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					                                                             QUESTION PAPER, ERSYY1A MAY, 2010

                                      QUESTION 1 (Multiple choice)
Answer the following questions on the answer sheet provided. (1 Mark each)                 [30]

1.1 The term “C-MOS” has generally come to mean memory where ________ information is stored
       a. IP address                    c. program
       b. user                          d. setup

1.2   The USB, which is a serial bus, transports ________ of data at a time
       a. one bit                       c. eight bits
       b. four bits                     d. sixteen bits

1.3   A replacement mother board must have the same _________ as the case
       a. form factor                   c. mounting screws
       b. weight parameter              d. voltage

1.4   A data path can be ______ bits wide
       a. 16 bits                       c. 64 bits
       b. all the choices are valid     d. 32 bits

1.5   The reason for the offset notch(es) on a memory module is to
       a. mount the memory              c. store the module properly in a box
       b. make installation easy        d. identify the module

1.6    The purpose of EDO memory, compared to other older types is to
       a. operate on low voltage        c. improve access time
       b. upgrade modems                d. double memory size

1.7   The same track number on different platters of a hard drive represents a _________
       a. sector                        c. cylinder
       b. surface                       d. bundle

1.8   With IDE drives ____ formatting is done by the operating system
       a. high- level                   c. factory
       b. low- level                    d. partition

                                                            QUESTION PAPER, ERSYY1A MAY, 2010

1.9    Hard drives store data in _______ form
       a. optical                     c. general
       b. mechanical                  d. magnetic

1.10   A sector on a hard drive is
       a. an entity on its own        c. the smallest unit of storage
       b. a section of a track        d. one word of data

1.11   Inside the hard drive case the actuator _____________
       a. initializes the drive       c. spins the disk
       b. writes data to the disk     d. controls the position of the head

1.12   Popular spindle speed of a fast hard drive is ______.
       a. 200 RPM                     c. 2600 RPM
       b. 7200 RPM                    d. 15200 RPM

1.13   Numeric error messages in the 300 range during boot time of old computers indicate
       a. CPU needs replacement       c. key board problem
       b. floppy drive failure        d. memory fault

1.14   Dot matrix printers use ________ to transfer ink to the paper
       a hammers                      c. perforated drum
       b. gears                       d. dots

1.15   The cleaning step in a laser printer prepares the ________ for printing the next page
       a. paper                       c. toner
       b. drum                        d. lens

1.16   The conditioning step in a laser printer involves
       a. heating the drum                              c. preparing the paper
       b. putting electrical charge on the drum         d. transferring toner

1.17   One disadvantage of inkjet printers is _______ when using inexpensive or shiny paper
       a. poor resolution             c. slow printing
       b. ink smudging                d. overheating

                                                            QUESTION PAPER, ERSYY1A MAY, 2010

1.18   What colours are used in a colour inkjet printer?
       a. Cyan                        c. Yellow
       b. Magenta                     d. All of the above

1.19 Printers that use chemically treated paper.
       a. thermal                     c. inkjet
       b. dot matrix                  d. laser

1.20 A printer that is used by a number of interconnected computers
       a. local                       c. general purpose
       b. laser                       d. network

1.21 How many PCI slots can normally be found on the BTX mother board ?
       a. 5                           c. up to 9
       b. Up to 7                     d. Maximum 3

1. 22 The ATX mother board has a single _______ power connector
       a. 40 pin                      c. 20 pin
       b 22 pin.                      d. P2

1.23 The PCI bus contains _______ to power up chips on expansion boards
       a. batteries                   c. sockets
       b. power lines                 d. extenders

1.24 168 pin SDR ram modules have _______ notches on the edge connector
       a. plenty                      c. two
       b. three                       d. deep

1.25 DDR2 memory is ________ than DDR memory and uses less power
       a. older                       c. faster
       b. slower                      d. less secure

1.26 Clusters are physically fixed areas on a _________
       a. back plane                  c. power supply
       b. bundle of wires             d. hard drive platter

                                                             QUESTION PAPER, ERSYY1A MAY, 2010

1.27 Hard drive capacity per platter depends mainly on the ___________
       a. spindle speed                 c. thickness of the platter
       b. voltage to the drive          d. number of sectors and tracks

1.28   Inkjet printers make use of a movable print head containing _______ through which ink is
       forced to squirt on the paper.
       a. holes                         c. lines
       b. rollers                       d. drums

1.29 One dot printed by a dot matrix printer represents one ______ in the printed image
       printed by the printer
       a. drop if ink                   c. object
       b. letter                        d. pixel

1.30 The advantage of inkjet printers is _________
       a. drying time                   c. colour printing
       b. light weight                  d. cheap ink

                                              QUESTION 2
2.1 Define or clarify the following terms in one short sentence:                                  [5]
       (a) Byte
       (b) Word
       (c) Form factor
       (d) Function of a bus
       (e) Purpose of an IP address

2.2 Draw a block diagram showing the internal components of a CPU:                                [5]
Hint: One of the components is an arithmetic logic unit (ALU).

