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					  Assisi                  No 23 Nov/Dec 2010

     OUTLOOK                                        50 cents

  Newsletter of the Anglican
congregation of St Leonard’s
                     Assisi, Italy
Circulated by surface mail and email to more than 350 homes worldwide

Editor: Mary Fletcher: mary@bmfletcher.co.uk Production: Brian Fletcher:
Printing and Circulation: Gordon Trigg: gordonetrigg@gmail.com
Editorial contributors : Bro Tom; Bro Daniel; Christine Trigg; Mary Fletcher;
Linda Lane; Gordon Trigg; Edward Funnell; Stephen Bates.

COVER PICTURE: Autumn scene on the approach to San Damiano, the convent founded by
St Clare with the blessing of St Francis, just outside Assisi’s town walls. (Photo MF)

ASSISI: The holy eucharist is celebrated every Sunday at 11am in St Leonard's (Il Francescuccio),
via Antonio Cristofani, Piazzetta Garibaldi, in the centre of town.
                 CAROL SERVICE - TUESDAY 21 December 2010
SISTER Church - Citta della Pieve: Matins is held each Sunday at 11am. The eucharist is cele-
brated at 6pm on the first Sunday of the month. The venue is St. John the Baptist, via Beato Giaco-
mo Villa. Acting priest-in-charge: the Rev Jonathan Boardman.
SISTER Church - Orvieto: The eucharist is celebrated each Sunday at the Church of the Resur-
rection, Corso Cavour, 63, at 10.00. Contact: The Rev Russell Ruffino, mobile phone 327 299 6401

Priest in charge: Brother Thomas Anthony SSF. Via san Gabriele dell'Addolorata 12, Assisi, 06081
(Pg). Tel : 075 816887. Mob: 334 925 3572. Email: tomdehoop@yahoo.co.uk
Churchwardens: Beverley Willcox, Loc Le Cozze, Via San Silvestro, Campello sul Clitunno, (Pg)
06042. Tel: 0743520858. Email: beverley.willcox@yahoo.co.uk Brian Ellams, Villa Magnolia, Fraz
Pieve di Compresseto 06020, Gualdo Tadino, Umbria. Tel: 075 910 7358.
Email: brian_ellams@hotmail.com Skype: 01865 522428.
Secretaries (joint): Christine Ellams, Villa Magnolia, Fraz Pieve de Compresseto, 06020, Gualdo
Tadino. Tel: 075 910 7358. Email: csellams@hotmail.com. Mary Fletcher. 76a Loc. Trosceto, Ar-
menzano, Assisi 06081 (PG), Italy. Tel: 075 801 9043. Mob: 339 378 0246.
Email: mary@bmfletcher.co.uk
Baptism and marriage blessing co-ordinator: Pam Gowman, Contrada Salti, 61, Sant Angelo in
Pontano, MC 62020, Le Marche. Tel. 0733 661134.
Email: gowmanpam@yahoo.com.
Child and vulnerable adult protection officer: Christine Trigg, Casa Montenero, Strada della Man-
dola 88/A, Collazzone, 06050 (Pg). Tel: 333 884 6791, Email: christinectrigg@gmail.com
Information on retreats: Maggie Guillebaud: maggieguillebaud@hotmail.co.uk
For further information: web page: www.acny.org.uk/assisi.
Italian Anglicans’ web page: www.anglicani.it

 THE editorial content of Assisi Outlook does not necessarily reflect the opinions
   of the ministers, officials and worshippers at St Leonard’s Church or of the
 Church of England in general. All views in Outlook are the sole responsibility of
                                the editor and authors.

On the move                                              Brother
VISITORS strolling down two of the quieter
streets of Assisi on a particular day at the end         Tom’s
of November may well have stumbled across a
curious human chain passing books, stools
chairs and even wardrobes to one another.
 The explanation for this phenomenon is sim-                Christmas spirit?
ple: it was members of the St Leonard‘s con-             DECEMBER 8 used to be the day Christ-
gregation helping Brother Tom move from his              mas decorations appeared in Assisi.
old apartment in Vicolo Pallarani around the              Guess what's happened? Now they are
corner to his new abode in via San Gabriele
                                                         going up as I write this, mid November.
 Tom‘s move has been a reminder of how, in               Commercialism! Things are not easy in
Italy, things are the same but different!                the retail sector here and one understands
 We have learned that it is customary for those          that merchants want to put us in the mood
renting an unfurnished property to take the              for shopping.
entire kitchen with them when they move on.               Even so, it's not a good sign, not to me
 But because Tom has none of his own to                  anyway. Combine this with the present
                                                         mayor wanting to diversify tourism here
           PARISH                                        and one starts to wonder whether we're
                                                         not collectively forgetting or at least ne-
           PUMP...                                       glecting what Assisi is all about.
                                                          The town has been 'Disneyfied' enough,
bring with him, a new one has had to be pur-             if you ask me. (I wish I were ever
chased and installed at additional expense.              asked...) The last few years we've been
 However, as Outlook went to press, the spar-            seeing ever fewer Christmas scenes in
kling new kitchen had been fitted and, thanks            public places…
to the volunteers including two young Irish               Yes, by all means, let's be generous, ex-
women called Rose and Catherine, the major               travagant even, at Christmas. After all, it
part of Tom‘s move had been accomplished                 celebrates the most important event in
(despite some appalling weather).
Worth the wait                                            We can forgive the town its zealous dec-
THE RESTORATION of St Leonard‘s, under-                  oration, as long as it all makes us remem-
way since July, is due for completion on De-             ber why we celebrate Christmas.
cember 9.                                                 Francis preached so convincingly on that
 We are well aware that although the major part          Christmas Eve in Greccio that his hearers
of the work has been done, it might not be               could see the holy Child in the manger.
entirely finished by then. But when its doors            Yes, that calls for celebration!
are finally opened again there is little doubt the
wait will have been worth it.
                                                         Brother Benedict will join me for Christ-
 It has been fascinating to watch the way in
which the restorers have painstakingly repaired          mas and stay on for a few weeks in the
and repainted the crumbling frescoes, the wall           new flat.
and ceiling decorations and the altar-piece so            By the time you read this we should have
that the colours are returned to their original          moved in. Whether everything will be
vibrancy. It looks sensational.                          organised by then is another matter!
 However, as in any big change, there is always           To all of you: the best of Christmases!
  a positive result and a negative. The fabric of        (Should that be Christmasses?)
 the centuries-old St Leonard‘s has been given
                Continued Page 4
PARISH PUMP... News from the pews
        Continued from previous page                  mally spend a good chunk of the year in Assi-
vigorous new life. What has been lost is the          si and are counted among the most loyal of St
look of faded antiquity which was always a            Leonard‘s regulars. This year, however, they
reminder of the centuries of history contained        decided to remain in Australia for the Europe-
within the walls of this venerable place of           an summer which was, as it turned out, a for-
worship.                                              tuitous decision.

