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                                                            Rural Cornwall
                                                            & Isles of Scilly Partnership
                                                                                                                                    July 2008

RCP TOUR OF PROJECTS                      2008 - 2009: The Year of Transition
                                          The RCP has an arrangement with the SW RDA that this financial
                                          year is one of transition, from ensuring that all the funds under
                                          Rural Renaissance and MRD are committed and spent, to developing
                                          a funding programme to deliver against identified strategic priorities.

                                          Looe ‘Granite Quay Development’
Visiting the Leach Pottery Project

Arrival at the Centre of Pendeen
for our board meeting

Bert Biscoe and Stephen Bohane
presenting a plaque to Chris Hibbert
at Trewarveneth studios

                                          This is the new building on the lower quay area of Looe, providing new and
                                          improved facilities for the fishing industry.
                                          The old building was no longer suitable and was demolished and replaced with purpose-built facilities
                                          to accommodate three new fish processing units and a purpose-built marine engineering workshop on
                                          the ground floor. There are fishermen’s stores on the second floor and the loft area will be utilised by a
Finding out about the Fisheries           purpose-built net mending business. This provides a total of 763m2 of workspace, an increase of 363m2.
Resource Centre in Newlyn                 In addition the height of the quay wall has been raised to reduce the risk of flooding and additional
                                          conveniences included e.g. power and water facilities to improve the services of the port.
                                          The objectives of the project are to provide the highest quality services and facilities for the fishing fleet
                                          to ensure that it remains in the port and lands its fish there. The fish processors indicated their need to
                                          expand, so this project has helped these and the associated marine industries remain in the area.

                                          For further information
                                          please contact us at:
The happy end to the RCP tour             www.ruralcornwall.co.uk
at The Exchange in Penzance

Rural Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Partnership (RCP), South Wheal Crofty, Station Road, Pool, Redruth, Cornwall TR15 3QG

Tel: 01209 611110                      rcp@cornwallenterprise.co.uk             www.ruralcornwall.co.uk
       RCP News: July 2008

              Strategic Delivery Plan
              Over the past few years the            end of the very successful Rural    association with the Learning and
              Cornwall and Isles of Scilly           Renaissance and Modernising rural   Skills Council, developing its role as
              Rural Partnership has received         Delivery programmes, the evolution  “Sustainability Communities Lead”
              and processed applications for         of the Cornish Development          for the Economic Forum and ‘Rural
              projects which have encouraged         Company - oh!... and the formation  Proofing’ for the Cornwall Strategic

              investment, innovation and             of the unitary authority! All these Partnership, strengthening its
              development throughout the rural       make for anxious times and careful  relationship with the Cornwall Agri-
              communities and businesses in          navigation.                         Food Council, championing rural
              Cornwall and on the Scillies.                                              enterprise, fighting for Post Offices,
                                                    The Partnership has worked for over and trying to secure future funding
              The partnership with the RDA has      20 years because it has combined
              been fruitful, based upon good                                             for the Cornish rural economy.
                                                    professional engagement with         The Partnership is strong and
              working relationships and the very    elected members. The councillors
              important democratic base of the                                           cohesive; its achievements stand it
                                                    blend a strong strategic perspective in good stead for future challenges.
              Partnership.                          with local representation from all   More, later!
              Change is rather like the             parts of Cornwall and the Isles of
              common cold - it’s always lurking     Scilly. It is a good officer/member
              inconveniently to catch you           Partnership with a range of partners
              unawares, and it can take you over, from the public, voluntary and
              wash you up and wring you out.        private sectors. Together, they
              Somehow, though, when it is over, a engage in making rural economics
              cold also leaves you feeling vigorous strategy and funding local projects
              and renewed - as if a period of       of great diversity.
              suffering and reflection really does
              cleanse the spirit!                   The RCP is looking forward -
                                                    working with Local Action Groups,
              So, the Partnership faces a very      engaging with the delivery of
              difficult passage. Convergence, the aspects of the Rural Development       Bert Biscoe
              Rural Development Programme, the Programme, continuing its                 RDP Chairman

              Leading Sustainable Communities
              Completing the Certificate in Leading
              Sustainable Communities brings
              benefits by:
              • Deepening understanding of the issues
                associated with the strategic development
                of sustainable communities.
              • Networking with colleagues from cross
                disciplinary roles to gain insights into
                best practice.
              • Achieving a nationally recognised award,
                accredited at postgraduate level.
              • Membership of the Institute of Leadership             First graduates on the
                                                                      ‘Raising Our Game’ course             Bill Holliday receiving
                management                                            sponsored by                          his Post Graduate Certificate
                                                                      Creating Excellence                   in ‘Leading Sustainable
              • Enhancing skills and motivation of their employees.   and The Academy for                   Communities’ from
                                                                      Sustainable Communities .             Cornwall Enterprise Board
              • Significant improvement of delivery of measurable                                           Member and
                targets/key performance indicators.                                                         SW RDA Vice Chair,
                                                                                                            Nick Buckland.

