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					?For many years the copier has been a staple in offices around the world. In recent
years, a new breed of office copiers has been making its way into the marketplace and
offices. They are called digital copiers and they provide a much greater level of
efficiency, savings, and copied product for home offices, small businesses, and larger

Digital Technology Forces Changes

The old analog style of copiers worked great for the purpose for which they were
designed. They were only tasked with making black and white or color copies for a
wide variety of uses. Today, the business world has advanced a great deal where it is
necessary to use new technologies in order to have work down quicker, and more
efficiently. Digital technology has made this possible in new copiers. These new
digital copiers have forced changes within the office, but has also made the work
much better, more flexible, and with greater detail.

How Digital Copiers Work

Ever since the first Xerox began creating copies in the late 1940's, people have been
using the same technology found in cameras in order to take a "picture" of an original
and transfer it onto a blank piece of paper. Digital copiers today work through the
same technology as computers. An image is scanned using pixels and computer data
and then transfered to a blank paper as the image was captured. This is a much more
efficient manner, and gives a greater representation of the original piece.

Why Use Digital Copiers?

In the business world, speed, efficiency, and quality are becoming increasingly
important and several businesses vie for a footing in the same marketplace. Digital
copiers give a business a much better chance at establishing this foothold. Digital
copiers can do this because they are much more versatile than an analog copier. The
range of operations is vastly improved so businesses are better able to provide exactly
what is needed to customers, employees, and boardrooms. Enlargement and reduction
capabilities are greatly improved, copies are more exact, colors are vibrant, and the
speed at which the processes are done is also superior.

All In One Processing

When analog copiers were being used in offices there was the need to have several
different pieces of equipment in order to many different processes. A business would
need to spend money on a copier, printer, collater, stapler, scanner, and fax machine.
Today, businesses can save a lot of money by only having to purchase one piece of
equipment. The use of digital technology has enabled digital copiers to be all in one
pieces of office equipment that can do a wide range of operations from printing,
scanning, and faxing.

Price Ranges Vary

Much like many analog copiers, the digital copiers are going to range in price from a
few hundred dollars to several thousand. This will depend greatly on the size, features,
and speed.

Digital copiers, while costing more than normal analog copiers, are an important part
of the success of a small business. With digital technology they can easily create
professional looking documents, while also replacing several other pieces of

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