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					                            Early Years Professional Status (EYPS)
                                          FACT Sheet
              FUNDING QUESTIONS                                                    QUALIFICATIONS QUESTIONS

What is the cost of EYPS?                                             What are the qualification requirements for EYPS?

All EYPS training pathways are fully funded by                        A full degree (300 – 360 credits with a minimum of 60 at
the Children’s Workforce Development Council                          level 6) is required for the Validation, Short EP and Full
(CWDC). That means there are no fees to pay.                          pathway.
Settings releasing staff for EYPS training may
also receive support towards the costs of supply                      A Foundation Degree (240 credits with a minimum of
cover. (See below)                                                    120 at level 5) or equivalent is required for entry to the
                                                                      Long EP pathway
Candidates on the EYPS Full Training Pathway
are eligible for a bursary of £5000 from the                          Prior to embarking on the validation process, candidates
CWDC.                                                                 must also hold:
                                                                       GCSE mathematics and English grades A-C or
Support for those starting on Foundation                                      equivalent
Degrees as the first step towards EYPS may be                          Spoken and written Standard English
available from the Graduate Leader Fund                                Sufficient recent and relevant experience across the
(Please contact your Local Authority for further                         0-5 age range (gained in the last three years)
details)                                                              and:
                                                                       Have CRB clearance
Who is eligible for which parts of the EYPS
funding?                                                              Be physically and mentally fit to work with children.
Only the following groups of people are eligible                      What if I don’t have GCSE in mathematics?
for all parts of EYPS funding:
  Candidates from Private, Voluntary and                             You’re not alone. A lot of people were put off Maths at
     Independent full daycare and children’s                          school. You may want to start by doing Numeracy level 2
     centres                                                          through Learn Direct (for free) which will take you part
  Candidates from sessional care or                                  way there. Your EYPS training provider can discuss the
         childminders                                                 options with you on registration
  Candidates from maintained full daycare
     settings such as social services family                          What if I can’t find my certificates?
  Candidates involved in training the early                          It is absolutely essential to provide evidence of your
     years workforce in PVI settings and                              qualifications to satisfy the eligibility criteria for EYPS. If
     Children's Centres, are eligible for fees                        you can’t find your certificates, you will need to get a
     only – they are not eligible for mentor costs                    replacement form the relevant University or awarding
     or supply cover                                                  body. This takes about six weeks and costs about £40
                                                                      per certificate. If your GCSE awarding body no longer
Can candidates fund themselves or be                                  exists, then one of the current big three (Edexcel, OCR
funded by their employer/LA?                                          or AQA) will have taken responsibility for its records. Go
                                                                      to for further details
No, this is not possible.
                                                                      CWDC will also accept written evidence from a
                                                                      University that candidates previously met the GSCE
                                                                      entry requirements when starting on another course for
                                                                      which they were essential.

                                                                      What if I did my teacher training before it became a
Can my setting get any help to pay for supply                         degree?
cover for the days I am attending EYPS
training?                                                             Candidates with QTS and a Certificate of Education
    C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\cdc83597-ad4e-4e7d-bebb-0c0bf52a96b4.doc    1
                                                                      awarded before 1980 are deemed to have met the
Yes, the amount varies with the duration of the                       degree requirement and are therefore eligible for EYPS.
    Validation Pathway(3 months) up to £500;                         I have an NVQ level 3 and I want to become an EYP,
    Short Pathway (6 months) up to £1,000;                           what should I do?
    Long Pathway (12 months) up to £4000
                                                                      Your first step should be the sector endorsed Foundation
This money is distributed by the University as the                    Degree in Early Years. This normally takes two years by
training provider once the pathway has begun.                         day release. Then you will be eligible for the Long
                                                                      Pathway to gain EYPS in just one more year.
What support does the Young in Herts offer
practitioners who want to achieve EYPS ?

The Graduate Leader Fund has been
introduced to support practitioners and their
setting. Funding is available for the setting to
enhance the salary of the practitioner who is
working towards EYPS and additional funding is
given to support continuous professional
development of the whole staff team. Please visit to find out

    C:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\cdc83597-ad4e-4e7d-bebb-0c0bf52a96b4.doc    2

Can volunteers do EYPS?                                               I have QTS status, will I need to gain EYPS?
                                                                      As yet there is no requirement for Nursery and
Employment does not necessarily have to mean                          Reception Class Teachers in the maintained sector to
‘paid employment’ provided that it involves                           gain EYPS – in fact they are currently not eligible for
substantial, regular work with some responsibility                    EYPS training. However, teachers in Children’s Centres
for the practice of others. In most cases                             may be advised to do so.
volunteers would be advised to do the full
pathway. This means that they can access the                          Several of the staff at our setting want to become
£5000 bursary.                                                        EYPs, is there a limit per setting?
                                                                      The University does not restrict the number of
How many days will I need to be out of work?                          applications from a single setting and CWDC funding is
                                                                      currently available to all who meet the eligibility
As a general guide you will need to attend the                        requirements for EYPS.
training venue (and hence be released from your
setting role) for the following amount of time;                                WHAT DOES EYPS MEAN FOR ME?

      Validation Pathway – 5.5 days over a                           Why isn’t EYPS called a qualification?
       three month period plus one day in your
       setting for the assessment visit.                              EYPS is a status that demonstrates that you have met all
      Short Pathway – One day per week over                          39 national standards and recognises your expertise as
       3 months followed by 5.5 days for                              an EYFS curriculum leader. It is awarded by the CWDC
       validation. In addition during the course                      and moderated on a national basis rather than an
       you may be required to undertake a brief                       individual University or Awarding Body.
       placement in a setting other than your
       own in order to get experience of the full                     I am the owner/manager of a day nursery and hold a
       age range.                                                     non-childcare degree. I supervise others but I don’t
      Long Pathway – One day per week for                            work directly with children. Should I consider doing
       the academic year (September to June)                          EYPS?
       plus validation and optional placement as
       for short pathway.                                             The EYPS standards require degree level underpinning
      Full Training Pathway – Full time study                        knowledge and understanding of children’s development
       comprising of 18 weeks of training and 18                      and learning and that you demonstrate your own
       weeks in a full time placement over a 12                       effective practice in working with children as well as
       month period including validation.                             leading and supporting others. If this is not possible in
                                                                      your current role, then all the standards may not be
                                                                      achieved. However, someone within the nursery will
How do I know which pathway is right for                              need to gain EYPS in order to lead the EYFS curriculum
me?                                                                   before 2015.

Complete the self-evaluation checklist provided                       I hold a level 3 and it will take me at least 3 years to
by the EYPS training provider. This will give you                     complete EYPS training. What opportunities will
an indication which pathway would be                                  there be in three years time? Will the government
appropriate for you.                                                  have changed their mind by then?

Please speak to the EYPS provider for advice on                       The government have made a commitment to go on
completing the checklist.                                             funding EYPS training and to provide support for salaries
                                                                      through the Graduate Leader Fund through to 2015. The
                                                                      message is very much that EYPS is here to stay.

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                                                                  Who and where are the training Providers for EYPS ?

                                                                  There are 3 training providers who work in and around

                                                                  University of Northampton
                                                                  Contact : Hayley Hunter
                                                                  Telephone : 01604 892076
                                                                  Email :
                                                                  Website :

                                                                  Tribal Group (Education & Technology) in
                                                                  partnership with Hertford Regional College
                                                                  Contact:       Gill Forrest
                                                                  Telephone:01992 411938

                                                                  Middlesex University
                                                                  Contact:      Linda Mason
                                                                  EYPS Course Administrator
                                                                  Telephone:0208 4115959

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