RCP Project Profiles
    The following summaries of projects                  continue financially beyond the funded period.

                                                                                                                                                 RCP Project Profiles
    not previously featured in the                       Those that are time-limited will cease to exist
    newsletter provide an insight into                   having fulfilled their purpose, others will go on
    the strategic purpose of the RCP.                    from strength to strength, having identified a gap
                                                         in service provision and some have also invested
    Communities, business sectors and individuals
                                                         in renewable technology that will enable them to
    in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly have always
                                                         ride the increase in energy costs.
    shown endeavour, inventiveness, determination
    and hard work, in order to extract value from        Some of these projects are featured here,
    the land and its resources and to develop            covering the Creative Sector,
    alternatives when land based sectors, fishing        Sustainable Tourism, Workspace Provision,
    and resource extraction hit difficult times.         Community Learning, ICT and Transport.

    Most, if not all settlements in Cornwall & the
                                                                 1 Mawnan Smithy
    Isles of Scilly had an economic function when
    first established. For many the original purpose
                                                                 2 Stithians Centre
    and function of the settlement is no longer viable           3 Wheels to Work
    and people have had to find other ways to make               4 Tremayne Hall
    a living.                                                    5 Trevilvas Barn
    The RCP has been in a position to encourage                  6 Projects on Scilly
    viable projects and provide funding to some                         • Radio Scilly
    of them. Each project has had to demonstrate                        • Phoenix Studios
    through business planning, how it will be able to

      In 1851 there were four smithies serving 19 farms
      in the parish of Mawnan Smith.
      The last smithy closed in 1994, but it has now been
      re-opened, along with three new workshops, used
      by a woodworker, weaver, ceramicist and
      The old forge and workshops are open to the public.         Rex Sadler, Chairman of the Mawnan Anvil Trust receiving a Rural Renaissance
                                                                  plaque from Bill Holliday at the Mawnan Smithy opening.

                                                 www.ruralcornwall.co.uk                                                                                     3
        RCP News: July 2008

               2       Stithians Resource Centre
                       This magnificent facility is                 Trainers and Line Dancers among
                       now available to be used by                  others are already using the Centre.
                       the residents of Stithians and               Cornwall County Council and Adult
RCP Project Profiles

                       other local people and is the                Education will be running various
                       result of a long hard struggle               courses in the new IT suite, which
                       by a surprisingly large                      can also be used as a meeting
                       number of people.                            room. It is hoped that this trend in
                                                                    increased activity will continue.
                       The preschool has made a good                                                        Stithians Resource Centre Opening
                       start in their department and now            Stithians Centre has a new ground
                       have permission for ‘wraparound’             source heat pump which transfers        feel a sense of responsibility to
                       care. The library has now been               naturally-stored solar energy from      reduce our carbon footprint.”
                       stocked with books from Redruth              the earth into the hall to provide
                                                                                                            Peter Hofman, EDF Energy’s
                       Library. It is just £1 to join for a year!   underfloor heating.
                                                                                                            Director of Sustainable Future, said:
                       It must be stressed that this facility       It works by sucking heat through
                                                                                                            “We were delighted to enable this
                       is complementary to the mobile               three u-shaped fluid filled boreholes
                                                                                                            village to develop a real example
                       library, which will still operate as         buried 70 metres beneath the
                                                                                                            of sustainable energy and carbon
                       long as people use it.                       building. Cold water flows down
                                                                                                            reduction at a local level. The
                                                                    through the borehole where it is
                                                                                                            people using this hall will be kept
                                                                    warmed by the earth and flows
                                                                                                            warm and comfortable by ground
                                                                    up to the surface, where the heat
                                                                                                            source heating which has been
                                                                    pump compresses the energy which
                                                                                                            successfully integrated with the
                                                                    is used for space heating and hot
                                                                                                            refurbishment of this community
                                                                    water. Ground source heating will
                                                                                                            centre. In time, hundreds of people
                                                                    reduce the running costs of the new
                                                                                                            who use this hall may be inspired
                                                                    extension. The technology will also
                                                                                                            to commit to some small lifestyle
                                                                    save the emission of 3.4 tonnes of
                                                                                                            changes which together can make
                                                                    carbon dioxide annually. A grant of
                       Stithians Resource Centre Entrance
                                                                                                            a big difference to the environment.
                                                                    £24,500 was provided for the project
                       New users of the Centre have                                                         We hope this will leave a lasting
                                                                    from the EDF Energy Green Fund.
                       already come forward to use the                                                      legacy on the environment by
                       extra time and space that can be             “Heating a community building           shaping the thinking and behaviour
                       offered now that the preschool have          is pretty expensive and anything        of people who have their whole
                       their own dedicated facilities. Kung         which helps keep the cost down          lives ahead of them as energy
                       Fu, Home Schoolers, Dog Obedience            makes the building viable. We also      consumers.”

