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									                                                                                                   P.O. Box 1331
                                                                                 Lake Havasu City, Arizona 86405
                                                                                            Phone: 928-854-2355
                                                                                E-Mail: ryan@ryanspeakman.com
                Ryan Speakman                                                   Web: http://www.ryanspeakman.com

Web Application Developer
13+ Years Progressive IT Experience


To establish a long-term relationship with a company or consulting firm, or alternatively to consolidate a
contract position, wherein my skills, knowledge, and experience in Web-based application development,
intranet/extranet development, and e-commerce may be utilized.

Technical Skill Summary

      5+ years experience in Microsoft .NET development, including ASP.NET 2.0, VisualBasic.NET
       (VB.NET), ADO.NET and SQL Server 2005 (including all versions back to 6.5)

      Foundational .NET experience (13+ years) in Active Server Pages (Classic ASP, including VBScript &
       JavaScript), Visual Basic 5.0/6.0 (VB), Microsoft SQL Server 6.5/7.0/2000/2003/2005, PHP, MySQL,
       DTS, HTML, MTS Component Model (Microsoft Transaction Server) / COM (Common Object Model) /
       COM+, SQL / Transact-SQL, Windows Server 2003 (including all versions back to Windows NT Server
       4.0), Internet Information Server (IIS) / Internet Services Manager, ActiveX Data Objects (ADO),
       relational database design and development, data transformation, ICVerify / CyberCash / iBill / iPay /
       PayPal / Authorize.net (e-commerce integration)

      Visual Studio, Visual InterDev, ActiveX, Crystal Reports 8.5, ASPCharge, ASPImage, ASPUpload,
       ASPMail, Graphics Server 5.0, activePDF, Visual C++, Java, Delphi 3 Client/Server (Object Pascal),
       Visual Fax, Visual Voice, OpenGL, multiple database platforms, XML, XSL, C#

      Integrated Web site development, including design and development of Web-based database
       applications, e-commerce, e-business/e-service, intranet/extranet development, system
       integration/conversion, general software programming

Condensed Portfolio                                                                        January 1995 – Present

      Dynamic Traders Group – 2/1998 - Present
       As independent contractor, developed extranet for Dynamic Traders Group, a Tucson-based investment
       consulting firm. System includes sophisticated administrative site, fully integrated e-commerce system,
       subscription system, client services (customized newsgroup, peer locator system, chat), marketing
       capabilities, etc. Development process included conversion of in-house LAN-based system to Web-
       based application, including total consolidation of all databases and data (Paradox to SQL Server). .NET
       (ASP.NET, VisualBasic.NET, ADO.NET), Classic ASP, SQL Server 2000 (Transact-SQL), FrontPage,
       DTS, IIS, MTS, Windows 2000, ActiveX, COM, Visual Basic 6.0, CyberCash, XML, C#, HTML.

      SouthwesternMall.com – 3/1998 - Present
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    Conceptualized, designed, and developed SouthwesternMall.com, a fully integrated e-commerce
    application that comprises a sophisticated Web-based specialty mall. Includes sophisticated
    administrative areas for administrators and merchants. Classic ASP, SQL Server 7.0/2000 (Transact-
    SQL), FrontPage, IIS, MTS, Windows NT 4.0/2000 Server, ActiveX, COM, Visual Basic 5.0,
    ICVerify/CyberCash/iBill/iPay, .NET (ASP.NET, VB.NET, ADO.NET).

   Gould Intelligent – 2/2007 - Present
    As consultant for Gould Intelligent, assisted on various projects, including Web interface development for
    Arizona Board of Tax Appeals and Maricopa County Department of Puplic Health. Also created a simple
    data submission system for Advanced Surgical Associates. .NET (ASP.NET, VisualBasic.NET), HTML.

   eCareerCenter – 12/2004 - Present
    As independent contractor, developed Web-based career consultation business. Site offers various
    member services, including chat-based strategy sessions and message-based consulting. Services
    purchased via e-commerce component. System includes Web-based administrative area that facilitates
    simple management of site content, clients, transactions, etc. .NET (ASP.NET, VisualBasic.NET,
    ADO.NET), SQL Server 2000 (Transact-SQL), FrontPage, iPay, HTML.

