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Among the free web proxies

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					?It is good to know that public free proxy servers are good to use because of the three
big reasons as follows:

First of all, these public proxy servers provide a different way of distributing
efficiently the network traffic in real time. Their fast response to the people needs of
browsing makes the proxy servers a more and more common browsing choice. You
might wonder what happens when a large number of persons would like to watch the
same movie, the same show or even a simple web page at the same time. The fact is
that if these persons will use the proxy servers the net traffic will be consistently
reduce. This is the cause of the developed technology for these proxy servers. The
phenomenon consists like it follows: if a person opens a web page through a proxy
server the received information will be stored in a so called database known as cache.
This stored information will be available for further usage for all the users of the
proxy servers. This will lead to faster browsing and less direct connections.

The second good thing that we have to remember about these free web proxies is that
they developed a way to avoid censors. Some internet providers do not agree with
some users and might band them but that will be no problem if proxy servers are used.

The third and most important thing about the free web proxies is that they action just
like a firewall. It is recommended to browse the internet through these proxy servers
because they do not give any information about you, your IP, or your ID, things that
are sufficient for the usage of hacking tools. It gets to a strange conclusion that tells us
that the same technology that helps hackers is turned against them.

As an advice for persons that are blocked in their attempt to surf the web we might
say that they should search for proxies that are not known by censors. It is also
recommended that you find your own proxy and common proxy port numbers such as
3128 or 8000. Web meetings, that just happen to act as proxies along with proxy
portals might also be a solution.

It is also true that there are not enough public proxy servers so they can not be always
truly useful, but we have to say that there are many private proxy serves used as
gateways/concentrators for outside traffic.

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