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									                                                                                               Insight > Exhibition focus – K 2010
                                                                                              Insight > Exhibition focus – K 2010

Plastics on
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Machinery and materials suppliers to the converting industry will be prominent among the many
exhibitors at K 2010. The world’s premier trade fair for plastics and plastics processing runs in
Düsseldorf from 27 October to 3 November 2010.

          he global financial and economic             preparations are in full swing for the                 ensure gentler plastification, and
          crisis hit companies in the                  world’s largest trade fair for plastics and            temperature control that allows for the fact
          international plastics and rubber            rubber. Here, we preview some of the                   that PLA must be stretched at considerably
industry hard, resulting in an                         innovations that will be on show at the                lower temperatures than other polymers.
unprecedented slump in output and sales.               exhibition this year.
But optimism reigns in K 2010, as order                                                                       Calemard and Roll Concept
intake levels and turnover have taken a                Brückner Servtec                                       (Hall 3A, stand 96)
gratifying upturn in recent months.                    (Hall 3, stand C73)                                    Calemard has extended its slitter rewinder
   Ulrich Reifenhäuser, chairman of the                Brückner Servtec will present four new types           range with the Vega S, for plastics films,
Exhibitors’ Council of K 2010, says:                   of ‘economical to run’ lines able to run               adhesive tapes, laminates or multilayer
“Although it will take quite some time                 biaxially oriented films up to 10.4m wide at           products. Up to three cutting systems can be
before we reach 2008 levels again, current             525m/min, and a cast polypropylene line for            fitted to the same machine, and for narrow
trends are very encouraging for raw                    widths up to 6.2m at 300m/min. The                     tapes, a lay-on arm is said to ensure perfect
materials producers, machine                           company will also present its new cast film            rewinding quality. In addition, the Vega S has
manufacturers, and processors. Our                     temperature control. The cooling zone is               been designed to reduce unloading times
customers are again working on new                     variable, and controlled to reduce energy use.         and speed up production restarts.
projects and are showing big interest in                   Visitors to the show will learn how                    Calemard spooling lines offer full
innovations and optimised processes and                Brückner can adapt an existing BOPP line               computer control of winding profiles and
products. We are now benefiting from                   to serve the bioplastics polylactic acid               individual setting of each position, to
having built on our strengths in bad times,            (BOPLA) packaging market. It has already               ensure flexibility, consistency, stability of
improving our competitiveness and                      helped BOPP producer Taghleef Industries               the spool, especially for narrow width
developing new products.”                              to modify one of its lines in Italy. This              materials, and exact repeatability.
   Against this heartening background,                 involved an extruder screw designed to                     Sharing the stand, sister company Roll
                                                                                                              Concept is targeting plastics-based
                                                                                                              industries with Alveotube rollers and
                                                                                                              winding cores. Lightweight and resistant to
                                                                                                              rust, the aluminium profile combined with an
                                                                                                              alveolar structure will help save money and
                                                                                                              achieve productivity gains, it is claimed.

                                                                                                              Colines (Hall 16, stand A39)
                                                                                                              The latest cast film line from Colines, the
                                                                                                              Handrollex Triple, will be in operation. It
                                                                                                              extends the range of sizes offered by the
                                                                                                              Handrollex-1000 line as, in addition to
                                                                                                              stretch film rolls for manual and automatic
                                                                                                              use with in-line slitting, it also produces
                                                                                                              jumbo rolls up to 500mm diameter. The
                                                                                                              new line is designed “for economy and
                                                                                                              optimised production costs without
Bruckner can adapt an existing BoPP line to serve the bioplastics polylactic acid (BoPLA) packaging market.   influencing functionality and quality”.

                                                                 PACKAGING & CONVERTING INTELLIGENCE |                                  43
                                                                                       Insight > Exhibition focus – K 2010

                                                  products will provide compliance with               polyester, PVC, multilayer film, and foil, in
                                                  several regional food contact                       thicknesses from 10-250 micron, and even
                                                  regulations including FDA, European                 more for customisation. Models are
                                                  Food Contact 2002/72/EC and GMP                     available with working widths from 1,100-
                                                  (EC) 2023/2006. Easy-open packaging                 1,650mm, unwind diameters from 1,100-
                                                  solutions will also be featured.                    1,500mm and rewinds 600-800mm. Top
                                                                                                      speeds are 300, 400 and 600m/min.
                                                  Extrusion Dies Industries (EDI)
                                                  (Hall 2, stand G06)                                 LyondellBasell
The latest cast film line from Colines – the
                                                  Microlayer technology developed by EDI for          (Hall 6, stand D24)
Handrollex Triple – is designed “for optimised    thick film and sheet promises to extend the         Used in pharmaceutical packaging,
production costs without influencing quality”.
                                                  shelf life of retort, hot fill, and flexible food   LyondellBasell’s Purell PE 3420F resin is
    Thanks to various options, the finished       packaging, while increasing formability in          said to represent ’a new LDPE
film produced by Handrollex-Triple is said        thermoforming. EDI will feature the                 performance benchmark’ with a density of
to have great flexibility thanks to the           technology in a display of its ‘layer multiplier’   0.933g/cm³. The new grade processes
possibility of multiple in-line cutting and the   system. At its Technology Center in                 easily and has a wide range of best-in-
production of mini-rolls. Tests on the pre-       Chippewa Falls, US, EDI is carrying out a           class mechanical properties, the company
stretch are currently being made and a            ’scientifically rigorous study’ of the benefits     states. Compared to standard LDPE, it has
coreless option is under development. A           and limitations of layer multiplication. One        very high sterilisation temperature
new stretch film line with a useful width of      result is the development of a technique for        resistance and provides significant wall
2,000mm will be engineered with nanolayer         selective multiplication of the barrier resin       thickness reduction potential, which offer
technology claimed to bring “remarkable           layer of a multilayer film or sheet structure.      cost-saving capabilities for customers
improvements” in the mechanical                   By transforming a single layer of a resin such      using blow-fill-seal technology.
characteristics of the extruded film.             as EVOH into several microlayers, it is

   Optimism reigns as order intake levels
and turnover have taken a gratifying upturn
in recent months.

