Air Traffic Controller Salary

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					?Core Skills of a Controller

Air traffic controllers are usually the persons who have extremely calculative minds
and are well organized with their work. They should possess excellent memory and
should have efficient decision making skills. ATC undergoes rigorous mental and
physical fitness training and are required to have sound hearing abilities.

They should have extraordinary quality of remaining calm in tense situations and
should be flexible to accommodate viable solutions to problems. Air Traffic
Controllers post requires sound medical history and people suffering from diabetes or
epilepsy etc diseases are usually disqualified from this post. Controllers need to take
extreme care of there health and they are prohibited of using some drugs.

Communication is most integral part in career of Air Traffic Controller's job. He /she
need to be well aware of the communicating lingo of pilot and his assistants as a little
mistake can lead to hazardous consequences. They are well trained to understand even
coarse conversations. They should have appropriate knowledge about using
radiotelephony system as this is the only way to communicate with pilots at high

Education and Salary

Many countries have special traffic controlling schools which prepare enrolled
candidates for air traffic controller's job. These train students as per the requirements
of the post and make it easier for aviation companies to hire students who are trained
as per their specifications. Air traffic controller salary is quite high and is fair as per
the responsibilities it has to shoulder. Whenever a change in location of posting takes
place in career of ATC, he/she has to undergo training to get known to the place and
its working conditions

A career as air traffic controller can bring in lucrative career opportunities but you
will be under training for whole of your career life.

Air traffic controller salary is quite high and you can enjoy various career
opportunities working as controller. Visit official state university website to get more
details about same.