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									                     MUNICIPAL CORPORATION OF DELHI

No: CL&EC/2008/1180                                            Dated:13.08.2008

        The Corporation vide Resolution No.235 dated 28.07.2008 has approved
revised Scheme for grant & renewal of trade/ storage licences in areas under
jurisdiction of MCD. The copy of the same is forwarded herewith for further
necessary action at Zonal level.
                                                         ( Dipak Kumar Gupta )
                                            Addl. Deputy Commissioner(CL&EC)

Dy. Commissioner :______.

                                   C O P Y

Sub: Revised Scheme for grant & renewal of trade /storage licences in
     areas under jurisdiction of MCD.

       Section 417 of the DMC Act, 1957 (amended in 1993) provides that any
person, who desires to establish a trade and aggregate quantity of articles stored
for sale, is required to obtain licence from MCD. Regular Licences are being
granted and renewed by the Zonal Licencing Branch in conforming, local
commercial, mixed land use areas whereas Ad-hoc licences/ registrations were
also granted in 1967, 1975, 1977, 1982 (extended upto 1985), 1987, 1990,
1994, 1997 (extended upto 2001) in non-conforming areas of Delhi under the
Schemes formulated by the Delhi Government (now GNCTD). In the year 2004
the MCD announced Adhoc Trade Registration Scheme for 17 trades only on its
own vide Resolution No.144 dated 2.6.2003 but the same could not be
implemented due to the fact that the Hon‟ble Supreme Court took suo-moto
notice and directed that the MCD is bound to keep in view the provisions of
Master Plan of Delhi-2001, inter-alia meaning that the trade licences could be
granted / renewed only for those areas which are so declared /identified under
the MPD-2001 (now 2021). Thus, the Scheme of MCD was kept in abeyance
vide Corporation Resolution No:305 dated 9.8.2004. The Apex Court also took
up the matter of rampant commercialization of non-conforming/ residential areas
and directed to the MCD to initiate actions by inserting Section 345(A) in the
DMC Act, whereas it was the liability of DDA being a clause No.19(2) in the DD
Act. In its strongly worded Judgement dated 16.2.2006 in I.A. No.22 in PIL –
WP(C) No.4677 of 1985, case titled “M. C. Mehta V/s U.O.I. & others” the MCD
was directed to stop the misuse and seal the premises in consultation with
Monitoring Committee. The result of which is still being faced by the owners of
commercial establishments in non-conforming areas. Even after the areas have
been declared Local commercial, Mix land use, Special areas, Pedestrian streets
by the MCD and operation of MPD-2021, had been of no use due to lack of
proper guidance and coordination in the Deptts. Most of the employees dealing
with the scrutiny and grant of trade /storage licence are also not in the
knowledge of latest tenets brought out by the Engineering Deptt. of MCD and
contentions of MPD-2021. Time and again a need was being felt that the whole
Trade & Storage Licencing Policy is required to be re-framed keeping in view the
provisions of MPD-2021., The dependence is still on the Centre & State
Legislature though the MCD being a largest municipality of Asia is empowered to
frame rules-regulations for the benefit of its citizens as provided under Article
243-P to ZG and as amended by the 74th constitutional amendment having
regard to the State Legislature, Municipal Laws, Master Plan and other
Environmental Laws.
       Keeping in view the necessity of the citizens of Delhi and
particularly the persons engaged in the activity of trade & storage of
trading articles and to facilitate the systematic consideration of the issue
of trade/ storage licence, guidelines have been framed and are annexed
as Annexure ‘A’. The salient features of the same are:-

1.    Regular trade / storage licences will be issued in commercial, mixed
      land use Areas, special areas, pedestrian shopping streets notified
      by Govt. Of NCT of Delhi vide Notification dated 15.09.2006 and
      12.07.2007 with the provisions of Notification dated 07.09.2006
      and MPD-2021 for the trades & at the floors specifically mentioned

2.    Manufacturing activities running manually in conforming areas and
      house-hold activities in residential areas (manually without use of
      electricity, mechanical or any other energy) will be granted regular
      licences keeping in view the provisions of MPD-2021.

3.    Trading and storage activities will be licenced having a cut-off date
      of their inception prior to 6.2.2007 and will be reviewed after
      6.2.2010 in „Special Areas‟ except negative list of items mentioned
      in Chapter- 15 under the MPD-2021.

4.    The small shops of maximum 20 area, trading in or dealing
      with 24 articles / items as per MPD-2021, are allowed only on
      Ground Floor, in residential premises, including in A & B category
      Colonies. Number of shops in one plot shall be as per the provision
      of MPD-2021/ Orders of Hon‟ble Supreme Court of India.

5.    No new Adhoc licence will be issued or renewed further. Existing
      Adhoc Trade/ storage licences will have to obtain regular licence
      wherever the land use has been brought into conformity of the land
      owning agency.

6.    There will be no necessity for the applicant to seek NOC from the
      Building Section of the Zone before applying for licence as it usually
      delays the process. However, the information of grant of licence in
      a premises will be sent to Building Section for necessary action, if
      any, under the Building Bye-Laws, by 10th of next month.

7.    The payment of conversion and parking charges will also be taken
      into consideration in respect of newly notified changed use areas
      for grant of licence.

8.    Structural Safety Certificate will have to be submitted alongwith the
      application and an undertaking.

9.    Fire Safety certificate will not be required from DFS, where-as an
      undertaking will be obtained from the applicant except for the
      trades which are apparently prone to fire.

10.   The list of licensable trades/ storage articles and their fees will not
      include the trades which come under the purview of Health,
      Veterinary and other Departments of MCD.


11.   The articles pollutant, hazardous obnoxious in nature and prone to
      fire will not be licenced keeping in view the general public
      convenience (except in cases where N.O.C. is granted by concerned

12.   The schedule of fees/charges mentioned against each article has
      been fixed, keeping in view the easily calculable amount,
      rationalized and logical basically determining on the differential
      trading / storage area of the premises. The earning by proposed
      licence fee will be almost double of the existing revenue, which will
      be applicable from the Ist Quarter of the financial year 2009-2010
      i.e. 01.04.2009.

13.   The Brochure containing all type of information will be available at
      CSB Centers against a cost of Rs.25/- and the application form
      alongwith formats of undertaking /NOC etc. will be available on
      MCD‟s website

        These measures to a large extent will mitigate the hardships being
faced by the common businessman of Delhi. Further, it will also help the
staff of Licencing Branch of the Zones to process the licence cases quickly
in a transparent manner.

                                                ANNEXURE –‘A’



Containing Application Form/Affidavits / Terms & Conditions


 Obtaining Licence/permission to run the Trade and Storages


                      NIGAM BHAWAN, KASHMERE GATE,
       This Brochure alongwith the prescribed Application Form for obtaining
trade/storage licence and amendment in the licence can be downloaded from the
MCD‟s website: and will also be available at the cost of
Rs. 25/- at CSB Centres of the Zones.

      The Licencing Branch of all the 12 Zones deal with the issue of Municipal
Licences under the provisions of Section 417 of DMC Act –1957, amended in
1993 and composition of offences u/s 469. The Powers of Commissioner for
grant of trade / storage licence / permission already stand delegated to Zonal
Dy. Commissioners and Asstt. Commissioners u/s 491 of DMC Act.

Necessity of Municipal Licence:

        Section 417 of the DMC Act –1957 (amended in 1993) provides that any
person, who desires to establish a trade and aggregate quantity of articles stored
for sale, is required to obtain licence from MCD, particularly for the articles
mentioned under Part – I & Part – II of the Eleventh Schedule and other articles
notified by the MCD by issuing Public Notices/Orders from time to time (copy of
such articles, quantity and annual fees, is attached as Annexure –VIII). The
application can be made at any of the CSBs or through the internet and licence
will be issued within one month from the CSB.

Fee & Fines:-

        The DMC Act provides that for grant of such type of licence the
Corporation shall fix a scale of fees to be paid in respect of premises licenced (as
mentioned in Annexure – VIII). The applicant will pay Rs.500/- at the time of
submission of application as processing charges, which includes handling charges
plus Rs.50/- service charges at CSB Centre of the concerned Zone. Where
application is made for a licence for the sale or storage of two or more of the
articles mentioned in Annexure-VIII, applicant shall be liable to pay only such
fee as is prescribed maximum for any one of such article.

