Sew Christmas Stocking by mikesanye


									          Sew Christmas Stocking                           Preparation
               By Charlotte Gallaher                       A. Trace the outline of the pattern for the Sewer’s
                                                           stocking onto a 13” x 22” piece of dark green silk dupioni
This stocking would make the perfect gift for a sewing     using a chalk marker. Trace the lines for the heel and
friend or one for you. All of the designs used on the      toe. Using design #sb1705-back scissor case, mark the
stocking are “in-the-hoop” designs from the Martha         embroidery’s center mark on the fabric.
Pullen Company.                                            B. Using the appliqué pattern, cut out the heel and toe
                                                           from the red-checked silk dupioni. Set aside.
The faux cuff, smocking-in-the-hoop design, is made        C. Pleat one yard of Swiss embroidery Christmas edging
from a pre-embroidered Swiss Christmas edging. The         with 12 full space rows. Remove 2 pleats on each side
Swiss edging is first pleated and then embroidered with    for a seam allowance. Tie-off pleated piece to match the
in-the-hoop smocking.                                      vertical length of the design #mp2201.

Another in-the-hoop design from Martha Pullen’s CD’s is    Embroidery: Smocking-in-the-hoop
a scissor case. This two-part scissor case will hold a     1. Hoop sticky water soluble stabilizer in a 5” x 7” hoop
small pair of embroidery scissors. A faux embroidered      according to manufacturer’s instructions. Score the
pair of scissors is embroidered onto organza and then      release paper and remove it from the stabilizer. Mark
cut out to position inside the scissor case.               the vertical and horizontal centers of the hoop onto the
Sewing threads and buttons were stitched onto the red      2. Combine designs #mp2201 and #mp2232. Using
and green stocking as additional embellishment.            embroidery software or your sewing machine, combine
                                                           and center design #mp2232 on top of design #mp2201.
All supplies are available from the Martha Pullen          Fig.1
Company catalog or from their online catalog at

Embroidery Supplies
Martha Pullen Smocking In-The-Hoop CD – design
#mp2201 and #mp2232
Martha Pullen Sewing Accessories CD – design
#sb1704, #sb1705 and #sb1722

