Necklace by mikesanye


                                                                                                                        Needlework Accessory

                                                                                                                       Ready-to-                       13 Styles!


                                                                                                                     Hand made glass
                                                                                                                      beads and 24                 Sapphire
4408                                                                                                                  kt gold-plated               Twist
                                                                                                                     accents. Perfect
                                                                                                                       for use with
                                                                                                                      Clover thread
                                    4438                                                                             cutter pendants
                                                                                                                      or embroidery
                                                                                                                         scissors.                                 Jade
                                                                                                                    Hand made glass beads and 24
                                                                                                                    kt gold-plated accents.
       4442                                                                                                         Accessory Necklace (pendant


                                                                                                                    not included)
                                                                                                                    2888 Blue Skies Twist
                                                                             Beaded Scissor                         2874 Cinnamon Taffy

Scissor Tails                                                                Fobs                                   2879 Chocolate Sprinkles
                                                                                                                    7885 Clear Ice
Your friends will oohh and aahh over this fun way to attach your             Pretty and unusual glass               7875 Ebony Swirl
embroidery scissors to your tote or organizer. Eye-catching beaded           beads decorate these fun                                                                     Ebony Swirl
                                                                             hand-beaded scissors fobs.             7879 Flame
chatelaine with a lobster clasp on each end, a lanyard, and a key
ring allows you to loop the rope around the handle of your bag or            Lobster claw clasp will fit most       7889 Jade
wear as a chatelaine necklace so your scissors (or cell phone) are           embroidery scissors. Each is           7881 Onyx Wave
close at hand. 27” long. Scissors point protector included (scissors         about 5” long. Be sure to add          7883 Sapphire Twist
not included). From Yarn Tree.                                               one or all to your stitching stash.
                                                                             From Yarn Tree.                        2886 Sunny Enchantment
4408 Jet                                                                                                            2872 Topaz Dream
                                                                             4476 Mandy
4416 Amethyst                                                                                                       2882 Wild Ebony
                                                                             4480 Belle
4431 Ruby                                                                                                           2876 Wisp of Amethyst
                                                                             4487 Corrie
4438 Sunrise                                               $.00            4491 Julie                                                $17.00        Clear Ice
4419 Millefiori 1                                                                                      $1.00
4442 Millefiori 2                                                                                                  Onyx Wave


Needlework                                                                   Thread Cutter
Finishing Forms                       Finishing                                                                      Chocolate

Quickly finish your ornaments         Stands                                 Pendant                                 Sprinkles
in minutes! Mount your                Clever new finishing idea              This charming pendant is
needlework on one, backing            from Flying Needles. Simply            designed with a sharp circular
fabric on the other; lace or glue     add a pocket to the back of your       blade inside so threads can be
together and trim. Packed in 6        stitched piece and slip the acrylic    cut using any of the grooves.
sets of 2 each. Step by step          stand into it to create a stand-up     1¼” diameter. From Clover                                                Blue Skies
instructions included. From           design. Great for mini pillows,        Needlecraft.
Flying Needles.                       needle rolls, etc. Small stand is      3104 Antique Gold Pendant                                                                      Topaz Dream
3262 2.5” Round              6.00     2” high; tall stand is 4” high. Four   2416 Antique Silver Pendant
                                                                                                                                       Wisp of
3263 3” Round                6.00     stands in a package.                                              $7.6                          Amethyst
3264 3.5” Round            12.00      8639 2” Small stands, pk 4                                                    Wild Ebony
                                                                             8785 Yarn Cutter Pendant,
3265 4” Round              12.00      8663 4” Tall stands, pk 4                   Antique Gold
3266 1.75” x 2.75” Oval 12.00                                  $15.0                                   $8.4
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