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					MATH 40                         Intermediate Algebra Online                     Spring
CRN 22723

Instructor: Leonard Cho,   Phone: (714) 992–7388,
Office: 627–04, On-campus Office Hours: TTh 6:30–7 am, T 11-2 pm, and Th 11–12 pm

Prerequisite: Math 20 Elementary Algebra, or equivalent, with a grade of “C” or better.

Textbook: Lial, Hornsby, & McGinnis, with MyMathLab, Intermediate Algebra,10th ed.,
Pearson/Addison, 2008. This optional textbook is available in the Fullerton College Book

Withdrawal: If you miss ONE or more weekly assignments, the instructor reserves the right to
DROP you from the course. Make sure you communicate with the instructor if you are going to
miss even ONE assignment. If you feel that you need to withdraw from the course, it is your
RESPONSIBILITY to do so. Failure to do so may result in a grade of “F” for the course.

   This online course is not self-paced and requires dedication, commitment and self motivation.
You will need to learn the material on your own by reading the textbook, viewing online video
lectures, practicing online exercises, and submitting homework assignments and exams online.
Of course, I will be available for students to get help both on-campus and online throughout the
Spring 2011 semester. Also, you will need internet access on a regular basis to complete the
course. Should you have technical, connection or other computer problems, it is your
responsibility to get the problems fixed in a timely manner.

To be registered officially in the course,
   1. You MUST register for Math 40 Online, Section #22723, at Fullerton College.
   2. Then, go to the website: and click the Register button
       for students. To proceed with the online registration, you will need to enter the
       following information:
       a. Your valid email address,
       b. Course ID, which is cho66069 , and
       c. Student Access Code (The access code can be found from a new textbook or can
            be purchased online).

Optional Orientation: If you have problem in registering at the or surfing through the website or have any questions, you may
visit my office in Room 627-04 on Thursday, 1/20, between 11-1 pm. If you are all set and
ready to work on homework problems, then you may not need to attend the orientation
meeting. Of course, you are welcome to visit me during my office hours throughout the Spring
2011 semester.

Online Announcements: Online announcements will be posted throughout the semester at the
website and students are required to check it on a weekly basis for their homework
assignments, online exams, and other important announcements.
Grading Policy:                  16       Homework Sets (1 dropped)        150 points
                                 5        Online Exams (1 dropped)         200 points
                                 1        On-campus Midterm                100 points
                                 1        On-campus Final Exam      100 points
                                          Maximum Total Score       550 points

Grading Scale: Your final grade in the course will be based on your total score.
                     A = 495 – 550                            D = 330 – 384
                     B = 440 – 494                            F = below 330
                     C = 385 – 439

Semester Grade: Please note that the website’s grades are based on percentages while this
class’s semester grade will be based on points, which means there may be some discrepancy in
your course grade from the website. For accurate points and course grade, feel free to contact
the instructor throughout the semester.

Homework: Weekly homework problems are assigned once a week and are usually due
ONLINE a week later. These problems are mostly selected from the exercise sets of the
sections that are scheduled to be covered each week. After the deadline, no homework score
can be changed and no late homework is accepted.

Online Exams: There will be five online exams and the lowest online exam score will be
dropped, if you take all five online exams. Because there will be no make-up exams without
exceptions, make sure you save this drop opportunity for a possible emergency. It is your
RESPONSIBILITY to follow the instructions carefully to complete and submit your work
ONLINE within the deadlines. Unlike homework assignments, you have only ONE CHANCE
to take each online exam.

On-campus Midterm Exam: There is one on-campus midterm exam covering chapters 2
through 7 on Thursday, 3/31, 12-1:50 pm in Room 1956. There is no make-up for this
midterm and it cannot be dropped. Students are responsible to make arrangements to be
available at the time of the exam.

On-campus Final Exam: The final exam will be comprehensive and will be given on campus
on Thursday, 5/19, 12-1:50 pm in Room 1956. Failure to take the final exam will result in a
course grade of “F”. Students are responsible to make arrangements to be available at the
time of the exam.

Course Objective: Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to:
1) Identify an equation as linear, quadratic, radical, rational, exponential, or logarithmic, and
solve the equation using an appropriate method.
2) Produce the completely factored form of a polynomial.
3) Perform operations on and simplify polynomials, rational expressions, radical expressions,
logarithmic expressions, or exponential expressions at an intermediate level.
4) Evaluate a function with a numerical or variable argument, and produce the graph of the
function by plotting points.
                                     FULLERTON COLLEGE
                                    MATHEMATICS DIVISION
                                  SELECTED COLLEGE POLICIES

Students are expected to abide by ethical standards in preparing and presenting material which
demonstrates their level of knowledge and which is used to determine grades. Such standards are
founded on basic concepts of integrity and honesty. These include, but are not limited to, the
following areas:
1. Students shall not plagiarize, which is defined as:
          A. stealing or passing off as one’s own the ideas or words of another, or
          B. using a creative production without crediting the source.
     The following cases constitute plagiarism:
          • paraphrasing published material without acknowledging the source,
          • making significant use of an idea or a particular arrangement of ideas, e.g., outlines,
          • writing a paper after consultation with persons who provide suitable ideas and
          incorporating these ideas into the paper without acknowledgment, or
          • submitting under one’s own name term papers or other reports which have been prepared
        by others.

2. Students shall not cheat, which is defined as:
        A. using notes, aids, or the help of other students on tests or exams in ways other than
        those expressly permitted by the instructor, or
        B. misreporting or altering the data in laboratory or research projects involving  the
        collection of data.

3. Students shall not furnish materials or information in order to enable another student to plagiarize
or cheat.

Instructors may deal with academic dishonesty in one or more of the following ways:
     1. Assign an appropriate academic penalty such as an oral reprimand or point reduction.
     2. Assign an “F” on all or part of a particular paper, project, or exam.
     3. Report to the appropriate administrators, with notification of same to the student(s), for
     disciplinary action by the College. Such a report will be accompanied by supporting evidence
     and documentation.

If, due to unforeseen emergencies, the instructor does not arrive at the sc heduled start time for
class, students are to wait for fifteen minutes (unless otherwise notified by the division). If they do
not receive notification to wait for their instructor to arrive, after fifteen minutes the students may
leave with no penalty for absence or assigned work due for that class meeting.

Fullerton College is committed to providing educational accommodations for students with
disabilities upon the timely request by the student to the instructor. Verification of the disability
must also be provided. The Disability Support Services office functions as a resource for students
and faculty in the determination and provision of educational accommodations.

Take note of the safety features in around the classroom. Also, please study the posted evacuation
routes. The most direct route of egress may not be the safest. Running out of the building during
earthquakes may be dangerous. During strong earthquakes, it is recommended to duck, cover, and
hold until the quaking stops. Follow the guidance of your instructor. Your cooperation during
emergencies can minimize the possibility of injury to yourself and others.

The Fullerton College Catalog and the Class Schedule contain a number of policies relating to
students that are important to you. Please be sure that you have read these publications
thoroughly. You may purchase copies of these publications at the campus books tore, or you may
read them online at the Fullerton College website,