               3 Wheels to work
                       This project offers those living in rural areas with transport solutions so that they can
                       access training and/or employment. This takes the form of personalised travel plans to
                       investigate currently available options such as public transport, as well as car-sharing,
                       cycling or a moped leasing scheme. Individuals are referred from agencies such as
                       Jobcentre+, Connexions or by self-referral to take part in this project.
                       The most novel aspect of this project concerns the moped leasing scheme. Depending on
                       their circumstances, applicants could be loaned a moped for up to 6 months at a low cost.
                       This would enable them to access training and/or employment located in short to medium
                       distances away (maximum round trip advised - approximately 20 miles).

Tremayne Hall Learning                                                                   • Offered a venue to local services such as Surestart,
                                                                                           Connexions and Age Concern to offer special support to
Centre, Mylor                                                                              disadvantaged groups such as the elderly and disabled.

Opened by Lady Mary, this                                                                It has done this through the building of an extension to the

                                                                                                                                                                     RCP Project Profiles
project was supported with                                                               existing Tremayne Hall which has been restored. It comprises
funding from Rural Renaissance and NLDC, to provide a                                    an entrance lobby with toilet facilities, improved access to the
                                                                                         main hall and kitchen (in the existing hall). It also comprises two
well equipped learning centre for the people in the village,
                                                                                         new rooms equipped for IT, classes and businesses. A further
as part of the renovation of the historic hall.
                                                                                         stage of the project (outside the scope of the application to Rural
The project has:                                                                         Renaissance) will see a small hall added on to this extension.
• Expanded the education, health and business skills of the                              The extension has been designed to reduce its impact on the
  community by offering a venue for a wide spectrum of users.                            conservation area by using a double ridged roof to reduce the
• Provided a venue for young people to meet in the
                                                                                         building height, using the same locally
  evenings, reducing anti-social behaviour and developing
                                                                                         sourced roofing slates as the main hall and
  life enhancement skills.
                                                                                         re-using stone from the demolished building
• Provided business, IT and educational facilities, also a
  research and IT room for the Mylor Local History Group,                                where possible. The toilets will be low
  library services and local schools.                                                    water use devices and all lighting will be
• Provided a home for the Toddlers group - an important                                  low energy consumption types.
  resource for young parents.