Trigg‘s away                                           As soon as her condition was discovered,
                                                      Beryl was able to be treated immediately and
HAVING been advised by their doctor that              on her home territory. Not only that, but part
they needed a complete rest, Gordon and               of that treatment was carried out at a hospital
Christine Trigg decided the best way to               in which she herself – a former nursing sister
achieve this would be to sit on as many beach-        – had worked. Medicos have now given her
es as they could for as long as possible.             the all-clear and she and George hope to be
  And what better place to do it than in Aus-         returning to Assisi for their usual long stay in
tralia? So they are shortly off for a six-week        April. Well done, Beryl! (See You Write).
visit, starting with a stay in Sydney with son
Tim, whom they have not seen for three years,         India for Beverley
with Christmas Day to be spent at the home            AS YOU READ this, the St Leonard‘s church
of Tim‘s partner‘s family.                            warden and treasurer Beverley Willcox will
 Then they‘re off to a holiday apartment in           be away from her home near Trevi, research-
Jervis Bay, on the south coast of New South           ing a part of India to which she hopes to con-
                                                      duct a small party of travellers in the New
                                                       But she‘ll be back in Assisi for Christmas, in
                                                      time to spend that special day with other St
                                                      Leonards‘ stalwarts, Flo and Clive Morton, at
                                                      their home near Umbertide.
                                                       Also away this festive season will be Chris-
                                                      tine and Brian Ellams, who be at their other
       Beryl Leopardi—see below
                                                      home, in Brecon, Wales, with daughter Zoe.
Wales, for a week before visiting Mary                However, clever Christine made sure there
Fletcher‘s sister Thea and her partner Wendy          was plenty of mince for the pies for the carol
in the Blue Mountains. Then they‘re flying            service. Lin Lane, Florence Morton and Pam
on to Perth to stay with Beryl and George             Gowman are doing the baking and will mull
Leopardi. But that‘s not all….on their way            the wine.
back they plan to call in to Qatar to see their
new grandson Dax who was born on 23 No-               Missing carols
vember in Doha as well as renewing acquaint-          UNUSUALLY, quite a few of the core con-
ance with their other grandson, Lars, whom            gregation will be away at the time of the carol
they have not seen for nine months.                   service on December 21. But with so many
 What was that the doctor said about having a         enthusiastic carollers normally attending this
complete rest?                                        particularly popular annual event, there should
                                                      still be a full house, whether the chapel of St
Fit Beryl                                             Leonard‘s itself is ready or the candles have to
ON THE SUBJECT of Beryl and George,                   be lit in the lovely adjacent church hall which
we‘re delighted to report that Beryl is fit and       has been our home for services since July
well after a major health scare. The two nor-         2010.
                                                                       Continued Page 7
at St Leonard’s

                                                                            The church & graveyard ,
       A last resting place for Victor                                      St Thomas, Winchelsea
                                                                            (Photo, MF)