   First Web, Inc. – 2/2006 – Present
    As independent contractor, assisted First Web with various projects (First Web clients), including on-line
    car dealership sites, a community Web system, and an on-line trading Web site. PHP, MySQL, .NET
    (ASP.NET, VisualBasic.NET, ADO.NET), SQL Server 2005 (Transact-SQL), FrontPage, HTML.

   Parade of Homes TV – 3/2005 - Present
    As independent contractor, developed Web site for Parade of Homes TV (a weekly television showcase
    of homes for sale) that includes Web-based broadcasts of weekly television program converted to
    Windows Media format. .NET (ASP.NET, VisualBasic.NET, ADO.NET), SQL Server 2000 (Transact-
    SQL), HTML, Microsoft Windows Media Encoder 9 Series.

   Celebrations of Hope – 2/2004 - Present
    Developed dynamic content Web site (managed via private Administrative Area) that includes shopping
    cart, e-commerce and broadcast e-mailing functionality. Active Server Pages (Classic ASP), SQL Server
    2000 (Transact-SQL), IIS, Windows 2003, HTML.

   USHBA – 6/2006 – 1/2007
    As consultant for OneSource, a Phoenix-based I.T. development firm, developed Web application for
    USHBA (United States Hispanic Business Association) in cooperation with another developer. System
    includes sophisticated administrative area for managing content; member signup and management
    system; dynamic calendar; content search functionality; and e-magazine creation and delivery system.
    PHP, phpAdmin, MySQL.

   PDRTV.com – 6/2005 – 2/2006
    As independent contractor, developed Web-based petition system, dynamic content and simple e-
    commerce system for PDRTV.com, a medical education site. .NET (ASP.NET, VisualBasic.NET,
    ADO.NET), SQL Server 2000 (Transact-SQL), HTML.

   Hospice of Havasu – 12/2005 – 2/2006
    As independent contractor, developed Web-based administrative area to allow in-house administrators to
    easily manage various types of dynamic Web content on public site. .NET (ASP.NET, VisualBasic.NET,
    ADO.NET), SQL Server 2000 (Transact-SQL), HTML.

   AdsPay USA – 8/2005 – 1/2006
    As independent contractor, developed local advertising Web site (includes multiple markets) in
    cooperation with in-house designers. Responsible for all back-end programming, including database
    design and development; public coupon access system; advertiser content management and ad-proofing
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    system; and Web-based administrative area for top-level administrators of site content and general
    business management. .NET (ASP.NET, VisualBasic.NET, ADO.NET), SQL Server 2000 (Transact-
    SQL), HTML.

   Site Location Quest – 5/2005 – 7/2005
    As independent contractor, developed for Info-Bahn, Inc. a prototype Web-based application to facilitate
    research, contact and transactions among municipalities, corporations, real estate professionals and
    others engaged in selling, locating and purchasing land for various types of business facilities. .NET
    (ASP.NET, VisualBasic.NET, ADO.NET), SQL Server 2000 (Transact-SQL), HTML.

   ILX Resorts – 10/2003 - 8/2004
    As a consultant representing Nakoma Group, functioned as member of team that developed Web-based
    business management application for ILX Resorts, a Phoenix, Arizona-based resort properties firm.
    System covers a wide range of customer and data management, from CRM to loan processing. .NET
    (ASP.NET, VisualBasic.NET, ADO.NET), SQL Server 2000 (Transact-SQL), DTS, HTML.

   Compunet Credit Services – 4/2000 – 5/2004
    As independent contractor, developed e-commerce delivery system for CompuNet Credit Services, Inc.
    (now First Advantage), a Lake Havasu City-based credit information provider for the trucking industry.
    System includes real-time credit card transaction processing, dynamic report searching capabilities, real-
    time report generation (HTML to PDF), and instant e-mail delivery. Active Server Pages (Classic ASP),
    SQL Server 7.0, Visual Basic 5.0, IIS, MTS, Windows NT 4.0, COM, ICVerify, ASPCharge, activePDF,
    ABMailer. Also, converted telephony-based fax request system from Win95/Visual Basic 4.0/Novell/text-
    based reporting to WinNT/Visual Basic 6.0/SQL Server 7.0/TIFF-based reporting. Conversion included
    several-generation upgrade of Visual Voice and Visual Fax (Artisoft). Most recently, completed
    sophisticated data presentation project that includes a proprietary XML-generation engine (conversion of
    SQL Server 2000 [Transact-SQL] data); .NET (ASP.NET, VisualBasic.NET, ADO.NET), XML/XSLT,

