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PowerPoint Presentation - Katholieke Universiteit Leuven


									Employment & Internship
  Opportunities with
  the United Nations

         Complex system!
• UN Chart see

The United Nations Charter provides that the staff be chosen
by application of the "highest standards of efficiency, competence, and

with due regard for the importance of recruiting on a wide
geographical basis.

The Charter provides that the staff are international civil servants and
shall not seek or receive instructions from any authority other than the

Each UN member country is enjoined to respect the international
character of the Secretariat and not seek to influence its staff.

The Secretary-General alone is responsible for staff selection.       3
        What is work at the UN ?
   Truly international, inter-cultural work
   Challenging, but rewarding experience
   Maybe for a few months, a few years, or
      a full career
   Field vs. Headquarters

    Types of posts in the UN
   Professional vs. General Service

   Permanent vs. Other Appointments

   International vs. Local

        Examples of Professional
            jobs in the UN
   Administration            Information Technology
   Demography                Legal Affairs
   Economics                 Language posts
   Social Affairs            Library
   Humanitarian Affairs      Political Affairs
   Human Rights              Statistics
                              …
             Professional and Higher
    Normally at the top of the career line are the two D-positions:
•   • D-2 Director – Division Head
•   • D-1 General Administrator – Service Head

    Below there are the five professional levels, from P-1 to P-5, where one,
    with an advanced university degree, progresses through merit and
    As the amount of experience increases, so does the professional level:
•   • P-5 13 – 17 years of relevant experience are required
•   • P-4 8 – 12 years of experience
•   • P-3 4 – 8 years of experience
•   • P-2 Examination or if external recruitment 2 – 3 years of experience
•   • P-1 Recent graduates or UN General Service employees, that have
•   passed internal qualification examinations
                 General Service

• The General Service sector is made up of various groups, all
occupied with clerical, secretarial and administrative work

• There are seven levels, indicated as G-1 to G-7. From these
it is possible to continue to the professional category by internal

• Staff in these categories are paid on a local basis. The level of
salaries is established in accordance with Flemming Principle
which provides that the conditions of service for locally recruited
staff should reflect the best prevailing local conditions
         How to gain UN experience
            and to apply for
          Professional UN jobs
   Ways to gain UN experience:
           Internship Programme
           United Nations Volunteers
   Ways to apply for Work at the UN:
           National Competitive Recruitment Examination
           Regular Recruitment
           Peacekeeping Operations
           Associate Expert Programme/Junior Professional Officer (JPO)

          Internship Programme
   Offers opportunity to familiarize yourself
       with the daily work of the UN
   Interns work with staff in departments
        related to their field of study
   It is an unpaid internship
   Duration: minimum 2 months (may be
    extended up to 6 months)

 + internship program
     Funding Programme of the
        Flemish Goverment
• New programme since 11/02/2011

• Worldwide???? &            in Brussels


        National Competitive
      Recruitment Examination
   Entry level positions (P-2) to be filled
    through the competitive examinations.

   Examinations are held annually for countries
    that are pre-selected, based on their
    representation status and agreement
    with their Governments.

       National Competitive
    Recruitment Examination (2)
NCRE applicants must:
•   be a national of any of the participating
    Member States
•   not be more than 32 years old by the end of the
    exam year.
•   hold at least a first-level university degree
    relevant to one of the offered occupational
•   be fluent in either English or French
              How to apply for jobs at the
                Global UN Secretariat

•   at the secretariat:   http: //

•   specialized Agencies,Funds and Programs:

  Associate Expert Programme

For young professionals who are graduates and aged below 30
from universities or institutions of higher education

Is an opportunity to acquire professional experience in the
technical cooperation of the Secretariat

Are recruited under bilateral agreements between the
UN and the donor countries
19 governments participate in the Associate Experts Programme
    Junior Professional Officer (JPO)
•   JPOs are sponsored by their respective governments.
•   23 donor governments participate in the Programme
•   Usually be under 32 years of age
•   Master’s degree (or equivalent) in a development-related
•   discipline
•    Minimum of one to two years of working experience in a
•   developing country is highly desirable
•   A strong commitment to development; an interest in
    adapting to varied physical and professional environments
            UN Volunteers
• Has a resource bank of candidates

• Applicants should have five years of work experience and
  a good working knowledge of at least one of the UN
  languages (may vary for each job).

• Assignments usually last 24 months. However,
  assignments of 6 to12 months are increasingly common

• As a UN Volunteer, you offer your services on a voluntary
  basis. UNV supports you through several benefits (living
  allowance, travel, annual leave etc.)

              UNV Remuneration
    International UNV specialists are unsalaried professionals
    who in return for their services receive the following

• • Volunteer Living Allowance (VLA) to cover basic needs
• • International travel
• • Life, health and permanent disability insurance
• • Annual leave at a rate of two and a half working days a
• • Hazard pay depending on the assignment
        Searching for job openings
• http://

•   +   Why work at UN?
•   +   What can I do at UN ?
•   +   What are my career options? Internship?
•   +   How do I apply?

                    Be part of the UN
*    Willing to travel and work anywhere in the world?

* Are you driven to work in truly international & multi-cultural

    *

       Thank you                      Dank u

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