 HAVING SPENT the last nine years of his                His ashes are buried in the churchyard, just in
 life in happy retirement in Tuoro, our late            front of the gravestone marking those of my
 great friend Dr Victor Funnell‘s wish that his         mother. The stone for my father is ―on order‖
 ashes be interred at Winchelsea on the East            and as getting the stone from the quarry seems
 Sussex coast may have puzzled some of his              to be taking an age, it is not likely to be erect-
 more recent acquaintances. His son Edward              ed until Jan/Feb 2011. The location is at the
 provides the explanation:                              south-west corner of the graveyard, from
  ―We have quite a strong family connection to          where it overlooks the little row of cottages in
 Winchelsea for both happy and sad reasons,‘            which they began their married life – and
 he writes. ‗My parents were married there in           where I spent the first few months of my life.
 July, 1964, and lived in Cleveland Cottage,             ―In another happy coincidence, the vicar of
 Friars Road – at the side of the 13th-century          our local church in London, St Barnabas Clap-
 St Thomas‘s church. I was christened at the            ham Common, retired in 2008 to live in
 church in 1966. The ashes of my mother,                Winchelsea. The Rev. David Page had had a
 Jeanne, who died of a brain tumour at the age          little place nearby for some time so he knew
 of 43 in November, 1979, when I was 13 and             the area. He had also met my father several
 my brother Charles was 10, are buried in the           times when he was over from Italy and would
 graveyard. My wife Jenny and I who now                 join us at the Sunday morning service at St
 have four children (Victor‘s grandchildren)            Barnabas. It greatly pleased us when he kindly
 were married there in 1994 and, of course, in          agreed to take Victor‘s funeral service.‖ EF
 March this year we held my father‘s funeral
                                                        Footnote: ―New‖ Winchelsea began life in
 service there.
                                                        the 13th century after huge storms swept away
  ―During 1980 my dad and we felt we wanted
                                                        the ancient town on the coast and Edward 1
 to live again in Sussex and to be close to our
                                                        ordered the planning of a new site on high
 mum. So for this reason, during the 80s and
                                                        ground nearby. Still a Cinque Port, it was the
 90s, we lived in Fairlight, a little village be-
                                                        major English entry point for wine in the 14th
 tween Winchelsea and Hastings, and it was
                                                        century when four million bottles a year
 the family home right up until the time Victor
                                                        passed through.
 decided to sell up and move to Italy in 2001.
                                                                  See Letters, Pages 6 and 7.
FROM George and Beryl Leopardi
Perth, Western Australia                                 YOU
THANK YOU for another great edition
of Assisi Outlook; we always look forward to
receiving our email copy. Not being in Assisi
this year it has been our way of keeping up to         Send your emails to the editor at
date with the happenings at St Leonard's.              mary@bmfletcher.co.uk or write to 76A
 We wish to extend our thanks to you, Brother          Loc. Trosceto, Armenzano, Assisi 06081
Tom, and all the St Leonard‘s congregation
for your continuing prayers and the messages
of support we have received during Beryl's
recent illness.                                        tested at the time, this is the way that the
 This invaluable support from our friends at St        church, informed by the Holy Spirit, has de-
Leonard's was, to a great degree, instrumental         cided to proceed. There is no turning back.
in helping us maintain a positive atti-                2. Christ hung on the cross for everyone - you,
tude throughout this difficult time.                   me, straight, gay, black, white, men, women.
 We are delighted to say that although Ber-            When he ordered his disciples to go out into
yl will now need to undergo a course of treat-         the highways and byways to invite all to his
ment over the next few weeks, followed by              heavenly banquet, he did not ask them to es-
regular check-ups, her prognosis is good. The          tablish first either the gender, colour, or
power of prayer proven again.                          churchmanship of the invitees. As Paul said,
 We now look forward to returning to Assisi            we are all one in Christ.
and catching up with all our friends at St              I hope you are all enjoying the same glorious
Leonard's in April 2011.                               autumn weather that we have in Salisbury at
 God Bless all the St Leonard's congregation.          the moment. Love.
FROM Christopher Penn,                                 FROM Alison Dickinson,
Shropshire                                             Bridgend, South Wales
THANK YOU for the Assisi Outlook. I so                 JUST READ Outlook and it is good to see
enjoyed my stay in Umbria and look forward             that Gordon Trigg generated a response to his
to returning next year. Love to all at St.             article on women bishops! Keep it up.
Leonard‘s. Pax et Bonum.                                I was rather glad to see something like that in
FROM Maggie Guillebaud                                 it and billed it as "a good read" and not
Associate priest, Salisbury Cathedral, UK              like other church magazines!
CONGRATULATIONS to Gordon Trigg on                     FROM Edward and Charles Funnell
his robust, insightful, and polite response to         Battersea, London
Father Protheroe on the thorny subject of              DEAR FRIENDS at Citta della Pieve and
women bishops.                                         Assisi, Just a note to thank you all very much
 There are just two points I would add:                for holding such a wonderful ‗joint‘ evensong
 1. The Church of England has come to a                service in memory of our dear father, Victor.
common mind that the ordination of women                We are hugely appreciative of it. We found it
bishops is to go ahead. As has been stated             a touching and moving occasion as well as a
before, it sees no theological hindrance in            fitting memorial to his time in Italy and the
doing so. All that remains now is to imple-            friendships he made at Citta della Pieve and
ment that decision. Traditionalists, a term that       Assisi parishes.
in no way describes their position - I am a             Our dear dad would have loved to have been
traditionalist, but also a priest - will have to       there.
search their own consciences as to whether or            He would have been honoured, as we were,
not they can accept this decision. As with the         that the Venerable Archdeacon Jonathan
ordination of non-white clergy, bitterly con-          Boardman had travelled up from Rome in
order to preside over the service, delighted to       Yours in Jesus Christ
listen to the words and the beautiful music and       FROM Harriet Brown
soloist, Sue Hartley, and then to have chatted        UK
with you all afterwards over the refreshments
                                                      ONCE MORE thank you for Outloook. I shall
you most kindly provided.
                                                      be on the early flight from Stansted soon as
 Charles and I had a successful visit to Italy
                                                      long as I have a favourable report from the
but are now both back in Switzerland and
London respectively.
                                                       I will be interested to see the renovations: the
 However, we will treasure the memory of
                                                      pictures look stunning. Peace and all good.
that Sunday evensong service for a long time
to come. We hope to see you again during our          FROM Jenny Spruce
next visits to Italy.                                 Harrogate, Yorks
 Thank you again. With our very best wishes           THANK YOU for the Assisi Outlook— as
FROM Florence and Clive Morton                        always very informative.
Peterborough, UK                                       I have just returned from a pilgrimage in
                                                      Assisi, 'The footsteps of St Francis', and on
MANY thanks for another magnificent Assisi
                                                      the Sunday morning joined your congregation
Outlook – I shall read it properly later but a
                                                      for communion and as usual was made very
quick skim assures me that it‘s up to the usual
                                                      welcome. Unfortunately I was not able to join
high standard! With love
                                                      you for lunch, perhaps next time. I look for-
FROM Nina Pantaleo                                    ward to returning to Assisi and seeing your
Bari                                                  beautiful church restored. Pax et Bonum
THANK YOU very much for sending me                    FROM Rita Brown,
Assisi Outlook which I appreciate greatly.            UK
The Bari Ecumenical Choir and myself                  THANK YOU so much for the continued
(Baptist member) remember your brotherly              contact and the copy of the magazine and
welcome when we came last year to visit you           pictures of the church restoration which
and are always grateful for that to you and our       evoked happy memories of my visit to Assisi
common Lord.                                          with my sister-in-law Nina. She will be there
                                                      again later this year.

