Instructions for applying to bath surfaces

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Instructions for applying
to bath surfaces
Replacing your bath is a major job, a noisy and dirty operation often requiring                                                                                        Tips and tricks:
the services of a skilled tradesman. JAEGER Bath & Tile Enamel Paint gives you                                                                                           This paint is not suitable for application on special dirt-resistant base sur-
a practical alternative. Simply paint on a new surface – and your bath will look                                                                                         faces (e.g. “lotus effect” paints).
as good as new, and will stay as strong and resistant as the original for years                                                                                          There may be slight colour differences between JAEGER Bath & Tile Enamel
into the future.                                                                                                                                                         Paint, the JAEGER Ceramics, Enamel & Acrylic Repair Set and the JAEGER
                                                                                                                                                                         Ceramics, Enamel & Acrylic Repair Paint Stick, because of the different appli-
Product characteristics:                                                           Notes on set contents and materials you will need:                                    cation methods. Please check the colour match on a non-sensitive area before
 For surface coating and renovation of baths and showers, on steel, enamel           All-purpose adhesive tape, according to the surface to be covered                   applying.
 and sanitary acrylic* surfaces, and also on old JAEGER Bath & Tile Enamel           For removal of silicone joints: silicone remover or spirit, sharp knife or          High relative humidity (over 60%) and temperatures below 20°C will affect
 Paint surfaces.                                                                     joint cutter                                                                        the hardening process, and therefore the gloss and ultimate strength of the
                                                                                     Rubber gloves of the appropriate size                                               lacquer film. The best way to achieve the correct air moisture level is to heat
  This solvent-free paint has two components that cross-link to form a high-         For repairing surface flaws: polyester or epoxy resin filling compound                the area and ventilate to remove the moist air.
  gloss, extremely strong lacquer film.                                               Plastic bag for protecting fittings                                                  Do not mix the cleaner provided (biodegradable according to DIN EN 29888)
                                                                                     Plastic bucket for mixing lime scale remover or cleaner                             with the lime scale remover fluid.
  The JAEGER Bath & Tile Enamel Paint set is applied as a topcoat and seal all       Sponge or brush for cleaning                                                        Particularly in the case of steel baths, the temperature of the bath surface
  in one. The paint is suitable for one normal-size bath or 2 showers. Its high      For sanitary acrylic surfaces only: JAEGER Acrylic Bath Primer                      may be significantly lower than the room temperature. If necessary, heat the
  hiding power means that one coat is enough for a uniform surface. If the base                                                                                          tub to a temperature of 22°–25°C and keep it at that temperature, with a
  is particularly dark, a second coat (requiring another set) may be needed.       Time required for the task: around 2–3 hours:                                         radiant heater, for example.
                                                                                     Preparation: approx. 30 min.                                                        Silicone traces can still affect the surface quality years later. Wherever silico-
  JAEGER Bath & Tile Enamel Paint comes in 4 sanitary paint colours: Alpine          Removing lime scale, cleaning and sanding: approx. 1 hour (1,5 h.: Set 6,8 m²)      ne residues are present, the paint will not hold. Silicone residues are invisib-
  white, Bahama beige, Manhattan grey and pergamon.                                  Masking and dusting: approx. 20 min. (30 min.: Set 6,8 m²).                         le, but during the drying process they cause surface flaws in the paint, known
                                                                                     Applying paint: approx. 40 min. (50 Min.: Set 6,8 m²).                              as “silicone craters”.
  For larger bath surfaces, the JAEGER Tile & Bath Enamel paint set (for approx.                                                                                         The brush or roller should not be allowed to come into contact with silicone
  6.8 m²) is available, in Alpine white.                                              For acrylic bath surfaces: additional preliminary coat of JAEGER “Acrylic bath     joints or silicone residues. Silicone traces could then be transferred to the
                                                                                      primer”, approx. 15 min + additional drying time (approx. 16 hours).               surface being painted.
* In this case, you will need to apply JAEGER Acrylic Bath Primer (not included                                                                                          The more effectively dust can be prevented, the better the finished surface
  in set), a special water-based wash primer for sanitary acrylic surfaces. A         Drying time before use: dust-dry after 24 hours, wettable after 5 days             will look. To prevent dust inclusions, the paint tub, brush or roller should be
  quantity of 100 ml is sufficient for priming one normal-size bath of around                                                                                             wiped with the dust-laying cloth beforehand.