1 yd. 5 7/8”-wide pre-embroidered Swiss Christmas
edging – Pleat 12 rows – cuff
Sticky water soluble stabilizer
Medium-weight tear-away stabilizer                                                    Fig 1
Dark green silk dupioni – front & back 13” x 22”-(2)
White batiste – lining – 13” x 22”-(2) and 5” x 10” –      Print a design template with the horizontal and
scissor case appliqué                                      vertical center marked. Send the combined design to your
Organza – 5” x 5”                                          embroidery machine.
Piping cord – 1 3/4 yd.                                    3. Prepare the pleated Swiss embroidery strip. With the
Red-checked silk dupioni – 1/2 yd. – bias piping, heel &   pleated Swiss embroidery fabric strip face up, place a
toe appliqué, hanger                                       piece of sticky water soluble stabilizer on top of it. Align
Four or five buttons – embellishment                       the stabilizer with the top and bottom rows of the fabric.
Small lengths of threads – embellishment                   The stabilizer will hold the pleats in place and upright
Red/Green plaid ribbon- 3/8”-wide – 18”                    during the embroidery steps.
White lace beading – 5/8”-wide – 18”                       4. Place the hoop on the machine. Select the combined
Bodkin                                                     embroidery design.
Chalk marker                                               5. Stitch the first color onto the stabilizer only for
Stocking pattern with heel & toe appliqué available as a   placement of the fabric. Remove the hoop from the
free download at                             machine.
                                                                                           Sew Christmas Stocking P 1
6. Place the prepared pleated fabric with stabilizer            machine; do not remove the fabric from the hoop.
on top, right side up and centered onto the hooped              12. Place the first design #sb1704 (front) on top of the
stabilizer, aligning the center marks and basting line.         hooped back and pin in place. The front’s outer side
Check that the pleated rows are parallel within the hoop.       edges of the appliqué will extend about an 1/8” outside
7. Press the fabric to the stabilizer and remove the            the back’s outline edge and will be trimmed in the next
pleating threads, except for the top and bottom rows.           step. Pin front to back in the center area to avoid the
8. Re-select the first color and stitch the first color         needle and presser foot when it stitches. Place the hoop
basting stitch onto the pleated fabric.                         back onto the machine and stitch color 2. Color 2 is a
9. Continue with the remaining design stitches until the        tack-down stitch for appliquéing the front to the back.
design is completed.                                            13. After color 2 stitches, remove the hoop from the
10. Remove the design from the hoop and cut away                machine and trim the appliqué fabric outside of the
excess pieces of the stabilizer from around the                 tack-down line on the front only. Do not trim the green
embroidery. Rinse and soak the remaining water soluble          silk fabric of the stocking. Remove the pins from the
stabilizer away. Let dry. Place embroidery face down on         embroidery.
a folded towel and press lightly.                               14. To attach the ribbon hanger for the scissor case:
                                                                     a. In the center of the 3/8” plaid ribbon, tie a small
Note: Detailed instructions for Martha Pullen’s Smocking-       bow.
in-the Hoop may be found at or                  b. Apply a small amount of fabric glue to the two ribbon
on the inside cover of the Martha Pullen CD, Smocking–          ends. Lay the two ends across the top of the hanger
in-the-Hoop.                                                    loop at the top of the design and press the ribbon to the
                                                                design top.
Scissor Case                                                         c. Pin the bow of the ribbon above the design out of
1. The scissor case is a two-part appliqué design.              the way of the pressure foot. Fig. 2
The first part is the scissor case top, design #sb1704.
Cut a 5” x 10” piece of white batiste. Fold the batiste in
half so it measures 5” x 5”. Lightly spray between the
fold with a temporary adhesive spray.
2. Hoop a medium weight tear-away stabilizer in a small
hoop. Spray with temporary adhesive.
3. Center the 5” x 5” batiste on the stabilizer.
4. Bring the design into the machine.
5. The first stitch is an outline stitch for trimming away
the fabric outside of the design. Remove the hoop from
the machine; do not remove the fabric from the hoop.
Trim the fabric outside of the stitched line.
6. Place the hoop back on the machine. Stitch the                                          Fig 2
remaining colors. Change the flower colors to red               15. Color 3 is a zigzag stitch around the design. Trim
instead of pink. The last color in the design will embroider    any stray threads, fabric and ribbon outside of the stitches.
a satin edge along the top of the design.                       16. Complete the remainder of the color stops in the
7. Remove the design from the hoop and carefully                design.
remove the stabilizer. Set aside.                               17. By hand, sew the ribbon to the silk stocking above
8. In the machine, select the second part of the design,        the scissor case.
#sb1705. This design is the back of the scissor case.
9. Hoop a medium weight tear-away stabilizer. Mark              Stork Scissors
the hoop’s horizontal and vertical center lines onto the        1. Hoop the 5” x 5” square of organza centered onto
stabilizer; spray with temporary adhesive (or use sticky        sticky water soluble stabilizer.
tear-away stabilizer).                                          2. Embroider the design. Remove the design from the
10. Place the stocking front green silk fabric with the         hoop and trim the excess stabilizer. Rinse and soak
marked center for the embroidery in the center of the           the scissors design then remove the remainder of the
hoop aligning centers.                                          stabilizer. Let dry. Place face down on a folded towel
11. The first color of the design is an outline stitch of the   and press lightly.
design. After stitching color 1 remove the hoop from the
                                                                                                Sew Christmas Stocking P 2
3. Run a bead of fray stop around the outer edges of
the design and let dry.
4. Using a small pair of curved scissors, carefully trim
the organza away around the embroidered scissors. Set