            Continued from Page 4                     Palazzola, just outside Rome and now housing
                                                      The English School (as well as being a confer-
  Thanksgiving                                        ence centre).
                                                       Set on the shores of the staggeringly beautiful
  Rob and Janina Cushman brought a little
  touch of America to Todi on 25 November             Lake Albano, the Villa looks directly across
  when they invited 17 friends from around            the water to Castel Gandolfo, the Pope‘s sum-
  the world to join them for a Thanksgiving           mer residence.
  Day lunch.                                           The Synod itself is a committee-style ‗talking
   The traditional roast turkey and pumpkin           shop‘ which assesses our diocese‘s recent
  pie was washed down with wine from                  progress and plans its way forward, with rec-
  grapes grown in their own vineyard.                 ommendations then being passed up to the
                                                      Diocese of Europe and thence to Canterbury.
  Talking shop                                        It‘s a tangible demonstration of the way the
                                                      Anglican Church keeps in touch with grass-
  THE ANNUAL Synod of the diocese of
  Italy and Malta, attended by Beverley Will-         roots opinion which can then inform decision-
  cox and Mary Fletcher on behalf of the St           making at the top.
  Leonard‘s congregation, was held in Sep-              Perhaps it could teach the big house across
  tember at the former convent of Villa               the waters of St Albano a thing or two! MF

PARISH PUMP... Recording some of th
                   1              2

          5            6

                                      1. B
               9                      Ass
                                      2. A
                                      3. L

