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					                               Rocky Mountain
                                       Sewing &
                                                                                 Craft Festival

        Backdoor Quilt
         (406) 655-1001
                                                                       SEPTEMBER 28, 29, & 30
       Bernina Sewing &

                             Welcome Back Nancy Cornwell!
        Fabric Center
         (406) 656-4999

        Billings Sewing &    Nancy Cornwell has been a             Adventures With Fleece design        fabric supplier to the home
               Vac           sewer & designer for over 40          disk for embroidery machines &       sewing market, and also designs
          (406) 252-6989     years & owned a fabric store &        designs patterns for McCall’s        fleece prints.
          Fiberworks         sewing machine dealership for 18      Pattern Company. Nancy,
         (406) 656-6663      years. Known for her expertise        affectionately know as the “Polar
                             on fleece sewing, Nancy has writ-     Princess”, is a nationally
        Hancock Fabrics      ten the best-selling, award-          recognized speaker at consumer
         (406) 656-0354      winning Adventures with Polar-        events & has been a frequent
                             fleece®, More Polarfleece®            guest on the Sewing With Nancy,
        JoAnn Fabrics &
             Crafts          Adventures, Embroidery Machine        America Sews with Sue
         (406) 656-6101      Essentials-Fleece Techniques, Polar   Hausmann, and Sew Much More
                             Magic, and More Polar Magic           television shows. She is a regular
      Sewing Center West     books. Her next book, 90-             contributing author to a variety
         (406) 656-2109
                             Minute Fleece, is scheduled for       of sewing publications. Nancy
      Yellowstone County     February 2007 release. She            works in Sales & Marketing for
       Extension Service     designed the Cactus Punch             David Textiles, Inc., a major
         (406) 256-2828

                             Thursday Night’s Event
      WHAT’S                 You’ve heard of the “Great            Fleece for the Fleece-Impaired       tion & a bit of fleece technique.
      INSIDE:                Fleecing of America”? The             (the politically correct way of      (And a little bit of fleece tech-
                             Golden Fleece awards? Well,           saying Fleece for Dummies) will      nique can carry you a long way.)
      Class          2-4     Nancy Cornwell has a completely       start your Rocky Mountain            Times have changed & so has our
      Schedule               different take on things: “Getting    Sewing & Craft adventure with a      approach to sewing. Come enjoy
                             Fleeced & Loving it!”                 bit of humor, a bit of introspec-    the adventure!
      Class          5-11

                     11-12   Make It Yourself with Wool Contest
                             The District 4 “Make It Yourself      had in the past but, it will also     If you would like to enter the
      Registration   13      with Wool” contest will be held       include the garments entered in               competition,
      Form                   as part of the Rocky Mountain         the MIYWW contest.
                             Sewing &Craft Festival Saturday,                                           Contact Joy Erickson @ 855-6476
                             Sept 30. The style show, during                                            for entry information. Entry blanks
                             the lunch hour on Saturday, will                                              are also available at your local
                             feature the entries of the Youth                                                 County Extension office.
                             & 4-H competition as we have

                             Calling All Youth Sewers!
                             Enter your garments and quilts in     The style show will be Saturday      Quilt sewn by youth:
                             this special competition.             during the lunch hour.               Age 13 & under
                             The youths voted “Best of Show”                                             Husqvarna Viking sewing machine
                             in the following categories and       Garment sewn and modeled by:         Age 14 – 18
                             age groups will receive a new         Age 13 & under                                Bernina sewing machine
                             sewing machine from sponsors of               Baby Lock Machine
  Find us on the web at:                                           Age 14 - 18                           Contact Bernie Mason for details @    the R.M.S. & C. F.
                                                                           Baby Lock Serger                        406-256-2828
                                    Thursday, September 28th—2006
        Location               8:30 - 10:00             10:30 - 12:00                                         1:30 - 3:00            3:30 - 5:00

                                #1 Dress Up Your Denim Shirt                                                  #13 Bridal Gifts, Special Birthday
                                          Pat Jennings                                                                Gloria Borschowa
                                          *Hands On                                                                      *Hands On

                                                                                12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.
        Husqvarna                     #2 Creative Scallop                                                 #14 Jeweled & Embroidered Denim Jacket
         Viking                           Gail Kellogg                                                                   Gail Kellogg
         Room                             *Hands On                                                                      *Hands On

                                       #3 Rumba Ruffles
                                                                                                                      #15 Fancy Apron
        Baby Lock                            Pillow
                                                                                                                        Margaret Tully
          Room                           Margaret Tully
                                                                                                                         *Hands On
                                           *Hands On

                                                                                                                      #16 Jigsaw Quilt
                                       #4 Weave a Purse
            Bobbin                                                                                                        Linda Fisher
                                        Linda Shelhammer
            Room                                                                                                          *Hands On
                                           *Hands On
                                                                                                                   Bring Your Own Machine

                                   #5 Wool Needle Felting                                                       #17 Natural Dyeing Fabrics
                                        Laura Heine                                                                  Linda Shelhammer
                                        *Hands On                                                                       *Hands On

                                      #6 Stack-n-Whack                                                             #18 And Your Point Is?
                                                                                Lunch & Open Shopping

                                        Elaine Salisbury                                                                  Lisa Maki
                                          *Hands On                                                                      *Hands On

                                          #7 Colorful
                                                                                                                     #19 Quilt Sampler
            Janome                         Notebook
                                                                                                                        Mary Carollo
             Room                         Cynthia Scott
                                                                                                                         *Hands On
                                           *Hands On

                        #8 Turquoise Thai
            Dress                                  #11 Light Up w/Lamp                                       #20 Notion        #23 Photos (& More)
            Form                                          Shades                                            Commotion               to Fabric
                             Julie Hintt
            Room                                       Bernie Mason                                         Libby Stanhope         Carol Brown
                            *Hands On

                                       #9 Minkee Hippo                                                             #21 “Cuddle Up” Quilt
            Thread                         Linda Fisher                                                                   Laura Heine
            Room                           *Hands On                                                                      *Hands On
                                    Bring Your Own Machine                                                         Bring Your Own Machine
                       #10 Fabric Origami/
                        Fabric Checkbook              #12 Fashionable                                        #22 Fancy Fleece™ No-Sew Fleece
                         Lauren Rogers &                  Fleece                                                      Marj Ostermiller
                           Susie Balzer                 Carol Brown                                                      *Hands On
                            *Hands On

R O C K Y    M O U N T A I N    S E W I N G   &   C R A F T   F E S T I V A L                                                                  P A G E   2
                                  Friday, September 29th—2006
    Location            8:30 - 10:00                10:30 - 12:00                                            1:30 - 3:00           3:30 - 5:00

                       #24 Bridal                 #34 Wallpaper
                                                                                                         #44 Veggie Towel       #54 Pocket Purse
     Bernina          Accessories                    Piecing
                                                                                                            Laura Heine            Pat Jennings
      Room          Cheryl Householder              Pat Jennings
                                                                                                             *Hands On             *Hands On
                       *Hands On                    *Hands On

                                                                              12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.
                      #25 Cell Phone              #35 Grandma’s                                          #45 3D Poinsettia       #55 Tablecloth
                        Necklace                      Apron                                                   Square                 Apron
                        Gail Kellogg               Barbara Trapp                                           Libby Stanhope         Bernie Mason
                        *Hands On                   *Hands On                                                *Hands On             *Hands On

                      #26 Log Cabin             #36 Serger Crochet                                                              #56 Easy Serger &
                                                                                                        #46 Gift Bags Galore
    Baby Lock          Pin Cushion                 Hand Towel                                                                   Embellisher Purse
                                                                                                         Cheryl Householder
      Room             Margaret Tully              Margaret Tully                                                                 Margaret Tully
                                                                                                             *Hands On
                        *Hands On                    *Hands On                                                                      *Hands On