                                                             QUESTION PAPER, ERSYY1A MAY, 2010

                                            QUESTION 3
3.1 Identify the labeled mother board components in the picture (Fig 3.1.1) then match them with the
most likely word or phrase on answer sheet 2 by using the appropriate letters.                 [10]

                                     Fig 3.1.1 ATX Motherboard

3.2 Identify the network components in figure 3.2.1 then match them with the most likely word or
phrase on answer sheet 2 by using the appropriate letters.                                     [8]

                                    Fig 3.2.1 Network components

                                                           QUESTION PAPER, ERSYY1A MAY, 2010

3.3 Identify the ports in figure 3.3.1 then match them with the most likely word or phrase on answer
sheet 2 by using the appropriate letters. Some of the phrases may be those that are traditionally
engraved on the back plane of desktop computers.                                                    [11]

                                               Fig 3.3.1 Ports

                                               QUESTION 4
4.1 You are busy with the design of a computer laboratory for students. Estimate the power
requirements for the list of equipment in fig 4.1.1. The Eskom line voltage is 220V AC.
Show all calculations clearly for each item.                                                        [6]

                                                          QUESTION PAPER, ERSYY1A MAY, 2010

          Item                      Quantity        Curre nt        Powe r
                                                    consumption     consumption    in
                                                    in Ampere       Watt
          Monitor                   20              2.0             ?
          Printer                   3               1.0             ?
          Scanner                   1               0.5             ?
          Desktop and associated 20                 ?               400

                        Fig 4.1.1 List of equipment for the computer laboratory

                                   QUESTION 5 (Long question)

Recommended time for this question is 60 minutes.                                              [30]
You may use any knowledge, any information and your own creative ideas acquired during the
semester to answer question 5.

The question
   As the newly appointed technician in the computer workshop you receive a defective personal
   computer system for repairs. Included are the desktop, keyboard, mouse, printer and monitor along
   with all the connecting cables. After analysing the symptoms and completing the trouble shooting
   chart describe the repair process of the given computer.

The symptoms:
The following symptoms were observed when connecting all the cables and then switching on the
printer, monitor and the computer desktop:
    All power indicator lights are on, indicating that the monitor, printer and desktop computer
       receive mains power
    BIOS information appears on the screen
    Memory test runs to completion
    Other noises from the desktop unit indicate that the CPU and power supply fan is operating
    The Windows XP logo appears on the screen
    The XP load indicator stops moving in its little window. No further action takes place.

                                                        QUESTION PAPER, ERSYY1A MAY, 2010

Suggested headings to be used in your description:
    Preliminary tasks
      (Things to be done after receiving the computer system)
    Preparation of workspace
      (Some general guidelines)
    Tools list
      (In case a component inside the desktop needs to be replaced, list the tools that would be
    Precautions
      (Before working on components inside the desktop)
    Findings from the chart
      (Your best guess as to what the problem may be)
    Repairs
      (What you will do to repair the computer)

                                                            QUESTION PAPER, ERSYY1A MAY, 2010

                          Assessment sheet for question 5 rubric
Include in script, for official use only.
      ATTENTION to learner:
      If not already printed on the back of answer sheets 1 or 2, then include this page along with
      answer sheet 1 and answer sheet 2 in your script.

       CRITERIUM             Score=2           Score=4                Score=6                  Score=8
                        Too many gaps.     Few gaps                    Few gaps                Excellent
                        Incoherent         Understandable           Good knowledge        Exceed requirements


                             Use content   Use Relevant content   Relevant content with   Applies content for
                                                                  understanding           new understanding

      Content &

                        M ostly unclear    Some clear                M ost clear and      Clear, relevant with
                                                                        relevant          reasons given


      Choose one block in each row above

      Rubric score (Max = 24)                           _______

      Chart score   (Max = 6):                          _______