                                      5. D
he hundreds of visitors to St Leonard’s this year...




                                                                                               Photos by MF and BW
Brian and Sue Gibbons, from Norwich, with Ann Rud-          6. D’aun and Roy Goble from San Francisco, who were staying
 d of Bury St Edmunds,. They were on a week’s visit to      with their friends Rob Cushman (pictured left) and wife Janina
 sisi.                                                      near Todi.
Australian visitor Daphne Edwardson, from Castle-           7. Karen Crussell, a teacher from Aylesbury, with Becca Will-
 ine, Victoria, a friend of St Leonard’s who often visits   cox, churchwarden Beverley’s daughter, who was in the Assisi
 sisi.                                                      area visiting her mother.
Luke Noyes, a theatre director and drama teacher from       8. Gerhard and Christina Heeringa from Harderwyk, Holland
 rfolk currently living in Perugia., with Jane Alam, over   (right) with Maatje Gerner and Alide Heule, both from Bar-
 m Vancouver, Canada, staying with her aunt Florence        endrecht, Holland.
 rton, a member of the Assisi congregation.                 9. Chantal and Richard Thornbury with their year-old baby Uriel.
David Wheeler from Falmouth, Cornwall, the Rev Robin        The Thornbury’s are estate managers at the Anglican Francis-
 gg, of Mevagissey, Cornwall, with Janet Baker from         cans’ Hilfield Priory.
mswell, Suffolk, and Mary Hawker, Stratford-upon-           10. Megan Morris-Jones who founded and runs the Cuan House
 on, both sisters of Florence Morton.                       Wildlife Rescue centre in Much Wenlock, Shropshire., home to
David and Michele Hayes with their daughter Alyssa          ailing “bats to badgers, sparrows to swans.” MF
anley, in Assisi from Nashville, Indiana.
NON VICI?                                                TRIGG’S
I DO NOT refer to Julius Caesar but to the
latest Roman resident who recently undertook                               ...being the
a trip to Great Britain. At an estimated cost of
over £10m (excluding additional policing) to                                   GORDON
the British taxpayer, is this value for money in
today‘s climate of trying to recover from na-
tional and global economic chaos?                        has a following of less than 8% of the popula-
 On one hand you can argue that he is a ‗Head            tion in Great Britain.
of State‘ and deserves the honour. On the                 Would it not have been far better to have
other side of the coin he heads a church which           spent the £10 million on providing more hos-
has actively covered up and defended their               pital beds, supporting the underprivileged,
lack of action with regards to child abuse.              providing more schools or even supporting the
 The Vatican is not a full member of the Unit-           abused children? I know many people herald-
ed Nations. Together with Palestine it has               ed the visit as a huge success. I have not yet
‗Permanent Observer Mission‘ status. The                 seen any tangible or quantifiable evidence to
Holy See and the Vatican are two distinct                back up these claims.
entities. The Holy See, not being a country,              *Note: Apologies to Latin scholars and his-
issues only diplomatic and service passports;            torians for the misquote
Vatican City state issues normal passports.
Very few passports are issued by either au-              !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thority. In addition the 800 residents of the
Vatican are purely associated with the Roman
Catholic church; mere mortals are not allowed
                                                         THE CHURCH TIMES newspaper recently
right of residence.                                      had a question raised: how many exclamation
  The citizens of the so-called state are spread         marks are there in the Bible. An interesting
around the world. In my mind this does not               question and an even more interesting answer.
make the Pope a head of state in the normally            Of course, the first question one must ask is
accepted interpretation of the words. There-             ‗Which bible are we talking about?‘
fore the recent visit to the UK cannot be con-            Modern technology has made it possible to
sidered to be a state visit with the customary           come up with something which almost resem-
ride down the Mall in an open carriage with              bles an answer. The New Revised Standard
the Queen.                                               Version (Anglicised edition) has 1087 excla-
 There is irrefutable evidence that the Roman            mation marks in the Old Testament and 395 in
Catholic Church and the Pope have covered                the New Testament with a further 290 in the
up the abuse of children over many years. It             Deuterocanonical books.
was reported immediately prior to the visit                The equivalent figure for the King James
that a bishop in Belgium has been transferred            (authorised) version is 313. Knox and the
to a monastery after evidence of child abuse.            Jerusalem Bible do not include any exclama-
  Why is he in a monastery and not in a court?           tion marks at all.
Because of pressure from the Vatican?                     The ancient Greek manuscripts of the New
 In summary, I have no problem with an eccle-            Testament were in capital letters with no
siastical visit by the Pope but do not get con-          punctuation. Hebrew script does not include
fused with a state visit – two entirely different        any such signs. Any addition of exclamation
matters. Like other visitors, I do not think that        marks is thus a matter of interpretation, usage
the British taxpayer should foot the bill for an         and style and can only reflect the mind of the
organisation which is extremely wealthy and              translator. This must lead us to the conclusion

                                                         ble, not only for them, but for the diocesan
                                                         family of Canterbury that they will regretfully
                                                         be leaving behind.
                                                          This is clearly the view of the PCC members
                                                         who actually attended the meeting. Unlike
thoughts of                                              Assisi, where all regular and core members of
                                                         the congregation are members of the church
TRIGG                                                    council, I think it more likely that St Peter‘s
                                                         PCC is only part of the regular congregation.
                                                         So, the question is: What do the rest of the
  that the translation of the original documents         congregation think? My experience of PCCs
  must include some degree of ‗interpretation‘           is that many members can be ‗professional
  and a deviation from the original. Therefore,          committee sitters‘ who have very specific
  it is not possible to interpret the genuine            agendas. The average congregation member
  thoughts of the original scribes.                      either does not have time to attend regular
   Does this in turn lead to the conclusion that         meetings or does not want to waste time in
  traditionalists in our modern church should            circuitous discussions which are not particu-
  only be working from original scripts in               larly relevant to the running of a parish
  Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic to stay in line              church.
  with their philosophy of non-deviation?                 Don‘t get me wrong, we need PCCs and PCC
   Note: Many thanks to Christopher Haffner of           members to make our churches function but,
  East Moseley and Stephen Day of Papworth               as with many committees, they are not always
  for providing the information                          well-organised.
                                                          Back to St Peter‘s. What I really find amaz-
  SHOULD A PCC                                           ing is that their mission statement on their
                                                         website is: ‗A Forward in Faith Parish, Under
  SPEAK FOR ALL?                                         the Pastoral Care of the Bishop of Richbor-
                                                         ough‘. Under the present circumstances, this
  I GUESS that, like myself, not many mem-               mission seems to be somewhat at odds with
  bers of the church will read the minutes of a          their administrative will to leave the Anglican
  PCC meeting outside their own parish. In fact          Church umbrella which has supported the
  I believe there is a significant number who do         church since 1862.
  not even read the minutes of their own PCC              I do not wish to pick on St Peter‘s but it is
  meetings.                                              only the first widely publicised example of
    However, I am now making an exception                what for sure will be repeated in other dio-
  and trying to get hold of a complete set of the        cese.
  PCC minutes within a parish of the Archbish-            If the PCC of any parish wish to leave the
  op of Canterbury‘s own diocese: St Peter‘s,            Anglican communion, then I believe that they
  Folkestone. An extract from a recent report            have the right to make their own decisions and
  on a meeting published on their own website            follow through with the appropriate action.
  is as follows:                                          I would certainly not try to dissuade them.
   At its meeting on September 28th, 2010, the           But remember, the PCC funds, church and
  Parochial Church Council of Folkestone St              other property belong to the Church and not to
  Peter unanimously requested the parish’s               the PCC. If you go, you should go empty-
  churchwardens to write to the Archbishop of            handed with no benefits accruing.
  Canterbury, our diocesan bishop, in order to            The true Anglicans could then use the church
  arrange a meeting with him about the wish of           and increase their revenue by ‗renting out
  many of the PCC and the congregation to join           slots for services‘ to the English Ordinariate
  the English Ordinariate of the Catholic                of the Catholic Church, at times solely suita-
  Church when it is erected. The PCC is anx-             ble to the Anglicans! It will be interesting to
  ious that this should be made as easy as possi-        review this situation in a few years time.