      Annual Fees for renewal of trade / storage licence: Conforming / Local
Commercial/ Mixed land use/pedestrian shopping street etc., as mentioned in
Annexure-VIII. House Hold (manual mfg. activity) Rs.160/- and in conforming
Indl. Areas, Local commercial, LSC, CSC, MLU etc. (manual mfg. activity)

       Section 430 of the DMC Act elaborates powers, procedure, offences,
penalties, signatures, conditions, duration, suspension, revocation etc. of licences
and written permissions.

      Section 469 provides for composition of offences by the Municipal
Magistrates by imposing the following penalties :-
                                                 Fine or imprison- Daily   fine,
                                                 ment, which may which     may
                                                 be imposed        be imposed
(i)         Section 417; certain things not to be Rs.1000/-          Rs.100/-
            kept and certain trades and
            operations not to be carried on
            without a licence.
(ii)        Section 430;(Sub.sec.5); Failure to Rs.50/-              Rs.5/-
            produce      licence    or    written

       In addition to the provisions of DMC Act, the provisions of Article 243-X
(74 amendment) of the Constitution of India, the provisions of Master Plan of
Delhi-2001 followed by 2021, the Judgments promulgated by the Apex Court of
India in PIL “CWP No.4677/1985- M.C.Mehta V/s UOI & Others” and orders /
instructions issued by the Hon‟ble High court of Delhi in the case WP(C)
4582/2003 titled as “Kalyan Sanstha Social Welfare Society V/s CLO, MCD &
Ors”, are to be complied with for considering the grant of licence & renewal

      Conditions and documents for the categories of trades/storages run
manually are to be submitted as following:-

1. Conforming Industrial Areas / Flatted Group Industries & Newly
   notified 22 areas of Industrial conglomeration :
a)    Licences will be granted for trade on any floor permitted under the
      provisions of Building Bye-Laws /Zonal Development Plan of that area.
b)    Licences for storage will be issued in Basements which meet the norms of
      Building Bye-Laws and regulations framed by Delhi Fire Service. The
      articles which are not to be stored are defined in Annexure-I.
c)    Licences for manufacturing activities, which are run manually (without
      employing steam, electricity, water or other mechanical power).
d)    Activities permitted in LSCs and Retail sales outlet upto maximum 10% of
      the floor area on ground floor only will be permitted to be used for
      incidental storage related to the industrial activity will be permitted in the
      plots abutting roads of 24 m ROW and above, subject to payment of
      conversion charges and other dues.

   Documents to be submitted :-
     (i)    Proof of ownership for leasehold Plots/freehold plots/ copy of lease
            deed/conveyance deed and in case the lease & conveyance deed
            have not been executed, copy of auction letter/allotment letter/
            possession letter/ NOC.
     (ii)   Two copies of sanctioned building Plans & sanction letter (in case
            of unauthorized regularized areas – copy of regularization Plans of
            existing structures(s) in blue print). Copy of shed/structure allotted
            by DSIDC, DDA, DI or any other land owning authority.
     (iii)  One copy of site & key plan each in blue print.
     (iv)   Affidavit in prescribed language on Rs.10/- stamp paper duly
            attested by Notary Public, mentioning therein that the building has
            been constructed as per sanctioned Plan/regularization Plan & if at
            any stage, any kind of unauthorized / irregularisable structure
            comes to notice, the MCD or any other authorized agency will be at
            liberty to take action. (Annexure-II).
     (v)    Constitution of firm, if any.
     (vi)   Details of manually operated machines.
     (vii) Consent from DPCC & DFS, if the trade is apparently polluting in
            nature & prone to fire.
     (viii) Copy of receipts of payments made towards conversion charges, if

             In case, where allotment is in lieu of the Non-conforming site,
             following additional documents are required:-

      (ix)   Original licence of the non-conforming site.
      (x)    Affidavit reg. stopping the mfg. Activity at the non-conforming site
             (as in Annexure-II).

             In case of Tenant /Legal occupier:
      (xi)   Proof of tenancy /legal occupancy, NOC of owner/ letter of
             competent authority; as in (Annexure-V) in addition to
             abovementioned documents.
2. C.B.D, Sub- C.B.D, Metropolitan City Centre, Local commercial, LSC,
   CSC, Community Centre, Distt: Centres, Service Market/ Service
   Centre, pedestrian Shopping streets, Commercial areas,Industrial
   units/plots abutting 24 m Row and above in approved layout plan &
   approved use in sanctioned Bldg. Plan. categories :

       These areas / Markets are developed or declared conforming for running
   trades / storage and manufacturing activities from time to time b L&D.O.,
   DDA Delhi Govt. MCD and other land controlling authorities. Manually run
   manufacturing activities are mentioned in MPD-2021 „use premises‟ i.e.
   categories defined in A+A-1+B/service/repair/packaging / assembly (without
   manufacturing). In these areas licences will be issued for the floors permitted
   as per sanctioned/regularized building plans or as per building bye-laws of
   that particular area for the trades which are not prohibited by a
   Notification/order (List of prohibited Trades/articles which are not to be sold/
   stored is as per Annexure-I.

      Manually operated manufacturing activities mentioned under Category „B‟
   are permitted (Annexure-IV) in addition to the categories mentioned under
   category „A‟ & „A-1‟ (House Hold Annexure-III) in the MPD-2021 (Activities as
   per para 15.7.1, 2 ,3 of MPD –2021).

   Following documents should be accompanied with the application

   i) One copy of site plan with dimensions of the total floor area and showing
        the area under the occupation of the applicant. (Blue Print)
   ii) One copy of Key Plan earmarking salient features of the neighborhood of
        the site.
   iii) Proof of ownership/tenancy/legal occupancy, in case of tenant /legal
        occupier-NOC of owner/ letter of competent authority on Rs. 10/- stamp
        paper attested by Notary Public is to be attached (as in Annexure-V).
   iv) Affidavit regarding no unauthorized construction in the premises under
        consideration in addition to other details as in (Annexure II).
   v) In case the trade is already being run, proof of commencement of the
        trade i.e. purchase vouchers etc.
   vi) Copy of receipt, vide which compounding charges, parking charges etc.
        have been paid in case of misuse of non-conforming site but declared
        conforming use.

3. Household Category :

        A small household entrepreneur desirous to set up trade/industry with
manual labour on a very limited scale i.e. self and four persons, facility of licence
has been extended within the dwelling residential unit of the applicant, on any
floor to the extent of 50% of the permissible floor area, approved / regularized
as per MPD–2021 and Building Bye–laws. Trades/storages connected with the
activities listed in the „A‟ & „A-1‟ category of units in MPD – 2021 (as in Annexure-
III ) are permissible and following documents should accompany the application
form in addition to the condition that the covered area should not be more than
300 Sq. feet and not less than 30 Sq. feet:

          i) One copy of site Plan with dimensions (Blue Print).
          ii) One copy of key Plan earmarking the salient features in the
               neighborhood (Blue Print).
          iii) Proof of ownership/tenancy/legal occupancy.
          iv) NOC of owner/letter of competent authority (as in Annexure – V).
          v) Copy of Ration card/Election identity Card.
          vi) Affidavit on Rs. 10/- stamp paper for this category (Annexure –
         vii) In case the activity is already being run, proof of start of trade.

4.    Urban Villages /Rural Villages (only in Extended Lal Dora/ Abadi) :-

        The Master Plan – 2021 recognizes the physical & functional
transformation in these village areas overtime. These villages have been equated
with special areas such as; old city & its extensions and Karol Bagh, under
section of the MPD –2021. Household industrial activities (Group „A‟+A-1
of MPD) operated manually will be permitted in this category (Annexure – III).
The buildings abutting main Roads declared commercial and whose owners
/occupiers have paid conversion charges to the concerned authorities, the
activities mentioned under (Annexure – III) will also be permitted and no
inflammable or hazardous substance will be permitted to be stored. Keeping of
storage godowns and warehouse will be permitted till DDA is able to make
arrangements for their shifting to other areas or the existing are allowed to
continue (Delhi Laws-2007). Retail shops of building materials timber, timber
products, marble, iron & steel, gravel, cement and sands, firewood, coal junk
shop etc. are permitted in plots of atleast 50 sq.meter provided that the material
is kept entirely within the plot premises on ground floor. Storages, warehouses
& godowns used for agricultural inputs or produce (including dairy & poultry) are
permitted with the condition that the owner/occupier who is not a bonafide
resident of that village will obtain licence.

