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                                          Matters                                                                               Term 3, 2010
          SALA Exhibition                                                                                    From the Principal
Arts Alive 2, the Marden Senior College SALA
exhibition for 2010 was a resounding success.
Running from the 30th July to the 27th August
at the Atrium, Burnside Civic Centre, several
student works were sold and favourable
comments were received from community
members visiting the centre.

                                                   Brenda Harris formally opened the exhibition        In the second week of September a group
                                                   and approximately 100 students, staff,              of Marden students, staff and members
                                                   friends and family turned out to celebrate          of Conservation Volunteers spent time
                                                   the achievements of our art and multimedia          planting on campus. The photos are in
                                                   students. The work was an eclectic mix of           these pages. The weather was kind - a
                                                   traditional and contemporary art, both 3D           sunny, warm early Spring day. Within a
                                                   and 2D and represented the broad range              few hours, what had been an empty patch
                                                   of skills that the students explore in their        of ground held the potential to return to
                                                   various subjects – painting, drawing, design,       something like it had been before 1836.
                                                   printmaking, mosaics, sculpture, textiles as        Looking at the area again the next day
                                                   well as digital work from Multimedia and            made me think it was a potent symbol for
                                                   Design. Anne Johnson                                optimism and resilience. The plants are
                                       Textiles Trip                                                   tiny; in fact many of the native bulbs are
                                                                                                       dwarfed by the surrounding mulch, and
Markets, shopping, eating, talking, viewing                                                            they face an uncertain future. Although
exhibitions and walking a thousand miles a                                                             the soil is moist now, within a short time
day was how 11 students and 2 teachers spent                                                           the plants will need to withstand another
4 days in Sydney in June this year.                                                                    baking Adelaide summer. But they are
The week started off with a long day as our                                                            designed for just such a challenge so their
flights left Adelaide at approximately 6am.                                                            future is promising.
Feeling weary, we all headed off to the Sydney                                                         The students who did the planting also
Quilt Show. Quilts were displayed in a range of                                                        displayed optimism and resilience. Working
various categories, as well as there being an                                                          together on this project encouraged the
art to wear section. The show gave students                                                            sharing of stories of other gardens left in
                                                   The third day saw us all head off to The Rocks      other places, and of plans to re-build the
an opportunity to view a varied range of works
                                                   to check out the markets. Yes that’s right, we      future. During the year I have heard similar
made by textile artists. A long day ended early,
                                                   still managed to fit in more shopping. We           stories from students who have talked
with everyone exhausted and thankful we
                                                   then went on a ferry ride over to the Manly         about using study at Marden to build
were staying in comfortable apartments.
                                                   Contemporary Quilt Show. While there we             new futures even though for many the
Day two was spent at the Paddington                listened to a talk by the curator and then
Markets viewing the work of up and coming                                                              challenges of work, family responsibilies or
                                                   returned to the city for a leisurely evening.       health are large.
designers as well as local artists. Some of the
                                                   The last day was spent shopping for fabric in       A great deal of research supports the
students went somewhat crazy buying shoes,
                                                   the Vietnamese district of Cabramatta. The          view that optimism and resilience can be
handbags, jewellery, clothes, and the list goes
                                                   area was full of textiles stores and was a fabric   learned. The experiences of these Marden
on. The afternoon was then free for students
                                                   junkies heaven.                                     students support this too. Optimism is not
to continue their mad shopping spree. Some
chose to go to the art gallery and some went       Well the trip was then over and it was time         so much about being born into a favourable
to the Powerhouse Museum.                          to head home. The only thing that the crazy         environment but much more related to
                                                   shoppers forgot to consider was how much            having the kind of attitude to life that lets
                                                   luggage they were allowed to take on the            you choose a postive response when faced
                                                   plane. After some careful packing and several       with disappointment and reversals of
                                                   items being put into one of the teacher’s           fortune.
