sky, Selflessness, Realizing Your Original Nature, Illuminate Your
  Bright Virtue, See God‘s face, ...
• 4) The Stage of True Cultivation Practice (realize the emptiness of the
  self, now realize the emptiness of phenomena, dissolve away or ―purify‖
  habitual energy streams)
• 5) The Stage of Complete Enlightenment, No More Learning,
     Meditation - Seeing the Light
• Tibetan monks usually must wait 20 years before being introduced to this
• Mahakasyapa on ―Chicken Foot‖ Mountain practices it inside a cave
• Seeing the Light - We‘re not talking about a physical light you see with
  your eyes. Don‘t try to visualize anything, you just realize the light that‘s
  everywhere which is the light of awareness (the mind).
• Mother light versus child light -- awareness ―clear light‖
• Close your eyes and let your mind and body merge with whatever light
  there is (―I am the light, the light is me,‖ ―God is light‖). Merge with the
  light (it has no color or form) and then forget your body and self.
• Forget the knower, knowing, and object - Merge with the light you realize -
  light has no boundaries and extends everywhere
• Alternative: Vairocana Great Sun Buddha ―Ohm Ah Bee Lah Hung! Cht!‖
  Practice from visualizing that you are a bright sun, and then you become
  light everywhere
      Tao School Basics

Jing – generative force, semen, seminal energy, ching, ojas,
hormones, bindus, bodhicitta, water element, body
Chi – life force, qi, prana, ether, biocosmic energy, wind
element, mind, soul
Shen – spirit, tejas, no-thought, light (emptiness)

The Process Behind All True Spiritual Cultivation
Transform your jing into chi
Transform your chi into shen
Transform your shen into emptiness
Return emptiness to the Tao
   Two Sets of Basic Principles

• When your jing becomes full   • If you don‘t accumulate your
  you won‘t think of sex          jing, you will never experience
                                  the state of physical bliss
• When your chi becomes full
  you won‘t think of eating     • If you don‘t accumulate your
                                  chi, you will never experience
• When your shen is full you      the stage of internal light
  won‘t feel like sleeping
                                • If you don‘t accumulate your
                                  shen, you will never experience
                                  the state of no-thought
        White Skeleton Meditation
• Start with your left big toe
• Give away your flesh joyfully to the ghosts and spirits
• Visualize that you are just a shiny, dazzling white (silver) skeleton
• Visualize that your bones becoming dust and then emptiness -- then
  forget your body & abandon all ideas of a having body or form
  (mentally let go of everything)
• Sexual desire grows strong with this practice … you‘ll become
  extremely flexible ... You‘ll become able to see other people‘s bones
  and inside their body … superpowers will arise ... You‘ll be able to
  initially enter samadhi
• Sickness focus - Manjushri 7th-8th lower vertebrae method
• Chiropractors and bodyworkers should use this
  The Time Sequences of the
        Spiritual Path
100 Days                      ―Building‖ or ―Laying   Initial stage of Jing 
   3 Months                 the Foundation‖         Chi
   Thailand
   Yoga practice
10 Months                     ―Pregnancy‖ (embryo)    Finalize Jing  Chi
                                                      Prelim. Chi  Shen

3 Years                       ―Suckling‖ or ―Nursing Final. Chi  Shen
   Tibetan Retreats         the Baby‖              Init. Shen  Emptiness
   Yin/Yang shen
9 Years                       ―Facing the Wall‖       Shen  Emptiness
   Zen Master Bodhidharma                           Init. Emptiness  Tao
Indeterminate                 Breaking Emptiness      Achieve a State of
                              and Returning to the    Neither Existence or
                              Tao                     Non-Existence
               Advanced Physical
•   After 1 year - chi
•   After 2 years - blood
•   After 3 years - mai (energy meridians, vessels)
•   After 4 years - flesh
•   After 5 years - bone marrow (white)
•   After 6 years - sinews and tendons
•   After 7 years - bones
•   After 8 years - hair (leave behind)
•   After 9 years - entire body form/shape
      “9-Bottled Wind” Practice
3 X 3 … 3 sets of 3 repetitions (left, right, center)