Documents to be submitted :
    (i)    Proof of ownership/tenancy/legal occupancy (In case of
           tenant/legal occupier, the NOC of owner/letter of competent
    (ii)   One copy of site plan clearly indicating the proposed site in the plot
           / building.
    (iii)  One copy of Key Plan giving the salient features in neighborhood.
    (iv)   Copy of the constitution of the firm, if any.
    (v)    Undertaking on the prescribed proforma (Annexed as IX).
    (vi)   Copy of receipt of payment towards compounding charges for
           conversion from non-conforming use to conforming use.
    (vii) Affidavit on the lines that existing building is structurally safe and
           sound. There is no unauthorized irregularisable construction in the
           premises which is under consideration for grant of licence and if at
           any stage the unauthorized construction comes to notice, the MCD
           will be at liberty to take action as deemed fit.
    (viii) Structural safety certificate from a Civil Engineer (Annexure –XII)

Note : Commercial /storage activities will be allowed on ground floor, however,
       other floors can also be permitted if the building/ complex do not have
       dwelling unit(s) and other norms have been adopted as defined in Building
       Bye-Laws/Zonal Development Plan of that area.

5. Mixed Land use streets/ Roads/Areas:-

       Retail shops on plots abutting streets notified for mixed use only on the
ground floor upto the maximum permissible ground floor coverage are permitted
as per MPD-2021. Existing shops as on date of notification of MPD –2021 i.e.
07.02.07, operating from basements on such streets are allowed to continue,
subject to relevant provisions of Building Bye-laws, structural safety and fire
safety norms. The FAR in excess shall be used, subject to payment of
appropriate charges to be fixed by Bldg. Section of the zone.

         Following activities are not allowed under Mixed use; as mentioned in para
         15.7.1,2,3 of MPD-2021 :

(a)         Retail shops of building materials, timber, timber products (excluding
            furniture), marble – (except finished marble products without cutting
            and polishing) iron & steel, gravel, cement and sand, firewood, coal
            and any fire hazardous and other bulky materials.
(b)         Repair shops/workshops of automobiles, tyre resoling and retreading,
            battery charging.
(c)         Storage, godown and warehousing.
(d)         Junk shop (except paper & glass waste).
(e)         Liquor shop.
(f)         Printing, dyeing and varnishing.
(g)         Retail shops of Gravel, cement and sand shall be permissible in plots of
            at least 50 sq.metre in notified mixed use streets in E,F & G category
            colonies, provided that the material is kept entirely within the plot
(h)         Repair shops & automobiles workshops shall not be prohibited on plots
            abutting mixed use streets or commercial streets of ROW of 30 m. or

      Documents are to be submitted as required for category at Sl. No.–2.

6. Special Area Category :

      Old City & its extensions and Karol Bagh areas fall under the Special area
      provisions reg. Building regulations as per clause 16.2 of MPD 2021. The
      licences are to be reviewed before 3 years from 01.02.2007.

        Site & Key Plans have to be signed by registered Architect and the
applicant. Structural safety certificate from qualified Civil Engineer, proof of
payment of parking charges, permission fee, undertaking that no portion of
building is above 15 meters of height, are needed for grant of licence and for
renewal of existing licences which came into existence prior to 07.02.2007. The
activities will be allowed as mentioned in Sl. No. 5 above and the required
documents will also be similar. No new licence will be granted and no prevailing
licence will be renewed for the trades/storage of Paper & Chemicals in these
areas as the existing units are being re-located by DDA to Ghazipur and Holambi
Kalan respectively.

        In this category no conversion charges are to be paid where trades were
running prior to 1962 but are to be paid by the units which came into existence
in the intervening period and no parking charges to be paid.

7. Other Categories:

       Apart from above categories, 24 trades (Annexure X) are licenceable in
small shops of upto 20 sq. meters at Ground floor in residential areas in planned
developed colonies including „A‟ & „B‟ category colonies as well as in unauthorized
regularized colonies, which have been permitted by the Hon‟ble Supreme Court
of India and documents are to be submitted as mentioned under House hold

        In residential plotted development where there is only one dwelling unit in
a residential plot, only one type of mixed use i.e. retail shop or professional
activity or one of the other activities listed in para 15.7.1 of MPD-2021 shall be
permissible in that unit. Where there are more dwelling units, each of the
dwelling unit will be permitted to have only one type of mixed use activity (either
retail shop or professional activity or any one of the other activities listed in para
15.07.01 of MPD-2021, they are; a) Preprimary School (Nursery/Mont. School,
Creche), b) Nursing Home, Clinic, Dispensary, Path. Lab & Diagnostic Centre, c)
Guest House (including Lodging House), d) Bank, e) Fitness Centre, f) Coaching
Centres/Tuition Centres), other activities and professional activities like Doctor,
Lawyer, Architect, Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, Cost and Works
Accountant, Engineer, Town Planner, Media Professionals and Documentary Film
Maker. Teacher, Musician, Crech, Jyotishi, Library run by Social & Cultural
Organization, Office of NGO are not licensable u/s 417 DMC Act.

        The licences granted under Adhoc category for 24 trades in non-
conforming areas will be continued under the same category for the time being
and will be renewed annually but in other conforming areas the Adhoc
trade/storage licences have been discontinued and the entrepreneur shall apply
for fresh licence under the specified category.

Renewal of Municipal Trade/storage licences:

       Licence will be renewed prior to and within 30 days from the date of its
expiry without any penalty i.e. between 1st March and 30th April and thereafter a
penalty @ 5% per month and double at the end of the year i.e. equal to licence
fee or as per the rates of penalty fixed from time to time by the Competent
Authority, shall be charged at all the Zonal CSB Centres of MCD.

Timings for running trade/storages:

        If the licence is for an industrial area, the manually operated activities can
also be run at night provided that prior written permission from the Zonal
licencing Branch has been obtained.

       For the trades / storage units located in the areas other than the industrial
areas, the working hours are normally from sunrise to sun set but the same are
regulated from time to time by the Govt. of NCT of Delhi as per provisions
contained in Delhi Shops & Establishments Act, which will be adhered to.
Storing of Chemicals listed under Schedule-I and / or II of the Manufacture,
Storage and Import of Hazardous Chemical Rules, 1989 & Public Liability
Insurance Act-1990 shall be prohibited.

Changes permissible in the Licence : (Application Format as in Annexure-

   a) Trade/storage: There is no restriction in change of trade/storage within
        the permissible articles for that particular area / market, but difference of
        fees, if any, will be deposited.
   ii) Name & Constitution : Subject to confirmation of title of the legal
        occupancy, there is no restriction in change of name of the licensee or
        constitution of unit. Title of the firm alongwith the relevant documents
        i.e. partnership deed, memorandum and articles of Association in case of
        Limited or Pvt. Ltd. companies.
   iii) In the event of death of the licensee, the licence can be transferred to the
        legal heirs of the deceased and the applicant shall submit :

        1.    Death certificate of licencee.
        2.    Original Municipal licence.
        3.    NOC from other legal heirs & NOC of owner in case of tenant.
        4.    Affidavit by the applicant (as in Annexure XI).
           In cases of other than the legal hairs, fresh licence shall have to be

Grant of licence & conditions :

       After the receipt of application (format as Annexure-XIII) at CSB centre of
the zone the Authorized Officer will inspect the site within 15 days and after such
enquiry as he may deem fit, issue the licence after obtaining approval of the Dy.
Commissioner of the concerned Zone, through CSB centre within a month of the
receipt of application. The following norms will be adopted by the licencee also:-

   a)      The licencee shall permit the authorized officer to inspect the premises
           under consideration and licenced premises at all reasonable times and
           without notice.

   b)      The licence will be displayed in the licenced premises and he/she shall
           on demand produce it for inspection to the authorized officer.
   c)      The licencee shall not do or permit to be done in the licenced premises
           any negligent act likely to cause fire or otherwise endanger the public
   d)      The licencee shall provide such adequate fire extinguishing measures
           and appliances as may be determined by Delhi Fire Service.
   e)      Whenever the licenced premises will be vacated, the licencee shall
           inform the concerned Zonal Officer and will return the licence.
   f)      The licencee shall keep the premises cleaned and will prevent
           accumulation of filth or refuse.
   g)      The licence is not transferable from one premises to another.
   h)      The licencee shall make separate storage arrangements for the articles
           which are intended for human & animal consumption and which are
           poisonous or likely to contaminate.
   i)      The licencee shall at all times adopt and cause to be maintained in
           good order and efficient action upon the licenced premises all such
           appliances or means for the purpose of minimizing danger to life or
           property or preventing, abutting or minimizing any nuisance
           annoyance or inconvenience to the neighborhood or to the public from
           the use of which the premises are put.

