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                          Nurture Your Emotional Soul
                          Newsletter #32
                          Welcome to the thirty-first newsletter from Jennifer
                          Drummond: The Belly Dancing Psychotherapist of
                          Nurture Your Emotional Soul. In this newsletter there is
                          information on a lot of new events coming up, as well as
                          the usual article. The article is the second in a series of
                          breathing exercises.

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Upcoming Events:
10-Week Belly Dancing Course -                                       click here for more details

Join Jennifer for small, intimate classes where you will receive individual attention and
are allowed to explore the movement of your body. During the 10-week course you will
learn technique, explore the music of belly dance and have the room to invite your soul to
soar. Help Nurture Your Emotional Soul through this ancient and feminine dance form.

Starting: In July 2009 - Please note, classes in July will be 8 weeks, but a
longer duration each class to ensure you learn the same techniques as the 10-
week session.

Dates*:         Saturday, July 4th- Beginner - Level 1 - 11am-12:45
                                  - Beginner - Level 2 & 3 - 12:45-2:30pm
               Tuesday, July 7th - Intermediate - Level 1 - 5:30-6:45pm
                                   - Intermediate Level 2 - 7pm-8:15pm
               Thursday, July 16th - Beginner - Level 1 - 5:30-7:15pm
                                   - Beginner - Level 2 - 7:15-8:45pm
*dates subject to change without notice

Cost:                      $190+GST for each 8-week session - $50 non-refundable deposit to
reserve spot
  ***Register 2-weeks before the start of class -
SAVE $20***
                                          Pre-registration recommended as space is limited

Contact:           or 647.999.5250
Testimonial:                 Click here to read

Summer Hafla!
Enjoy music, dancing, food, drinks, and laughter amongst a friendly group of people.
Jennifer and her students will be some of the performers, so come and see them in action!

Date:             Saturday, June 20th
Time:             4-6pm
Location:         Martha Hicks School of Ballet, 2nd floor of Canada Post - 2384 Yonge
St. (2 blks. north of Eglinton)
Admission:        $5 advance tickets or $10 at the door
Contact:          Kelly at or 416.821.4381
               - Jennifer will also be selling tickets which go on sale May 9th

FunkAsia - Audacity, Change &
Jennifer and her students will be joining DJ Zahra and the FunkAsia crew in celebration
that kicks off PRIDE weekend. Her students will be performing 3 pieces and Jennifer
will be performing 2 solos, along with other amazing performers and great tunes. Come
on down and dance up a storm.

Date:                         Friday, June 26th
Time:                         7pm-12 midnight
Location:                      South stage of PRIDE @ Church and Wood St. (just north of Carlton)

Beyond Belly Dance - Individual
Therapeutic Belly Dance - click here for more

This therapeutic approach to a woman's body will combine the movements of belly
dance, the energetics of the chakra system and therapy to help participants tap into hidden
emotional blocks held within their body. The objective is to assist clients to discover a
deeper sense of self, increase self-esteem and develop a better connection with
their body, mind and soul.

***No Belly Dance Experience Required but a 10-week minimum is recommended for

Date & Time:      Negotiated between you and Jennifer (sessions are a 50-minute hour)
Fee:              $75+GST - Receive a discount when you buy a package deal!
Location:         615 Yonge St., Suite #403
Registration:     Contact Jennifer at or

Introductory Workshop for Beyond Belly
Participants will get an overview of the chakras and basic belly dance moves so that you
can incorporate the Beyond Belly Dance System into your healing practice.

