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					?I aim to become the president of my country. I have the object of becoming the
greatest scientist. I will one day be the richest person in the world. I aim to and so
goes the list of ambitions of people. Nobody remembers that the final goal for each
one of us is going back to earth. Let us talk more about ambitions.

Are ambitions good or bad? This is difficult to answer, isn't it? To be an ambitious
person must be very good. With ambitions a person strives to achieve a great feat.
Few of us have very big ambitions and few very small. It all depends on our
contentment. What will make us feel happy? What will make us feel worthy, and what
will make us feel powerful? It's all about what we want from life. If you want money
at any cost, you will compromise with all other values and try to make more money.
But if your ambition is to become an honest person and live a God fearing life, no
amount of money can attract you to do any wrongs.

Ambitions therefore depend upon our character, culture, mental makeup, outlook,
values and so on. Till our ambitions don't trouble others it is ok. If by achieving our
goals, we make others happy, that is still better. But if our ambitions hurt others, we
must revisit our thinking and redefine our ambitions. You may like to view some
screensavers that describe subjects such as goals etc. Please click Purpose Of Life and
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