Period of validity of licence :-

   Every licence granted under section 417, 430 of DMC Act shall cease to be
   valid on 31st March of the year, in which it is issued, or of the year
   immediately following that year, as the case may be.

Revocation Suspension and restoration of licence :-

       If the licencee fails to comply with any of the conditions of licence, the Dy.
Commissioner of the concerned zone or any other authorized officer, may, after
giving an opportunity to the licencee of being heard in the matter, revoke or
suspend the licence.

      The appeal for restoration of such revoked /suspended licence will lie with
the Addl. Commissioner, In-charge of the Zone, if the licencee had removed the

Duplicate licence :-

      Duplicate licence will be issued in case the original is lost, mutilated or
destroyed etc. on payment of Rs.25/- as processing charges on submission of :
        a)     An application to this effect at CSB centre,
        b)     Copy of licence, if available.
        c)     Copy of an FIR in case of licence is lost/ misplaced.
        d)     An affidavit on Rs.10/- Non Judicial Stamp paper to the effect that lost
               licence, if traced, will not be misused and will be returned to MCD.

     Public Complaint Cell :-

            For the redressal of grievances, a public complaint cell functions in the
     Zonal Offices of MCD and in case of complaints regarding delay, harassment etc.
     Dy. Commissioner and Asstt. Commissioner of the concerned zone can be
     contacted between 12.00 to 1.00 P.M. on working days.
            The address and telephone Nos. of 12 Zonal Offices where CSB Centres
     are also established are mentioned hereunder:-

SN     Name of the Zone with Address            Designation           Phone No.   Fax No.
1.     Central Zone                             Dy. Commissioner      29812232    29815975
       Lajpat Nagar, Shiv Mandir Marg,          Asstt. Commissioner   29812149
       Near Jal Sadan, New Delhi.
2.     City Zone                                Dy. Commissioner      23261713    23266450
       Asaf Ali Road, Car Parking, Opp.         Asstt. Commissioner   23280011
       Delhi Gate, Delhi
3.     Civil Lines Zone                         Dy. Commissioner      23982437    23930433
       16, Rajpur Road,Civil Lines, Delhi       Asstt. Commissioner   23961576
4.     Karol Bagh Zone                          Dy. Commissioner      25729723    25740085
       Anand      Parbat,     Near     Khalsa   Asstt. Commissioner   25810686
       College,New Delhi
5.     Najafgarh Zone                           Dy. Commissioner      25321306    25321218
       Najafgarh-Tilak Nagar Road, Near         Asstt. Commissioner   25323776
       Water Tank
6.     Narela Zone, Narela                      Dy. Commissioner      27708993    27708863
                                                Asstt. Commissioner   27708991
7.     Rohini Zone                              Dy. Commissioner      27052101    27052101
       Sec-5, Near Rajiv Gandhi Cancer          Asstt. Commissioner   27052103
       Hospital, Rohini
8.     S.P.Zone                                 Dy. Commissioner      23525955    23626671
       Id-gah Road, Opp. Sadar Police           Asstt. Commissioner   23543085
9.     Shahdara North Zone, Keshav              Dy. Commissioner      23824647    22821279
       Chowk, Shahdara                          Asstt. Commissioner   22825463
10.    Shahdara South Zone                      Dy. Commissioner      22303651    22303651
       Near Karkardooma Court                   Asstt. Commissioner   22386462
11.    South Zone                               Dy. Commissioner      26514368    26863991
       Green Park, Near Uphaar Cinema           Asstt. Commissioner   26861898
12.    West Zone                                Dy. Commissioner      25934789/   25462486
       Vishal Enclave, Near Rajouri Garden      Asstt. Commissioner   25453050
       Chowk                                                          25193440

     Note: - The DDA being the custodian of MPD – 2021 has issued Public Notices on
     30.04.2008, 16.05.2008 and 18.05.2008 inviting objections/suggestions relating to
     commercial activities and any change notified in this regard will be applicable on
     the licenced premises.


1. Storing of chemicals listed under Schedule I and/or II of the
   manufacture, storage and import of Hazardous Chemical Rules, 1989
   and Public Liability Insurance Act-1990 shall be prohibited.
2. In „Special Area‟ storage of hazardous/inflammable commodities like
   Paper, Plastic / PVC, Chemicals, Petroleum and its products will be
3. In „Special Area‟ restriction will be imposed on storage / warehousing
   of bulky commodities like; food grains, Fruits and Vegetables, Dairy,
   Poultry / Fish products, Iron and Steel and Building materials.


Industries manufacturing the following shall prohibited within National
Capital Territory of Delhi.
   1. Arc/Induction furnace
   2. Acids
   3. Alkalis
   4. Animal & Fish oils
   5. Aldchydes
   6. Acid slurry
   7. Acetylides, phridines, iodoform, E-ncpthol etc.
   8. Ammonium sulphoajahide, arsenic and its compounds, barium
       carbonate, barium cyanide, barium ethyle sulphate, barium acetate
       cinnabar, copper sulphocyanide, ferrocyanide, hydro cyanide, hydro
       cyanic acid, potassium biocalate, potacium, Cyanide, prussiate of
       potash, phynigallc acid, silver cyanide.
   9. Aircraft building.
   10. Abattoirs, Animal blood processing (except existing and relocation)
   11. Bitumen blowing (hot)
   12. Brick Kiln (using fresh earth as raw material, coal as fuel)
   13. B-nepthol
   14. Bakelite powder (starting from formaldehyde)
   15. Barley malt and extract
   16. Bone-grist, bone-meal, salting of bones, storages of bones in open,
       bone drying
   17. Bone charcoal manufacturing
   18. Blast furnaces-coal fired
   19. Bicycles (integrated plant)
   20. Brewery and potable spirits
   21. Chlorinated paraffin wax purification

                                                 (For manually operated activities
                                                 in Conforming Industrial Areas).


      I ________________________________,S/o
______________________________ Prop./Partner/Director of M/s
________________________________________________ Premise No.
Delhi, do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under:-
      1.     That I have started w.e.f. ____________________ / will start the
             mfg. activity of _______________________ manually in the
             Premises                                                          No.
      2.     That the premises falls in the conforming area approved for the
             abovesaid purpose (if converted later on, the prescribed charges
             are to be paid to the local agency).
      3.     That the activity is not polluting obnoxious, hazardous or prone to
      4.     That I have installed/will install all equipments necessary for
             prevention of Pollution and Fire.
      5.     That I will keep the premises neat and clean and any kind of
             effluent will be put into dalao/bin.
      6.     That I will provide all necessary utilities for the workers working in
             the said unit .



             It is verified at Delhi on this __________ day of ___________ 2008
      that the abovesaid informations is correct to the best of my knowledge
      and belief.