Draw in as much air as possible,
as slowly as possible,
into your lungs as deep as possible,
hold for as long as possible using as few muscles
  as possible
exhale as quickly as possible.
          Cultivating the 5 Elements

Earth                           Bones, Teeth, Nails, Muscles
Water                           Blood, Hormones, Lymph
Wind/Air/Wood                   Breath
Fire                            Bodily Warmth, Kundalini
Space/Metal                     Interstitial Places, Joints

The Most Common Sequence of the Path
Wind (Water) -> Fire -> Earth -> Space
Air + Oil (hormones/mai)     Kundalini   Skeleton     Entire Body
Easiest, Chi/Consciousness
          Cultivating the 5 Elements

Earth                           Bones, Teeth, Nails, Muscles
Water                           Blood, Hormones, Lymph
Wind/Air/Wood                   Breath
Fire                            Bodily Warmth, Kundalini
Space/Metal                     Interstitial Places, Joints

The Most Common Sequence of the Path
Wind (Water) -> Fire -> Earth -> Space
Air + Oil (hormones/mai)     Kundalini   Skeleton     Entire Body
Easiest, Chi/Consciousness
Detoxifying Your Body for the Spiritual Path
• Nattokinase (Allergy Research) - opens up arteries and dissolves blood clots
• GSH250 (Douglas labs) or Recancostat (Tyler Labs) - detoxify toxic chemicals
  (liver) with glutathione, NAC, alpha lipoic acid
• Natures Pure Body (Pure Body Institute) - whole body detoxification
• Liver Flush and Kidney Flush (Richard Schulze American Botanical Pharmacy)
• ―Supernutrition‖ Multi Blend - best multivitamin/mineral in USA
• Chiropractic adjustments
• Breathing practices - 9 Bottled wind
• Eliminate food allergies - Immuno Labs test (see ebook coupon)
• Immune26 immune booster - If age> 50, 800-557-8477 (Bodri #512372)
• HOLOSYNC meditation tapes (see products section of my website)
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     Various Mantra You Can
       Use for Cultivation
Amitofo:                               Avalokitesvara:
   Namo Amitofo                          Ohm Man Bei Me Hon!

Zhunti:                                Vairocana:
   Namo Sadoh Nah                        Ohm Ah Bee Lah Hung Chit
   Samyak Sampoh Doh
   Jeezuh Nah, Dazah Toh
   Ohm, Zurleee, Julee, Zhunti, Soha

Lotus, Mahagala, ...
Proven Effects of Meditation
•   Lowers blood pressure
•   Increases serum DHEA
•   Reduces serum cortisol
•   Reduces pulse rate
•   Increases serum total protein
•   Quiets the mind - reduces stress
•   Chinese Medicine: ―the 100 diseases start
    with wind‖
     Ainslie Meares and Cancer
• Treated 73 patients with advanced cancer who attended at
  least 20 sessions of intensive meditation
• Found that meditation reduces anxiety, depression and pain
• Tumor growth inhibited in 10% of cases
• Tumor regression in 10% of cases - 3 attributes
    – their meditation was profound and prolonged
    – little or no conscious activity during meditation
    – they carried the meditation into their daily lives
•   Survival longer than expected
•   Quality of life improved in 50% of cases
•   Meditation facilitated death with dignity in 90% of cases
•   Meares encouraged ―effortless stilling of the mind‖ and
    discouraged mantra, active visualization, breathing
               Meditation for Healing
CANCER                                                        HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE
•   Visualize giving away your dirty flesh/meat to all    •    Use the skeleton method, visualize you become a
    beings at and then you become a skeleton which             skeleton, then you imagine taking your skull, turning it
    then transforms into emptiness                             upside down and putting it on your waist
•   Visualize your body burns away or is burned by        •    Visualize skeleton method but focus on your big toes
    light and you become light only (high wisdom          •    Visualize a small fire flame or small sun in the center
    people go directly to emptiness/light)                     of the bottom of your feet
•   Vairocana + Sun + light method … just get to          •    In this case, visualize the emptiness going down (most
    emptiness or light (not in the shape of the body)          people visualize emptiness proceeding upwards)
•   Exhale visualizing the dirty things/illness leaving
    your body                                             •    Breathing begins after you are born, so breathing
•   Meares in Australia (10%) - emptiness method best          methods concentrate on post natal phenomena;
•   The Power of Emptiness can destroy all the bad             skeleton method -> no breathing anymore; One not
    things and set up the new things; Emptiness method         better than another, just use all the methods combined;
    is Great vehicle and visualization/other methods           ordinary people differ from advanced practitioners
    small vehicle
                                                          •    Supplements, destress, meditation, diet
•   Diet, Supplements, Detox
           Meditation for Healing
•   Arthritis - water and wind elements; fasting, medicines and breathing (takes time)
•   Chant a mantra or be mindful of Buddha to such a degree of one-pointedness that you forget about the
    existence of your body (higher method), but you also need to do fasting