Trevilvas Barn Conversion                                                                                                                                            5
Bringing antique or neglected         This meant a search, for Richard and his
furniture back to life is the mission wife and business partner, Sonja, to find
for a Cornish upholstery business. the ideal location for their business. Along
                                                                 with work for private clients, the couple
Tresithick Upholstery and Restoration                            offered courses in the craft of traditional
                                                                                                                  Richard and Sonja in their Trevilvas barn studio
specialises in traditional upholstery                            upholstery. To complement the creativity
techniques and has revamped its business                         and craftsmanship involved in the process        Bill Holliday, the RCP manager, said that
since a move to new premises. The firm                           they wanted a tranquil and inspiring setting.    re-use, recycling and traditional skills are a
was originally based near Truro, but as                          They found this at Trevilvas Farm, part of       key part of rural life - the organisation was
business developed more space was                                the Trewithen estate, at Grampound. Sonja        delighted to support the business through
needed. Master upholsterer and owner,                            said: “We approached Trewithen estate to         the provision of workspace.
Richard Hooper, said: “I started the                             lease the property and informed them of our      Tresithick Upholstery and Restoration offers
business five years ago after a career in                        business idea. It involved the restoration of    five-day courses, weekend courses and,
the RAF. “It was quite a change, but I was                       a redundant barn, complete with old sheep        soon to be introduced, evening classes.
influenced by my father and grandfather                          pens, on the site, and although it was not       Each course has five clients or fewer so
who had worked in the industry, and I made                       originally what the estate had envisioned for    Richard can provide one-to-one assistance
my first footstool when I was seven. “We                         the farm, they supported us from the word        when required. The setting creates a
needed to expand the workspace we had                            go. This meant the complete renovation           relaxed and informal learning environment
Trevilvas barn before restoration and wanted                     of a Grade II listed building, made all the      for people to get to grips with this craft.
                                  to add to the                  more tricky by having a resident bat - a         They can bring their own furniture or
                                  opportunities we               protected species - living in the loft space.”   make use of one of the business’s pieces.
                                  could offer.”                  The development was made possible                Richard said: “Our courses give people
                                                                  through financial assistance from the Rural     the opportunity to learn a craft, and some
                                                                  Cornwall Partnership’s (RCP) Redundant          combine this with a holiday.”We can even
                                                                  Building Grant scheme, which is part of the     help clients find accommodation and while
                                                                  Rural Renaissance Initiative they manage        they are here we provide a light lunch
                                                                  on behalf of the South West Regional            and refreshments.” The courses attract
                                                                  Development Agency. “Now we have a              a variety of people from all walks of life
                                                                  beautiful studio, cutting and sewing room       who enjoy taking time out to embark on a
                              Trevilvas barn after restoration    for Richard to run his training courses in.”    creative journey.

                                                                              www.ruralcornwall.co.uk                                                                            5
        RCP News: July 2008

           6 RCP Funded Projects on the Isles of Scilly
                       Over the past two years the RCP has awarded grant funding in the region of £117,000 on the Isles of Scilly and in doing
                       so has helped to lever in an additional £147,000 of other public and private funds. By any token this is a considerable
                       investment, but on the Isles of Scilly its impacts are even more significant.
RCP Project Profiles

                       The Isles of Scilly economy is predominantly reliant upon the tourism industry. Activities such as the arts and crafts and
                       commercial radio, whilst making valuable contributions to the islands are a far smaller slice of the economic pie.
                       By investing in these projects the Rural Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Partnership have helped broaden the islands economic
                       base, provide additional jobs and have helped tackle barriers to accessing the market place.

                       Radio Scilly
                       Radio Scilly began life as trial radio         a carpenter, members of the Isles of Scilly     to but unarguably the radio station helps
                       station in 1999. Following a further three     Wildlife Trust, and taxi drivers amongst        the islands maintain their community spirit.
                       short trial broadcasts and a successful        others. Each show has its own direction         Through the talk shows broadcast on Radio
                       application to OFCOM for a community           and there are shows for each of Scilly’s        Scilly islanders are able to get information on
                       radio licence the station began setting        ‘off-islands’.                                  a variety of topics including what’s happening
                       up its base at Porthmellon Industrial                                                          on Scilly and where, advice for island mums
                                                                      The impacts of this project are economic,
                       Estate, St. Mary’s                                                                             and health and wellbeing information.
                                                                      social and environmental. Radio Scilly
                                                                                                                      The Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty unit
                       Radio Scilly went live for its first full time helps the islands’ economy by promoting
                                                                                                                      and the Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust both
                       show in September of 2007 and continues to the islands both on the air and through its
                                                                                                                      have hour-long shows helping to improve and
                       provide a community focussed mix of music website. In October 2007 the website had
                                                                                                                      sustain the islands’ environment.
                       and talk programmes as well as providing       190,000 hits which helps raise the profile
                       news, travel and weather services on the       both of the radio station and the islands
                       hour. The station also provides emergency      in general. As a result of this Radio Scilly
                       broadcasts in events such as severe weather. believes it has attracted 42 visitors to the
                       The station operates on a non-profit basis.    islands contributing somewhere near £6,500
                                                                      to the economy.
                       Radio Scilly is probably unique. Its shows
                       are run by islanders and include presenters    The social impacts of the projects to the
                       whose day jobs include council officers,       islands are more difficult to assign value      A volunteer presenter of Radio Scilly with their Rural Renaissance plaque