PROFILE By the age of nine Anne Philpott
NOT EVERYONE is lucky to know early
exactly what they want to do with their life.
But Anne Philpott did. By the age of nine she
wanted to be a teacher.
 ―I went to a tiny, two-class village school
                                                         The joy
where the older and more able pupils helped
the younger ones,‘ she says. And by the age
of 13 she even knew what subject she would
teach: history. ―Even then I had a clear sense
                                                       that comes
of vocation.‖
 Anne is retired from teaching now, spending
part of her year in Italy at the apartment she
shares with friends Shelagh and Bryan Yates
                                                         from a
at Tuoro, near Lake Trasimeno, and attending
St Leonard‘s.
 But one has the clear impression that there
would be many, many former pupils who have
                                                          life in
been inspired by her and who are only too
glad she chose that particular profession.
 Among the many former students who keep
in touch with her is Margaret, now the wife of
the Bishop of York, John Sentamu, who invit-          sister Margaret to grammar school in Brom-
ed Anne to afternoon tea in the peers‘ dining         ley. ―It was back-breaking work for my moth-
room at the House of Lords during the sum-            er,‖ says Anne, ―but our family had a modest
mer. Naturally, Anne took her old friend              income and this was the only way she could
Shelagh with her on this auspicious occasion.         afford to pay for school uniforms for my sister
 Anne recalls: ―It was a great thrill to me to        Margaret and I.‖
hear the waitress say to Margaret, ‗and what           It was Mrs Arnott, the formidable head-
would you like to drink, milady.‖                     teacher at the village school for four- to 11-
 Another special day was when with Shelagh,           year-olds, whom Anne credits with being her
and Bryan at the wheel of the couple‘s old            inspiration. ―She told me I‘d make a good
Jaguar, Anne was driven through the gates of          teacher and the idea took hold,‖ she says.
Buckingham Palace to receive an MBE from               After grammar school and three ―very happy
the Queen for her services to education. It           years‖ studying history at London University,
was a fitting commendation for a career de-           Anne spent a year at Cambridge gaining her
voted to bringing out the best in the young           teaching qualification, graduating in 1964.
people in her charge.                                   Four years teaching history at Maidstone
 Anne grew up in the village of Hextable in           Girls Grammar School followed before she
north-west Kent. Those were the days of               realised a long-cherished dream to do a period
austerity when only one room in the house             of service in Africa.
was heated and going to the bathroom was, as            ―I intended going to Uganda for only a
she describes it, ―like visiting the polar ice        year,‖ she says. ―Instead, I had five wonder-
cap.‖                                                 ful years teaching some amazing girls at a
 Her father worked as a clerk in London (he           boarding school that catered for the brightest
later became editor of the Stud Book – the            and the cleverest, from all people groups.‖
encyclopaedia of horse pedigrees) and her             Those girls included Margaret Sentamu.
mother laboured in the local chrysanthemum            Back in the UK, Anne found herself in a very
fields to save the money to send Anne and her         different environment, teaching at a large