   Curriculum Advantage – 5/2003 – 10/2003
    As independent contractor, developed Web-based content management component of broad educational
    software application for Curriculum Advantage, a Los Angeles-based educational software development
    firm. Classic ASP, SQL Server 2000, Visual Basic 6.0, ActiveX, COM, IIS, MTS, Windows 2000.

   Lake Havasu High School – 8/2002 – 5/2003
    As independent contractor, developed sophisticated, database-driven Web site for Lake Havasu High
    School. System includes top-level administration site and faculty management site. Active Server Pages
    (Classic ASP), SQL Server 2000 (Transact-SQL), Visual Basic 6.0, IIS, MTS, Windows 2000, COM,

   Vivendi Universal – 1/2001 – 12/2001
    As independent contractor, contributed to development of large-scale multimedia instructional software
    for Vivendi Universal, an international educational and multimedia software company. My contribution
    included development of several dozen Crystal Reports for integration into software; transformation of
    spreadsheet data into SQL Server database; and development of Web-based tool used to relate various
    data components. Crystal Reports 8.5, SQL Server 2000 (Transact-SQL), Excel 2000, Active Server
    Pages (Classic ASP), Visual Basic 6.0, IIS, MTS, Windows 2000, COM, HTML.

   Diversified Human Resources – 11/1999 – 11/2003
    As a consultant representing Metro Information Services, developed integrated Web-based application for
    Diversified Human Resources, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based employee management firm. System allows
    employees to access a wide array of financial services, and gives managers dynamic management and
    real-time reporting capabilities. Active Server Pages (Classic ASP), SQL Server 2000 (Transact-SQL),
    Visual Basic 6.0, IIS, MTS, Windows 2000, COM, HTML.

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   Coach-Net – 10/2000 – 5/2001
    As independent contractor, developed sophisticated Web-based community for Coach-Net, a national
    provider of services for RV and classic car owners. System integrates existing client data and integrates
    an e-commerce component to enable on-line membership payment functionality. Includes account
    management capabilities, on-line forum, trip planner, highly sophisticated personal Web site builder, and
    Web-based administrative area for simplified management of system. Active Server Pages (Classic
    ASP), SQL Server 2000 (Transact-SQL), Visual Basic 5.0, IIS, MTS, Windows 2000, COM, CyberCash,
    ASPCharge, ABMailer, HTML.

   JDA Software – 1/1999 – 3/1999
    As independent contractor, assisted Scottsdale-based JDA Software Group, Inc., in Web-based database
    integration efforts. Classic ASP, Visual Basic 5.0, SQL Server 6.5 (Transact-SQL), HTML.

   Card Meter Systems – 3/1998 – 6/1998
    As independent contractor, developed Web-based database management front end for network-based
    resource management system for Card Meter Systems, a Tucson-based solutions provider to Xerox
    Corporation. Active Server Pages (Classic ASP), SQL Server 7.0 (Transact-SQL), Visual Basic 5.0, IIS,
    MTS, Windows NT 4.0, COM, HTML.

   FinanCenter – 4/1998 – 9/1998
    As independent contractor, converted existing CGI-based financial calculator system to COM-based
    system for FinanCenter, a Tucson-based corporation. Active Server Pages (Classic ASP), Microsoft
    Transaction Server, Windows NT 4.0, ActiveX, Common Object Model, Visual C++.