                                                 #37 Wool Trinket                                                                #57 Ice Crystal
                    #27 Fabric Flowers                                                                   #47 Scrapbooking
      Bobbin                                            Box                                                                        Snowman
                        Laura Heine                                                                      Meets Embroidery
      Room                                       Cheryl Householder                                                             Cheryl Householder
                        *Hands On                                                                          Lauren Rogers
                                                     *Hands On                                                                     *Hands On

                                                 #38 Paper Pieced                                        #48 Mock Curved       #58 Cotton Theory
                    #28 Thread Bowls
     Brother                                        Postcards                                                  Piecing                Trivet
                      Lauren Rogers
      Room                                         Debbie Kohler                                           Elaine Salisbury      Elaine Salisbury
                        *Hands On
                                                    *Hands On                                                *Hands On             *Hands On

                    #29 Go Beyond the                                                                                           #59 Most Wanted
                                                 #39 Kaleidoscope                                         #49 Calling All
     Scissors              Hoop                                                                                                Embroidery Designs
                                                                              Lunch & Style Show

                                                     Kreator                                                Grandmas
      Room           Gloria Borschowa                                                                                            Gloria Borschowa
                                                  Marj Ostermiller                                       Mary Lou Marchello
                        *Hands On                                                                                                   *Hands On

                  #30 Colorful Luggage           #40 Paper Pieced                                                               #60 Circles on the
                                                                                                         #50 Instant Purse
     Janome              Tags                      Quilt Labels                                                                Round Table Runner
                                                                                                           Mary Carollo
      Room            Cynthia Scott                 Laura Heine                                                                    Carol Brown
                                                                                                            *Hands On
                       *Hands On                    *Hands On                                                                       *Hands On

                                                                                                        #51 Dream Keepers
                   #31 The Fundamentals          #41 Machine Emb.                                                              #61 T-shirt Memory
      Dress                                                                                                    Boxes
                        of Appliqué                 for Beginners                                                                     Quilt
   Form Room            Pat Jennings                                                                      Gloria Borschowa
                                                Backdoor Quilt Shoppe                                                            Marj Ostermiller
                                                                                                             *Hands On

                      #32 Kumihimo                #42 Fused Glass                                         #52 Fused Glass
                                                                                                                               #62 Fabric Flowers
      Thread             Braiding                    Medallion                                                Jewelry
                                                                                                                                   Laura Heine
      Room           Linda Shelhammer              Dione Roberts                                           Dione Roberts
                                                                                                                                   *Hands On
                        *Hands On                    *Hands On                                               *Hands On

                                                  #43 Creating w/                                        #53 Fleece for the
      Lunch        #33 Fleece Chenille
                                                      Fleece                                                   Home
      Room           Nancy Cornwell
                                                    Carol Brown                                            Nancy Cornwell

R O C K Y   M O U N T A I N   S E W I N G   &   C R A F T   F E S T I V A L                                                                  P A G E   3
                                   Saturday, September 29th—2006
        Location              8:30 - 10:00              10:30 - 12:00                                                            1:30 - 3:00            3:30 - 5:00

                          #63 Wallpaper                                                                                       #83 Embroidery         #93 The Pocket

                                                                               12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.
                                                        #73 Giddy-Up
            Bernina           Piecing                                                                                         Dream Keepers               Purse
                                                         Laura Heine
             Room           Pat Jennings                                                                                      Gloria Borschowa         Pat Jennings
                                                          *Hands On
                            *Hands On                                                                                            *Hands On             *Hands On

                                                                                                                            #84 Ultra Suede Key     #94 Personalized
        Husqvarna #64 Jeweled & Embroidered Denim Jacket
                                                                                                                                    Fob                Mini-Tote
         Viking                  Gail Kellogg
                                                                                                                                Barbara Trapp         Barbara Trapp
         Room                    *Hands On
                                                                                                                                 *Hands On             *Hands On

                       #65 Serger Crochet            #75 Easy Serger &                                                      #85 Serger Christmas    #95 Perfect Purse
        Baby Lock         Hand Towel                 Embellisher Purse                                                            Tree Skirt           Accessories
          Room            Margaret Tully               Margaret Tully                                                           Libby Stanhope        Margaret Tully
                            *Hands On                    *Hands On                                                                *Hands On             *Hands On

                        #66 Needle Punch              #76 Fashionable                                                                                #96 Quilt Design
                                                                                                                              #86 FAQ about
            Bobbin         Embroidery                     Fleece                                                                                         Wizard
                                                                                                                               Presser Feet
            Room            Laura Heine                 Carol Brown                                                                                Backdoor Quilt Shoppe
                                                                                                                                Pat Jennings
                            *Hands On                    *Hands On                                                                                      *Hands On
                                                                               Lunch,Youth Style Show & Make it With Wool
                                                        #77 Kumihimo                                                                                #97 Most Wanted
                         #67 Sew for Your                                                                                     #87 Sewing with
            Scissors                                       Braiding                                                                                Embroidery Designs
                            Body Type                                                                                              Wool
             Room                                      Linda Shelhammer                                                                              Gloria Borshowa
                           Bernie Mason                                                                                         Bernie Mason
                                                          *Hands On                                                                                     *Hands On

                                                      #78 Plastic Mesh                                                         #88 Placemat        #98 Victorian Look
                          #68 Quilt Magic
            Brother                                      Tote Bag                                                                Handbag           Christmas Stocking
                           Elaine Salisbury
             Room                                      Elaine Salisbury                                                        Lauren Rogers          Anita Clayton
                             *Hands On
                                                         *Hands On                                                               *Hands On              *Hands On

                         #69 Suede Neck             #79 Poinsettia Table                                                     #89 Apple Orchard
                                                                                                                                                   #99 Accessory Bag
            Janome            Purse                       Topper                                                               Wall Hanging
                                                                                                                                                      Mary Carollo
             Room          Cynthia Scott                Anita Clayton                                                           Mary Carollo
                                                                                                                                                       *Hands On
                            *Hands On                    *Hands On                                                               *Hands On

                        #70 Angel Table or           #80 Flower Pot Pin                                                     #90 Whimsical Wool #100 Shaving Cream
          Dress            Tree Topper                    Cushion                                                               Notion Case         Creations
       Form Room         Cheryl Householder           Cheryl Householder                                                        Anita Clayton     Lauren Rogers
                            *Hands On                    *Hands On                                                               *Hands On          *Hands On

                         #71 Pearl Watch            #81 Crafter’s Images                                                     #91 On Your Mark,
            Thread                                                                                                                                 #101 Table Graces
                             Julie Hintt               Wall Hanging                                                            Get Set, Sew!
            Room                                                                                                                                     Vicky Hamilton
                            *Hands On                  Marj Ostermiller                                                        Vicky Hamilton

                        #72 Embroidery on            #82 Mosaic Trivet
            Lunch                                                                                                            #92 Fleece Chenille
                             Fleece                    Dione Roberts
            Room                                                                                                               Nancy Cornwell
                          Nancy Cornwell                 *Hands On

