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									?The Compaq V2000 is nearly identical towards the Hewlett-Packard Pavilion
dv1000, using the only notable difference is the aesthetic design and the quickplay
function found only on the dv1000 . Students and house users demand a laptop that is
inexpensive and lightweight, with sufficient energy to perform basic tasks.

The Compaq V2000 is aimed directly at this niche, offering a mid-range Pentium M
725 in a lightweight 5.25 lb chassis, starting at an inexpensive $1000. While overall
performance is certainly not the fastest, the V2000 handles perfectly as an on-the-go
multimedia machine. Energy users who desire the V2000's little footprint and light
weight, but would choose much more power can upgrade the device to suit their needs,
such as upgrading to a faster CPU, difficult drive, and RAM. Unfortunately, the
integrated graphics isn't upgradable. The V2000 includes a gorgeous 14- inch
widescreen with BrightView, JBL Pro speakers, and a number of features to appeal to
the avid multimedia users.

The Compaq V2000 is compact and portable, about the size (13.15" x 9.1" x1.53")
and weight (5.21 lbs) of an typical textbook, producing it a great machine for carrying
around to work or to class. Although the outer material is constructed out of plastic, it
seems really resilient and solid, adding to its value as an on-the-go laptop. It can very
easily slip in most mid-size backpacks and carrying cases.

The V2000 laptop computer casing is made of reinforced plastic. The black and silver
outer shell feels durable and strong, but not as that of a metal shell. It has a matte
finish, with a slightly rough texture. The hinges are constructed with the exact same
material but seems durable enough for long term use. A metal shell would have been
preferable, aiding in durability. Nevertheless, you should face no problems with the
V2000 case shell.

Even though the keyboard is a bit stiff, the keys aren't shallow and are of regular size,
producing typing an enjoyable experience. When depressed, the keys make a distinct
clicking sound, which may turn out to be annoying after time. Note the numerous
function keys and the pseudo numeric keypad. Interestingly, the volume control
doesn't reside as function keys, unlike other laptops. Instead, it's placed towards the
Power button.

The V2000 offers many function keys. Besides the V2000 have the standard monitor
brightness adjustments, it has multimedia keys this kind of as stop, play, and pause
functions. The power button is located in the center of the laptop computer, and glows
a pleasing orange-red color. The wireless on/off switch glows a cool blue.

The touchpad is very well built. The upper button turns the touchpad on or off, which
is a good feature to have should you choose to attach a mouse. It also has the added
benefit of providing minimal lighting if you're working in the dark. The up/down and
left/right scrolls are nicely done as nicely. The left/right click buttons are rubberized.
Nevertheless, they make a loud clicking sound, which might become annoying. Also,
the touchpad is really a bit small compared to most laptops, but this shouldn't turn out
to be a major issue.

The V2000 has the minimal user requirements of one headphone and one microphone
jack. The LCD display is unlocked by depressing the "Compaq" button. The status
lights fit in perfectly with the overall style, adding towards the laptop's sleek asthetics.
However, it would have been preferred to place the LEDs inside, to be able to see the
laptop's status without too much effort.

Since the V2000 utilizes the low-power Pentium M, which only uses 21W, the V2000
is usually really silent. Most likely, the fan is really OFF! The activates every few
minutes to remove excess heat. Regrettably the fan only has two settings: off and on. I
would prefer that the fan constantly run at the lowest setting. Even though the V2000
gets warm, it never gets too hot, even after extensive use.

HP provides the xb2000 Notebook Expansion Base to use the V2000 being a desktop
pc. The dock provides Harman Kardon speakers, wireless keyboard and optical mouse,
three USB ports, S-Video, composite-out, S/PDIF, microphone jack, I/R
receiver/window, headphone out, RJ-11, RJ-45/Ethernet, and charges your notebook.
Note that it's just as simple to charge your notebook without having the base, and also
the V2000 sound system is already above average.

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