   Omnipoint Communications – 11/1997 – 1/1999
    As consultant for Reliant Ventures, Inc., designed and developed large-scale, database-driven project
    management intranet system for Omnipoint Corporation (now T-Mobile), an East Coast-based Fortune
    40 cellular phone service provider. This system is designed to assist the client in developing its digital
    cellular telephone network in large portions of the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania markets.
    Developed several key concepts, including a system that drives workflow in the cell site-building process.
    System includes a site data management area; tracking and scheduling area; notification (e-mail and
    paging) sub-system; prioritizing function; reporting capabilities; team assignment capability; mapping and
    document-management sub-systems; interactive flow-charts; user feedback sub-system; staff directory;
    and an intensive administrative area wherein non-technical persons are able to administer system.
    Designed on the Windows NT 4.0 platform (including SQL Server 6.5 [Transact-SQL], Internet
    Information Server, and Transaction Server), and utilizes Classic ASP (including VBScript and
    JavaScript), Visual Basic 5.0, the MTS Component Model, and HTML.

   Thunderbird, Garvin School of International Management – 1/1995 – 11/1997
    Lead developer on team that established Web presence and technical infrastructure for Thunderbird, The
    American Graduate School of International Management. Participated in the specification of site
    hardware and software and in the development of site content; principally responsible for development of
    Web-based applications. Designer and developer of Thunderbird's Alumni Locator and Faculty Web
    (respectively, a database-driven, voluntary peer location system; and a faculty support area wherein
    faculty can, among other things, create dynamic Web content for courses by means of a simple, menu-
    driven, Web-based interface). Led team responsible for training Thunderbird faculty in the use of the
    Faculty Web. Designed on the Windows NT 4.0 platform (including SQL Server 6.5 [Transact-SQL],
    Internet Information Server, and Transaction Server), and utilize IIS model, Classic ASP (including
    VBScript and JavaScript), Delphi 3.0 Client/Server, and HTML.

   Designer, developer, and maintainer of multiple Web sites for clientele ranging from art galleries and
    restaurants to a facilities management firm and an oil facilities construction company. The focus in most
    cases was on Web-based commerce. In this capacity, designed and developed unique, data-driven
    catalog/shopping basket system (Classic ASP-based) that includes a password-protected administrative
    area wherein site owners with no technical skills (beyond ability to function in browser environment) are
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       able to fully manage and maintain system. Additionally, functioned as marketing consultant on some

Academic Background

Microsoft® Certified Solution Developer                                                               Pending

Borland Delphi 3 Client/Server             Certification                                            Sep 1997

Thunderbird, A.G.S.I.M.                    Master of Business Administration                        Aug 1997
Glendale, Arizona                          GPA: 3.6

University of Arizona                      Bachelor of Arts, International Relations                May 1995
Tucson, Arizona                            GPA: 4.0

University of World Languages              Certificate of Completion, Russian & Kazakh              Dec 1994
Almaty, Kazakhstan                         GPA: 4.0

Yavapai College                            General Education                                        May 1992
Prescott, Arizona                          GPA: 4.0

Ohlone College                             Associate of Arts, Computer Science/Programming          May 1991
Fremont, California                        GPA: 4.0

Academic Achievements

      1996 Recipient, Presidential Scholarship (highest scholarship offered), Thunderbird
      1995 Graduated from University of Arizona summa cum laude (4.0 GPA) and with special honors
      1995 Recipient, Aubrey Lippencott Scholarship, University of Arizona
      1994 Recipient, Samantha Smith Memorial Scholarship, University of Arizona / University of World
       Languages (full scholarship to study/conduct research in Kazakhstan [former Soviet Republic])
      President's List and Honors Roll, Yavapai College - All semesters attended
      Dean's List, Ohlone College - All semesters attended

Foreign Language Proficiencies

      Russian                       Advanced
      Mandarin Chinese              Intermediate
      Kazakh (Indo-Turkic)          Conversational

Professional References

       Jeff Fleming, President
       13564 N. 103rd Street
       Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
       Phone: 480-703-7133

       Robert Miner, President
       Dynamic Traders Group, Inc.

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P.O. Box 772885
Steamboat Springs, CO 80477
Phone: 970-819-0121

Rudolf Korv, Web Designer
Master Designs Online
2178 McCulloch Blvd.
Lake Havasu City, Arizona 86403
Phone: 928-846-3177

Linda Zhang, President
ZS Quality, Inc.
1900 E. Ocean Blvd., #1015
Long Beach, California 90802
Phone: 310-533-3435

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