already knew what vocation lay ahead
                                                     2003 when the three decided to pool their
                                                     resources and buy a three-bedroom apartment
                                                     in the town. ―We had fallen in love with al-
                                                     most everything about the place – the warmth
                                                     of the local people, the scenery around Lake
                                                     Trasimeno, the wealth of historic places to
                                                     visit, its proximity to one of our favourite
                                                     places — Assisi,‖ she says. ―None of us has
                                                     ever regretted our decision to have a home
                                                     To the observer, Anne and Shelagh seem an
                                                     unlikely couple to have formed such a close
                                                     friendship. On the surface at least, Anne pre-
                                                     sents a conservative appearance whereas
                                                     Shelagh wears colourful flowing dresses and
                                                     masses of ethnic jewellery.
                                                       Anne‘s personality is serene and level-
                                                     headed while Shelagh is exhuberant and larg-
                                                      They first met 30 years ago when Shelagh,
                                                     Bryan and their girls started attending the
  grammar-cum-secondary modern in Erith,             same church as Anne.
  Kent, for 16 years and rising to become depu-        Walking down the street one day, Anne
  ty head before taking up a headship at St Mar-     heard Shelagh call across to her, ―I‘d like to
  tin‘s in Tulse Hill, south London.                 get to know you better.‖
   Ten years earlier it had been an exclusive        ―It was inimical Shelagh,‖ says Anne.
  girls‘ school but was now a comprehensive          ―We‘ve been friends ever since.‖
  with a high proportion of mixed ethnic              Having settled on her vocation, Anne never
  groups. The challenge was huge, but Anne           married. Instead, she regards the Yates‘s
  stayed for nine years, expanding the school        daughters Clair and Alex and Alex‘s children
  before taking early retirement in 1998 and         Joe and Anna (named after her) as her special
  being awarded her MBE in 1999.                     people.
   She continued to teach part-time in a local        These days, Anne‘s chief pleasure is travel,
  Catholic school but retired for good when          both to Italy and further afield. She is also an
  Shelagh also gave up her work as school sec-       ardent fund-raiser for the Teso Educational
  retary in a special needs school six years ago.    Support Scheme (TESS) which sponsors chil-
   Anne continues to live in Hexham, the parish      dren, mainly girls, in a very poor part of
  where she was born, and is an active member        Uganda.
  of her local church as a lay reader, leads an      ―The families of these children from desper-
  Africa prayer group, runs the fair trade stall     ately poor homes are unable to fund their
  and is a fund-raiser for the building develop-     secondary education,‖ she says.
  ment fund. She is also an honorary consultant      ―I love buying things in exotic places which I
  for the largest Anglican educational trust.        then take back and sell at little sales in my
   Her involvement with Italy began in 1982          own home, to friends and neighbours, to raise
  when she, Shelagh and Bryan, plus the Yates‘       money.‖ Anne has found more than £2,500 so
  two small daughters, holidayed near Flor-          far.
  ence. Two years later they rented a house in        Even in retirement, her links to education
  Tuoro and visited the area every year until        remain strong. MF
                                                      Light Infantry. For the date of death I guessed
MISCELLANY                                            1941-42 and where killed, North Africa.
                                                       The details popped up almost immediately.
                                                      Killed North Africa, interred Knightsbridge
MIRACLE PROMPTS                                       War Memorial Cemetery, Ancona, Lybia.
                                                      Date of death: the very day, but exactly 68
THAT BOLSTER                                          years earlier, that I was sitting there looking
                                                      for information on the computer.
OUR FAITH                                             Christine’s story:
ON A RECENT Sunday at St Leonard’s                    FIVE YEARS AGO my husband Gordon and
Brother Tom was away and Brother Daniel               I were in Valetta, Malta, visiting a friend -- the
from Brisbane, Australia, led the service.
                                                      Greek Catholic priest in the small Church of
During the sermon he commented that some-
                                                      our Lady of Damascus.
times when we need a reminder of our faith,            The Rev. Pappas Vito
our beliefs or our commitment, we receive an          Borgia wanted to create a
unexpected “prompt.” We thought you might
                                                      ―living‖ Bible and over the
like to hear the stories related by Daniel
                                                      years had invited every
(pictured below) and our member Christine             visitor to his church to
Trigg (right)….                                       copy out a verse in the
WHEN I WAS in Assisi last June, Brother               books provided for this
Tom was away in the UK and I was alone in             purpose, dating and signing their entry.
his flat. As I was working on                          This unusual enterprise had started more than
a computer, suddenly into my                          40 years previously, so there were dozens and
head came thoughts of my                              dozens of volumes already completed and
mother‘s brother, after whom                          stored away on his vast bookshelves.
I had been named and who                               While I was writing out my verse the Rev.
had been killed in the Second                         Borgia invited Gordon to take a look at some
World War.                                            of the older pages. Gordon randomly selected
 I could not remember what                            a volume and opened it midway
my uncle looked like as he had gone away to            He handed me the book in silent disbelief and
the army when I was quite young.                      when I too saw the page I could not believe
 But one of my earliest recollections during          my eyes. My father has very distinctive hand-
my childhood in South Shields, County                 writing and I knew at a glance that the verse
Durham, was of the day when the news of his           on the page I was looking at had been written
death came and all the relatives gathered in          by him. His name and the date -- 30 years
my grandmother‘s house.                               previously – further confirmed it! It still
 My uncle‘s loss did not mean a great deal to         sends shivers down my spine when I recall the
me at the time, but I was aware how greatly           incident and does so as I write. This surely
affected the family was and that memory               was a ―prompt‖ for me.
stayed with me.                                        When I looked up the verse he had written in
  Nevertheless, it was not something that in          the Bible, I realised it was the very line I had
later years I gave very much thought to, so it        had such difficulty with in the previous
was odd that it should pop up now.                    week‘s discussion at St Leonard‘s, which
 I decided to open the Commonwealth War               Brother Tom had tried to resolve for me:
Graves Commission website – something I               Luke 14, verse 33.
had never done before – and enter in his de-
tails.                                                What have been the prompts in your life?
 Rank I did not know. Number I did not                Why not write to us at Outlook and tell us of
know. All I had was his name, Daniel Fair-            your experience. Editor’s email:
bairn, and his regiment, the Durham                   mary@bmfletcher.co.uk