  1. Agarbatti and similar products
  2. Aluminium hanger (excluding wire drawing and anodizing).
  3. Ayurvedic / Homoeopathic/Unani medicines.
  4. Assembly and repair of electronic goods.
  5. Assembly and repair of sewing machines.
  6. Assembly of hand tools.
  7. Assembly of Badminton shuttlecocks.
  8. Assembly and repair of electrical gadgets, cooler/heater etc.
  9. Assembly and repair of typewriter (excluding Font Casting).
  10. Assembly of Bakeelite Switches.
  11. Assembly and repair of measuring instruments (excluding handling of
      Mercury and hazardous materials).
  12. Atta Chakkies.
  13. Batik works.
  14. Block making and photo enlarging.
  15. Biscuit pappey, cakes and cookies making.
  16. Button making, fixing of button and hooks.
  17. Bookbinding.
  18. Brushes and brooms (by hand).
  19. Calico and Textile products.
  20. Cane and bamboo products.
  21. Cassettes recording.
  22. Clay and modeling with/without Plaster of Paris.
  23. Coir and jute products.
  24. Cardboard boxes.
  25. Candles.
  26. Copper and brass art wares.
  27. Cordage, rope and twine making.
  28. Carpentary.
  29. Contact Lens.
  30. Canvas bags and hold-alls making.
  31. Candies, Sweets, Rasmalai etc. (when not canned).
  32. Cotton/silk printing (by hand).
  33. Computer repairing and Cyber Information Centre.
  34. Computer Software.
  35. Dari & Carpet weaving
  36. Detergent (without bhatti).
  37. Data processing.
  38. Dairy products e.g. Cream, ghee, paneer, etc.
  39. Dry Cleaning (excluding big workshops).
  40. Desk Top Publishing.
  41. Embroidery.
  42. Enameling Vitreous (without use of coal).
  43. Framing of pictures and mirrors.
  44. Fountain pens, ball pens and felt pens.
  45. Gold and Silver thread, kalabattu.
  46. Hosiery products (without dyeing and bleaching).
  47. Hats, caps, turbans including embroideries.
  48. Information Technology enabled services.
  49. Ink making for fountain pens.
  50. Interlocking and buttoning.
51. Jewellery items.
52. Khadi and handloom.
53. Khus tattis.
54. Knitting works.
55. Lace products.
56. Leather footwear.
57. Leather belts and assembly of buckles(by hand)
58. Leather and rexine made ups.
59. Milk Cream Separation.
60. Manufacture of Jute Products.
61. Manufacture of Bindi.
62. Name Plate making.
63. Production of following items:
        (i)     Blanco cakes
        (ii)    Brushes
        (iii)   Kulfi and Confectionery.
        (iv)    Crayons.
        (v)     Jam, Jellies and fruit preserves.
        (vi)    Musical instruments(including repairs)
        (vii) Lace work and like.
        (viii) Ornamental leather goods like purses, handbags.
        (ix)    Small electronic components.
64. Paper Stationery items and book binding.
65. Pith hat, garlands of flowers and pitch.
66. P.V.C. products (maximum one moulding machine).
67. Paper Machine.
68. Perfumery and cosmetics.
69. Photosetting.
70. Photostat and Cyclostyling.
71. Photo copying of drawings including enlargement of drawings.
72. Packaging of Shampoos.
73. Packaging of Hair Oil.
74. Preparation of Vadi, Papad etc.
75. Processing of Condiments, spices, groundnuts and dal etc.
76. Pan Masala.
77. Production of Sweets and Namkeens (less than one ton/day).
78. Paper Mache.
79. Paper cup, plates, files cover and letter pads (without printing).
80. Photography (developing and printing).
81. Repair of watches and clocks.
82. Rakhee making.
83. Repair of domestic electrical appliance.
84. Readymade garments (without washing).
85. Repair of Bicycles.
86. Repair and assembly of computer hardware.
87. Repair of bags, briefcase, suitcases, except use of leather and PVC
88. Repairing of water meters, stabilizer UPS, etc.
89. Rubber Stamps.
90. Stone engraving.
91. Sports goods/sports nets.
92. Surgical bandage rolling and cutting.
93. Stove pipe, safety pins and aluminium buttons (by hand press).
94. Silver foil making.
95. Saree fall making.
96. Shoe laces.
97. Stamp pads.
98. Screen printing.
99. Tailoring.
100. Thread ball and cotton fillings.
101. Toys and dolls.
102. Ties.
103. Tomato ketchup.
104. Umbrella assembly.
105. Utensil washing powder(only mixing and packaging).
106. Velvet embroidered shoes/shawls.
107. Vermicelli and macaroni.
108. Wood carving and decorative wood wares.
109. Wool balling and lachee making
110. Wooden/cardboard jewellery boxes(subject to no objection certificate
from the department.
111. Wool knitting (with machine).
112. Zari Zardozi.



   1.  Black smithy.
   2.  Cane and bamboo products.
   3.  Clay and modeling with/without Plaster of Paris.
   4.  Dari/Carpet/Sari weaving (except dying and bleaching).
   5.  Ice cream and water-cooling by Refrigeration(without cold
    6. Stone engraving.
    7. Village pottery Industry (without bhatti).
    8. Village oil ghani.
    9. Wood carving and decorative wood wares.
None of the industries mentioned in Group A and A-1 shall carry out the
followeing processes:
    a. Anodising.
    b. Bleaching.
    c. Burning of coal.
    d. Canning Facility.
    e. Dyeing.
    f. Electroplating.
    g. Moulding works.
    h. Use of CFC gases.
    i. Varnishing
    j. Washing.



  1.        Air Conditioner parts.
  2.        Aluminium doors/windows/fittings/furniture.
  3.        Assembly and repair of Cycles.
  4.        Auto parts.
  5.        Belts and Buckles.
  6.        Bulbs (battery).
  7.        Cloth Dyeing.
  8.        Cotton ginning.
  9.        Cycle Chair/Locks.
  10.       Diamond Cutting and Polishing work.
  11.       Electric fittings (switch, plug pin etc.)
  12.       Elastic products.
  13.       Engineering works.
  14.       Foundry (small job works as per prescribed limits of Industries
  15.       Ice-cream and water cooling by refrigeration. (without cold
  16.       Ice boxes and cooler bodies.
  17.       Iron grills and door making.
  18.       Jute products.
  19.       Key Rings.
  20.       Knife making.
  21.       Marble stone items.
  22.       Metal lathe cutting.
  23.       Motor winding works.
  24.       Printing Press.
  25.       Screws and nails.
  26.       Scissors making.
  27.       Spectacles and Optical frames.
  28.       Steel Furniture /Almirah.
  29.       Steel lockers.
  30.       Steel Springs.
  31.       Surgical instruments and equipments.
  32.       Table lamps and shades.
  33.       Tin box making.
  34.       Transformer covers.
  35.       TV. Radio, Cassette recorders etc.
  36.       TV/Radio/Transistor cabinets.
  37.       Typewriter parts manufacturing and assembly.
  38.       Water meter repairing.
  39.       Water tanks.
  40.       Welding works.
  41.       Wire Knitting.
  42.       Wooden furniture works.
  43.        Information Technology enabled Services.

                                                               Annexure – V

                                                     Non-Judicial Stamp paper
                                                 duly attested by Notary Public

                            NO OBJECTION                (by the Landlord,
                   CERTIFICATE                          landlady/ owner to
                                                        the tenant, who is
                                                        applying       for

      I________________ S/D/W of Sh. ______________________ resident of
_________________________________________, do hereby solemnly affirm
and declare as under:-

  1. That I / Organization am/ are the absolute owner/co-owner of freehold /
     leasehold property bearing No._____________________________ ,Delhi.

  2. That I have let out an area of _________Sq. feet to Shri/
     M/s_______________________ out of the area ______ Sq. feet at
     _____Floor of property No.________________________________.

  3. That I do not have any objection for the grant of Mpl. Licence to my/our
     tenant by the MCD in the portion of the premises under consideration for
     grant of licence.

  4. That no unauthorized construction has been carried out in the said
     premises, if the construction of the premises or any part thereof is found
     unauthorized or under notice of Building Department or MCD raises any
     objection regarding construction, the MCD will be empowered to revoke
     the licence of tenant and I shall not claim for any compensation.


     Verified at Delhi on this ______ day of _______ 2008 that the contents of
  the above affidavit are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and no
  part of it is false and nothing material has been concealed therefrom.


                  Format for conforming/CSC, Mix Land Use/House Hold/
                               Pedestrian Street, Special Area categories.
                                                         Non-Judicial Stamp paper


      I________________ S. /D./W. of Sh.__________________ Prop./
partner/ Director of M/s_______________________ do hereby solemnly affirm
and declare and also undertake to abide by the statements made herein below:-

1. That I have been running/will run the trade/storage of __________________
   at premises No.__________________________ w.e.f._______________
    /after getting the license.

2. That I am the Prop./partner/Director of the firm M/s_____________________
    and I am fully empowered to apply for license to the MCD.