                       Phoenix Studios
                       This development, supported                   on Porthmellon, St Mary’s by adding a                                         existing members of the
                       through MRD, now provides                     further four units for rent on the ground                                     Arts and Crafts sector
                       workspace and joint exhibition                floor and a gallery on the second floor.                                      by offering units only to
                       space for several new businesses.             The units and gallery are lit by a ‘light                                     those who were currently
                                                                     tube’ which enhances the natural sunlight                                     not employed in, but with
                       The project is to build an extension to the
                                                                     allowing a reduction in electricity used;                                     desire and ability to work
                       existing premises of the Phoenix Stained
                                                                     both an environmental improvement and           One of the studios            in this sector.
                       Glass Studio; the extension will consist
                                                                     economic gain.
                       of four new individual workspace units as                                                     Through the installation of a gallery, the
                       well as increasing size of existing studio.                                                   Phoenix Studio project has allowed the
                       Building Design                                                                               new artists/craftspersons within the
                                                                                                                     building a dedicated space for selling
                       The extended area is a timber framed
                                                                                                                     their products.
                       construction, comprising of two floors, the
                       lower floor housing the artists units, with                                          This project has allowed some members
                       the upper floor serving as a gallery for                                             to build their own
                       other local artists and craftspeople.      The upstairs gallery
                                                                                                            businesses in a sector
                                                                                                            they always wanted
                       This project saw the improvement of an     The units are now occupied and provide
                                                                                                            to; helping to reduce
                       existing small business whose primary      four new full time equivalent jobs for
                                                                                                            under-employment       Phoenix Studios owner
                       work was in the area of stained glass      members of the island’s community as well                        Oriel Hick, receiving her
                                                                                                            and improving self     Rural Renaissance Plaque
                       work. The intervention expanded upon the as additional income for the applicant.                            from Jamie Murden of
                       existing building at the industrial estate The project was careful not to displace                          Cornwall Enterprise.

 The Rural Cornwall and
 Isles of Scilly Partnership...

                                                                                                                           Rural Renaissance
 has responsibility for several funding schemes including the delivery of the SW RDA Rural Renaissance initiative,
 Modernising Rural Delivery (MRD) and Neighbourhood Learning in Deprived Communities for the Learning and
 Skills Council, which encompass the economic development and regeneration needs of rural areas.
 These initiatives aim to help rural communities respond to and influence economic change, by supporting
 the development and implementation of sustainable projects that use innovation and enterprise to:
 • Create prosperity and generate employment.
 • Improve delivery and access to services.
 • Realise the value of the environment as an economic asset.
  Rural Renaissance:                                     Modernising Rural Delivery (MRD):
  This covers three areas:                               This covers rural productivity improvements and greater
  1. Assisting in developing dynamic and                 accessibility to a range of services for people in rural areas.
     sustainable economy in Rural Areas.                  1. New build rural workspace.
  2. Improvement in access to work, education,            2. Added value to rural produce.
     training and re-training opportunities.              3. Improved rural transport for access
  3. Encourage innovative service delivery                4. Rural access to ICT.
     through the development of Multi-Use                 5. Rural volunteer networks improved.
     facilities and improved access to and use
     of Information Communication Technology.

  Commited                       £ 2,375,039             Commited                          £ 1,220,473
  Spend                          £ 1,790,189             Spend                             £ 1,067,194
  Total Project Investment       £13,731,515             Total Project Investment          £ 2,115,661

Neighbourhood Learning in Deprived
Communities (Learning & Skills Council)
Following successful use of £160,000 in 2007, the LSC have asked the RCP
to invest a further £111,000 in 2008.
There are several applicants competing for these resources to deliver new
and additional training for people in rural areas.
To find out if your project is eligible call 01209 611110

A quick phone call on 01209 611110 to the helpful RCP staff will help you find out if your
project is likely to be eligible.
Or log onto: www.ruralcornwall.co.uk and fill in the ‘Expression of Interest’ document.
Your project will then be considered by the RCP Project Appraisal Team and if your project
fits the criteria and is well planned and thought through, you will then be invited to submit
a full application.

                                                 www.ruralcornwall.co.uk                                                              7
                                                                                                                                    Projects with Approved
  £20 million of Rural Funding                                                                                                      Funding through Rural
  delivered over the last 20 years                                                                                                  Renaissance and MRD