•   You need to know the source of the problem because there are many causes
•   General method - visualize your head is not there... non-existent (ex. Generals in war forget the pain);
    for this to work you need great mind power (highest method the thought is not there)

•   Empty your thoughts to get mental relief by entering a state of no-thought, or you try to breathe out or
    do exercise or sing to put your attention elsewhere
•   Methods to shift attention are not the ultimate solution (doctors will always have business)

•   Zen - just know it is there, that‘s the highest method
              The “Mozart Effect”
• 1996 Study College Entrance Exam - if students sing or play an instrument
  they score 51 points higher on Verbal and 39 points higher in Math
• Univ. of CA study - listen to Mozart for 10 minutes before have higher SAT
• Shell, IBM, Dupont, universities use music to cut learning time in half
• Univ. of WA study - listening to light classical music for 90 minutes,
  students catch 21% more copywriting errors
• Baltimore hospital study - heart patients get as much benefit from 30
  minutes of classical music and 10 mg of Valium
• CA State University study - migraine sufferers were trained to use imagery,
  music and relaxation techniques to reduce the frequency, intensity and
  duration of their headaches
Chi and Consciousness are Linked

•   Chi and consciousness are linked
     – Zen Master Nan Huai-Chin

•   Consciousnesses are said to ―ride‖ on winds [various types of chi, or prana] in the same
    manner that a horseman rides his mount; by travelling on the winds, consciousnesses are
    able to leave their bases in the sense-powers (located in the eye, ear, and so forth) to
    contact their objects. Because minds are inoperative without winds to provide a medium
    for their movement, and because winds lack specific direction without minds, minds are
    likened to cripples with sights and winds to blind men with legs; the lame climb on the
    backs of the blind and together they can move about. Because the winds are the medium
    for the operation of minds, fluctuation in the winds necessarily affects consciousness,
    and thus it is crucial for tantric yogis who wish to yoke consciousness to gain control
    over the movement of winds. Tantric yogics engage in a variety of practices to bring
    about a concentration of the winds, for concentration of the winds leads to concentration
    of consciousness.

     – Highest Yoga Tantra, Daniel Cozort
    Chi and Consciousness are Linked
•   Mind and prana are mixed like milk and water. Both of them are equal in their activities. Where
    there is pranic movement or activity there is mind (consciousness). Where there is consciousness
    there is prana.
•   When prana moves, chitta (the mental force) moves. When prana is without movement, chitta is
    without movement. By this (steadiness of prana) the yogis attains steadiness and should thus restrain
    the vayu (air).
     –   Hatha Yoga Pradipika: Light on Hatha Yoga, Swami Muktibodhananda Saraswati