Date:                Wednesday, August 12th
Time:                7pm-10pm
Cost:                $35 +GST
Location:            Transformational Art Collage - 3300 Yonge St., Suite #301 (just
north of Lawrence)
Registration:        Is necessary as space is limited.
Contact:    or 416.484.454

Full Moon Musical Journey
The full moon is a very powerful time of the month and its effects can be felt by all for
several days. Using the power of the full moon during this musical energetic journey that
Jennifer creates just for you, will help to shift your emotional blocks in a gentle, yet
effective manner. Using the assistance of vibrational tools, energy transfer, her voice and
a bit of guided meditation, Jennifer helps you to release blocks, relax and look at life
from a different point of view.
Dates:                 July 5th - 9th
Time:                  Book a 30-minute session with Jennifer
Fee:                   $30+GST
Location:               615 Yonge St., Suite #403
RSVP:                   Jennifer at or 647.999.5250
Future Dates:           Within 2 days before or after the full moon - Aug. 6th
                         Can be arranged at other times to correspond with the energy of the
                        and what it is that you want to work on
Testimonial:            Click here to read

Blossoming - An interactive workshop for Mothers and Daughters.
Collectively during this workshop, mothers and daughters learn about the flow of a
woman's body by examining some of the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of a
woman's monthly flow. A wonderful way to bond as mother and daughter and to honour
our role as women.

I have been assisting in this workshop for several years and am finishing my
apprenticeship. My mentor is now passing the torch on to me, to keep the lineage going.

Please contact Jennifer to arrange a workshop for your group.

Private Belly Dance Lessons Available - contact
Jennifer for details

To view the Belly Dancing Photo Gallery -
click here

Services Offered:
Psychotherapy for Individuals - click here for more details
   Work one-on-one or as a couple to reach your goals.
     Incorporate Body, Mind and Spirit with talk therapy, meditation, energy work, body
work, etc.
     Testimonial: Click here to read

Belly Dance Instruction - click here for more details
     An experienced belly dancer and instructor who studies under Badia Star.
      Examples: Host a belly dance party for a special girls night out or in, bridal &
baby showers, bachelorette
                parties, etc.
                Also, available for performances for parties, weddings, fundrasiers, etc.
                New 8-week classes starting: July 2009

Workshop Facilitation and Development - click here for more details
    An experienced facilitator who can develop a workshop to fit your specific needs.
     Examples: Leadership, Cultural Competency, Effective Communication

Beyond Belly Dance - Individual- click here for more details
     Where therapy, energy and belly dance meet.
        Develop belly dance skill and knowledge of your body through the energy of the
chakras to help you
        become more comfortable in your body, with your emotions and to move blocks
held within in the
        body. For a deeper understanding of this healing system, so you can use it as a
tool by yourself, a
        minimum ten (10) week commitment is recommended for beginners to belly

Breathing and Relaxation Exercises - Part 2
Here are three different shapes for breathing. Each side of the shape is coupled with the length of
the inhalation of breath, holing the breath or exhaling the breath. Each inhalation, hold or
exhalation should be metered and even, meaning that if you breath in for a count of three, that
your breath is constantly going in until you can't take anymore breath in at the end count of three.
Subsequently, when you exhale, the same rule is true, the breath should be leaving you in even
release and at the end of the count, you have no air left.

Finding the count that works for you will take a bit of trial and error, but for most people, three is
a good starting point. When your diaphragm becomes stronger, you will be able to increase the
number and therefore slow your breath down, which will increase your relaxation.

This exercise is great to do when you feel a sudden nervousness or anxiety. Doing this for five
minutes will usually help you to clear your mind and become more focused & centred. This is
also a great breath to do just before meditating.

Below are three ways of breathing, using shapes as examples. Try them all and find the one that
resonates with you. Remember, as you practice this, you will be able to increase the length of the
breath. The patterns repeat until you are done.

As you breath, try and focus on only the breath, to help still your mind. Counting the inhalation,
hold and exhalation can help. Also, acknowledging your thoughts and then pushing them aside to
deal with later can help. Create a visualization that works for you - seeing thoughts as books and
placing them on a book case, or as dirty laundry and putting the in a hamper, as personalities and
having them sit on a sofa in the corner of your mind - kind of like a waiting room. Find what
works for you.


Inhale for 3
Hold for 2
Exhale for 3
Hole for 2

Inhale for 3
Hold for 3
Exhale for 3
Hole for 3


Inhale for 3
Hold for 3
Exhale for 3

Contact Jennifer at tel: 647.999.5250 e-mail: info at