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Fall Winter (PDF)


									Fall/Winter 2010
                                                  Statement        Fall/Winter 2010
                       mer 2010 is

W       omen are no longer just a niche market. They are now
a force in the market with substantial economic power.
Women buy or influence 83% of all consumer spending,
and control over $3.3 trillion in spending. Their
influence will continue to grow as women now earn the
majority of college degrees. The mission of Exhale is to
offer a unique perspective on the urban lifestyle for
women today. Exhale focuses on the intersecting
issues around health and wellness for ourselves and
our families; community and culture; fashion and
personal style; and, the struggles and rewards
of juggling all of the facets of our fast paced
lifestyles. We care about our style, and we also
care about contributing to our communities. All of these
issues converge to inform and celebrate the rich and varied lives of
women today.

                           Diet and
                           Wellness Coach Leslie
                           Salmon Jones.

 FamilyAdvice                  Health
      FamilyFinance             Covering health
                                issues that matter
                                to women

     Beauty and    Cultural
       Fashion     Calender
                                                                 Rates and
                                                     Exhale: Healthy Living is Bi-annual and will be published on
                                                     October 1st, 2010 (Fall/Winter Issue).
                                                     All ads are 4–color
   Please use only these file formats                Space Closing: August 13th for Fall/Winter Issue
   and specifications when sending
   advertising electronically:                       Material deadline: August 20th
   For PDF documents:
   Make sure to embed all fonts (subset all below
   100%) when distilling.
                                                      Space          Live                 Trim                 Bleed               Rate
   Do not down sample artwork resolutions.            Inside         16.75” x 10.125”     17.25” x 10.625”     17.5” x 10.875”     Open: $10,000
   Please set the distiller job options to compat-
   ibility with Acrobat 4 or higher. The color                                                                                     Non-Profits: $8,500

   mode should be CMYK.                               Back Cover     7.625” x 10.125      8.125” x 10.625”     8.375” x 10.5”      Open: $5,000

   For Adobe InDesign documents:                                                                                                   Non-Profit: $4,250

   Use only Mac Type 1 Postscript fonts. Photos       Full Page      7.625” x 10.125      8.125” x 10.625”     8.375” x 10.5”      Open: $4,000
   should be at 200 dpi, line art at 1200 dpi.                                                                                     Non-Profit: $3,400
   Include copies of all fonts used (printer and
                                                      Junior Page    5.0278” x 10.125     8.125” x 5.4792”     8.375” x 5.7292”    Open: $3,000
   screen components, please), and make sure
   all graphics (TIFF, EPS, JPEG) are sent along                                                                                   Non-Profit: $2,600

   with the InDesign CS or CS2 file. If emailing,     Half Page      7.625” x “4.9792     5.5278” x 10.625”    5.7778” x 10.875”   Open: $2,000
   please stuff the document and accompanying         (Horizontal)                                                                 Non-Profit: $1,700
   files and fonts into Stuffit archive. You may
   also send ads as 300 dpi TIFF or EPS Photo-        ¼ Page         3.8125” x 5.0625”    4.3125” x 5.5625”    4.5625” x 5.8125”   Open: $1000

   shop files or Adobe Illustrator file (with type                                                                                 Non-Profit: $850
   converted to outlines and saved as an EPS          /8 Page
                                                      1              5.0278” x 2.2188”    5.5278” x 2.7188”    5.7778” x 2.9688”   Open: $500
   file). When sending just photos, use TIFF or
                                                      (Vertical)     2.4306 x 4.9792”     2.9306” x 5.4792”    3.1806” x 5.7292”   Non-Profit: $400
   JPEG format. Photos should be at 200 dpi,
   line art at 1200 dpi.                              Small Block    2.51289” x 1.1094”   3.01289” x 1.6094”   3.26289 x 1.8594”   Open: $250

   Print Specification
                                                      (Vertical)     1.2153” x 2.4896”    1.7153” x 2.9896”    1.9653” x 3.2396”   Non-Profit: $200

   Cover Paper: 80lb #3 gloss text                   There is a $50 design charge for ads that are not camera ready and require design work.
   Text Paper: 45lb #3 gloss text
   150 line screen

   Please do not design ads using Microsoft               Premium Sponsorship Opportunity
   Word or Publisher. This will only be ac-               -Two-page spread advertisement
   cepted for the content of the ad.                      - Featured article on your organization
   Email ads to:                     - Article mentioned on the cover of Exhale
                                                          - An online ad for six months on Exhale website

                                                          Open: $12,000
                                                          Non-Profit: $10,000

*The Banner editorial staff reserves the right to review and edit your articles for compliance with the banner’s journalistic standards.
                              Contact: Sandra Casagrand or Christine McCall for further information:
                                        (617) 261-4600 ext. 111 •
                                       (617) 261-4600 ext.126 •
Number of copies: 50,000
Distribution begins on Oct 1st, through Jan 1st
25,000 copies inserted in the October 1 issue of the Bay State Banner (audited – 400 locations in Greater
Boston, Worcester, Brockton)
20,000 copies distributed by Phoenix Media/Communications Group beginning October 1st.
Venue types:
Bookstores, Coffee Shops, Drugstores, Health Facilities, Libraries, office Building,
Restaurants, Supermarkets, Museums and Salons.


                    Towns:                      Danvers                     Newton
                                                Dorchester                  Norwood
                                                East Boston                 Peabody
                                                Gloucester                  Provincetown
                                                Hingham                     Quincy
                                                Hyde Park                   Revere
                                                Jamaica Plain               Salem
                                                Lexington                   Saugus
                                                Lynn                        Somerville
                                                Malden                      South Boston

                            Contact: Sandra Casagrand or Christine McCall for further information:
                                    (617) 261-4600 ext. 111 •
                                   (617) 261-4600 ext.126 •
 Advertising Order Form

Company:                                                           Profit      Non-profit

Contact Name:                                            Phone #:                     Email:


                            Inside            16.75” x 10.125”
                            Back Cover        7.625” x 10.125

                            Full Page         7.625” x 10.125

                            Junior Page       5.0278” x 10.125

                            Half Page         7.625” x “4.9792


                            ¼ Page            3.8125” x 5.0625”

                            /8 Page
                            1                 5.0278” x 2.2188”

                            (Vertical)        2.4306 x 4.9792”

                            Small Block       2.51289” x 1.1094”

                            (Vertical)        1.2153” x 2.4896”

Payment Method:
Visa    Mastercard     Amex       Check
Account #:                            Expiration date:             Billing address:

Check mail payment to:
Banner Publications, Inc.
23 Drydock Avenue
Boston, MA 02210

To be billed contact contact Sandra Casagrand at 617-261-4600 ext. 111 or

Fax form to (617) 261-2346 by August 13th deadline

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