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9. (a) Explain daily and weekly maintenance for an              Name of the Candidate :
       owner – driver car.                   (10)
   (b) What would be the reasons for the following
                                                                 P.G. DIPLOMA EXAMINATION, 2008
       problems ? Also, suggest suitable remedies.
                                              (10)                        ( AUTOMOBILE MAINTENANCE )

        (i) A b n o r m a l n o i s e f r o m f r o n t a n d                       ( PAPER - II )

            suspension.                                                 120. TROUBLE SHOOTING AND
        (ii) Steering noise and poor returnability.                             MAINTENANCE

10. (a) Why brake lining is worn out ? Briefly                  May ]                                [ Time : 3 Hours
       mention how the worn out brake lining can                             Maximum : 100 Marks
       be replaced ?                       (10)
                                                                 Answer any FIVE questions, choosing THREE
   (b) How the different grades of gear box                          from Part-A and TWO from Part-B.
       lubrication oils are classified ? Also,                         All questions carry equal marks.
       anumerate the procedures for lubricating the
       gear box.                              (10)                                       PART – A

                                                                1. Explain the contents and instructions of the
                                                                   following manual :              (10 + 10)

                                                                    (i) Manufactures service manual.

                                                                    (ii) Parts manual.

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2. Describe the periodical maintenance procedures      (b) Write short notes on the lubricants used for
   for the following components :            (20)          automobiles.                            (5)

    (i) Hydraulic braking system.                                              PART – B

    (ii) Steering system.                              6. Describe the trouble shooting techniques to be
                                                          applied for the following problems :    (20)
    (iii) Suspension system.
                                                          (i)   Dragging clutch.
3. Prepare trouble shooting chart which contains
   various troubles, causes and remedies for the          (ii) Gear slipping.
   following automobile systems :      (10+10)
                                                          (iii) Vibration of gear box.
   (i)   Air conditioning system.
                                                       7. (a) State the reasons for rapid wear / uneven
   (ii) Fuel injection pumps.                                 wear of wheel tyres. How they can be
                                                              avoided ? Also, suggest suitable remedies
4. Discuss the causes and remedies for following
                                                              for this problem.                    (10)
   problems in automobiles :                (20)
                                                          (b) E n u m e r a t e t h e r e g u l a r m a i n t e n a n c e
   (i)   Engine does not get started.
                                                              procedures that are to be employed on
   (ii) Excessive engine oil consumption.                     automobile batteries.                               (10)

   (iii) Skidding braking system.                      8. (a) Discuss why adjustment of carburettor and
                                                              fuel pump are required.             (10)
5. (a) Prepare a trouble shooting chart for a diesel
       engine fitted in a passenger bus. Also,            (b) What is the need for valve grinding ?
       mention the periodical maintenance                     Explain the procedure and equipment
       procedures to be carried out.           (15)           needed for valve grinding.       (10)

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