R O C K Y   M O U N T A I N   S E W I N G    &   C R A F T   F E S T I V A L                                                                                      P A G E   4
                        Class Descriptions
                       #1 - Dress up your Denim Shirt – Pat Jennings
                       Bring a simple denim shirt to class & leave with a dressed up designer shirt. During class you will embroider a personalized
                       design, add decorative stitching techniques to the collar & cuffs, and embellish the front placket with decorative stitches.
                       Last, but not least, glitz up the shirt with crystals for added elegance. Supplies: denim or chambray shirt & scissors.
                       Kit Fee: $15.00
                       #2 - Creative Scallop – Gail Kellogg
                       The decorative scallop on this pillowcase is an open palette for creativity! We will create an inset of a graceful embroidery
                       design, then add wing needles & piped details for a tailored finish. Kit Fee: $22.00 (enough for 2 cases)
                       #3 - Rumba Ruffles Pillow – Margaret Tully
IMPORTANT              In this class you will learn first hand a new & unique twist to creating & attaching a ruffle. The techniques are called Rumba
                       Ruffles & while it looks like an ordinary ruffle, it is anything but. So join Margaret & see first hand what makes this technique
                       unique & fun. Kit Fee: $15.00
 Bring Basic
                       #4 - Weave a Purse – Linda Shelhamer
 Sewing Supplies
                       Linda & other members of the Billings Weavers Guild will set up on numerous 4 harness looms to explore weaving & you
 to all Hands-On       will take home a hand-woven purse. Learn about warping, weft, patterns from Colonial to contemporary & see if weaving
 Classes:              on a loom is for you. This introductory knowledge of weaving will be helpful as you analyze fabrics at the store for future
                       projects. Kit Fee: $8.00 (includes yarn, instruction notebook & use of looms during class)
 • scissors
 • straight pins       #5 - Wool Needle Felting – Laura Heine
 • hand-sewing         Create this great butterfly using wool appliqué & wool needle felting techniques. Learn to create dimension, shading, layer-
                       ing & sculpting. Supplies: felting needles & embroidery needles available for purchase at class. Kit Fee: $38.00 (includes wool,
                       Wildflower floss & pattern)
 •   neutral
     thread            #6 - Stack-n-Whack – Elaine Salisbury
 •   temporary         If you haven’t tried a Stack-n-Whack yet, now is the perfect time. Elaine will show you a quick & easy way to make a
         marker        40”x40” quilt top. We’ll look at samples, talk about the theory of Stack-n-Whack & sew our top. Supplies: rotary cutter &
                       mat, pins, neutral thread & 24” ruler. Kit Fee: $35.00 (includes asst fabrics, ruler & pattern)
 For Quilting          #7 - Colorful Notebook – Cynthia Scott
 classes bring:        This foundation pieced notebook cover features bright silk dupioni fabrics & decorative stitch embellishments for a fun gift or
 • rotary cutter       accessory! Simple flip-and-sew silk strips are sewn to a canvas foundation fabric, then embellished with stitches. Students
 • mat                 pick the fabric colors of their choice. Supplies: scissors, fine pins & point turner. Kit Fee: $15.00
 • ruler
                       #8 - Turquoise Thai Necklace – Julie Hintt
                       Come join us to make a wonderful Turquoise & Thai silver necklace. This necklace also includes a Carnelian pendent. In
 Sewing                this class we will show you how to make your own bail along with simple stringing & closure techniques. Kit Fee: $35.00
 Machines are
 provided              #9 - Minkee Hippo – Linda Fisher
 unless otherwise      Minkee is the newest craze in fabric out there, and now you can make this great Hippo animal for your favorite child.
 specified.            Supplies: neutral cotton thread & pins. Kit Fee: $25.00 (includes pattern & fabric)
                       #10 - Fabric Origami/Fabric Checkbook – Lauren Rogers/Susie Balzer
                       Learn how to combine fabric with paper folding & create some wonderful, unique gifts. We’ll make a checkbook cover in
                       class, plus we’ll have other items to pique your interest in doing more. Kit Fee: $5.00
                       #11 - Light up with Lamp Shades - Bernie Mason
                       Learn how to make your own custom lampshades & save dollars. This is a great way to have a shade that matches the fabric
                       in your window treatments or other items in your home. Bernie will show you how you can make different styles, using a
                       variety of materials, to dress up all the lamps in your home.
                       #12 - Fashionable Fleece – Carol L. Brown
                       Fleece provides many avenues to express our creativity – quilting, clothing, home dec, machine embroidery, techniques of
                       embellishment & more. We’ll show you an array of fleece projects (and how to create them yourself) from Nancy
                       Cornwell’s latest book, Fashion Fleece, exclusively designed & written for Hancock Fabrics. Door Prizes!
                       #13 - Bridal Gifts, Special Birthday … - Gloria Borschowa
                       Do you want to make a gift set that will be remembered? Or a gift that will say you really care? With the use of a few quick
                       & easy to stitch designs you will make a one of a kind gift for that special person in your life. Make several small gifts that will
                       create a basket full of love. Kit Fee: $10.00
                       #14 - Jeweled & Embroidered Denim Jacket – Gail Kellogg
                       Bring your own denim jacket & let Gail show you the secrets of successful stabilizing & placement on ready made garments.
                       In this class you will also learn what needles & accessory feet work the best when sewing through seams. I would suggest
                       laundering your garment before class unless you plan on dry cleaning. Kit Fee: $18.00
                        #15 - Fancy Apron – Margaret Tully
                       You guessed it! Aprons are making a comeback in a big way. Gone are the plain aprons of the past. In aprons with embel-
                       lishment galore. In this class you will create a decorative ribbon trim using the serger, gather a waistband, use the blind hem
                       foot to create a unique finish & create a decorative fabric rosette. A gourmet apron for the cook. Kit Fee: $15.00

R O C K Y   M O U N T A I N   S E W I N G    &   C R A F T   F E S T I V A L                                                                  P A G E    5
                              Class Descriptions
                         #16- Jigsaw Quilt – Linda Fisher
                         If you like jigsaw puzzles, you will love this project! Learn to arrange your fabrics for a tessellating pattern. Supplies: Sew-
                         ing machine (in good working order), black cotton thread, rotary cutter, mat & ruler. Kit Fee: $56.00
                         #17 - Natural Dyeing Fabrics – Linda Shelhamer
                         Dye 1.5 yards of fabric using 5 different methods & natural dyes including indigo, cochineal (red from dried bugs) & dyes
                         from wood & other plants. Learn Shibori & other traditional Asian resist techniques for patterning. Learn the basics of
                         natural dyeing including mordant & dye plants. Supplies: apron or old clothes, scissors, rubber gloves, Sharpee type pen, mask-
                         ing tape, several sandwich & gallon Ziploc baggies. Kit Fee: $17.00
                         #18 - And Your Point Is? – Lisa Maki
                         In this class you will finish a baby quilt using a simple, fast & perfect technique. It is interesting to quilters & non-quilters
                         alike. It can also be an emergency quilt for the experienced quilter who wants a break from traditional piece quilting. This
                         will be a fun experience using an On Point fusible grid & 5x5 inch squares. Supplies: “And Your Point Is” pattern (available
 Join the Fiberworks     online @ or a quilt store) & appliqué pressing sheet.. Kit Fee: $39.95 (includes all materials except
    booth for the        batting)