  The Rural Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Partnership (RCP)                                                                            •   Digital Expressions
  is responsible for the delivery of funding for projects                                                                           •   North Cornwall Business Advisor
  under the South West Regional Development Agency and                                                                              •   Lerryn Red Store
  other organisations. Funding for projects approved is                                                                             •   Restormel Business Advisor
  nearly £20,000,000 towards a total project value of almost                                                                        •   KernowKash
                                                                                                                                    •   Cornwall Wildlife Feasibility Study
  £100,000,000. With the anticipation of more funding
                                                                                                                                    •   Mevagissey Activity Centre
  available, there is an opportunity for the development of                                                                         •   Mawnan Smithy
  more projects that will benefit Rural Communities.                                                                                •   Tamar Valley Centre
                                                                                                                                    •   Business Development Manager
                                                                                                                                        Clay TAWC and the Burrows
  Examples of press coverage                                                                                                        •   Leach Pottery Restoration Project
                                                                                                                                    •   Stithians Resource Centre
  on recent RCP funded projects                                                                                                     •   Act Now Rural Productivity
                                                                                                                                    •   Blisland Shop & Post Office
                                                                                                                                    •   Fal River links
                                                                                                                                    •   Lanreath Shop and Post Office
                                                                                                                                    •   COAST
                                                                                                                                    •   Re-Source
                                                                                                                                    •   Newlyn Art Gallery
                                                                                                                                    •   Trewarveneth Art Studios
                                                                                                                                    •   Mullion Childcare
                                                                                                                                    •   St Clements Lychgate workspace
                                                                                                                                    •   Cornwall Film
                                                                                                                                    •   Cornwall Fisheries Resource Centre
                                                                                                                                    •   Act Now Rural business support
                                                                                                                                    •   Tremayne Hall Learning Centre
                                                                                                                                    •   St Agnes Miners & Mechanics
                                                                                                                                        Institute Learning Centre
                                                                                                                                    •   Radio Scilly
                                                                                                                                    •   Hayle Harbour Fish Landing Facilities
                                                                                                                                    •   Mount Edgecumbe Heritage project
                                                                                                                                    •   Carn to Cove
                                                                                                                                    •   Buy Cornish
                                                                                                                                    •   Carrick Community Improvements
                                                                                                                                    •   Trevilvas Workspace Barn Conversion
RCP Membership Update                                                                                                               •   The Old Brewery Workspace Conversion
Goodbye to...                                                                   Welcome to...                                       •   Economic Impact of Sport
Alex Bryce, Disability Cornwall                                                 Steve Harry, Disability Cornwall                    •   China Clay Area Strategy
The recent retirement of Alex Bryce, representative of Disability Cornwall      Steve Harry is a co-opted board member of
                                                                                                                                    •   Centre of Pendeen
                                                                                                                                                                                 sea 01326 311658

on the RCP Board and the Project Sub Group, marked his continued                Disability Cornwall, invited to join last year
involvement in rural matters in Cornwall over the past 18 years. Alex is a      to assist the organisation with funding and         •   Treyarnon Bay Café
former railwayman who, on retiring from British Rail in 1984, moved to St       projects.
Ives and has been actively involved in over 40 charities and voluntary sector  He was previously employed by Dial Cornwall
                                                                                                                                    •   Six Parishes Dial a Ride
organisations including over 14 years as a trustee of the Rural Community      (a service of Disability Cornwall) as an             •   Phoenix Studios
Council. He will continue his current interest as Chairman of Disability
Cornwall and Governor of two St Ives schools.
                                                                               outreach project manager and now works
                                                                               as an Employment Facilitator for Lizard
                                                                                                                                    •   Looe Granite Quay Workspace
                                                                                                                                    •   VROOM

Thanks are extended to Alex on behalf of the RCP. At a recent meeting of       Pathways to Employment, which is a service
the Project Sub Group, the Chair Bert Biscoe paid tribute to Alex, saying that of Cornwall Enterprise. He told us that he           •   Eden Supply Chain
much had been learned from Alex over the 30 years he had known him and is passionate in his belief that all of our
the RCP had greatly benefited from his tenacious analysis and constructive community should have the opportunity                    •   Rural Transport Partnerships
criticism which had made an enormous contribution, he would be sorely          to benefit from economic development,                •   Tommorrows People
missed. He added that Alex should ‘keep banging on at the MCTi’.               regardless of any actual or perceived
Additional thanks were given to Brian Sim, who also represented Disability
                                                                               disadvantage.                                        •   Mevagissey Fish Landing Facilities
Cornwall, but had to resign earlier in the year through ill health.

                                                                                                                  Rural Cornwall                  Tel: 01209 611110
                                                                                                                  & Isles of Scilly Partnership
                                                                                                                  South Wheal Crofty,
                                                                                                                  Station Road, Pool,
Printed in Cornwall using chlorine free, recycled paper.                                                          Cornwall TR15 3QG

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