; America's Next Top Model Host Fires Manager - Competition series
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America's Next Top Model Host Fires Manager - Competition series


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									?Reality competition series host Tyra Banks of CW's America's Next Top Model has
recently cut professional strings with her manager, Benny Medina.

Medina said in a joint statement that his company, Handprint Entertainment, will no
longer be handling Banks' career, however, he is positive that the two will still work
together in future efforts.

"Tyra Banks is a highly regarded artist, entrepreneur and producer, and I respect her
vision for developing her own bankable brand," said the joint statement. "Tyra and
Handprint Entertainment look forward to the opportunity to work together on existing
or new ventures. This is a great thing for everyone involved."

Telepictures, which syndicates Tyra Banks' talk show, had a source talk to New York
Daily News and said that the 33-year-old former supermodel cut ties with Medina
because she was tired of his suggestions and demands.

"His perk list is bigger than hers. Everything from private jets and votive candles that
the staff has to light before he gets to the set. He forgot who the star was," the source

However, a representative of the same company countered these arguments by saying
that Medina will still be part of Banks' career.

"We have a good relationship with Benny, and we appreciate his contributions to the
show. He will continue as an executive consultant on the show," the representative

On another note, other reports say that Banks' new boyfriend, investment manager
John Utendahl, had something to do with Medina's firing. A close friend of Banks
denied these speculations.

"John had nothing to do with this," the friend said. An extreme and exceptional
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easier for the customer.

Parting ways with her manager did not have a negative effect on the former
supermodel's career as her successful reality series, America's Next Top Model, has
been renewed for at least six more cycles. Moreover, her talk show, Tyra, will be
premiering its new season on September 10.

The ninth cycle of America's Next Top Model will be aired on September 19, with an
hour long premiere, as opposed to the previous seasons' two hour premiere episodes.
The network decided to cut it off to make way for the series debut of Gossip Girl.
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