   Quilt Pink Day.       #19 - Quilt Sampler – Mary Carollo
                         This nine patch quilted wall hanging will show you how to turn those precious fabric scraps into beautiful crazy patch de-
  Make a pink-and-       signs. Learn how to sew hand quilted looking stitches by machine & other quilting techniques using programmed stitches.
   white quilt block.    Supplies: scissors & pins. Kit Fee: $12.00
  Your block will be     #20 - Notion Commotion – Libby Stanhope
                         Learn what’s new, what’s not so new & how to use some of the notions you have purchased in the past. See demonstra-
   stitched to those     tions & suggestive uses for products. This class is packed full of ideas for the seamstress, quilter & crafter. Be ready for a
   created by other      fast paced, fun, informative class.
  quilters & sent as a   #21 - “Cuddle Up” Quilt – Laura Heine
   finished quilt to     Make this great lap quilt with the Cuddle Up fabric & at the same time learn how to make quality professional binding.
                         Quilt size 60x60. Kit Fee: $50.00 (includes “cuddle up” fabric, fusible, binding & pattern)
                         #22 - Fancy Fleece™ No-Sew Fleece Blanket – Marj Ostermiller
     Patchwork &         Make this polar fleece, no-sew blanket using the special June Tailor Fancy Fleece™ ruler. The ruler features all sorts of
      Quilting           shapes that can be cut using the rotary cutter. The blanket project is a great way to show off how easy your project can
                         be completed. Walk out of this lecture/demo class with a new, 2 layer polar fleece blanket that all you did was cut & not
   magazine for an       sew! Supplies: 1yd. Polar fleece, 1 yd. coordinating polar fleece, 8 yds. 7/8” wide grosgrain ribbon, June Tailor’s Fancy Fleece™
   online auction in     ruler, rotary cutter, ruler & large cutting mat, scissors, large safety pin & a chalk marking pencil that will mark on polar fleece.
    Spring 2007.         #23 - Photos (& More) to Fabric – Carol L. Brown
                         Learn how to turn your favorite photos into fabric, plus, exciting new ideas for printing on fabric for quilts & crafts – all by
  Net proceeds will
                         using your computer, an inkjet printer & pre-treated fabric sheets. Artist’s images on CDs will expand your creativity.
      benefit the        Our demonstration is full of ideas & inspiration for all levels & interests. See how easy it is to make your memories &
                         imagination come alive! Free Handouts. Door Prizes!
  Susan G. Komen
   Breast Cancer         #24 - Bridal Accessories – Cheryl Householder
                         Let’s make something for that special day that will be an heirloom. We will be making a one of a kind ring bearer’s pillow,
     Foundation          garter or jewelry bag for the special wedding in your future. You will have a choice of one or more of these items.
                         Kit Fee: Pillow – $12.00, Bag - $10.00, Garter - $4.00
                         #25 - Cell Phone Necklace – Gail Kellogg
                         Anyone can free-motion stitch! While Gail shows you these simple steps, you will create a one of a kind embellished
                         necklace for your cell phone. We will be using metallic threads & other embellishments. Kit Fee: $8.00
                         #26 - Log Cabin Pincushion – Margaret Tully
                         Quilting on the serger is easier than you think. You will create a small but charming log cabin block that is accented by
                         piping & ultimately turned into a pincushion. Join Margaret for this fun class & create your first quilt block on the serger.
                         Kit Fee: $8.00
                         #27 - Fabric Flowers – Laura Heine
                         Make a beautiful bouquet of flowers from your favorite fabrics. Great for a centerpiece or to give as a gift. Everyone will
                         want to learn to make them! Supplies: small pair of scissors. Kit Fee: $11.00 (includes fabric for flowers & leaves – wires
                         & florist tape)
  Please bring the
                         #28 - Thread Bowls – Lauren Rogers
 exact amount of         It’s time to play! You’ll have lots of fun with bits of thread, yarn & other embellishments while creating a work of art.
  change to class        Kit Fee: $5.00
 for Kit Purchase.
                         #29 - Go Beyond the Hoop – Gloria Borschowa
                         With OESD’s Explorations software & the multi-hooping options learn how to create designs that are bigger than life! See
                         how the software lines up designs for multi-hooping & shows you where the next hoop goes.

R O C K Y   M O U N T A I N    S E W I N G   &   C R A F T    F E S T I V A L                                                                    P A G E    6
 Class Descriptions                                                                                                                      P A G E   7

#30 - Colorful Luggage Tags – Cynthia Scott
Tired of trying to find your bag in an ocean of black luggage? Make a set of three colorful tags, while proclaiming your passion! (or your name). Pick
your favorite colors & stitches for this fun & easy project. Supplies: scissors & pins. Kit Fee: $8.00 for 3 tags
#31 - The Fundamentals of Appliqué – Pat Jennings
It doesn’t matter if you are new to appliqué or have been doing it for years, we can all use an overview of fundamentals. During the class, Pat will
cover how-to information for a variety of appliqué techniques including satin stitch, blanket stitch, corded, Madeira, blind & upside down appliqué.
Helpful feed, traditional & new notions & innovative techniques will be addressed.
#32 - Kumihimo Braiding – Linda Shelhamer
Learn this traditional Japanese braiding technique to make square, round, hollow or spiraling braids. These braids are great for embellishments,
trims for garments, jewelry, straps, etc. This technique makes complicated looking braids which can range from thin for jewelry or thick such as for
home decorating tassels. We’ll make an 8 strand braid. Kit Fee: $8.00 (includes a portable foam marudai & yarn for braid as well as instructions)
#33 - Fleece Chenille – Nancy Cornwell
Chenille continues to be a popular sewing embellishment in all arenas of sewing. Wait until you see what happens when you apply this technique to
fleece! Fleece Chenille opens a new door to creativity in your fleece sewing. Nancy will teach you how to take advantage of the unique characteris-
tics of fleece to tap into this very easy technique.
#34 - Wallpaper Piecing – Pat Jennings
Create a small Ohio Star wall hanging without constructing a single seam. All sewing is decorative. This unique technique is perfect for creating fast
& easy works of art & quilted craft items. Kit Fee: $7.00
#35 - Grandma’s Apron - Barbara Trapp
Many cooks are reviving the practice of saving their “Sunday Best” from cooking spatters by wearing an apron in the kitchen. The featured apron is
a simple cotton fabric with a bias edging. You will learn the easy way to apply bias binding to finish the edge. You will also learn how to make your
own bias binding. As you are sewing your own apron, Barbara will share antique aprons & stories of aprons. Kit Fee: $15.00
#36 - Serger Crochet Hand Towel – Margaret Tully
Let us show you how to create a crocheted edge on this serger. Using a decorative thread & the 3-thread overlock stitch, you will learn how to
create a beautiful crocheted edge. While learning this technique you will see how easy it is to attach this edge to a purchased linen towel. When
class is over you will have a one-of-a-kind linen towel. Kit Fee: $12.00
#37 - Wool Trinket Box – Cheryl Householder
With the kit you will be making a trinket box to store jewelry, photos or whatever you wish. This is a fun project in which we will be making a box
using fabric & the blanket stitch. You can embellish however you wish. Let the creativity soar! Kit Fee: $12.00
#38 - Paper Pieced Postcards – Debbie Kohler
Try something new! A postcard that is ready to mail. Debbie will show you her techniques for paper piecing & shortcuts to make this a fun & easy
project. Kit Fee: $15.00 (includes a 6” add a quarter ruler, 6” cutting mat, Fast & Fuse mailing label, pattern shapes)
#39 - Kaleidoscope Kreator™ - Marj Ostermiller
Kaleidoscope Kreator™ 2.0 is computer software that makes kaleidoscopes from your digital photographs & images. The software template shapes
allows you to choose the portion of the photograph that will be used in making uniquely designed kaleidoscopes. They can then be printed out on
paper for scrapbooking & making cards or printed on fabric for quilts or appliqués.
#40 - Paper Pieced Quilt Labels – Laura Heine
Be sure your quilts are documented with these fun, simple paper pieced quilt labels. Complete one in class & have the pattern to make more later.
Supplies: rotary cutter, mat, ruler & neutral cotton thread. Kit Fee: $16.00 (includes pattern & fabric)
#41 - Machine Embroidery for Beginners - Backdoor Quilt Shoppe
Are you just starting to machine embroider? Are all the stabilizers confusing you? We’ll show you how to choose the proper stabilizer for the best
results. Also tips & techniques for a professional look.

