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					    eLearning and Interactive

    What is The eLearning and Interactive
    Services Offering?
              With increased broadband connectivity, LCMS can
              leverage the power of learning, audio and video to
              share information in a more timely and engaging

              Interactive Service Offering consists of:

          •   Enterprise Learning Strategies
              - Quick Start
              - Evaluation/Audit
              - Best Practices
          •   Production
              - Courseware development
          •   Learning Management Systems (LMS)
              - Partnerships
              - Evaluation
              - Best Practices
    What is The eLearning Interactive
    Services Offering?
         eLearning and Interactive Services Offering consists of
         powerful, dynamic streaming communication solutions such

          •   Presentations

          •   Internal communications

          •   Human resources development, recruitment and

          •   Management briefings and virtual conference calls

          •   Congregation / District relations

    What is The eLearning Interactive
    Services Offering?
          Integrate streaming media into your SharePoint Portal
          and Windows SharePoint sites.

          Enable content managers to set up and manage both on-
          demand and live broadcasts through a simple SharePoint
          interface, reducing the effort needed to deploy and
          distribute streaming content.

    What is Enterprise Learning?

         Enterprise learning, which could include Web-based,
         CD / DVD-based, Instructor-led, Webinars, mentoring,
         or a combination developed in a blended approach.

         The most important element of an Enterprise Learning
         Strategy (ELS) is that it be built firmly upon a mission /

    What is Enterprise Learning?
           A recent study identified the key activities through
           which organizations distinguish themselves as:

       •   Fostering innovation
       •   Attracting and retaining talent
       •   Forging strong alliances with partners
       •   Delivering distinctively quality processes, products,
           or services

           All of these can be addressed with an effective ELS.

    Value Proposition – ELS / eLearning
        •   Reduce training costs (Reduced training costs are typically
            around 40% with no reduction in effectiveness)

        •   Gains in individual performance and productivity

        •   Better recruitment and retention of staff

        •   Opportunity to leverage intellectual property

        •   eLearning cuts the time it takes people to learn by 25-50%, and
            in tests, shows better long term retention of the material

        •   Improve speed and convenience of training

        •   Increase the quality and effectiveness of training

    Value Proposition – ELS / eLearning
         •   Improve organizational effectiveness and productivity

         •   Comply with industry or government regulations for training

         •   Keep employee skills current and sharp (Certification and

         •   Employee Orientation

         •   Executive addresses, monthly management briefings

         •   Virtual meetings and summits

         •   Enable HR to be more strategic and less administrative

         •   Corporate Communications
    Who is a Good Candidate?
      •   Having to deliver training to a geographically dispersed and
          mobile audience

      •   Having a higher demand on employee utilization along with
          a higher demand to keep their skills at the latest and
          highest level possible

      •   Having the need to increase productivity

      •   Having a need to train a diverse workforce with multiple
          learning styles

      •   Having the need to capture long-standing organizational

     Enterprise Learning Solutions
        Deliverables for a Learning Strategy Review (Quick Start) - Learning Strategy Review will
             consist of 3-5 days of analysis followed by a report that will address the following areas:

        •    Is the learning strategy threaded into every process and initiative?
        •    Are learning solutions positioned as a means to solve problems?
        •    Are learning systems and processes established that facilitate the transfer of knowledge?

        Deliverables for the Development of a Learning Strategy - Learning Strategy Engagement
             will consist of 4-5 weeks of analysis followed by a report that will address the following

        •    How to view learning as a continuous process and not just a single event.
        •    How to thread learning into every LCMS process and initiative.
        •    How to position and leverage learning solutions as a means to solve LCMS problems.
        •    How to establish learning systems and processes that facilitate the transfer of knowledge.
        •    How to deliver learning that engages learners.
        •    How to integrate learning into an individuals working environment so it accelerates the
             learner’s performance.
        •    How to link the learning with an organization’s intellectual capital to optimize a learner’s
        •    How to develop the delivery strategy, e.g. eLearning, ILT, mentoring, blended learning
             etc.., appropriate to the needs and resources of the organization.

     Enterprise Learning Solution

     Addressing Communication & Training Issues

             Internal communications
             -   Increased morale              LCMS Value:
             -   Improved LCMS alignment       • Improves organizational
             -   Improved quality
             -   Faster and more-effective
             -   More timely communications    • Improves employee
             -   Faster, more timely           • Reduces costs of training
             -   Employee orientation            and communication
             -   Reduced training costs        • Minimizes time spent on
             -   Increased comprehension and
                 retention                       routine tasks and allows
             -   better trained equipped         HR to focus on planning

             -   And it’s Repeatability

     Key Roles
         • Learning Strategist
         • Media / Web Specialist
         • Instructional Designer
         • Content Developers – Flash, Lectora,
           Captivate etc.
         • Technical Support