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A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words


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									                     A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words
                          Photoshop Tutorial Presentation

To familiarize yourself with a variety of ways to use Photoshop technology; use
advance design techniques to improve and/or change your own photographs; and to
communicate ideas using advanced visual communication forms.

For this assignment, you will browse the Photoshop tutorials at the website or; and choose one tutorial that shows an
advance design technique(s) that you would like to use on one of your own digital
photographs. You may use photos that you already have, or take photos specifically
for this assignment. I encourage you to also browse the Photoshop Help & How
Tos menu to make any manipulations before or after those learned from the tutorial.
This may be challenging, but will spark your creativity & make the project more
individual to you.

You will then apply these technique(s) by manipulating your own digital
photograph(s). You are to document (in your notebook) all of the steps you have
taken to achieve your final piece of artwork.

Finally, you will communicate your improvements/changes of your photograph with
your classmates by presenting an interactive tutorial based off the original, but
modified to represent your artwork and any additional manipulations. Hand in a
typed copy of your tutorial steps (previously written in notebook) prior to your

Your assignment will be graded based on the following:

      Whether or not you challenged yourself to learn a new technique and use
       Photoshop technology in a variety of ways…this will differ for each student,
       based on their abilities. Class time is precious time to hone your
       photoshopping skills, so use it wisely! If you finish much earlier than your
       classmates, you probably could have challenged yourself more.

      Creativity…Have you built upon the design techniques you have learned to
       make an original piece of artwork or just copied the tutorial? How has using
       this technique changed to mood, atmosphere or implied meaning of your
       original photograph?

      Communication…Do your classmates understand the steps you took to
       achieve your final piece? Could they repeat the process? Did you answer


Presentation 30 points
Final Artwork 55 points
Two sketchbook Assignments 30points (15 each)

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