ColorMatrix Group                                 possible to reduce oxygen transmission rate
(Hall 7A, stand D05)                              (OTR) by 60 to 80%, the company claims.
The ColorMatrix Group will showcase its           The resulting benefits for food packaging are
liquid colorant and additive technologies,        said to include prolonged shelf life, enhanced
fluoropolymer colour concentrates and             quality and lower material consumption.
compounds. Breakthrough technologies                  EDI’s layer multiplier is a special tool
for thermoplastic applications will include       that can be engineered to multiply some or          Meech’s 977HL pulsed DC controller provides
Excelite, a liquid foaming agent for PVC          all of the layers within a coextrusion              accurate monitoring of hazardous area ionisers.

foam sheet extrusion that reduces density         ‘sandwich’ provided by a feedblock. The
and improves lightweighting “for a better         resulting microlayer structure then passes          Meech International
print finish, greater clarity and increased       into the manifold of an extrusion die, where        (Hall 11, stand B60)
definition”, says the company. PET additives      it is transformed into film or sheet of target      Visitors to the Meech International stand
and a ‘pioneering’ fibre delustrant will be       width and thickness profile. No matter how          will learn about ‘pioneering developments’
featured, said to enhance the quality of PET      many microlayers there are in the structure,        in electrostatic control, web cleaning and
fibre and improve processing efficiencies.        the overall thickness is no greater than that       air technology. Recent launches include the
                                                  of a conventional coextrusion, and the              977CM pulsed DC controller and the 977HL
DuPont Performance Polymers                       structure contains the same amount of raw           pulsed DC controller for hazardous area
(Hall 6, stand 033)                               material, states EDI.                               ionisers. The 977CM continuously monitors
Under its sustainability banner of                                                                    output and automatically adjusts the input
‘Responsible Innovation Now’, DuPont              Kody (Hall 3, stand G82)                            voltage to compensate for the adverse
Performance Polymers will present                 Indian manufacturer Kody will demonstrate           effects of contamination. It also features a
advances in high performance polymers             the Nuzen S-737 450 MPM slitter rewinder.           fully automated closed-loop feedback
and elastomers for industries including           The Nuzen is a duplex winding machine               system. ‘Easily installed and connected’ to
the healthcare, food, and packaging               capable of handling a wide range of web             existing Meech ionising bars, the 977HL
sectors. A new Food Grade family of               materials, including laminated paper, BOPP,         provides accurate monitoring of their

                                                           PACKAGING & CONVERTING INTELLIGENCE |                                    45
 Insight > Exhibition focus – K 2010

performance, alerting the operator              through chemical bonding due to                  highlight the latest Aquarex, Optimex and
immediately when they need to be cleaned.       increased surface tension. The custom            MDO (Machine Direction Orientation)
   Meech already manufactures contact           built systems will handle material widths        extrusion lines. Other machines featured
web cleaners and the new ShearClean adds        up to more than 4,000mm and line speeds          will include flexo and gravure presses for
a non-contact version suitable for coating,     up to more than 1,600m/min.                      package printing, a Polyrex shopping bag
converting, laminating and speciality                                                            line, an AD Convertex valve bottomer and
plastics applications where contact             Windmöller & Hölscher                            a Polytex tuber for woven PP sacks.
cleaning systems are not feasible. The          (Hall 17, stand A59)                                A new branch of the W&H blown film
ShearClean can be supplied for use with         Windmöller & Hölscher will exhibit a blown       line family, the Aquarex blows film
reel widths up to 1.8m and web speeds of        film line and flexo press, two examples of its   downwards and uses water instead of air
up to 450m/min, and it can be tailored to       extensive range of equipment for the             to quench the bubble. The result is said to
suit customers’ requirements.                   production of flexible packaging. W&H            be soft film with high clarity and gloss, and
                                                subsidiary BSW (Bag Solutions Worldwide)         exceptional puncture and tear resistance,
Plasmawerk Hamburg                              will be located on the adjacent stand C60        that can be used for barrier films and
(Hall 3, stand E29)                             and present its PP woven sack product            medical applications.
A first-timer at the show, Plasmawerk           range. Also, during the show, W&H will
Hamburg will present its CAPS plasma            welcome visitors to an in-house expo at its      Finding the highlights
technology system for modifying web             Lengerich headquarters for live                  K 2010 visitors can use the Innovation
surfaces in applications using polymer films.   demonstrations of film extrusion, package        Compass on the show website to ensure
   The company believes CAPS can avoid          printing and converting. A complimentary         that they make the most of their time at the
the use of more expensive surface               shuttle bus service will provide transport       event. Available by visiting
coatings, make redundant those that may         between the Messe Düsseldorf and the             the Innovation Compass shows the direct
be harmful to the environment, and cut          W&H Technikum in Lengerich.                      route to all the highlights, covering products
running costs and capital investment.              The expo will include live                    and processes that are expected to have a
Based on proven corona technology, CAPS         demonstrations of two Varex blown film           decisive impact on market trends in the
is said to give ‘extremely’ good adhesion       lines, a Filmex Cast extrusion line, and         plastics industry over the coming years. ■


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