Adobe Animation Tutorial by AgumJunianto


									                  Adobe Animation Tutorial
1. Open Adobe Photoshop
2. Open a new document
3. Make your canvas 400x400 pixels, name your document, and make it transparent.
Then click “OK” when you’re done. (You can make the canvas bigger but if you make it
to big it won’t save as an animation.)
4. Draw something on your canvas using any of the tools.
5. Then when you’re finished drawing something go to the “layer” tab up top then to
“New” then to “layer via copy”. This will copy your layer but still let you edit it.
6. Draw something else and when you’re done with that repeat step 5. Keep drawing and
repeating step 5 until your animation is done. You can view all your layers in the top
right corner “layer” tab.
7. Once you are done making your drawing and layers go to the file tab up top and go to
“Save for Web…”
8. When this screen pops-up check off the box “Animation”.
9. Your screen will look like this after you check of the box in step 8. Now if you want
your animation to loop check of the “Loop” box. After you check off the box you can
change the frame delay which will either slow down your animation or make it go faster.
(By frames they mean layers. This mean how fast your layers will appear.)
10. After you did step 8 and 9 you can preview it by pressing the preview button in the
bottom right corner.
11. Then Internet Explorer will pop-up and will let you preview your animation. It will
have all the specs of you animation at the bottom in the box.
12. Now go back to Adobe Photoshop and if you’re satisfied with your animation click
“OK” to save it. This window will pop-up and you can save it where ever you want.

                       And your animation is done!!!

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