3. That no unauthorized construction exists in the said property and I have
   submitted photocopies of ownership/tenancy documents alongwith N.O.C. of
   the owner & the documents submitted by me are the latest and finally
   executed documents with regard to the ownership/tenancy.

4. That I will not hold the MCD responsible or liable for any action against me by
    any authority, arising from or out of the grant of the said license.

5. That I shall not claim any right/title in the property/premises on the basis of
   the said license.

6. That I undertake to indemnify and /or to keep harmless the MCD or any action
    that may be taken or proposed to be taken by any of the authorities or

7. I declare that the property/building in question is structurally safe and sound
    & even then in case of any accident/mis-happening, I will be personally liable
    for any claim/damages from any quarter.

8. That I will pay all fees, taxes, penalty or any other charges that may be
   imposed by the authorized officer of MCD, including the arrears thereof w.e.f.
   the trade/storage having been established by me and such payment shall not
   entitle me to any right whatsoever for continuously running the trade/storage
   in the premises.

9. That the Commissioner, MCD shall have the absolute right to refuse the
   renewal of the license or to alter the terms & conditions thereof at any time
   either before the expiration or at the time of renewal of the municipal licence.

10. That I further state that no site has been allotted to me either in my name or
   in the name of any other person of the firm.

11. That I further state that I do not have any other licence for this premises, in
   question, under Section 416/417 of DMC Act prior to filing this application for

12. That I have not applied for any licence to the MCD earlier and no dues of the
   MCD are outstanding towards me in the shape of licence fee.
13. That there is no court case or violation pending against the above premises.

14. That I have installed all the fire fighting equipments as per specifications of
   Delhi Fire Service.

15. That I undertake to ensure that no pollution will be caused by me by running
   the abovesaid trade/storage at the abovesaid premises and in case at any
   stage, it comes to the notice of MCD or any Statutory Authority that the unit
   is causing any pollution, I shall be liable to action as per law.

16. That I will not put any kind of garbage-effluent whatsoever while running the
   abovesaid trade/storage and shall keep the surrounding well clean, otherwise
   I shall pay the conservancy charges.

17. That I will employ________________ workers in my unit and whenever
   there is any increase/decrease in the number of workers, MCD will be
   informed accordingly.

18. That the above-mentioned address of my premises is the correct and existing
   address and that the reason of different premises number mentioned in the
   ownership proof, i.e. Receipt of Agreement to Sell/Sale Deed/GPA, etc. is due
   to the old address mentioned therein which was known previously in the

19. That I further indemnify the MCD for any loss due to court case or any
   reason whatsoever with regard to dispute being applied/sanctioned herewith.

20. That I further undertake not to claim to regularize any unauthorized
   construction and ownership or any other type of claim on the basis of the
   municipal licence.

21. That I undertake to abide by all terms & conditions imposed at the time of
   issuing MCL & in future.

22.That the licence if granted by the Commissioner, MCD for running the said
   trade/storage in the present premises, shall be liable to be withdrawn,
   revoked or cancelled at any time by the Commissioner without notice or
   without assigning any reason.

Date : __________
Place : __________




                                                   Rs.10/- Notarial Attestation
                                                      For House Hold Category


I,   ______________________S/W/D         of   Shri___________________________
R/O ____________________________________________________do hereby
solemnly affirm and declare/ undertake to abide by the statements made as
under :-

1.     That I/my unit will undertake/continue to undertake the trade / storage /
       manually operated mfg. Activity of: ______________________situated
       at________________________________________and further undertake
       that I will not run any other trade/activity which neither my unit have
       applied nor has been permitted earlier.

2.     That I/my unit also undertake that I will observe all the set parameters,
       i.e. manual workers- 5(maximum), space on any floor within approved
       dwelling unit to the extent of 50% of the permissible floor area or 25 Sq.
       Meters maximum but not less than 30 Sq. feet.

3.     That I shall have no objection if my unit is inspected by the officials of
       MCD and any other controlling authority from time to time.

4.     That I have not applied for alternative site nor any alternative site has
       been allotted previously in lieu of the premises where licence is applied.

5.     That I/my unit will observe all the pollution norms i.e. water, air and noise

6.     That if my unit is found violating the norms and parameters set under the
       MPD-2021 or terms and conditions of the MCD licence, the MCD shall be
       at liberty to cancel/ revoke the Municipal licence without any further

Verification :
Verified at Delhi on this __________day of January, 2008 that the contents of
the above affidavit are true and correct to the best of my knowledge & belief and
nothing material has been concealed therefrom.


              Schedule of Fees to be levied for grant/renewal of
                      trade/storage licenses annually.

Sl-.                 Name of trade / Storage                     Maximum No.       Fees to be applicable w.e.f.
No-                                                              & Quantity to     01.04.2009 annually.
                                                                 be      stored
                                                                 without      a
1      Auto Car or Auto Cycle servicing or repairing             -                 (i) Rs.200/- P.A. upto 10
       (manually)                                                                  Sq. Meter.
                                                                                   (ii) Rs.500/- P.A. between
                                                                                   10 Sq.Meter to 20 sq.Meter.
                                                                                   (iii) Rs.50 per Sq.Meter P.A.
                                                                                   above 20 Sq. Meter
2      Black Smith                                               -                 -do-
3      Brushes                                                   -                 -do-
4      Copper Smith                                              -                 -do-
5      Candles                                                   -                 -do-
6      Catgut                                                    -                 -do-
7      Celluloid or Collucid goods                               10 Kgms.          -do-
8      Cement concrete design or models                          -                 -do-
9      Charcoal/Bitumen                                          04 Quintals       -do-
10     Cosmetics                                                 -                 -do-
11     Cotton, Cotton refuse, Cotton waste, Cotton yarn,         02 Quintals       -do-
       Silk art wool or woolen refuse or waste, Art silk, Silk
       yarn or Silk inclusive of waste yarn.
12     Cotton seeds                                              02 Quintals       -do-
13     Fat                                                       02 Quintals       -do-
14     Fire works (subject to NOC from Delhi Police).            -                 -do-
15     Flax                                                      -                 -do-
16     Gold smithy and Polishing (manually).                     -                 -do-
17     Gun Powder                                                02 Kgms.          -do-
18     Glass or Glass articles, Glass cutting and Polishing      -                 -do-
19     Hemp                                                      02 Quintals       -do-
20     Ink for printing , writing, Stamping etc.                 -                 -do-
21     Insecticides or disinfectant                              -                 -do-
22     Leather Cloth or Rexene cloth or water proof cloth        -                 -do-
23     Linseed oil                                               -                 -do-
24     Mattress & Pillows                                        -                 -do-
25     Oil Cloth                                                 -                 -do-
26     Photography Studio & Photographic Materials               -                 -do-
27     Pottery by hand                                           -                 -do-
28     Silver smithy and polishing                               -                 -do-
29     Sanitary ware or china ware and earthen ware              -                 -do-
30     Tanning, pressing or packing of hides or Skins,           -                 -do-
       whether raw or dried
31     Tallow                                                    -                 -do-
32     Wooden furniture, Boxes, Barrels, khokhas or other        -                 -do-
       articles of wood or ply-wood or sandalwood.