•   The mind—the king—surrounded by a retinue of mindfulness, meditative stabilization, and so forth
    is considered as being mounted on the horse of vitality (prana). When the horse of vitality [wind] is
    held, the mind—the king—as well as the retinue will definitely be held. For another [text] says,
    ‗Vitality [wind] is to be stopped. When it is stopped, one‘s mind as well as mindfulness, intellect,
    mental engagement, and so forth will definitely be held.‘
     –   The Yoga of Tibet, Tsong-Ka-Pa, trans. Jeffrey Hopkins

•    He who has power over his mind can also control prana. [For] the two causes that activate the mind
    are prana [respiration] and the sources of karma [vasanas, latent tendencies.]

     –   The Yoga of Light, Hans-Ulich Rieker
    Cessation-Contemplation Practice
• Shamatha-vipashyana, Chih-guan, Confucian cultivation, Vipassana,
  Tiendai, Greater and Lesser Contemplation, Sandhinirmocana Sutra,
  Christian contemplation, Benjamin Franklin, Liao Fan, self-awareness,
  Kabbalah, Gurdjieff self-remembering

• Step 1: Sit, relax your body and respiration, tune your physical nature,
  physiological adjustments. Start to watch your thoughts as if you were
  a 3rd person observer.
• Step 2: You reach a stage where you can start to clearly see each
  thought that appears in the mind, and can distinguish the beginning
  and ending of thoughts. You start to notice a gap of clear immediate
  presence of mind.
• Step 3: You realize that thoughts don‘t stay -- ―observing birth and
  death‖ -- and that the never ending stream of arising is the ―realm of
  birth and death.‖If you remain attached to this realm you can never
  achieve liberation. Observe this stream and you will gradually learn how
  to detach from it. In contemplating the mean between stillness and
  activity, you will arrive at the source. Through inner watching … your
  stream of consciousness becomes interrupted. Your clarity increases and
  peace and calm increase. This is CONTEMPLATION.
• Step 4: You‘ll start to notice a momentary gap of silence between
  thoughts - the practice of silent watching will interrupt the stream of
  mentation like a ―fragrant elephant.‖ This mental silence will open up
  into a clear, lucid, open awareness. This is CESSATION.
• Step 5: Carry over this state of watching into all your activities.
  Thoughts will die down, radiant awareness will expand, and you‘ll
  naturally enter into samadhi. KEEP SHINING AWARENESS ON
• NOW! If your vital energy doesn‘t move, Zen practice is ―dead tree
  Zen‖ - you must know the joyful side of existence
The Three Realms and Samadhi
                                           Samadhi of neither thought nor
                  Formless Realm           Samadhi of nothingness
 Formless Realm Heavenly Beings            Samadhi of infinite consciousness
                                           Samadhi of infinite space

                                           4th Dhyana - asmita
                                           3rd Dhyana - ananda
                  Form Realm
 Form Realm                                2nd Dhyana - vicara
                  Heavenly Beings
                                           1st Dhyana - vitarka
                  Devas (Heavens)
                  Humans                   Mundane Realms of
 Desire Realm     Animals                  Consciousness
                  Hungry Ghosts – Pretas
                  Hell beings
                              Dream Yoga
• People in ancient times used the dream state to cure themselves
• There are 5 Types of dreams in cultivation: (1) sickness, (2) see the future, (3)
  past life, (4) deep thinking related, (5) interaction with spiritual beings
• “Du-yin” shadow side of clear consciousness can reach outside the bounds of
  space and time -- small psychic abilities -- don‘t rely on it for BIG things
• Buddha said people who are enlightened ―don‘t dream‖ and Chuang Tzu
  mentioned two types of such people: the dullard and sage
• Various cultivation methods focus on dream existence or dream emptiness
• Lucid dreaming - bring your chi to your throat (or into your head - flying in
  dreams is when your chi is rising - Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal
• Bring clear awareness into your dream -- recognize that things do not exist in
  the way they appear to be --> detachment --> emptiness
• Recognize the dreamlike nature of reality -- all phenomena are a dream or
  illusion -- dream state and awakeness are indistinguishable --> relax the mind
• The Diamond Sutra is talking about how the world is like a dream
                     Sexual Cultivation
• Not a public teaching -- Shakayamuni never taught it -- Nagarjuna and Tsong
  Khapa never taught it -- Esoteric school outlawed in China
• Tao school ―left door‖ practices and Tibetan Tantra are the only 2 schools
• The objective is to reach the 1st dhyana (samadhi) -- a stage of Co-emergent
  emptiness and bliss