  2.8 m², or 2 showers.                                                                                                                                                  For acrylic bath or shower tubs, the deflection of the acrylic material under
                                                                                                                                                                         full load should not exceed 2 mm (cf. RAL quality mark for sanitary acrylic
                                                                                                                                                                         surfaces); otherwise, cracks may occur in the paint.
Pack contents                                                                      Care:                                                                                 If applying the paint with a roller, ensure even distribution to prevent the
  1 tin of Bath & Tile Enamel Paint                                                 Use normal, mild domestic detergent, e.g. neutral detergent (no abrasive             formation of drips and runs. For smaller baths or showers, the entire contents
  1 bottle of hardener                                                              cleaners!).                                                                          may not be required, and you will therefore have some paint left over. Any ex-
  2 sheets of sandpaper (P120 + P320)                                               Mud baths and medicinal bath salts may discolour the surface. Avoid contact          cess quantities of paint applied (as indicated by the fact that the roller slides
  1 paint tub                                                                       with textile and hair dyes and other dyed objects, and do not use to the bath        rather than rolls) should be removed with the brush or roller, and painted off
  1 pack of lime scale remover                                                      to soak any washing with colours that are likely to run.                             on the surface of the paint tub.
  1 bottle of Bath & Tile cleaner concentrate                                       Avoid leaving water in the bath for a long time, and remove any non-slip             If desired, a second coat can be applied 24 hours after painting with the first
  1 professional-quality paint brush                                                mats, etc. immediately after using the bath or shower, so that the paint sur-        coat. Sand the first coat down to a smooth matte surface with fine-grade
  1 professional-quality roller with yoke                                           face can dry off completely.                                                         sandpaper (P320) and wipe the sanded surface with a well wrung-out cloth to
  1 stirring stick                                                                                                                                                       remove the sand dust. Ventilate to remove any moisture, ensure the correct
  1 dust-laying cloth                                                              Service:                                                                              temperature, and then proceed as described above.
                                                                                    For further information on the JAEGER Bad Renovation System, visit our Web-          About 50 minutes after you have mixed the paint and hardener, the paint
                                                                                    site:                                                             mixture will start to become more viscous, eventually becoming impossible
                                                                                                                                                                         to apply. Paint residue and equipment, once paint has hardened, can be dis-
                                                                                      If you have any queries, please contact our technical advisory service:            posed of with ordinary household waste.
Paul Jaeger GmbH & Co. KG                                                             Tel.: +49 (0) 7141 2444 0
Siemensstraße 6 • D-71696 Möglingen • Tel.: +49(0)7141/2444-0
Fax: +49(0)7141/2444-44 • •
Instructions for applying
to bath surfaces
1. Preparation                                                                       2. Cleaning and removing lime scale                                                2.6 Acrylic surfaces only: priming acrylic surfaces:
1.1 Store at correct temperature:                                                    2.1. Removing lime scale:                                                             Stir JAEGER Acrylic Primer and pour into the paint tub. Apply in a thin, even
                         For at least 24 hours before application, keep the                                 Dissolve the contents of the bag of lime scale remo-           layer with a brush or roller, working continuously until finished, so as to
                         enamel paint components at a temperature of ap-                                    ver (citric acid granules) in 2 litres of water. NB: avo-      avoid uneven drying. Leave to dry for 16 hours. Thoroughly wash brush, roller
                         prox. +22°C, to ensure application in a smooth, even                               id skin and eye contact. In the event of eye contact,          and paint tub immediately with water. Before applying topcoat of enamel
                         layer.                                                                             rinse immediately with water.                                  paint, allow to dry completely. Then proceed as described below.
                         For an optimal finish, the room temperature and tem-                                Close the plughole and pour the solution into the
                         perature of the surface during application and the                                 bath. Using a sponge or coarse brush, wipe the solu-        3. Applying topcoat:
                         entire hardening time of 5 days should be between                                  tion several times over the entire surface and leave                                   Pour the entire contents of the bottle of hardener
                         +22°C and +25°C. The optimum relative humidity                                     for around 10 minutes.                                        Lack + Härter            into the paint tin, mix vigorously with the stirring
                         level is 50%, which is most easily achieved by he-                                 Then rinse bath with clear water and clean as descri-                                  stick for at least 2 minutes, and pour into the paint
                         ating.                                                                             bed below.                                                                             tub. Stir again for a short time. Avoid skin and eye
                                                                                                                                                                                                   contact. The mixed material will flow on easily for
1.2 Remove dust sources:                                                             2.2 Cleaning:                                                                                                 approx. 50 minutes.
