Guerrilla Marketing (PowerPoint) by wuxiangyu

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									Guerrilla Marketing
    Brandon Rowland
   Unconventional marketing intended to get
    maximum results from minimal resources.

   Coined by Jay Conrad Levinson, guerilla
    marketing is more about matching wits
    than matching budgets. Guerilla marketing
    can be as different from traditional
    marketing as guerilla warfare is from
    traditional warfare.
   Guerilla marketing is usually highly creative
    and may be controversial, unethical,
    and/or illegal.

   This is kind of the point. Imagine
    newspapers reporting your business’ name
    in the paper. This is guerrilla marketer’s
               Random Facts
   Guerrilla marketing tries to capitalize on
    the fact that people are immune to
    traditional marketing.
   Only 3% of people called sit through a
    computerized telemarketing call, 33% sit
    through a call from a live human being.
    Some 4% of people reached by
    telemarketing actually place an order.
              More Facts
 87% of 15,000 ads responses were never
  followed up by a sales contact. 23% of
  requests for information were never even
 Fax is the communication method of
  choice 47% of the time, with e-mail at 9%,
  and overnight delivery at 30%. But
  postmasters around America now use e-
  mail to communicate with each other.
 “Cat Shoot” in the book (page 164)
 People on street corners holding signs

 Streakers at rugby and soccer games.

 GQ puts image of woman on Parliament

 Graffiti on walls and buildings

 “Speeding Ticket Day”

 Personal Experiences?

   The need for guerrilla marketing can be seen in
    the light of three facts:
   Because of big business downsizing, people
    around the world are gravitating to small
    business in record numbers.
   Small business failures are also establishing
    record numbers because of a failure to
    understand marketing.
   Guerrilla marketing is simple to understand, easy
    to implement and outrageously inexpensive.
 Framework for Marketing. Kotler,

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