1. Pin the smocked piece to the top of the stocking and
baste the edges to the stocking at the sides and top
along the ¼” seam line. Fig. 3
                                                                                      Fig 5
                                                           5. Zigzag the edges of the beading to the stocking.
                                                           Butt the lace to the appliqué edge catching the silk
                                                           fabric with the zig and the lace beading with the zag of
                                                           the stitch.
                                                           6. Cover the 1/8” wide piping cord with a 1 1/2” wide
                                                           strip of the red-checked silk dupioni fabric. Use a piping
                                                           foot or zipper foot for stitching. You will need 1 3/4 yards
                                                           of the piping. Trim the seam allowance of the piping to
                                                           1/4” wide.
                                                           7. Pin the piping to the edges of the stocking having
                                                           the raw edges of the piping even with the traced outline
                                                           of the stocking. Clip the seam allowance of the piping
                                                           along curves to make it lay flat. Stitch the piping to the
                         Fig 3                             stocking with a 1/4” seam.
2. Weave the red/green plaid ribbon through the white      8. Cut out the stocking front along the drawn outline.
lace beading. Press and lightly starch.                    9. Place the embroidered “stork scissors” into the scissor
3. Fold under 1/4” on the heel and toe appliqué as         case. By hand sew the scissors to the stocking to hold
marked on the pattern. Press seam. Pin appliqués to        in place.
the stocking along the markings. Baste to the stocking     10. Additional embellishments were added to the
along the outer edges of the appliqués. Fig. 4             stocking using buttons and lengths of cut thread. Wrap
                                                           lengths of red, green and gold embroidery thread around
                                                           a card or your hand like making a tassel. Tie the loops
                                                           together through the middle. Tack the threads to the
                                                           stocking by hand with a needle and thread. (Refer to the
                                                           stocking photo for placement) Sew one of the buttons
                                                           on top of the stack of threads. Sew several other buttons
                                                           around the thread stack. Fig. 6

                         Fig 4

4. Shape the lace beading with ribbon along the curved
inside edges of the heel and toe appliqués. Fig. 5

                                                                                      Fig 6
                                                                                           Sew Christmas Stocking P 3
11. Stack the two lining rectangles right sides together
and place on a flat surface.
12. Place the remaining stocking rectangle (back) right
side up on top of the two linings.
13. Place the cut out stocking (front) right side down
centered onto the stack of rectangles and pin together.
14. Stitch the four layers together using a 1/4” seam
allowance inside the edge of the cut out stocking front.
Leave the top of the stocking open for turning. Fig.7

                          Fig 7

15. Trim all the layers even with the cut stocking front.
Clip curves.
16. Turn the stocking to the right side by reaching
between the two lining layers and turning to the outside.
17. Next, reach between the two stocking fabric layers
and turn to the outside again.
18. Cut a 1 1/2” x 5” strip of the red-checked silk bias.
Fold the strip in half lengthwise, wrong sides together
and press. Open up the fold and press the outer raw
edges to the center fold. Fold in half again lengthwise
and straight stitch the two folded edges together.
19. Fold the strip in half and pin the raw edges even
with the raw edges of the stocking at the heel-side seam.
Baste the strip to stocking at seam line.
20. Cut a strip of stocking fabric (green silk) 2” x 15”.
Fold the strip in half lengthwise having the wrong sides
together and press. Pin the binding to the right side of
the stocking top at the heel-side seam, folding the end
under 1/4”. Stitch binding to the stocking with a 1/4”
seam. Overlap the binding at the heel-side seam over
the 1/4” turned-under edge. Cut off excess.
21. Fold the binding to the inside over the seam allowance
and pin in place. Stitch the binding to the lining by hand.

                                                              Sew Christmas Stocking P 4
Smocked Faux Cuff

 Sew Christmas
 Stocking Pattern

         Case Embroidery

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