#42 - Fused Glass Medallion – Dione Roberts
Fused glass is hot stuff! Using many different colors of glass, you will design an 8” medallion. Choose a sunflower pattern provided or make your
own. Bring a tweezer for glass placement if you desire. You will learn how glass is fired in a mini kiln & then I’ll take your pieces to my studio & fire
them in my large kiln. If you are unable to pick up your project at D& J’s Glassworks the next week or you may have it mailed to you ($8.10).
You’ll receive a stand to display your piece too. Kit Fee: $22.00
#43 - Creating with Fleece, the Easy & NO-SEW Way – Carol L. Brown
Be on the cutting edge! We’ll show you how to cut & tie, weave a strip, make a slit, tie a knot, cut a diamond or create a wave on outwear fleece
using the revolutionary rulers Fancy Fleece® & Fast Fringe® by the June Tailor company. We’ll show you a trunk full of NO-SEW projects with
free handouts for all. Door Prizes!
#44 - Veggie Towel – Laura Heine
Learn the anatomy & physiology of Steam-a-Seam 2 while creating this great Veggie towel for your kitchen. Various stitch options will be covered in
this hands on class. Supplies: bring neutral cotton thread & pencil. Kit Fee: $22.00
#45 - 3D Poinsettia Square – Libby Stanhope
In this class we will focus on the 3D sewing technique. The class will come complete with a pattern to make a table runner or wall quilt. You will
learn to make the one square which can be made into a pillow or pot holder. Get ready for the holidays with this fun class. Kit Fee: $20.00
                          Class Descriptions
                        #46 - Gift Bags Galore - Cheryl Householder
                        A fast, fun & reusable project made entirely on your serger. You will be making several bags for your gift giving needs for
                        the upcoming holidays. You will never want to buy gift wrap again. Supplies: Bodkin if you have one. Kit Fee: $10.00
                        #47 - Scrapbooking Meets Embroidery – Lauren Rogers
                        Let’s combine two very popular & gratifying crafts. We’ll share with you techniques that work & some that don’t! Learn
                        how to stitch on paper & embellish to your heart’s content. You’ll go away with lots of ideas for your own scrapbook.
                        #48 - Mock Curved Piecing – Elaine Salisbury
                        We will explore the possibilities of mock curved piecing. It is an easy technique & once you learn how, you will see endless
                        possibilities for incorporating this technique into other patterns. Supplies: 16 - 4 1/2” squares & 16 - 3 1/2” squares of a
                        contrasting fabric, Roxanne’s Glue-Baste-It & neutral thread.
                        #49 - Calling All Grandmas – Mary Lou Marchello
                        The arrival of a grandbaby often gets the creative juices flowing. Join Mary Lou for a lecture & trunk show of fun ideas for
     Adult Quilt        those special grandkids in your life. From simple to fancy, garments to toys, Christmas ornaments to nursery décor, you’ll
                        see lots of ideas to keep you sewing. You’ll see lots of ideas to keep you sewing & you’ll receive a complete listing of the
 Competition            sources for the patterns & materials used in the projects.
                        #50 - Instant Purse – Mary Carollo
 Enter your quilt for   It’s a snap to create this stylish summer purse using decorative stitches from the new longarm Janome 6600. Button embel-
      exhibit &         lishments & a fun handle add pizzazz!! Kit Fee: $12.00
    competition.        #51 - “Dream Keepers” Boxes - Gloria Borschowa
    Prizes will be      You are going to love OESD’s new line of Dream Keepers fabric covered boxes & albums! This exciting collection includes
    awarded for         jewelry boxes & sewing kits with drawers, keepsake boxes for gifts & treasures, notebooks, frames & memory books. You
   “Best of Show”       will make one of these Dream Keeper boxes in this class & decorate it with trims & crystals. You’ll want to make them for
                        yourself, family & friends. Supplies: bring 2 pieces of a small scale print or solid fabric ( 1– 7” square & 1– 20 1/2” x 8”), fabric
         For more       scissors. Kit Fee: $15.00 (includes precision die-cut cardboard & instructions)
       information,     #52 - Fused Glass Jewelry – Dione Roberts
      contact Amy at    Design 4 different glass pendants in this great class. You will use brilliant, diachronic glass to design your pendants. No
      Sewing Center     glass experience necessary. You will see how the pieces are fired in a glass kiln & learn all about how hot glass is made.
           West         The pendants will be fired & returned to you the next week. Kit Fee: $18.00 (includes everything needed)
     406-656-2109 or    #53 - Fleece for the Home – Nancy Cornwell
     1-800-368-3739     With all the Trading Spaces & DIY network decorating shows, the interest in home décor is huge. And what could be eas-
                        ier & more economical (and more cuddly) then making fleece pillows & throws to change the flavor of a room? Learn how
                        to see the potential in various prints. Learn Fat Piping & Cheater’s Wrapped edge techniques. Nancy’s trunk show is truly
                        one of those “a picture is worth a thousand words” experiences.
                        #54 - The Pocket Purse – Pat Jennings
                        Create a fully lined pocket purse while learning the art of Bobbin Case Work. During class you will learn to adjust a bobbin
                        case to correctly feed heavy decorative threads & to adjust a sewing machine to successfully stitch with decorative threads
                        in the bobbin case. You will learn how to finish the bag’s side & add a carrying strap with a bias binder. Kit Fee: $5.00
                        #55 - Tablecloth Apron - Bernie Mason
                        You will be surprised at the attractive apron you can make from a tablecloth, especially from a vintage one you may have.
                        They are also simple & easy to construct. Bring a 45” square tablecloth to class & we will do the necessary cutting & sew-
      For your          ing. A tablecloth with a scalloped edge or embroidery works great. Supplies: tape measure & thread to match your tablecloth.
 Convenience the        #56 - Easy Serger & Embellisher Purse – Margaret Tully
 following stores       Creating a stylish bag is easy using the serger & the No Thread Embellisher machine. The first step is to create an elegant
 will be open until     edge around the bag. Then using the Embellisher, create a stunning bright pink flower accent on the front flap. See how all
 8 pm on Friday:        this is possible by attending this fun class. Kit Fee: $15.00
 •     Bernina          #57 - Ice Crystal Snowman – Cheryl Householder
 •     Backdoor Quilt   Cute, cute project! What a fun way to use some of your fleece scraps & to recycle some empty jars in this project. All
       Shoppe           materials & supplies will be included in the kit. These guys have a shining personality! You will be painting & sewing in this
 •     Fiberworks       project. A fun project for kids & adults alike! Kit Fee: $7.00
 •     Hancock
       Fabrics          #58 - Cotton Theory Trivet – Elaine Salisbury
 •     JoAnn Fabrics    We will make a trivet to learn Betty Cotton’s “Cotton Theory”. This is a method of quilting where you quilt as you go &
       & Crafts         end up with a reversible item that is totally different & finished on each side. In this class we should finish this project &
                        you will learn enough that you can make any of Betty’s unique patterns, should you wish to do more. Supplies: scissors &
                        pins. Kit Fee: $10.00 (includes fabric & pattern)
                        #59 - Most Wanted Embroidery Designs – Gloria Borschowa
                        New to embroidery? Been at it for years? Not sure what to do with all those wonderful embroidery designs? Then this is
                        the trunk show for you! See the latest in embroidery designs, projects & ideas. Come get refreshed & inspired to be crea-
                        tive with embroidery.

R O C K Y   M O U N T A I N   S E W I N G    &   C R A F T    F E S T I V A L                                                                   P A G E    8
 Class Descriptions                                                                                                                        P A G E    9