                                                   luggage we were all allowed onto the plane.         The writers Peterson and Bossio make the
                                                   Oh yeah, just a reminder for students - you         case in their book Health and Optimism that
                                                   can’t take embroidery scissors in your hand         we can do several things to build positive
                                                   luggage.                                            reponses, and these things work just as
                                                   All in all it was a great trip and a wonderful      well with adults as with small children.
                                                   time was had by all.                                One is to set realistic goals and to model
                                                   Sarah Smith
realistic optimism for others. Encouraging                                      Spring Fever Trade Fair
and using problem solving, challenging
pessimisstic views when they occur and           On 9 September Marden Senior College was            advertising group. A PowerPoint presentation
using humour as a coping mechanism are           buzzing with enterprising activities. Certificate   was also produced prior to the day and was
also reccomended.                                2 Business students of Virtual           shown on the large screens situated around
Other research points to the importance          Enterprise hosted the Spring Fever Trade Fair.      the college. The Administration group
of surrounding yourself with positive            We had 2 booths selling a variety of virtual        organized the setting up and the roster. All
people and taking steps to stay healthy          products that were marketed in colourful            groups, I felt, did a great job and the day was a
and occupied by productive activities. For       and imaginative packaging. Two other virtual        great success. Linda Keech
those of you coming quickly towards end          enterprises were involved in making this            My favourite part of the Trade Fair was selling
of year exams, this advice is particularly       a successful event. They were Sole Per Te           the raffle tickets. I thought this was a very
pertinent. Remember to eat well during           (Windsor Gardens Vocational College) and            exciting job trying to encourage people to
study periods. This along with drinking          Platters on the Run (The Heights School).           purchase tickets. I felt happy at the end of the
water will keep your brain active and            The efforts and contribution of Robyn Wilkins       day. Kim Nguyen
hydrated. Factor in some exercise. Moving        and Mandy Rego with the Trash n Treasure
around, even for a few minutes allows your       stall; Tim Wells sausage sizzle; Rosemary Olds
brain time to process what you have been         dancing to a compilation of Michael Jackson’s
learning while effectively supplying it with     songs and the Tribal Belly Dancers enhanced
oxygenated blood.                                the day’s success.
Best wishes for the coming term. Looking         We would also like to congratulate Sue Arnup,
after your physical well being and choosing      the “lucky” winner of the highly prized signed
the attitude with which you approach what        Port Power guernsey. Well done Sue!
ever this next period holds will have a lot to
                                                 On behalf of the Certificate 2 Business students
do with your end result.
                                                 we would like to thank everyone for their
                                                 support to make this day a success.
                                                 Liz Coventry, Elena Battisti                        Three groups – six weeks equating to six days
                                                                                                     of class time to advertise, decide, collaborate,
                                                                                                     produce and present virtual office supplies
                                                                                                     by VET. The theme Spring Fever
                                                                                                     by Cert 2 Wednesday class came together
                                                                                                     without a hitch.
                                                                                                     Behind the scene was abuzz with busy bees
                                                                                                     making (from scratch), show bags, banners,
                                                                                                     posters and PowerPoint. It was a colourful
                                                                                                     office during the preparation and organizing
                                                                                                     of the fair. I think we all learned a great deal
                                                 Our Spring Trade Fair stall came together           from this exercise. Lina Peno
And like the tiny plants, be assured that        through a combined effort from all members
from little things big things grow.              of Cert 2 Wednesday group. Six weeks
                                                 before we decided on a theme of Spring
Brenda Harris
                                                 and each student was allocated to a group:
Principal                                        Administration, Advertising and Marketing/
In the beautiful Spring sunshine students        Products. Each group came together on
from Lynne McIntyre’s Working and Living         Wednesday afternoons to share ideas and
in Australia class and Carmine Cicchiello’s      produce the products. We produced 4 packs in
Access 10 Science class worked with              the form of show bags with a variety of virtual
‘Conservation Volunteers’ and Michael            and real products. We also designed and
Guerra to plant about 250 local tube stock       produced magnets and bookmarks.
grown by Chris and Wendy from Vale Park          Trade Fairs are a good way to advertise virtual
Primary “Our patch” group.                                                                           VET Thursday Group
                                                 enterprises and meet other colleagues. Posters
The plant list includes natives like gold dust   and flyers were designed and distributed by the
wattle, egg and bacon plant and chocolate
lily and replicates the original under storey.
