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					Suggestions for inquiry activities have been included throughout the program.
Most suggestions are for structured inquiry and guided inquiry. Consider having
students complete an open inquiry when participating in a science fair.

Confirmation Inquiry–Confirm a principle using an activity that has expected results.
  Drip drops of water onto a penny to           Evaporate 100ml of water in a sunny
  determine how many drops will fit on
  the penny before the water spills off
                                                spot and 100ml of water in a shaded
                                                spot. The water in the sunny spot
                                                                                         in Simply Science
  onto the paper towel.                         evaporates first.

Structured Inquiry–Answer a teacher presented question using a prescribed procedure.
  Is soapy water as cohesive as plain           Does the surface area of the water
  water? Drip drops of water on a               affect the rate of evaporation? Put
  penny. Drip drops of soapy water on a         100ml of water in a cup and 100ml of
  different penny.                              water in a pie plate and put both in a
                                                sunny spot.

Guided Inquiry–Answer a teacher presented question using a student designed procedure.
  Which of these three liquids has the          Under what conditions will 100ml
  greatest cohesiveness? How can you            of water evaporate the fastest?
  compare the                                   Location? Container? Surface area?
  cohesiveness                                  Presence of moving air?
  of liquids?

Open Inquiry–Answer a student generated question using a student designed procedure.
Note: Many activities at each grade level can be used to introduce or practice one of the four parts of an inquiry work sample. The activities listed here can be used to present all four parts as a group or individual activity.

                                                                                            grade page activity description
                                                                                               K        p 26       How do different amounts of soil heat in direct sunshine?

                                                                                                1       p 27       Test the cohesiveness of water.

                                                                                                        p 32       Practice record and analyze with racing ketchup.

                                                                                                       p 205       Combine the data from lessons 19-23 to make a truck roll a long distance.

                                                                                               2       p 219       Test the strength of a magnet.

                                                                                               3        p 26       Evaporate water in different containers or locations.

                                                                                                       p 221       Change the surface of an inclined plane.

                                                                                               4        p 17       Preserve a slice of banana like a fossil.

                                                                                                       p 104       Test the amount of shortening needed to provide insulation.

                                                                                                       p 216       Splash water with a tuning fork after making one change.

                                                                                                       p 229       Repeat the conduction activity with a different balloon.

                                                                                                       p 229       Repeat the radiation activity with different wire.

                                                                                                       p 237       Use a balloon to make bits of paper jump off the table.

                                                                                                       p 259       Repeat one of the activities in the lesson with one change.

                                                                                               5         p9        Repeat the activity after changing the surface.

                                                                                                        p 21       Practice form by writing up the penny in a balloon activity.

                                                                                                        p 39       Repeat the penny in a jar activity with one change.

                                                                                                        p 41       Change a paper helicopter and record the results of the change.

                                                                                                       p 140       Challenge students to evaporate 100 ml of water.

                                                                                                       p 140       Evaporate water in different containers.

                                                                                                       p 207       Keep a wet sponge wet.