33     Radio (wireless receiving set) transistor selling,        -                 -do-
       repairing & servicing
34     Bakelite goods                                            -                 -do-
35     Bricks or tiles storage                                   One       truck   -do-
36     Chemicals(except negative list) liquid                    20 litres         -do-
37     Cinematograph films- stripping in connection with         -                 Rs.2000/-
       any trade.
38   Dammar                                              -             (i) Rs.200/- P.A. upto 10
                                                                       Sq. Meter.
                                                                       (ii) Rs.500/- P.A. between
                                                                       10 Sq.Meter to 20 sq.Meter.
                                                                       (iii) Rs.50 per Sq.Meter P.A.
                                                                       above 20 Sq. Meter
39   Dynamite                                            -             -do-
40   Lime                                                -             -do-
41   Leather goods manufacturing manually and storing    02 Quintals   -do-
42   Marble cutting and polishing manually storing of    -             -do-
     marble goods
43   Metal casting                                       -             -do-
44   Metal (Ferrous, Non-Ferrous or antimony but         -             -do-
     excluding precious metal) cutting treating by
     hammering polishing or assembling parts of metal
45   Matches for lighting (including Bengal matches)     -             -do-
46   Paints (subject to NOC from DFS)                    02 Quintals   -do-
47   Paper & Card Board (Subject to NOC from DFS)        230 Kgms.     -do-
48   Pickers from hides                                  -             -do-
49   Pitch                                               -             -do-
50   Plastic goods or Plastic                            20 Kgms.      -do-
51   Rubber or Rubber Products (subject to NOC from      -             -do-
52   Stone cutting, dressing, polishing manually and     -             -do-
     keeping thereof
53   Tim smithy                                          -             -do-
54   Tar                                                 -             -do-
55   Varnish                                             40 Kgs.       -do-
56   Plastic Powder                                      -             -do-
57   Cinematograph films storing & shooting              -             Rs.3000/-
58   Cinematograph films-by any process manually-        -             Rs,3000/-
     treating of.
59   Bleaching of cloth and yarn                         -             (i) Rs.200/- P.A. upto 10
                                                                       Sq. Meter.
                                                                       (ii) Rs.500/- P.A. between
                                                                       10 Sq.Meter to 20 sq.Meter.
                                                                       (iii) Rs.50 per Sq.Meter P.A.
                                                                       above 20 Sq. Meter
60   Refining of or recovery of precious metals from     -             -do-
61   Gas                                                 -             -do-
62   Trunk, Coder body, manufacturing manually           -             -do-
63   Parching of grains                                  -             -do-
64   Air Compressing (manual)                            -             -do-
65   Cotton carding (manual)                             -             -do-
66   Block making (manual)                               -             -do-
67   Hosiery goods, tailoring & embroidery (manually)    -             -do-
     and storage/sale
68   Ivory goods                                         -             -do-
69   Punch & pulling machine(store & sale)               -             -do-
70   Sharpening of instruments(manually)                 -             -do-
71   Stores attached with cold store                     -             Rs.3000/-
72   Wire netting, knitting & drawing                    -             (i) Rs.200/- P.A. upto 10
                                                                       Sq. Meter.
                                                                       (ii) Rs.500/- P.A. between
                                                                       10 Sq.Meter to 20 sq.Meter.
                                                                       (iii) Rs.50 per Sq.Meter P.A.
                                                                       above 20 Sq. Meter
73   Nickle polishing of utensils                        -             -do-
74   Asafoetida                                          10 Kgms.      -do-
75   Ashes                                               -             -do-
76   Bamboos                                             400 pieces    -do-
77   Bidi Leaves                                         35 Kgms.      -do-
78   Blasting powder                                     -             -do-
79   Campher                                             10 Kgms.      -do-
80   Carbide/Calcium                                     02 Kgms.      -do-
81   Chemicals (non-liquid)                              12.5 Kgms.    -do-
82   Chlorate mixture                                    -             -do-
83   Cinematograph films non-inflammable or acetate or   10 Kgms.      -do-
      safety base
84    Coal                                                     04 Quintals      -do-
85    Coconut fibers.                                          20 Kgms.         -do-
86    Coke                                                     04 Quintals      -do-
87    Compound Gas, such as Oxygen, Hydrogen,                  -                -do-
      Carbon-di-oxide, Sulpher-di-oxide, Acetelene etc.
88     Copra                                                   75 Kgms.         -do-
89    Cotton including kahok, surgical cotton and silk         02 Quintals      -do-
90    Detonators                                               -                -do-
91    Dry leaves                                               02 Quintals      -do-
92    Denatured spirit                                         -                -do-
93    Explosive paints such as; Nitrocellulose paint, Liquor   75 kgms.         -do-
      paint, Enamel paint etc (subject to NOC from DFS).
94    Fins                                                     -                -do-
95    Felt                                                     75   kgms.       -do-
96    Fire wood                                                04   Quintals    -do-
97    Fluminate                                                -                -do-
98    Fluminate of mercury                                     -                -do-
99    Fluminate of silver                                      -                -do-
100   Gelatine                                                 -                -do-
101   Geliner etc.                                             -                -do-
102   Grass                                                    -                -do-
103   Gum Cotton                                               -                -do-
104   Gunny Bags                                               02   Quintals    -do-
105   Gite                                                     -                -do-
106   Hair                                                     05   kgms.       -do-
107   Hay or Fodder                                            04   Quintals    -do-
108   Hessian cloth (Gunny Bag cloth)                          02   Quintals    -do-
109   Hides (dried) (Raw)                                      02   Quintals    -do-
110   Hoops                                                    -                -do-
111   Horns                                                    -                -do-
112   Incense or esas                                          20   kgms.       -do-
113   Jute                                                     75   kgms.       -do-
114   Khokhas, boxes, barrels, furniture of articles other     75   Nos.        -do-
      than wood.
115   Liquor                                                   -                -do-
116   Methylated spirit or French polish                       25 Its.          -do-
117   Nitre cellucose                                          02 Quintals      -do-
118   Nitre Compound                                           -                -do-
119   Nitre Glycerine                                          -                -do-
120   Nitre Mixture                                            -                -do-
121   Oil seed including Almonds but excluding cotton          10 Quintals      -do-
122   Old paper or Waste paper including old Newspaper,        02 Quintals      -do-
      Periodicals, magazines etc.
123   Packing stuff (Paper cutting) husk, saw dust etc.        02 Quintals      -do-

124   Paper other than old paper in pressed bales or loose     230 kgms.        -do-
      or in reams.
125   Petroleum & its products (other than dangerous           45 Ls.           Rs.3000/-
      Petroleum Act-1934).
126   Phosphorous                                              -                (i) Rs.200/- P.A. upto 10
                                                                                Sq. Meter.
                                                                                (ii) Rs.500/- P.A. between
                                                                                10 Sq.Meter to 20 sq.Meter.
                                                                                (iii) Rs.50 per Sq.Meter P.A.
                                                                                above 20 Sq. Meter
127   Ply-wood                                                 02 Quintals      -do-
128   Rags, including small pieces or cutting of cloths,       01 Quintal.      -do-
      hessian clothes, gunny cloth bag, silk or art silk or
      woollen cloth.

129   Rosin or dammar battar otherwise known as ral.           15   kgms.       -do-
130   Safety fuses for signals, cartridges etc.                -                -do-
131   Saltpetre                                                40   kgms.       -do-
132   Sandalwood                                               15   kgms.       -do-
133   Sisal Fiber                                              04   kgms.       -do-
134   Straw                                                    04   Quintals.   -do-
135   Tarpauline                                             02   Quintals.     -do-
136   Thinner, Lacquer.                                      01   Quintal.      -do-
137   Timber                                                 04   Quintals.     -do-
138   Turpentine                                             10   Lts.          -do-
139   Wool raw                                               75   kgms.         -do-
140   Acid                                                   -                  -do-
141   Building material (other than bamboos, bricks &        -                  -do-
142   Naptha products                                        -                  -do-
143   Canes                                                  -                  -do-
144   Books, Ledgers, Copies etc.                            -                  -do-
145   Articles made of hemp and Jute                         -                  -do-
146   Articles made of Sarkanda & cane                       -                  -do-
147   Motor, Scooter & auto parts (made of other than        -                  -do-
      Iron, Steel & Metal).
148   Cycle parts (made of other than Iron, steel &          -                  -do-
149   Containers (made of other than Iron, Steel & Metal).   -                  -do-
150   Fire Fighting and fire extinguishing equipments.       Kept         for   -do-
151   Surgical instruments and appliances (made of other     -                  -do-
      than Iron, Steel and Metal)
152   Umbrellas.                                             -                  -do-
153   Canned Fruits & Products                               -                  -do-
154   Musical instruments                                    -                  -do-
155   Spectacles                                             -                  -do-

