NC Graduation Proposal Form by niusheng11


									                                  Craven County Schools
                                     NCGP Proposal

This form must be submitted to and approved by the parent/guardian and CEC’s
Graduation Project Committee before extensive research begins.

   1. What is the subject of your research?

        The subject of my research paper is on ADHD and Bipolar disorder. In the
research paper it will be discussing the effects, the symptoms, and the statistics of ADHD
and Bipolar. The research paper will also include the different effects that could happen
to the human body and brain.

   2. List the topics you hope to learn about in your research of this subject.

        The topics I will learn in this research are the affects that can happen to the human
body if you are diagnosed with either ADHD or Bipolar disorder. I will also learn how
the body reacts to these disorders and ways to prevent theses disorders getting worst.

3. Have you had any previous experience(s) related to this topic? If so, please describe.

       No, I have not had any previous experience related to this topic.

4. You will be required to do a product that takes 15 hours to complete. The product
needs to relate to the research paper. List all possible ideas for fulfilling the requirements.
Remember all forms must be completed, submitted, and approved before beginning work
on the product.

       I am going to inform high school students about the affects of ADHD and Bipolar
disorder. By informing the students I am going to create a wiki space about the affects,
the symptoms, statistics, and how the human body and brain reacts.

5. What resources will you need to complete your product ideas? (Ex: transportation,
supplies, computer access, etc.)

The resources I will need to complete my product is computer access, and facts about
ADHD and Bipolar disorder.

6. Do you know of someone other than a household family member who can be your
mentor? __X_ Yes _____ No

I am aware that this is my proposed NCGP topic. I understand that before
beginning any part of my product I will submit the necessary forms to the NCGP
coordinator. I have discussed with my parent/guardian the responsibilities
associated with the NCGP. My parents/guardians are aware that this will require
work outside the school setting. Also, they are aware that I will be working on a
research paper, product, portfolio, and presentation over the course of my high
school years.

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Parent/Guardian Signature and Date                      Student Signature and Date

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NCGP Coordinator Signature and Date                     Teacher Signature and Date

Form adapted from the 2007 NC Graduation Project Implementation Guide

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