• Principles: Brahmacharya, celibacy, chastity … no ejaculation … joyful play
  without desire (emptiness) … not sexual yoga (good for healing) or trying to
  spiritualize lust … reach a state where the mind is empty, the body is relaxed so
  you can forget the body, you need chi communication

• Men‘s barrier is sexual desire, women‘s barrier is emotions
• Qualifications: You need merit (king/samadhi or queen/high born) and
  cultivation attainment (breathing methods and skeleton method and cessation-
  contemplation and some dhyana) ... Story of the 6th Dalai Lama
• You don’t try to swap or steal energy from your partner or circulate it -- all those
  books and teachers are wrong -- if you want sex then have sex but don‘t cheat
  yourself/others and try to spiritualize lust - avoid drafts and cold drinks
                 Taoism says

―Slow foreplay is important every time a man lies
with a woman so that the two spirits will be in
harmony. Only after the spirits are perfectly moved
for a long time should the couple unite. The man
should enter the woman when the penis is soft and
pull it back when it becomes firm and strong. He
should penetrate only without ejaculating. He who
can have intercourse many times in a single day
without letting his essence leak will increase his
lifespan and heal himself of all disease.‖
                   Big Cheats
• Visualizations, Affirmations, Positive thinking, Writing
  messages given to heaven, Mantra for things
• My teacher: ―If I cannot get them, why cheat people?‖
• This is all focusing on Wandering Thoughts
• Success stories are the 1% coincidentals (consistent with
  karma/astrological periods)
• To be famous today, write a book difficult to understand
  (wow you‘re intelligent) or really strange, irregular,
  imaginary, mystical

Time + Patience + Method + Disciplined Practice =
  Result (Gong-fu) can change your fortune
         Matching the Various Stages of the Spiritual
          Experience among Cultivation Traditions
   5 STAGES      TAOISM         SKANDHAS           Consciousness     DHYANA          TANTRA              YOGA

Stage of Study   Jing -> Chi   Form Skandha          Psychic       ―Flow‖                               Yama
and Merit                      Sensation Skandha     Du-yin                                             Niyama
Accumulation                                         Shadow side                                        Asana
                                                     of the 6th                                         Pranayama
                                                     Consciousness                                      Pratyahar
Stage of         Jing -> Chi   Form Skandha          First Six     Ching An          Body Isolation     Dharani
Intensified      Chi ->        Sensation Skandha     consciousness 1st Dhyana        Verbal isolation   Dhyana
Preparatory      Shen                                es            2nd Dhyana        Mental Isolation   Samadhi
Practices                                                          3rd Dhyana        Illusory Body      Vitarka,
                                                                   4th Dhyana                           vicara, ananda
                                                                                                        and asmita
Stage of Seeing Shen ->        Conception            Empty the 6th Seeing the Tao    See the Clear
the Tao         Emptiness      Skandha               Consciousness                   Light
Stage of True    Return        Volition Skandha      Cultivate the Cultivating the   Learner‘s Union
Cultivation      Emptiness     Consciousness         7th           Tao
Practice         to the Tao    Skandha               Consciousness

Stage of                       Consciousness         Transform the                   No More
Perfect                        Skandha               8th Alaya                       Learning
Enlightenment                                        Consciousness
                                                     into the
  Tao and Longevity - Nan Huai-Chin
  Twenty-Five Doors to Meditation - William Bodri
  Socrates and the Path to Enlightenment - William Bodri

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