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An Assessment of the Pro-Bind 2000 Thermal Binding Machine by iupon13


									?Thermal binding is fast, easy, and produces documents that look absolutely great.
You can also create a whole lot of books in a short time if you use a thermal binder
such at the Pro-Bind 2000. It is a professional-grade thermal binding machine that can
bind hundreds of books in just one hour. Here is what good and not so good about the
Pro-Bind 2000.

What's good: The 2000 is perfect if you need to bind lengthy documents. This
machine can bind documents ranging thickness from 1/16" to 2". A document that's
two inches thick can contain up to 400 pages. You documents can also be up to 14.75"
long Operating this device couldn't be easier. If you're producing a hardcover
document, hit the "Hardcover" button. If you're making a softcover book, press the
"Softcover" button instead. This machine binds incredibly fast due to it being a
thermal device. A softcover book can be bound in 30 seconds while a hardcover will
take a minute. When the book has been bound, the machine will beep and turn itself
off, thus saving power. You can bind more than one document at once with the 2000.
Depending on the thickness of your documents, it's feasible to bind up to eight of
them at a time. Since it only takes 60 seconds to bind a hardcover book, it's
completely possible to bind up to 480 of them in a single hour. That makes this
machine perfect for high- volume output. The heating plate is on a 15-degree angle.
While this may not seem like a big deal, it helps keep the paper together better so your
documents are bound more securely. The 2000 has high-quality, all- metal construction
so you can use it for a long time. The circuit board is located away from the heating
unit thus reducing the risk of electrical problems and fire. You can use store-bought
thermal covers with the 2000 (such as GBC Therm-a-Bind covers), as well as your
own custom- made ones. Selecting the right cover is easy because there's a cover
selector guide located on the back of the machine. Finally, this product comes with a
one-year warranty.What's not so good: To finish off your hardcover books, you'll need
to crimp the spine. Doing this requires access to the Pro-Bind Hardback Cover
Crimper, which is sold separately. This isn't the most attractive binding machine in the
world. If looks are important to you, a device such as the stylish Fellowes Helios 30
or 60 thermal binder would be a better choice. Despite its rather bland appearance and
the fact that you'll need to purchase additional equipment if working with hardcovers,
the Pro-Bind 2000 is a great choice if you need a thermal binder that works quickly. It
can bind an unbelievable number of books in a short period of time and it's very easy
to use. If you need professional- looking books in a hurry, the 2000 is what you need.

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