An Honest Review of 5linx and Globalinx- are they Scam- by iupon13


									?Ok you might be fond of what you are about to read and you might not like it. But I
promise to say nothing but the truth. Is 5lynx another scam? 5linx is not a scam. I
want to be the first to congratulate you if you have joined this company or you are
taking into account joining them. To get a better idea of 5linx business opportunity,
you should consider the company's ownership and their integrity. You should take into
account if the products and services being promoted by 5linx are in hight demand.
Finally, what is the training system for that company? In my opinion, this is or should
be the most important factor in the decision making process., the effectiveness of
5linx training structure should be the chief issue.
5Linx started in 2001. The founders were Mr. Craig Jerabeck, Mr. Jason Guck, and
Mr. Jeb Tyler, Executive. The story is that Jason Guck, Jeb Tyler and Andre Maronian
were business partners in a different telecommunication Network Marketing company.
I have several versions of what really happened between 5linx owners and their
previous telecommunication company.I would rather not write anything about that
topic. If you decide not to join 5linx, the ownership and leadership of the company
should not be the reason.
Talking about the services offered by 5linx, 5linx is better than the bulk of the rest. I
consider service base MLM companies are the best. 5linx while patnering with
globalinx offers Video Phone, and this will be the next big thing in the telecom globe.
5 linx / globalinx also provide residential and commercial phone services. You can
add family plans and inbound international package to this for relatively cheap prices.
5linx also offers cellular services with the major carriers in the telecom industry. 5linx
in addition promote Broadband Homes Security System, Satellite TV (by patnering
with the top satellite carreirs). Lastly, the company offers broadband internet services.
In terms of how sellabele are the services, Its safe to say that everybody that you are
familiar with uses cellphone, television and the internet. Folks pay for these bill
anyway. This is too easy You are basically getting paid whenever your customers pay
their bills EVERY MONTH. No selling of lotion or juice every month to the same
In terms of 5linx compensation plan, without examining it into details, you need to
sign up a lot of folks every month to make money. You cant escape this.Even though
5linx is not a scam and and they are offering good services, you and your team still
need to recruit new partners monthly to really make any meaningful money. The
compensation plan is design in such a way that attaining financial victory can not be
solely reliant on acquiring personal customers. Leverage is the principal concept you
should understand. Don't try to unrealistically emulate the people climb to the top fast.
They are like 0.5% of the total numbers of representatives.
In my opinion, the training system that is put in place by 5linx is not enough to truly
train average folks like you and I to be successful with their opportunity. Giving out
DVD, magazines, doing home meetings, 3ft rule and basicall the old worn out
methods will not get the job done. Do not get me wrong, these approach works for the
topo 1% that makes the money and other MLM companies. So then what happens to
the remaining 99%?
Take advantage of the internet. Have you ever thought about what you will do when
you have no warm market to talk to? Talk to every soul in the mall? I hope not. You
need an Online MLM lead generation system. This is the same system that has help
some of our partners in 5links and other MLM company to climb the ladder faster and
make solid 5-figure income per month. Successful people take action.

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