#60 - Circles on the Round Table Runner – Carol L. Brown
See what you can make with this simple geometric shape! Our creative project will be a Harvest Table Runner – all made from cutting circles of
fabric. You’ll learn how to cut clean, perfect circles every time with the easiest & most accurate circle cutter on the market - OLFA®’s Circle Cut-
ter. Plus, we’ll show you a variety of quick & easy projects that all began with just a circle. Door Prizes! Kit Fee: $20.00 (includes circle cutter &
fabric/notions for project)
#61 - T-Shirt Memory Quilts – Marj Ostermiller
Have you been saving t-shirts for a “lifetime”? Marj will share with you her tips & tricks on how to turn those treasured t-shirts into a quilt that will
bring back memories for years to come. This quilt can be sewn on the serger or the sewing machine. All levels of sewing experiences will enjoy
attending & learning from this demo/lecture class.
#62 - Fabric Flowers – Laura Heine           (same as #27)
#63 - Wallpaper Piecing – Pat Jennings            (same as #34)
#64 - Jeweled & Embroidered Denim Jacket – Gail Kellogg                  (same as #14)
#65 - Serger Crochet Hand Towel – Margaret Tully                 (same as #36)
#66 - Needle Punch Embroidery – Laura Heine
Learn the old technique of needle punch with new easier tools. Get a good start on this great flower block. Framing techniques will be covered in
class. Supplies: Cameo 3-strand needlepunch needle & threader, high quality hoop & a brown or black Identipen – no exceptions. Kit Fee: $16.00
(includes pattern, cloth & threads for flower)
#67 - Sew for Your Body Shape - Bernie Mason
Have you sewn an outfit for yourself, had it fit perfectly, but found that it just wasn’t flattering on you? There are different body types & there are
certain basic principles we need to keep in mind when choosing flattering clothing. Bernie will help you determine what styles you should choose to
accent your best features & to downplay those you wish to call less attention to.
#68 - Quilt Magic – Elaine Salisbury
This is a No-Sew project that everyone will enjoy. It has proven to be fun for all ages. Simply press fabric into laser cut foam board to make a wall
hanging. Even dedicated quilters have enjoyed “taking a break” & making this quick project. Because of time allowed, we will make a 6”x6” wall
hanging. Kit Fee: $12.50 (includes fabric, foam board, tool & pattern)
#69 - Suede Neck Purse – Cynthia Scott
This synthetic suede neck purse features reverse bobbin work & French knots for a classy way to carry your cards, cash or cell phones. Learn these
easy techniques to complete this simple elegant project! Kit Fee: $8.00
#70 - Angel Table or Tree Topper – Cheryl Householder
What a unique way to use your empty cone thread spools! You will be adding some chiffon, lace, bead & wings to create this original design. It is a
great gift idea for the holidays. You will be doing some sewing, gluing & adding your own creativity to embellish this project. Kit Fee: $7.00
#71 - Pearl Watch – Julie Hintt
We are making a STUNNING Pearl watch. The pearls are coin shape with wonderful color. This will soon become your favorite piece of wear!
Kit Fee: $35.00
#72 - Embroidery on Fleece – Nancy Cornwell
Embroidery & fleece are two of sewing’s hottest interests. Embroidery on fleece is simple if you know & understand a few principles. Learn what
to look for in embroidery designs & how to adapt them to the lofty, napped, stretch characteristics of fleece. Nancy will bring lots of examples of
“hidden designs” extracted from embroidery motifs.
#73 - Giddy-Up – Laura Heine
Make this great little 12” block of Laura’s Horse. Learn the free motion embroidery stitch & machine quilting. We will be using the Timtex fusible
batting so your finished horse can be bound or put in a frame. Supplies: pencil, paper scissors & fabric scissors. Kit Fee: $37.00 (includes fabric,
pattern, Timex & threads)
#75 - Easy Serger & Embellisher Purse - Margaret Tully                (Same as #56)
#76 - Fashionable Fleece – Carol L. Brown             (Same as #12)
#77 - Kumihimo Braiding – Linda Shelhamer                (Same as #32)
#78 - Plastic Mesh Tote Bag - Elaine Salisbury
Come & see how easy it is to make a tote from plastic mesh. It is so addictive you will want to make several. Bring to class 1/2 yd plastic mesh, 1/3
yd fabric & embellishments as desired. Samples & supplies will be available at the Back Door Quilt Shoppe booth at the festival.
#79 - Poinsettia Table Topper – Anita Clayton
This festive Holiday table topper is a simple afternoon project from start to finish. What a fun project for beginners or experienced sewers. Great
gift idea, too! Supplies: red, yellow & green thread, scissors (paper & fabric), fabric marking pen & basic sewing supplies. Kit Fee: $15.00 (pattern in-
#80 - Flower Pot Pincushion – Cheryl Householder
At last a pincushion you will be proud to display! In this class you will be doing a little sewing, a little gluing & stuffing. A fun way to use up some of
your scraps while creating something very useful. Kit Fee: $8.00
                           Class Descriptions
                          #81 - Crafter’s Images Wall Hanging – Marj Ostermiller
                          Crafter’s Images is computer software that feature several very nice designs that can be printed on paper for scrapbooking &
                          crafting or printed on fabric for quilting, appliqué or embellishing. Marj will show you how to make a quilted, banner style
                          wall hanging on either the serger or sewing machine. These make great, easy gifts!
                          #82 - Mosaic Trivet – Dione Roberts
                          Learn the basics of mosaics by adding glass to a wooden trivet. You’ll use colored glass & tiles on a wooden base to make
                          this trivet you can hang on the wall as a decorator item. You’ll learn the secrets of cutting glass & get instructions on how to
                          grout & finish the project at home. You can nip & cut pieces of glass to make them into fun designs. If you do not wear eye-
                          glasses, please bring safety glasses to class. Kit Fee: $18.00
 - For Our Out of         #83 - “Dream Keepers” w/Embroidery – Gloria Borschowa
  Town Guests -           You are going to love OESD’s new line of Dream Keepers fabric covered boxes & albums! This exciting collection includes
                          jewelry boxes & sewing kits with drawers, keepsake boxes for gifts & treasures, notebooks, frames & memory books. You
   A map & listing of     will embellish them with machine embroidery & EZ Glitz crystals or pearls. You’ll want to make them for yourself, family &
                          friends. Kit Fee: $15.00 (includes precision die-cut cardboard & step-by-step instructions)
    hotels/motels is
                          #84 - Ultra Suede Key Fob – Barbara Trapp
                          Using the latest embroidery machine, you will embroider your own design on ultra suede & turn it into a fun, flower key ring
    Please call the       fob. You will find out the tools to use to take the mystery out of sewing leather like materials. Kit Fee: $18.00
   Yellowstone Co.
                          #85 - Serger Christmas Tree Skirt – Libby Stanhope
 Extension Office at      Serge up a festive tree skirt for the holidays. This serger project is also a great project to incorporate the use of your em-
    406/256-2828          broidery machine or appliqué. The pattern can also be altered to make a table center. This project is perfect for holiday gift
                          giving. Supplies: large eye tapestry needle, fray check, thread snips, small ruler or hem gauge. Kit Fee: $20.00
   Billings Hotel &       #86 - Frequently Asked Questions about Presser Feet – Pat Jennings
Convention Center @       With over 50 different presser feet available, it isn’t always easy to know which foot is for what application. If you have ever
1223 Mullowney Lane       asked yourself “what’s the trick for using this foot?” and “Why can’t I figure it out?” you will want to join Pat for some practi-
                          cal “how to” answers.
      is offering a
     special rate of      #87 - Sewing with Wool - Bernie Mason
                          Wool is a wonderful fabric to sew with. Wool fabric has also seen a lot of changes through the years, making it easier to
     $69.00 + tax.        launder, cooler to wear in the summer & even more versatile than it has been in the past. Bernie will show you all the
 Please state you are     “tricks” so you can also sew with this beautiful fabric.
 with the festival when   #88 - Placemat Handbag – Lauren Rogers
     making your          We’ll make a simply embellished placemat clutch bag. You won’t believe how fast & easy it is. Can you stop at just one?
                          We’ll have samples of other styles to entice you into making more for quick & easy gifts. Unleash your creative side!
     reservations.        Supplies: chalk marker (wheel). Kit Fee: $10.00 (kit includes your embellishments, your placemat & your thread)

                          #89 - Apple Orchard Wall Hanging – Mary Carollo
                          Decorative stitch patterns will add texture & dimension to this basic fabric scene. Layering rows of stitches will produce the
                          look of purchased trim designs. If you love innovative use of stitches, join us in this fun class & experience the new Janome
                          6600 longarm quilting machine. Supplies: scissors, pins & fabric marking pen. Kit Fee: $10.00
                          #90 - Whimsical Wool Notion Case - Anita Clayton
                          Have fun creating & free cutting your own designs to embellish the fanciful but useful sewing case. Ideal to carry along for all
                          your hand sewing projects. Buttonhole stitch, appliqué & other embroidery stitches will be the finishing touch.
                          Supplies: assorted colors of embroidery floss, embroidery needle, scissors (paper & fabric). Kit Fee: $15.00
- Share Your Latest #91 - On Your Mark, Get Set, Sew - Vicky Hamilton
    Creations -     Your sewing & quilting will be much easier when you see how to maximize use of your rulers, marking tools, pencils, pens &
                          many other gadgets. You will see how to speed your cutting, be more accurate & mark your quilts in a variety of ways.
 We would like to have    #92 - Fleece Chenille – Nancy Cornwell            (Same as #33)
 you share your talents
                          #93 - The Pocket Purse – Pat Jennings           (Same as #54)
  with the rest of the
                          #94 - Personalized Mini-Tote – Barbara Trapp
 Festival participants,
                          We will make a mini tote that can be used for those hard to find things in a larger tote or personalize for a child’s “valuable”
   during the Friday,     stuff. Also makes a great gift bag. This bag uses a fat quarter & can be whipped up in a jiffy. Kit Fee: $12.00
  Sept. 29 Lunch &
                          #95 - Perfect Purse Accessories – Margaret Tully
     Style Show.          There is a special accessory for everything you carry in your purse or tote. So why not make a few unique pieces for them.
  If interested please    Using decorative stitches, along with creating a unique embellishment you can create the perfect credit card case & eyeglass
                          case. This class is sure to spark all sorts of creative ideas for accessories. Kit Fee: $10.00
    contact Amy at
 Sewing Center West       #96 - Quilt Design Wizard – Lauren Rogers
                          Quilt Design Wizard is a software for beginning quilters & beginning computer users. It is an inexpensive way for you to try
    406-656-2109          quilt designing on your computer for the first time. If you only need simple pieced blocks, straight/horizontal layouts, on-
                          point layouts & want to play with color, then this software may be for you.

