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									   I need you help to complete this project in answering the following questions

   at last (7 pages )

       1- SWOT matrix( SWOT strategy) ?

       2- Generic strategy?

       3- Porter s five forces model?

       4- Strategic group maps?

Our Mission…

Medical Tourism will be your intermediary to the foremost leaders in international health care vacation

design by providing access to internationally trained and accredited doctors, surgeons, and hospitals as

well as any compliments to your vacation. We will design you the safest, most quality medical care and

luxurious recuperatory package in the beautiful destination of your choice, that allows you to return

inspired by your health and prepared to live a more contented life.

Our Vision...

…is to become the most recognized experts in international health care provision, to provide access to

affordable and excellent health care for the international community, and mediate the impacts of the

health tourism insdusrty in the markets Medical Tourism Solutions operates within.

While addressing the complexity of a world wide health care system, Medical Tourism Solutions

envisions a global health network that can facilitate the medical necessities of our international

population through the distribution of health & wellness.
Our Values…

              Our Clients The quality of your experience with Medical Tourism Solutions is of

                          absolute importance to us and we will bend-over backwards to ensure the

                          provision of excellence that we have commited to as a health care family.

                   Safety Medical Tourism Solutions has prioritized safety as our number one focus.

                          We will be with you at every moment of your medical tourism experience,

                          from start to finish. Our health care providers & destinations have been

                          reviewed and scrutinized in order to guarantee you the safest health

                          vacation possible.

                 Integrity The integrity of every one of our providers and employees is what allows

                          us to continue providing world class services.

                  Privacy Medical Tourism Solutions prides itself on complete respect of personal

                          information, client confidentiality and anonymnity, as well as maintaining

                          privacy for our clients’s families and loved ones.

      Attention to Detail The medical and service providers involved with Medical Tourism

                          Solutions are conscious of every minutiae of detail to ensure you a

                          relaxing and professional health vacation.

          Transparency We want to place more control into the hands of the patient, and to open

                          access to the best doctors and surgeons in the world through transparent

                          and honest information availability on all aspects of our company and it’s


               Efficiency Medical Tourism Solutions pledges to execute the most efficient and cost

                          effective solutions to the health care needs of the world, without the cost of
             administrative entropy or bureaucratic delays, and complications.

Contribution We are developing relationships with nonprofit organizations in the

             destinations we offer health care to redistribute a percentage of our pro fits

             directly back into the local community.
Our Team

Doctors and Surgeons

Medical Tourism Sprides itself in presenting our family of health care providers. Every single

practicioner we work with is featured on our website, and can be accesed though the links on the page

titled “Procedures”.

Clinics and Hos pitals

All of the hospitals and clinics that our health care providers practice in have been reviewed by our US

staff and their accreditions confirmed through our quality assurance programs.

Service Providers to Fulfill Your Every Need

Medical Tourism has done the research for you, and has negotiated agreements with only top level

nurses, recuperatory services and health spas to ensure the ultimate experience in health care travel, and

inspire you into greater well being and living thereafter.

At each and every moment, Medical Tourism Solutions will be by your side with interpreters, personal

transportation, hotels, bed & breakfasts, and apartments. Our tourism providers are well equipped to

provide your family and friends with any needs or enjoyment to ensure the experience of a lifetime for

all involved. Medical Tourism Solutions can simplify your health care package and target affordabilty

or provide access to the most luxury vacation options available on a global scale. At Medical Tourism

Solutions, your preferences are our pleasures.
SWOT Analysis


         1-Quality of Range of Service :- Countries such as India has number of hospitals

         offering world class treatments in nearly every medical sector such as cardiology

         and cardiothoracic surgery, joint replacement, orthopedic surgery, gastroenterology,

         ophthalmology, transplants and urology to name a few. The various specialties

         covered are Neurology, Neurosurgery, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Rheumatology,

         Endocrinology, ENT, Pediatrics, Pediatric Surgery, Pediatric Neurology, Urology,

         Nephrology, Dermatology, Dentistry, Plastic Surgery, Gynecology, Pulmonologists,

         Psychiatry, General Medicine & General Surgery. For its quality of services and the


         2- Affordable Cost- the cost of medical care/ treatment is pretty reasonable and cost

         effective compared to countries of the western hemisphere. Many countries such as

         Malaysian and India promote medical tourism.

         3- COST of comparison with the west.


         1-Political problems/ No strong Gove rnment support

         2-Low coordination.

         3-Lack of uniform pricing policies


         1- Increased demand for healthcare services from countries with aging


         2- Fast paced life style demand wellness tourism and alternative.
               3- Demand for countries that are underdeveloped

               4- Shortage of supply in national health systems in countries

               5- Traffic system is well developed and easy to go from one country to another


               6- Medicines and lab our cost is low as compare d to developed countries


               1- Strong competition from countries like Singapore , Thailand

               2- Lack of international accreditation

               3- Overseas medical care not covered insurance providers

               4- Identifying a real practitioner is major problem

               5- Unde rinvestment in health infrastructure

               3 - Exploitation of touris m by illegal money changers


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