                      Remove all sources of dust, e.g. towels, curtains,                                        Mix JAEGER Bath & Tile Cleaner with approx. 1 litre
                      etc., and wear non-lint clothing while painting. Avo-                                     (2liter: Set 6,8 m²) of water and clean the bath with                              Paint the bath surface quickly with the brush. Paint
                      id airborne dust caused by draughts.                                                      the mixture, using a sponge or brush.                                              any repaired surfaces first as a priming layer. Do not
                                                                                                                (NB: protect against eye and skin contact. Use of                                  apply too thickly, in order to avoid runs and drip for-
                                                                                                                rubber gloves is recommended. In the event of eye                                  mation. Normal time required: approx. 20 minutes.
                                                                                                                contact, rinse immediately with water.)
                                                                                                                Then rinse the bath out with clear water.                                          If using the roller, do not push the roller onto the
1.3 Masking:                                                                                                                                                                                       yoke so far that it rubs against it. To ensure uniform
                          Mask all surfaces that are not to be painted. Seal         2.3 Sanding the bath surface:                                                                                 thickness, apply the paint evenly with the roller in
                          the taps in a plastic bag so that no water can drip                                Wet-sand the entire surface first with coarse-grade                                    alternating lengthwise and lateral strokes. Normal
                          into the tub. The plughole can be painted with the                                 (P120), then fine-grade sandpaper (P320). Any rough                                    time required: approx. 20 minutes.
                          rest of the surface. Old silicone joints should be eit-                            patches must be sanded perfectly smooth. Wash off
                          her masked or removed and rejointed afterwards.                                    with clear water.
                                                                                      1. P 120               Allow to dry completely. Ventilate to draw off ex-         4. After application:
                                                                                      2. P 320               cess air moisture, and if necessary heat the room.                                    The paint will be dust-dry after about 5 hours. Avoid
NB: Silicone                                                                                                 Remember the required temperature range for the                                       draughts and dust during that time. After approx.
                          Silicone acts as a parting agent, and paint applied                                bath surface (+22°C to +25°C)!                                                        8–24 hours, the adhesive tape may be removed and
                          over it will not hold. If a silicone joint is removed,                             Once the surface is dry, remove any silicone residue                                  new silicone joints may be formed.
                          ensure that there are no silicone fragments remai-                                 still present by wiping the entire surface with a spi-        5h                      For 5 days after painting, keep the room temperature
                          ning on the surface to be painted. The best method                                 rit-soaked rag.                                                                       constant at at least +22°C, and avoid any water on
                          is to mask the whole bath surface with plastic and                                                                                                                       the painted surface. The bath can then be used nor-
                          masking tape up to a point close to the silicone edge      2.4 Repairing surface flaws:                                                                                   mally.
                          (to a distance of approx. 2 cm), and then use a sharp         Any flaws in the bath surface should be repaired with polyester or epoxy                                    When using the bath or shower for the first time,
                          knife to cut out the silicone, without leaving any resi-      resin filling compound. After the product has fully hardened, wet-sand with                                 begin with warm water, then gradually increase
                          due behind. Then sand the joint area thoroughly and           fine-grade sandpaper (P320). Rinse off any sanding residue and allow to dry.                                the water temperature, in order to avoid any stress
                                                                                                                                                                         5 Tage
                          clean with a cloth soaked in silicone remover or spi-         Ventilate to draw off excess air moisture. Keep the bath surface within the                                cracks.
                          rit. Change cloths several times during this process.         required temperature range.                                                                                Bath salts, etc. and very hot water should not be
                                                                                                                                                                                                   used until after 14 days. Always fill the bath first,
                                                                                     2.5 Dusting:                                                                                                  then add the bath salts. Always start with lukewarm
                                                                                                                To remove any remaining dust particles, wipe the dry                               water.
                                                                                                                surface with the dust-laying cloth.

                                                                                                                                                                        Remember to follow the tips and tricks at the end of this document!

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