                                                     there for many years — and elected him any-
A LOSING BATTLE                                     way. Their decision outraged conservative
                                                    evangelicals around the world, some of whom
TO BE SIMPLY                                        launched a discreditable campaign of smears
                                                     They claimed, falsely, that he had abandoned
THE BISHOP                                          his wife and children, that he had behaved
                                                    inappropriately by touching a man (on the
WITH THE future unity of the Anglican               arm) at a public meeting and even that he had
Church still uncertain, it seems appropriate to     sponsored a pornographic website—all lies.
reflect on the decision of the Rt. Rev Gene           English bishops were intrigued by this wick-
Robinson, the openly gay bishop of New              ed man, of whom they had previously never
Hampshire in the US, to step down at 65,            heard, and asked questions that implied they
seven years ahead of the normal retirement          imagined him to have horns and cloven feet.
date. He said that his appointment as bishop,        Had they but known, Robinson, from a poor
which split the worldwide Anglican communi-         Southern share-cropping background, was one
ty, had taken its toll on him: death threats and    of the most evangelical of American bishops.
the controversy over his election as bishop          His election served as a catalyst within the
had been a constant strain. Stephen Bates,          worldwide communion where a faction of
author of A Church At War: Anglicans and            conservatives saw an opportunity to wrest the
Homosexuality, wrote the following in the UK        church in their direction by mobilising parish-
newspaper The Guardian:                             ioners united by a visceral distaste for homo-
ON THE DAY he was consecrated as the US             sexuality.
Episcopal Church‘s bishop of New Hampshire           In this they could also make common cause
in November 2003, Gene Robinson and his             with the church in the third world, particularly
partner Mark Andrew wore bulletproof vests          equatorial Africa, newly assertive of its influ-
following assassination threats.                    ence in a previously white-man dominated
 Inside the ceremony at a university sports hall    denomination and in cultural denial of the
in the New England university town of               existence of gay people.
Durham a clergyman intervened to denounce            Exactly seven years on, Anglicanism is still
gays in lubricious detail, while outside a be-      groaning under the crisis but has not entirely
draggled group of demonstrators waved ban-          split. Far from disintegrating, Robinson‘s
ners warning: ―Fags Doom Nations‖. From             own diocese has remained supportive of him.
Africa, the Archbishop of Kenya warned:             Robinson‘s wish to become known as the
―The devil has entered the church,‖ while a         bishop of New Hampshire, rather than the gay
few days before the ceremony Robinson re-           bishop, has not, however, been granted.
ceived a postcard from England, depicting the        He has acknowledged that his position and
high altar of Durham cathedral and bearing          all that it entails has taken a heavy toll. Four
the message: ―You fornicating lecherous pig.‖       years ago he underwent treatment for alcohol-
 Gene Robinson was not the first gay bishop         ism.
in the world, nor is he the only one, but he         He still fits the description given to him on
was the first in the Anglican community open-       the eve of his consecration by his hometown
ly to admit to his homosexuality. The congre-       newspaper, the Lexington Herald-Leader,
gation of his diocese in one of the most politi-    when it called him: ―The most controversial
cally conservative states in the US knew about      Anglican leader since Henry VIII.‖
his sexuality—he had been a clergyman there

  Carol Service, Tuesday, 21 December, 7pm
Thoughts from an Italian
Farmhouse – by Lin Lane

Yes, every cloud has a silver lining...
SITTING OUT in the brilliant sunshine in the first week of November and gazing at the wonderful
skies in every direction I was struck by the thought of how much bad press clouds get.
 We talk about clouds as bringing problems into our lives, foretellers of storms and tempests, and
generally not much good for anything! The English language is littered with sayings, most of them
generally derogatory. ‗His face clouded over‘. ‗A dark cloud hung over her future‘, etc, etc. But
have you ever taken time to look at clouds properly - they are fascinating!
 There are so many different types, shapes, colours and
densities, and they are constantly changing according to
the wind and sun, and anyone who has ever tried to
paint skies will know there are no two days with the
same pattern of clouds.
 The big skies here in Umbria are truly magnificent and
I am awed by the information they give us. In winter we
can see the fluffy, dense clouds over the mountain
peaks and know that snow is falling along the Sibbillini
Mountains, transforming the landscape there into a
winter wonderland.
 We can see the wispy dawn clouds, which are suddenly
dispersed when the sun breaks over the hills and floods
the valley below with a golden glow. Yes, we have dark
swathes of cloud, which move up the valley releasing often much needed rain onto the fields,
vineyards and olive groves of the Tiber Valley.
 Much of it is localised, and we can be sitting on the terrace watching the rain descending just a
couple of miles away. The evening skies are shot through with all sorts of colours from brilliant
turquoise to the deepest crimson and watching the birds circling through them or dashing home-
ward to their nests is a joy we never tire of. And so it is in life.
 Yes, there are clouds in our life, small and fleeting or large and threatening, but we need to look
for the positives they can bring and not the pain. Sometimes it is necessary to endure the down-
pour in order to have the harvest later. When we are faced with a problem or something which
brings us out of our comfort zone (what boring words I think these are!), an illness, the loss of a
friend moving away, or colleague finding another job, any jolt, which makes you stop, think and
possibly reassess your path through life and the important things along its path - family, friends,
health - this, in my opinion is a very good thing.
 We can so easily believe by watching the never-ending bad news which floods our television
screen, that we are all helpless, the future is hopeless and just having money enough to buy instant
gratification is what we all need.
 So many clouds we bring down on ourselves as a result. Look up, look out, look at the wonders of
this world, many to be had for no cost at all and feel happy that we can watch the clouds, whatever
they may bring.
Copyright: Lin Lane 2009. Also by Lin Lane: The Castello Cats, illustrated by Linda
Goodhew, and Villa Rosa Cats. Email enquiries to linda@laportaverde.com


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