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    *Course numbers that include “Man” indicate that the course meets the criteria for mandatory education for ND License renewal.

Course #* Hours Product Name                                                                                                Price    Company
CE08-200      6    Buyer Representation in Real Estate                                                                      $50.00   Dearborn/
                   Written by the creators of the CBR® buyer agency designation, Buyer Representation in Real Estate                 RECampus
                   delivers a solid course on how to act as a buyer's agent—or complete a transaction with one.
CE08-215      6    Commercial Real Estate: Listing Properties                                                               $50.00   Dearborn/
                   This course introduces concepts critical to successfully listing properties. As students learn new                RECampus
                   concepts and key formulas, they are given an opportunity to apply them through the problems
                   presented in the case studies.
CE08-216      6    Commercial Real Estate: Understanding Investments                                                        $50.00   Dearborn/
                   This course introduces concepts critical to successfully working with investment properties and                   RECampus
                   clients. As students learn new concepts and key formulas, they are given an opportunity to apply
                   them through the problems presented in the case studies.
CE08-201      6    Diversity and Doing Business                                                                             $50.00   Dearborn/
                   Written by a leading educator with more than twenty five years' experience in real estate sales,                  RECampus
                   Diversity and Doing Business defines diversity and its related issues for a real estate audience while
                   giving agents the practical advice they need to work with buyers and sellers of all backgrounds and
CE08-202      6    Environmental Issues in Your Real Estate Practice                                                        $50.00   Dearborn/
                   This course teaches agents what to look for when evaluating a property, how to perform "due                       RECampus
                   diligence" regarding environmental issues, and how to avoid legal liability.
CE08-203      6    Ethics in Today’s Real Estate World is a robust continuing education course that $50.00                           Dearborn/
                   fulfills the NAR's ethics requirement. As part of our line of continuing education products, this                 RECampus
                   course combines lessons that students can review at their own pace, up to five different types of
                   interactive exercises, visually stimulating instructional graphics, and exams that measure student
                   understanding of the material.
CE08-204      6    Fair Housing                                                                                             $50.00   Dearborn/
                   Recent fair housing legislation has been aimed at dramatically strengthening the enforcement                      RECampus
                   mechanisms and remedies enacted in 1968. Agents today must be careful to deliver "equal
                   professional service" to avoid legal trouble. This course helps students provide the consistency,
                   objectivity, and documentation of service that the law requires.
CE08-205      6    Introduction to Commercial Real Estate                                                                   $50.00   Dearborn/
                   Popular nationwide as an elective continuing education topic, commercial real estate can be                       RECampus
                   especially lucrative for both agents and investors. This course provides a blueprint for commercial
                   real estate transactions, written by a successful expert who has "been there."
CE08-221      6    Mortgage Fraud and Predatory Lending: What Every Agent $50.00                                                     Dearborn/
                   Should Know addresses issues related to mortgage fraud, predatory lending, and illegal                            RECampus
                   flipping and examines how these topics affect the real estate industry and lead to foreclosures. Each
                   unit is dedicated to a specific topic and includes a definition and discussion of the issue, relevant
                   information, and the impact of the topic on real estate agents. This course covers issues that affect
                   real estate agents, appraisers, mortgage lenders, and home inspectors.
CE08-207      6    Property Management and Managing Risk                                                                    $50.00   Dearborn/
                   This course will help real estate professionals manage liability while spreading their efforts between            RECampus
                   sales and property management.
CE08-206      6    Property Disclosures: The Real Estate Professional's Guide to                                            $50.00   Dearborn/
                   Reducing Risk                                                                                                     RECampus
                   This course will teach real estate professionals the importance of understanding such things as
                   misrepresentation, active and passive fraud, and negligent advice. Case Studies, Reading
                   Comprehension Quizzes, and Unit Exams will educate these professionals on legal liability. Property
                   Disclosures will also help professionals reduce risk by educating them on what, when, and how to
Course #* Hours Product Name                                                                                                Price    Company
CE08-208    6   Real Estate Agent / Mortgage Professional                                                                   $50.00   Dearborn/
                This online continuing education course benefits real estate agents, brokers, and the general public                 RECampus
                with a behind-the-scenes look at today's mortgage industry. Through case studies, interactive
                exercises, and quizzes, students will learn how the mortgage business really works.
CE08-209    6   Real Estate and Taxes! What Every Agent Should Know                                                         $50.00   Dearborn/
                This course is an excellent resource for students looking to further their knowledge of how tax law                  RECampus
                changes have effect real estate investment. The online course includes such things as real-life cases
                studies and learning objectives to highlight key topics. Moreover, review questions help to reinforce
                what the student has read.
CE08-210    6   Real Estate Finance Today                                                                                   $50.00   Dearborn/
                Real Estate Finance Today is a comprehensive look at the use of principal financing instruments. It                  RECampus
                discusses new affordable loan products, government influences on real estate finance, and special
                financing alternatives, as well as an update for the latest loan limits.
