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									?Cement or commonly known as Portland cement was first discovered in Britain at
the beginning of the nineteenth century. Cement for the name came from the
similarity of its Portland stone, which was sort of a stone is mined in different parts of
the Isle of Portland, making use of buildings and houses.

In some severe cases, causing damage to the cement, we can see that people are
affected, then we do not find that the wet cement to eat all the way through the skin,
causing severe damage caused by amputation. Other such situations we need to take
care of marking the spot carefully, which is under construction. Cements can be very
harmful to the skin and can be used with caution in people. And all the people
involved in the construction process to ensure that they wear protective clothing
covering their hands to protect your hands.

But not all is bad, cement, Lafarge Cement is one of the best brands that are available
when you are trying to find ways around it, and India. Lafarge Cement is the best
quality cement, which offers a lot of help, as well as construction. High quality
cement is very high and is a lasting impact. People who carry out construction work is
very grateful to Lafarge Cement slowed due to work. Is going to be easily mixed with
water and makes a good and strong mix. So you must make sure that the whole
process is taken care of. Cement is definitely one of the best, as well as on
environmental issues. If we look at the documents, you will see that the Lafarge
Cement is one of the best and most flourishing industry that we are in the world. And
one of the main reasons that this increase may be due to the cement industry is a
high-scale works that are done by people. The cement industry in India and the world
is one of the most popular industries, which play a crucial role in the nation to move

India is a leading name among the national production of cement in the world and his
second place in the first place belonged to China. The total quantity of cement
produced in India each year is 151.50 million tonnes. Since the Indian government
gives great importance to develop infrastructure projects to invest the money for the
making of highways and road networks and provides high stress in the housing sector
in both urban and rural areas, growth in the cement industry has started to have a
significant pace. In the coming years, this increase in the cement industry has taken
much more rapid way. It is also estimated that the production of cement in India are
rising every year, reaching 237 million tons next year and by 2012 this figure could
rise to 263 million tonnes.

If you look at the various cement companies, which are available in the market then
you will see that there is indeed a lot of cement companies in India, which has been in
business quite independently. If you look at the situation around us, then you will see
that the demand for cement companies in India are indeed huge, and people are
indulging in the cement industry like never before. There are many advantages to the
cement in everyday life. If you look you'll see that in order to build a house in the city
and develop the use of cement is highly desirable. Cements form the backbone of any
construction process. And if you're looking to develop the city and built new buildings
and other structures, the use of cement is needed. Cement companies in India features
in an oligopoly market, and there is a really tough competition among the various
brands that are available in the market.

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