156   Utensils and Cutlery (made of inflammable material     -                  -do-
      or other than ferrous & non-ferrous metal)
157   Batteries and Invertors                                -                  -do-
158   Cables & Wires                                         -                  -do-
159   Recorders & Cassettes                                  -                  -do-
160   Television                                             -                  -do-
161   Computers, CPU, Printer, Voltage Stabilizer etc.       -                  -do-
162   Telephone, Cordless Phone, Mobile Phone &              -                  -do-
      Chargers etc.
163   Toilet goods                                           -                  -do-
164   Retail out-lets (convenience stores) of MNCS &         -                  (i) Rs.5000/- or Rs. 50/- per
      Indian Companies with foreign or domestic                                 Sq. mtr., whichever is
      collaboration.                                                            higher.
                                                                                (ii) Rs.1500/- or Rs. 50/-
                                                                                per Sq.Meter, whichever is
                                                                                higher for Shops located in
                                                                                Centrally     Air-conditioned
165   Storage of licenceable articles      in transit in     -                  Rs.3000/-
      Transport godowns and Air Cargo.,
166   Storage of Shamiana /Kanat/Tents                       -                  (i) Rs.200/- P.A. upto 10
                                                                                Sq. Meter.
                                                                                (ii) Rs.500/- P.A. between
                                                                                10 Sq.Meter to 20 sq.Meter.
                                                                                (iii) Rs.50 per Sq.Meter P.A.
                                                                                above 20 Sq. Meter
167   Storage of any other article made of combustible,      -                  -do-
      inflammable material (NOC by DFS).
168   Storage of any other article made of explosive         -                  -do-
      material (NOC of DFS).
169   Other articles of trade / storage not classified       -                  -do-
170   Articles of Bamboos                                    -                  -do-
171   Articles of Card Board & Straw Board                   -                  -do-
172   Electrical goods (made of inflammable material         -                  -do-
      other than ferrous & non-ferrous metals)
173   Gas/CNG Godowns / storage.                             -                  Rs.3000/-

1. The fees/ charges will not exceed Rs.15,000/- in a year in respect of
   single licence.
2. Trades/storage of articles licensable by the Departments other than under
   the control of CL&EC, are not included in this list.

                                         Rs. 10/- Notarial Stamp Paper
                                                      (Mixed land use)
                                Urban Village/Rural Village Extensions.


   I _______________________ S/W/D of Shri____________________
   R/o________________________________________________Proprietor /
   Partner/ Director of M/s______________________ do hereby solemnly
   affirm and declare as under:-

   1. That I/we are running a retail shop of total__________Sq. Meter area
      in the name and style of ____________ w.e.f. __________________
      constructed on plot No._________ (address)____________________.

   2. That the said premises qualify for use as retail shop under mixed use
      /urban vill. & rural vill. extension Regulations of MPD – 2021 (Para

   3. That I/we hereby undertake to abide by all conditions under which the
      said use has been permitted.

   4. That I/we shall get regularized the unauthorized construction existing
      in the premises, if any, failing which MCD will be at liberty to take
      action against the unauthorized construction for which I/we shall not
      claim any rights or damages.

   5. That I have deposited the conversion charges/will deposit with penalty,
      with the MCD as applicable.


   Verified at Delhi on this_________ day of ________2008 that the
contents of the above affidavit are true and correct to the best of my
knowledge and so part of it is false and nothing material has been concealed


The small shops of maximum 20 sqm. Area, trading in or dealing with the
following items/activities, are allowed on ground floor only, in residential,
including in „A‟ and „B‟ category colonies:

(I)       Vegetables/Fruits/Flowers
(II)      Bakery items/Confectionary items;
(III)     Kirana/General store;
(IV)      Dairy product;
(V)       Stationery/Books/Gifts/Book binding;
(VI)      Photostat/Fax/STD/PCO;
(VII)     Cyber café/Call phone booths;
(VIII)    LPG booking office/showroom without LPG cylinders;
(IX)      Atta Chakki:
(X)       Meat/Poultry and Fish shop;
(XI)      Pan shop;
(XII)     Barber shop/Hair dressing saloon/Beauty parlour;
(XIII)    Laundry/Dry cleaning/Ironing;
(XIV)     Sweet shop/Tea stall without sitting arrangement;
(XV)      Chemist shop/Clinic/Dispensary/Pathology lab;
(XVI)     Optical shop;
(XVII)    Tailoring shop;
(XVIII)   Electrical/Electronic repair shop; and
(XIX)     Photo studio;
(XX)      Cable TV/DTH Operation;
(XXI)     Hosiery/Readymade Garments/Cloth shop;
(XXIII)   Cycle Repair shop
(XXIV)    Ration shop & Kerosene Shop under PDS;

         Any other item/activity that may be notified by the Central

Note:     Some of these trades are licensable under Section 417, if the same
          is mentioned in the list as per ANNEXURE-VIII.
                                                      (For transfer of Licence)


      I _______________________ S/W/D of Shri____________________
R/o__________________________________________Prop./Partner/Director of
M/s______________________ do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under:-

   1. That Sh. ______________________ S/o _______________________________
      Prop./Partner/Director was holding MCL No.___________ for the trade of

   2. That Sh. ______________________ died on _________ leaving behind
      following legal heirs ____________

   3. That above legal heirs of the deceased/ licensee have given N.O.C. in my
   4. That I have requested for mutation/transfer of the M.C.L. No. _______ in
      my favour vide application dated ____________
   5. That in case any dispute regarding grant of licence is raised by any Govt.
      Deptt./Office/Lessor/Original allottee or any other legal heir, the MCD shall
      be at liberty to revoke the licence granted without assigning any reason.
   6. I, further submit that on account of this,if any, losses are suffered by the
      MCD, I shall make complete the losses.
   7. This is executed on this day __________ month ___________ year
      ____________ at Delhi.

                                                           Annexure -XII

                      Structural Safety Certificate

Structural Safety Certificate in respect of construction existing on plot
No. ______________ situated at ____________________(Portion of
licence/applicant) is :____________.

1. Certified that the construction existing on plot comprises of (Floors &
     covered area at each floor) __________________________________.
2.    Certified that the building has been analysed and checked up with
     reference to structural safety and stability with adequate factor of
     safety as per relevant IS code.
3. Certified that the building is safe & capable of resisting the forces and
     moments of natural hazards.

     ___________________________            ________________________
     Sign. of owner/occupier/applicant      Sign. of structural Engineer
     With date, name & address.             with date, name and address.
     ___________________________             ________________________
     ___________________________             ________________________
     ___________________________             ________________________
                                                                          ANNEXURE - XIII


 Application form for obtaining licence to              Zone:________________
 run trade/shop/storage as required u/s
                                                        WARD No:____________
 417 of DMC Act-1957, amended in 1993,
            in approved areas                           L-I No._________________
                                                        (to be mentioned by diary Clerk of the
                                                        Zone on receipt from CSB).
                                                        L-2 No.______________
                                                        (to be written at the time of issue of

1.   Name of the Unit                       :_____________________________________
2.   Name of applicant with status          :_____________________________________
     in Unit                                ______________________________________

3.   Father‟s/Husband‟s name of             :_____________________________________
     Applicant                              ______________________________________

4.   Residential & Office Address           :_____________________________________

5.   Names of other partners/directors      :_____________________________________
     with parentage and address             ______________________________________

6.   Location of the Unit : Floor and         :_____________________________________
     Full Address                             :_____________________________________
7. Category of Premises i.e. conforming :______________________________________
    /CSC/MLU/House        Hold    /Pedestrian _______________________________________
    Street/ Special Area etc.
8. Owner/Tenant/legal occupier                :_____________________________________
    (attach documents)                        :_____________________________________
9. Full particulars of Unit/Trade/Storage     :_____________________________________
    (mention licenceable articles).           ______________________________________
10. Date      of      Establishment     with :_____________________________________
    documentary proof.                        ______________________________________

11. Sufficient space for loading & un- :______________________________________
    loading is available or not and also _______________________________________
    mention the ROW.                     _______________________________________

12. Whether the premises is approved :______________________________________
    /regularized as per Building Bye-Laws. _______________________________________

13. Whether the compounding charges for     :______________________________________
    conversion of land use have been paid   _______________________________________
    (attach copies of receipts), in case    _______________________________________
    where use of premises is changed.       _______________________________________

14. Whether the trade/articles of storage :______________________________________
    are pollutant /obnoxious/hazardous or _______________________________________
    apparently prone to fire.

15. Details of documents attached including :_____________________________________
    site & Key Plans                        ______________________________________

            The information given as above is correct to the best of my knowledge & belief
      and nothing has been concealed therefrom. If any information is found to be incorrect,
      MCD will have the discretion to cancel the application / licence without giving any notice.

                                                                  Signature of the Applicant
                                                                       with status & Stamp

Note :Incomplete application with deficient documents will be summarily rejected and the
      applicant will have no right for refund of processing charges.

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