R O C K Y   M O U N T A I N   S E W I N G    &   C R A F T    F E S T I V A L                                                              P A G E   1 0
 Class Descriptions                                                                                                                         P A G E    1 1

#97 - Most Wanted Embroidery Designs – Gloria Borschowa                      (same as #59)
#98 - Victorian Look Christmas Stocking - Anita Clayton
Create a lovely Victorian crazy quilt Christmas stocking without all the fuss of piecing. The fabric makes the difference! We will do some embellish-
ment in class. If you want to do more, the stocking can be finished at home! The amount of glitz is up to you! Supplies: threads for embellishment,
baubles or beads, neutral sewing thread, lace or trims, basic sewing supplies. Kit Fee: $15.00 (pattern included)
#99 - Accessory Bag - Mary Carolla
This handy carry bag will hold those necessary sewing supplies. Learn how to create easy Trapunto with double needle & then add accents using
decorative stitch techniques. You’ll be amazed with your own creativity. Supplies: small embroidery scissors, straight pins & fabric marking pen .
Kit Fee: $10.00
#100 - Shaving Cream Creations – Lauren Rogers
An inexpensive way to dye your own fabrics, make your own motifs & decorate your own quilt blocks. We’ll make a simple block so you learn the
technique. We’ll show different samples for ideas. You may want to wear a “paint shirt” or apron since we’ll be working with permanent dyes.
Kit Fee: $10.00
#101 - Tables Graces - Vicky Hamilton
See how you can dress up your table with quick & easy table runners, placemats & napkins. Learn many techniques including an easy mitered corner
for reversible napkins. Free pattern for simple placemat provided to participants.

                                                                      Susie Balzer
Susie learned to sew at her mother’s knee at the age of six & has been sewing ever since. Apparel sewing was her choice until 1996 when her sister gave
her a challenge to make just “one” quilt, she has discovered a new passion. She has made numerous quilts & is always willing to share her ideas & knowl-
edge. She has worked at Backdoor Quilt Shoppe for the past 3 years.
                                                                    Gloria Borschowa
Gloria, a native of Oregon, has been active in the sewing industry for over 30 years. Her love of learning & willingness to share her knowledge with cus-
tomers has made her a success. She has worked for the past 13 years selling & teaching the use of Bernina sewing machines. When the embroidery ma-
chine was introduced by Bernina a new passion was born & a new area of learning opened with the addition of software; Gloria has become the one cus-
tomers look to for answers. Most recently she has been invited by Oklahoma Embroidery to be an educator & travels throughout the US teaching &
sharing about the exciting world of embroidery & the use of Explorations software.
                                                                    Carol Brown
Carol, Senior Manager of Regional Marketing for Hancock Fabrics has been planning, organizing & presenting programs (amongst other things) for Han-
cock Fabrics for 27 years. Though Carol makes a Chicago suburb her home, her job has her traveling to the western region of the U.S. conducting con-
sumer seminars, training/educating in-store personnel & endorsing products for enjoyment & overall sewing productivity. Her love of the sewing industry
began from being a home economics major/business major in college & continues today. Carol’s fun approach to sewing is contagious!
                                                                        Mary Carollo
Mary has been developing hands on sewing classes, training seminars & software education for many years. Her original creations have been featured in
many sewing publications & PBS television shows. Her classes incorporate the ease of computerized sewing machines & software technology. Mary be-
lieves today’s sewers have the best tools available to express their creativity & individuality through their sewing skills. Her classes are designed to bring
out the creative artist in everyone, using wonderful fabrics & simple techniques & a little imagination.
                                                                       Anita Clayton
Anita has been involved with retail fabrics & crafts for 21 years. She was the manager of Northwest Fabrics & Crafts in Billings Heights, the Craft Depot
& Fiberworks. She is an accomplished quilter with a special talent for hand appliqué.
                                                                         Linda Fisher
Linda Fisher has been a Montana Family & Consumer Science teacher for many years, having taught in Townsend, Rosebud, Billings Central & Sr. High.
The mother of 3, Linda is presently serving as the Beginning Quilt Making instructor for the Lincoln Center Community Ed. program as well as for a local
quilt shop. Sharing her quilt making skills with others is Linda’s passion, especially when watching students’ self confidence grow as their quilt making skills
                                                                        Vicky Hamilton
The Copper Thimble in Miles City sees Vicky Hamilton more than her husband, John, since she is a co-owner in the store. They have 2 children & 1 per-
fectly precious granddaughter. Vicky enjoys people & teaching quilt classes, especially beginning ones. She is also up for the more challenging ones as well.
                                                                         Laura Heine
Laura Heine has been winning quilting awards locally & nationally since she began quilting 21 years ago. In 1994 she won the $10,000 Bernina Award for
her quilt entered in the American Quilter’s Society Competition in Paducah, Kentucky for the best machine workmanship. She teaches a variety of
classes nationally & at her shop, Fiberworks, in Billings. She teaches for the internationally known thread company YLI & her quilts can be found in their
ads & brochures. She is a published writer for Rodale Books & has written her own book Color Fusion. She is a fabric designer for RJR Fabrics. Laura has
a reputation for innovative use of brilliant color & design.
                                                                          Julie Hintt
Julie opened “Beads & Beyond” 3 years ago. Since then she has enjoyed supplying people with the products to make their own jewelry. Julie is self-taught
& enjoys teaching other people skills for making jewelry.
                                                                   Cheryl Householder
This is the 4th year that Cheryl has made the trek from Rapid City, SD to enjoy the Rocky Mountain Sewing & Craft Festival. She is excited to be back.
Cheryl’s experience include, quilting, clothing, home décor & crafting. She is a past Bernina & Janome sales associate & Hancock Fabrics store manager.
Long arm quilting & sewing instructor are her current occupations. Cheryl has a passion for any & all sewing!
                                                                   Pat Jennings
 Pat became an Educator for Bernina of America in 1989, teaching internationally for both consumers and dealers. She was part of the original artista
 sewing/embroidery development team and now directs the artista Portal and the myartista section of the berninausa website. Pat also answers thou-
 sands of consumer questions a year, many of them about computer usage, presser feet and sewing techniques
                                                                         Gail Kellogg
 Love of sewing has brought Gail to her position of Educational Consultant with Husqvarna Viking Distributing Co. Gail finds this position to be a great
 avenue for sharing her knowledge with others & gains much satisfaction from teaching others to create & sew beautiful things. Gail has worked in sewing
 related positions for over 25 years, including retail & education, both adult & high school. Her training includes Margaret Islander’s Industrial Short Cuts,
 Tailoring & Pattern Drafting, seminars in Doll Making & studying with the leading Doll Makers. She is a professional Interior Decorating Consultant & has
 actively worked in the field several years. Gail’s lifetime experiences with sewing include porcelain doll making & antique pattern & costume design.
                                                                        Debbie Kohler
 Debbie discovered her love of fabrics at an early age. With the help of both her grandmothers & her first sewing machine at the age of 13, her love of
 sewing continued. She had the opportunity to work at the Stitchin’ Post in Sisters, Oregon & twice had the fun of working their annual Outdoor Quilt
 Show. After relocating to Billings in 2004, she joined the staff at Backdoor Quilt Shoppe. Her talent & passion for quilting comes through in her quilts.
 She has initiated Tuesday open sewing night & all the fun continues.
                                                                          Lisa Maki
 As a beginner quilter, Lisa Maki has the desire & sewing knowledge to step into the quilting community. However, the overwhelming intimidation factor
 held her back. She was shown a technique by a quilter so she would have an easier time quilting. Lisa wrote patterns for herself & then decided others
 would be interested as well. The technique she will be teaching is fast, simple & perfect.
                                                                  Mary Lou Marchello
 Mary Lou Marchello was introduced to heirloom sewing through a series of smocking classes more than twenty years ago. She has attended the Martha
 Pullen school of Art Fashion in Alabama annually since 1994 & has also studied with Sarah Howard Stone & Gail Doane whose designs are inspiring. Mary
 Lou teaches a monthly heirloom club project at Billings Sewing & Vac which blends the best of machine & hand sewing.
                                                                     Bernice Mason
 A Family & Consumer Sciences Extension Agent for MSU/Yellowstone County, Bernice has her Bachelors in Home Economics Clothing/Textiles & Home
 Economics Education from MSU in Bozeman. She has also completed a Masters of Education. She teaches a variety of classes throughout the state, spe-
 cializing in many areas of sewing & Sewing As A Business. She has sewn since childhood & loves creating a variety of things.
                                                                     Marj Ostermiller
 Marj started sewing in a 4-H program at the age of 9 & has been sewing & teaching classes as a career for the past 20+ years. Her loves include polar
 fleece, denim, denim dyeing, teaching kids sewing lessons, teaching on the recent “hot stuff” in the world of sewing. She yearly attends The Sewing &
 Stitching Expo. In Puyallup, WA. to gather future class ideas. She has been an instructor at the RMSF since it started. She also has 2 children.
                                                                       Dione Roberts
 Dione has been working in stained glass for the past 19 years. She has a degree in art from MSU-Billings. Dione owns & operates D&J’s Glassworks, 502
 Grand Avenue, Billings, Montana, where she teaches all aspects of stained glass, including mosaics, introduction to stained glass & lamp making, as well as
 fusing & slumping. She is also the designer of pattern books for the stained glass industry & her work has been exhibited in several major shows.
                                                                    Lauren Rogers
 Lauren’s involvement with sewing began in 4-H at the age of nine. She has an extensive background of apparel sewing & discovered quilting in 1991. She
 had a longarm quilting business in Colorado for 4 years before moving to Billings in 2002. She is currently a co-owner of Backdoor Quilt Shoppe & con-
 tinues to share her ideas through displays & classes.
                                                                      Elaine Salisbury
 Elaine is co-owner of Backdoor Quilt Shoppe in Billings. She possesses a lifetime love of sewing. She has taught 4-H & taught regionally across Montana
 & Colorado, before coming to Billings. Elaine specializes in quick & easy techniques & would like to share them with you.
                                                                          Cynthia Scott
 Cynthia Scott is a real inspiration to all. She is known for her selection of bold color, good fabric & great design as her favorite ways to express herself.
 It shows in all her sewing projects; whether it’s her colorful quilts, creative clothing or clever home décor. Having won ribbons for her work on both a
 local & national level, she has had her work featured in national publications, books & on PBS TV shows Quilt Central & Kaye’s Quilting Friends.
                                                                    Linda Shelhamer
 An attorney & CPA, mother of four & on-call for elderly parents, Linda epitomizes the “sandwich generation.” Mad about dyeing, spinning & weaving
 after 20+ years, Linda focuses on projects she can complete when distracted or interrupted. Never happy to use other’s yarns or designs, her colorful &
 creative work features “faux hard” techniques.
                                                                     Libby Stanhope
 Libby Stanhope is a native of Bozeman, MT. She is the owner of The Silver Thimble in both Bozeman & Butte. She enjoys working with her customers,
 helping them learn all about sewing products & fabrics. She is married & the mother of three children. Besides work & family she shares her time volun-
 teering for the Boys Scouts in her district & 4-H.
                                                                      Barbara Trapp
 Barbara Wright Trapp is a retired sewing machine sales representative in the Pacific Northwest. You may know her from Billings Sewing & Vac when she
 was there last spring. Barbara has been sewing since her 4-H days. She has taught Home Economics, owned a sewing machine store & taught adult edu-
 cation sewing classes at the community college in Salem, Oregon. After retirement Barbara moved to the family farm in northern Indiana, built a sewing
 studio & does volunteer sewing for the local theatre group & teaches quilting at the Miami Co. museum in Peru, IN.
                                                                      Margaret Tully
 Margaret joined the Baby Lock Education staff in December 2000 bringing with her a wealth of knowledge & experience. Whether it is conducting sew-
 ing/serger classes, running sewing schools or judging sewing competitions, her talents, skills & professionalism shine. Her involvement in the sewing in-
 dustry reaches beyond the love of sewing to holding offices in the Sewing Guild of America & the Smocking Guild, to being part of the faculty of Hancock
 Fabrics & JoAnn Fabrics & finally being a board member of Sewing & Fine Needlework Guild. Her special loves in sewing are heirloom & the serger.
 Margaret is always coming up with a new & exciting technique & always willing to share.

