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									Bulldog Reporter’s PR University presents a new Master Class webinar

The ROI of PR Creativity: Unlocking Great Ideas to
Boost Visibility, Impact and Engagement
                                               How valuable would it be to your organization if you knew how to
                  REGISTER                     consistently generate breakthrough creative PR campaign ideas that
                                               capture the imagination of millions and dramatically boost the ROI of
                                               your messaging? How would you like to learn the secrets of guiding
                                               and inspiring your team to brainstorm blockbuster PR events, offers,
     PURCHASE ON DEMAND                        and messages day in and day out?

Event Info:                                    Victoria Lozano, VP, Marketing, Crayola LLC
                                               Rich Lukis, President, Coyne Public Relations
DATE: Thursday, April 7, 2011
(Also Available On Demand)
                                               Reasons to Attend This Event:
                                               No matter what aspect of marketing you practice—PR, social media,
11AM MDT; 10AM PDT                             advertising or even internal communications—being creative is part of your
                                               DNA . . . and your job description. We’re not accountants—we’re the
COST: $299 per registrant
                                               people our organizations and clients look to for fresh ideas, inspiring
(registration includes one (1) dial-           campaigns and, most of all, breakthrough results. In other words, the C-
in code and one (1) log-in code)               suite expects a return on investment from its marketing team…or else.

TO REGISTER: Click here or call                But how many times have you stared at a blank screen, whiteboard or
                                               sheet of paper without a fresh idea in your head? This is the paradox of
                                               the creativity business: We’re paid to be creative, but quickly generating
                                               lots of fresh ideas often turns out to be much harder than it ought to be.

                                               News flash: Creativity doesn’t have to be a burden. In fact, it can and
                                               should be a joy. In fact, master PR practitioners have discovered methods
 BULLDOG REPORTER’S                            for generating boatloads of sparkling new, breakthrough ideas, with a
                                               minimum of effort and a maximum of ROI (and fun!). You and your team
                                               can do it, too . . . if you have the right tools, tactics and tips.

                                               Join PR University for a webinar designed to help you and your staff unlock
                                               your inner creative genius. You’ll learn practical methods for
                                               building an atmosphere, culture and methodology that
                                               support creative marketing and PR. You’ll also learn how
                                               to convince management that creative ideas aren’t
                                               dangerous, but rather should be prized.

What You’ll Learn:                                             management or clients (especially if
                                                               you’re pitching a non-traditional idea to
● What really constitutes creativity—and how to start          traditional execs)
mining all the great creative ideas you and your team have
                                                               ● Breaking down barriers—how to create a culture of
● Tips, tricks and secrets of generating great ideas: Tools    creativity that gives your shop or department a clear
you can use right away to be much more creative . . . yes,     advantage over competitors
                                                               ● The rules of successful brainstorming sessions—how to
● Creativity 2.0: Why being creative is even more              prepare the room, participants and materials for superior,
important now that we are all online 24/7, and how to use      innovative sessions
your new creative ideas to stand out on the Web
                                                               ● Dealing with naysayers, roadblockers and buzzkillers:
● Systematic approaches to creativity: Methodologies and       Proven techniques and tactics for neutralizing the
practical steps to help you brainstorm bold, big ideas that    inevitable negativity that always seems to be a part of the
generate clicks, retweets and coverage                         brainstorming and creativity process . . . but doesn’t have
● How to sell edgy, creative ideas to conservative             to be
Bulldog Reporter’s PR University presents a new Master Class webinar

The ROI of PR Creativity: Unlocking Great Ideas to
Boost Visibility, Impact and Engagement
About the Presenters:
            Victoria Lozano is currently Vice President of Marketing at Crayola LLC. In her role, she is responsible for
            the leadership of all marketing efforts for Crayola, including management of the existing business, new
            product development, consumer advertising and promotions, education marketing, market research and
            brand licensing. Victoria leads a diverse team of 42 business professionals located at the company's
            headquarters in Easton, PA and across the country. Prior to her position at Crayola, Victoria was Vice
President of Marketing at Cadbury North America. She was responsible for the leadership of the $1.2B Gum and Mints
Portfolio across the United States and Canada. Victoria led the overall marketing of brands such as Trident, Dentyne,
Stride, Bubblicious and Certs, to name a few. In this role, she led a team of 22 marketing professionals based at the
company’s headquarters in Parsippany, NJ, as well as in Toronto, Canada. Prior to Cadbury, Victoria held various
marketing positions with increasing degrees of responsibility with Fortune 500 companies such as the Miller Brewing
Company, Warner-Lambert Company and Pfizer, Inc.

            As President of Coyne Public Relations, Rich Lukis provides overall corporate direction and strategic
            counsel. In addition, he provides leadership to the finance, operations and HR departments and counsels
            on client management and new business development. Prior to being named President, he had served as
            Executive Vice President of Coyne PR, and directed the agency’s consumer practice, having managed the
            firm’s automotive and lifestyle divisions. Throughout his more than two decades of consumer public
relations experience, Rich has worked with many of the world’s most respected companies, including General Mills,
Kraft Foods, Church & Dwight, Campbell Soup, AT&T, MasterCard, Toys R Us, Hasbro, Shell Oil and Goodyear Tires.
Campaigns under his direction have garnered international recognition and earned countless awards for some of the
world’s most recognized brands including Oreo, Life Savers, Arm & Hammer, Chunky, V8, Pillsbury, Crayola, Quaker
State and Pennzoil. Recognized as one of the sports industry’s most experienced media relations professionals, Rich
has managed communications for some of the nation’s most prominent sports properties, including Miller Brewing
Company’s NFL relations, Campbell Soups’ NFL sponsorship, FedEx’s motor sports involvement, Avon Products’ Global
Women’s Running Program, Ricoh Corporation’s Olympic Volleyball Sponsorship, Oreo’s NASCAR sponsorship, Dr.
Pepper’s College Football association and Planter's NFL sponsorship.

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