Apparently the type of open woodland
on which Marden sited could have had
something like half a million chocolate lilies
per hectare pre - European settlement.
Thanks all those involved for their
contributions to enhancing the grounds,
including Peter Allen for loaning tools
and gloves, and Marie Dottore and Viv
Muscardin who also volunteered classes. If
you would like to watch the progress of the
planting, keep your eye on the mulched
area near the western carpark entrance to
the college.
Brenda Harris, Principal
                                                 Wednesday Certificate II Group
                                                                                                        On September 15th and 16th, 2010 Marden
             Vinegar Tom                                                                                Senior College’s Stage 2 Drama students
                                                                                                        successfully completed their Group Production
Vinegar Tom is a play written by Caryl Churchill
                                                                                                        of Vinegar Tom at The Forge Performing Arts
in1976 and provided Marden Senior College’s
                                                                                                        Centre located at Marryatville High School.
Stage 2 Drama Class with rich and complex
                                                                                                        The students received high praise from their
learning opportunities. The play examines
gender and power relationships through
                                                                                                        Nikki Wieland and Megan Woods
the 17th century witchcraft trials in England.
Interspersed between the play’s scenes are
contemporary songs that are spoken or
sung in modern dress to reinforce the play’s
themes of inequality and discrimination
against women and to encourage active

            Library News                                          2010 Adult Re-entry Soccer Tournament
During the term the library has been busy. A        On 9th of September, Marden Senior College ventured up to Para West Adult Campus to
variety of displays for events such as Book Week    participate in the annual soccer tournament.
and the MSC Drama Production have added
colour to the library. One of the students, Lexie   Game one, we played against Para West. A high standard of football was played with fast action
organised a wonderful display during Hearing        and spectacular goals being created by both schools. Sean scored the goal of the tournament,
Awareness Week that included cards to take          a long range strike from near on half way. Dipping under the cross bar, the goal keeper had no
to learn Auslan and also highlighted many           chance.
interesting facts about hearing and hearing         Marden performed strongly. We earned a result from the first game. A two all draw against
loss.                                               hosts, Para West. Although lacking the experience of Para West we showed we were a quality
                                                    side by scoring two goals. Hasan kicked the first one; a vital goal that gave us the confidence to
                                                    stand up to them. Then Sean popped up with an equaliser to secure the draw. Rahim performed
                                                    outstandingly on the left side, getting forward to attack and defending doggedly. Zagross shut
                                                    down the Para West attack and also provided quality passes to Herman running forward. This
                                                    was exciting play.
                                                    Comments after the game were that both sides played a great game and that Marden were
                                                    unlucky not to have won, given the fact that we had more scoring opportunities.

Many students are undertaking large research
and other assignments as part of their courses
at this time of the year. The library staff have
been joining in lessons to talk to students about
the library resources and how we can assist
them. We also have access to a referencing
generator that will help make writing those
bibliographies so much easier! Ask the library
staff if you need help to use this.
The library will be open for the first week of
the holidays (Monday 27 September to 1
October) from 8.30 am to 4.00pm for students
who need to continue with their work or need
a quiet place to do some revision.                  In game two we played the reigning champions, Thebarton Senior College. Dominating the first
The library staff are here to assist you and so     15 minutes of the game, we could not score. Then the speed and agility of Thebarton eventually
we look forward to seeing you at the Library!       broke down our defence, scoring the pivotal first goal. From this point our team was not able to
Sue Johnston, Library Manager                       recapture any momentum. We struggled to get any quality balls to our attack and when we did,
                                                    we could not finish off. Relying heavily on our defence we were under immense pressure.
