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					        The Wise Edge LLC: 6189 Third Ave                                   
        Kent, OH 44240                                                                           P: 330-554-5821

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Item to be serviced                                                            Quantity          Price         Total
Kitchen Knives (1-6 Inch)                                                                       $5.00
Kitchen Knives (6-12 Inch)                                                                      $6.00
Kitchen Knives (Serrated Edge)                                                                  $7.50
Steak Knife (Half-Serrated & Straight)                                                          $4.00
Complete Knife Restoration                                                                      $23.00
Hunting Knife                                                                                   $8.00
Fishing Knife                                                                                   $7.00
Pocket Knife(Straight Edge)                                                                     $5.00
Pocket Knife(Half-Serrated Edge)                                                                $7.00
Pocket Knife (2 blades)                                                                         $8.00
Embroidery Scissors                                                                             $6.00
Pinking Shears                                                                                  $8.00
Kitchen & Household Scissors                                                                    $5.50
Barber Scissors (Beveled Edge)                                                                  $8.00
Tip Repair                                                                                      $2.00
Edge Repair                                                                                     $2.00
Bolster Adjustment                                                                              $4.00
Flat Chisel, Single Bevel                                                                       $4.00
Hatchet & Axe (per side)                                                                        $5.00
Garden Pruners                                                                                  $5.50
Lawn Mower Blade                                                                                $8.00
Paper Cutter Blade                                                                              $13.00
Pizza Cutter                                                                                    $4.00
Food Processor Blade                                                                            $4.00
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