R O C K Y   M O U N T A I N      S E W I N G     &   C R A F T    F E S T I V A L                                                                P A G E    1 2
                               Rocky Mountain Sewing & Craft Festival
                 Thursday, September 28, Friday, September 29 & Saturday, September 30, 2006
                                                   - Metra Park, Lower Level -

Name_______________________________________________ Day Phone (______) _____________________

Street Address______________________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip______________________________________________________________________________

      □ Thursday Only, All Day (includes Lunch)                                                              $ 40.00
      □ Thursday Evening – Nancy Cornwell Presentation & Shopping Event                                      $    5.00
      □ Friday Only, All Day (includes Lunch)                                                                $ 40.00
      □ Saturday Only, All Day (includes Lunch)                                                              $ 40.00
      □ Thursday, Friday & Saturday, Complete Package (includes Lunch all days)                              $110.00
      □ Lunch & Style Show Friday Only                                                                       $ 10.00
      □ Lunch & Style Show Saturday Only                                                                     $ 10.00
      □ Any One Class can be taken for $10.00—*see exception*
                      *Exception: Thursday 1/2 day class is $20. Thursday Full Day class is $40.

     Please write the number of your first, second & third choices for each time slot. Space is limited in all the Hands-On classes.
                           First come, first served. Lecture/Demonstration class registration is limited to 80.
                  Thursday Schedule                                                          Friday Schedule
   Time         1st Choice      2nd Choice        3rd Choice               Time          1st Choice      2nd Choice        3rd Choice
8:30 - 10:00                                                            8:30 - 10:00

10:30 - 12:00                                                          10:30 - 12:00

                    Lunch 12:00 - 1:30                                             Lunch & Style Show 12:00 - 1:30
 1:30 – 3:00                                                             1:30 – 3:00

 3:30 – 5:00                                                             3:30 – 5:00

                  Saturday Schedule                               Schedule

   Time         1st Choice      2nd Choice        3rd Choice
                                                                                       Please make your checks payable to:
8:30 - 10:00                                                                            Rocky Mountain Sewing Festival.
10:30 - 12:00                                                              Mail your check with completed registration form &
                                                                                 Stamped Self-Addressed Envelope to:
          Lunch & Style Show 12:00 - 1:30
                                                                                Yellowstone County Extension Office
 1:30 – 3:00                                                                              P.O. Box 35021
                                                                                         Billings, MT 59107
3:30 – 5:00                                                                           Phone: (406) 256-2828

      •   A Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope is required to enable us to send your confirmation & class tickets
          •  For those classes having a Kit Fee, please bring the exact amount of change at the time of class.
THREE Days of Fun & Creative
        Sewing Ideas !

     Rocky Mountain
  Sewing & Craft Festival
       Thursday, September 28
         Friday, September 29
     Saturday, September 30, 2006
       Metra Park, Lower Metra

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