CE08-211    6   Real Estate Investment Fundamentals                                                                         $50.00   Dearborn/
                This online continuing education course introduces professionals to the fundamentals of real estate                  RECampus
                investment. Practitioners will become knowledgeable in investment yield measurement tools with a
                focus on the FMRR method of calculating yield. The course contains case studies and worksheets as
                well as quizzes, exams, and interactive exercises.
CE08-212    6   Red Flags Property Inspection Guide                                                                         $50.00   Dearborn/
                Recent legislation has increased the role that agents play in inspecting property for potential defects              RECampus
                or safety hazards. This electronic course is effective in guiding non-experts in detecting "red flags" in
                and around the home. The course also features valuable information on asbestos, radon, and lead.
CE08-213    6   Reverse Mortgages for Senior Homeowners                                                                     $50.00   Dearborn/
                Reverse Mortgages for Senior Homeowners is an online course that explores the importance of the                      RECampus
                application process, fees, closing costs, tax benefits, and treatments of reverse mortgages. The course
                also discusses the different types of reverse mortgages available to senior homeowners and the
                characteristics of each.
CE08-214    6   Risk Management                                                                                             $50.00   Dearborn/
                This text provides the essentials of risk management that every sales professional must know to                      RECampus
                avoid legal problems and give their clients the best service possible.
CE08-218    6   The Truth About Mold                                                                                        $50.00   Dearborn/
                Mold is a controversial topic that is quickly becoming a serious liability risk for real estate agents               RECampus
                and a threat to all in involved in real estate transactions---from home inspectors and the home
                insurance industry to buyers and sellers facing potential health risks and the inability to secure
                insurance. The Truth About Mold provides the answers students need to protect their physical and
                fiscal well-being and to separate myth from truth.
CE08-219    6   Understanding 1031 Tax-Free Exchanges                                                                       $50.00   Dearborn/
                This course features the following elements: a discussion of capital gains taxes (including forms for                RECampus
                computing capital gain on a real estate transaction); advantages and disadvantages of installment
                sales; detailed descriptions of exchanges (from simple trade of properties to a multiparty exchange);
                a guide to the current 1031 law and regulations; a discussion of key forms for executing a 1031
CE08-230    3   ADA Fair Housing                                                                                            $30.00   America’s Best
                The student will be introduced to a basic history of civil rights laws in our country, the protected
                classes, the Americans with Disabilities Act, penalties for violations of fair housing laws, and
                advertising as it pertains to these requirements and laws. The course also differentiates between
                violations and exemptions.
CE08-231    6   Advanced Home Inspection                                                                                    $55.00   America’s Best
                This course takes the student through the maze of learning the major components of a home. By first
                teaching the student what constitutes good construction and maintenance and the operation of
                systems within the house, the student will have a basis to understand what to look for in the
                inspection. Each lesson pinpoints the exact markers to inspect for the benefit of the licensee, the
                buyer and the seller.
Man08-232   3   Contracts                                                                                                   $30.00   America’s Best
                The basics of contracts and contract law and how contracts are used in the real estate industry are
                addressed in this course. Students will learn the differences between express and implied contracts
                and bilateral and unilateral contracts as well as how to classify a contract as being executed or
                executory; the legal effects of a contract; the elements necessary for a valid contract; how a contract
                can be discharged or terminated and the various other contracts used in real estate.
Course #* Hours Product Name                                                                                             Price    Company
CE08-233    6   Environmental Basics                                                                                     $55.00   America’s Best
                Identifying environmental hazards and how they affect the real estate industry is the basic goal of
                this course, including environmental factors that may require a disclosure statement. Other topics
                covered are air quality, radon, asbestos, urea formaldehyde foam insulation, mold, ground water,
                smart growth, and green housing. Students will learn about the major health effects and remedies of
                these substances, as well as ways of preventing or eliminating biological pollutants.
CE08-234    4   Managing - All Types of Rental Units                                                                     $40.00   America’s Best
                This course offers an overview of the different types of properties that property managers handle and
                the specific processes and procedures they involve. Students will examine residential property
                management contracts and learn how to set rents, screen applicants, and prepare, show, and lease
                property. Rent collection and eviction procedures will also be discussed. Then the course explores
                the unique challenges of managing commercial, office, and industrial properties as well as managing
                other types of properties such as condominiums and resort properties.
CE08-235    4   Pricing Property                                                                                         $40.00   America’s Best
                Students will be introduced to the concepts, types, and approaches to value. They will learn about
                market value; selecting the best comparables when estimating real property value; and accurately
                determining square footage. This course addresses how to correctly make adjustments to value,
                market timing, and the reasoning and strategies as to why property sells.
CE08-236    3   Real Estate Ethics                                                                                       $30.00   America’s Best
                This course provides licensees with an introduction and guide to general business ethics. Students
                will gain the information and knowledge necessary for them to make sound, ethical decisions in real
                estate and other business transactions. Topics covered include the history, structure, and enforcement
                of the Code of Ethics; Articles vs. Standards of Practice; key concepts associated with ethics and
                case interpretations regarding the Articles and Standards of Practice.

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