                                                    Fortunately Nemat held our defence together and Dut was strong in goal. Disappointingly in
                                                    the second game we lost two nil to eventual winners Thebarton. It was a great team effort by
                                                    All in all we were blessed with great weather, great team spirit and a day of fun. I think most of us
                                                    would agree that we would have liked to have played more. But I think there is a lot of optimism
                                                    for next year; especially after being awarded the title of hosts.
                                                    The Adult Colleges’ soccer tournament was a great success. Hopefully we can enter a female
                                                    team in 2011.
                                                    The team would like to thank both Nick and Mike for their coaching and training.
                                                    Philip Daniel, Captain of the Marden Senior College team.
                               Student Services News                                                   Holiday Revision Program
                  Do you want to study at Marden Senior College next year?                            Many stage 2 subjects will run revision sessions
                                                                                                      in the September-October holidays.
You may want to finish SACE, obtain a Certificate III or IV or take a course for your own interest.
We will be open for 2011 enrolments from the beginning of term 4, Monday 11th October.                These are an excellent opportunity to
                                                                                                      focus on preparing for exams and finalising
Come into Student Services to make an appointment or phone 83662800                                   assignments.
                                                                                                      See Jenelyn in the bookroom to add your
Have you applied for uni or TAFE?
                                                                                                      name to the list of the subject sessions you
We would like to wish all our applicants for courses at university or TAFE every success and          want to attend. See your Sage 2 teacher or
hope that you achieve your goal.                                                                      the schedules posted around the college for
There are some important dates that you should keep in mind in the lead-up to offers being            The library will be open in the first week only
made by SATAC. The time line below is the latest information we have for each sector.                 (27th September to 1st October) from 8.30am
                                                                                                      to 4pm. You can go there to work by yourself
                                 Uni and TAFE Entry                                                   and use the resources.
                                                                                                      Diana Lange
3 December          Equal consideration closing date for late applicants. New applications
                    after this date are not guaranteed equal consideration. A late fee of $86
15 Dec (approx)     Results available from SACE Board. Now that you have your results you
                    may wish to change your preferences to ensure a better chance of getting
                    into a course. You can also add new courses to your list and take out
                    preferences that you are certain cannot be achieved.
5 January           Deadline for change of preferences.
13 January          Main round of offers to courses posted to students. Offer information is
                    available on UniWeb from 6.00pm.
3 February          Second round offers of places to courses posted to students.
                    Offer information is available on UniWeb.
30 November         Equal consideration closing date for late applicants. The late fee of
                    $62 no longer applies but equal consideration for your application is not
16 December         Correspondence received after this date in support of an application is not
                    guaranteed to be considered in the offer rounds.
29 December         Deadline for change of preferences for Main offer round.
10 January          Main round of offers to courses received in the post from this date and
                    available online from 9am
19 January          Main round offers response deadline.
25 January          Further offers made to some courses from this date.

Counsellors are on site from the 6th January 2011 to provide information and support to you
regarding how best to pursue any opportunities that may be available.
Good luck to all applicants.

                                 Mario Andreacchio
Students of Marden Senior College have             the Multimedia suite. This is a great initiative
been involved in the development of a              in enhancing students’ creativity and film
creative initiative proposed by Emmy Award         making skills.
winning movie director Mario Andreacchio           Viji Mohan
in partnership with the City of Norwood,            Multimedia Teacher
Payneham & St Peters to support the Creative
Industries sector. A pilot seminar via Skype
featuring Mario Andreacchio discussing film
and creativity was successfully held at MSC
Students involved in this interactive forum
have found Mario to be an inspirational
mentor. Mario has since identified potential
talent amongst our students and has asked
for another Skype interactive forum. Skype is
now set up as a regular mode of interaction in

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