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nov 07 rrd newsletter.cdr by suchenfz

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									                                                                      November - 2007

 Veterans Day
Veterans Day is an American holiday        been observed annually on
honoring military veterans. Both a         November 11 since then - first as
federal holiday and a state holiday in     Armistice Day, later as Veterans Day.
all states, it is celebrated on the same   in the observance of this new holiday,
day as Armistice Day or                    the name change was enacted on
Remembrance Day in other parts of          June 1, 1954, to honor those who
the world, falling on November 11, the     served. When holidays in the United
anniversary of the signing of the          States, with the exception of New
Armistice that ended World War I.          Year's Day, Christmas Day,
(Major hostilities of World War I were     Thanksgiving Day and Independence
formally ended at the 11th hour of the     Day were moved to Mondays to
11th day of the 11th month                                create long holiday
of 1918 with the German                                   weekends, the
signing of the Armistice.)                                celebration was moved
                                                          to the fourth Monday of
Veterans Day is largely                                   October. After protests
intended to thank living                                  by veterans groups, it
veterans for their service,                               was moved back to
to acknowledge that their                                 November 11 in order to
contributions to [United                                  make the holiday more
States] national security                                 important. It had the
are appreciated, and to                                   opposite effect. Even
underscore the fact that all                              though it is a federal and
those who served - not                                    state holiday, it is
only those who died - have                                formally observed in
sacrificed and done their                                 most parts of the United
duty. The holiday is                                      States only by
commonly misprinted as Veteran's           government offices and banks. Many
Day or Veterans' Day in calendars          schools and almost all businesses
and advertisements.                        stay open on regular schedules. Most
                                           public transit systems thus stay on
History:                                   regular schedules. Most businesses
Armistice Day was first                    cite the holiday's proximity to
commemorated in the United States          Thanksgiving (when many
by President Woodrow Wilson in             businesses close for a four-day
1919, and 30 states made it a legal        weekend) as the main reason for
holiday. Congress passed a resolution      staying open on Veterans Day; but
in 1926 inviting all Americans to          many schools and most businesses
observe the day, and made it a legal       also stay open on Columbus Day, a
holiday nationwide in 1938. It has         full month earlier.
Pg. 2                                Chicago Spring Luncheon                         November - 2007

                                     News from in and around

                         Annual Spring Luncheon
                               May 9th, 2007
                        Paradise Elegant Banquets
  Our main speaker was Doug Fitzgerald who gave a very commendable speech.
  Frank and Ruth Karlovsky each received a plaque honoring them for there many
                           years of service to our club.
             We had 175 Retirees (Guests included) at the Luncheon.

          Frank and Ruth Karlovsky           Ed Grudowski-Ruth Karlovsky-Frank Karlovsky-George Wenrich

                          Frank and Ruth Karlovsky's award plaques
November - 2007                       Chicago Spring Luncheon                                        Pg. 3

          Helen & Gene Benes                                          Theresa Novorolsky-Bill Novorolsky

                                              Doug Fitzgerald

 Ed Grudowski-Bill Lipke-Ed Thomas-Laddie-Lamplot         George Klotz-Don & Barbara Kallquist-Karen Klotz

    Ovie Mitchell-Willis & Mildred Webster                 Sherrill Mark-Mary Grudowski-Ruth Meyer-
               Earnestine Britt                                          Laverne Wood
Pg. 4                                 Chicago Spring Luncheon                            September- 2006
                                         Barb Johnson-Leroy Steffens

        Don Siegler-Ron Lapka                                               Laroy Nolte-Fred Mark

                                             Frank & Alvina Kita

 Arthur Casey-William Casey                                                     Joyce Smith-Audrey

                                        Lou Schaafsma-Joseph Russ

 Lou Killian-Bill Lipke-Bill Novorolsky-Charles Corke   George Wenrich-Ed Grudowski-Jerry Malecki-Frank Masa
November - 2007                   Chicago Spring Luncheon                                      Pg. 5

     Bill Novorolsky-Ed Grudowski-Eugene Baran    Stan LaurinaitIs-Pete LaurinaitIs-Victor LaurinaitIs

    Ed Grudowski - Bill Farnan - John Harwood           Richard Douglas - Fannie Terry

     Rich Mikal - Tom Simpson - William Bramer     Loretta Groetsema - Sophie Jankowski

              Conrad Jay - Earl Anker                  Bill Breach - Audrey Christiansen
Pg. 6                                Chicago Spring Luncheon                       November - 2007

        Harry Baranowski - Wally Swiatkowski          Mary Grudowski - Sharon Kerr - Joan Mrozek -
                                                             Carol Malecki- Alvina Kita

   Alvina Kita - Mary Grudowski - Sharon Kerr        Sherrill Mark - Fred Mark - Ruth Meyer - Carl Meyer
        Carol Malecki - Myrna Wenrich                               Laverne Wood
  Ruth Mc David - Mary Ingram - Blanche Parker
 Wanda Freeman - Carrie - Bowdry - Cecelia Blakley             Dave Saxman - Ed Grudowski

                                    Laverne & Joe Wood - Ruth Meyer
     November- 2007                         Chicago Spring Luncheon                                     Pg. 7

                                Bob Hildebrand - Ed & Mary Grudowski

                         John Harwood - Bob Hildebrand – John Edmundson
                      Doug Fitzgerald - George Wenrich - Ed Grudowski – Gene Benes

     Bumper sticker of the year:
     "If you can read this, thank a teacher -and, since it's in English, thank a soldier"

     And remember: life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes.
Pg. 8                                  The Lakeside Press Retired Employee’s Club                                          November - 2007

                                                                                                                         Carrie Griffin’s Surprise 80th birthday party held
                                                                                                                         Sunday April 29, 2007. Given by her children       .

                                                                                                                            Wanda Freeman, Carrie Griffin, Mildred
                                                                                                                              Mitchell, Margarita Tarver and ??
                    I am Ray Tydd's daughter and he
                    has moved to a new assisted living
                    apt., The British Home in
                    Brookfield,. He doesn't use a
                    computer (yet), with his
      Ray Tydd RP   Parkinson's, he feels it would be
      too hard to control the typing movements - but
      we'll see! They do have classes there, taught by
      my daughter's father-in-law ---- my daughter's
      mother-in-law is the building we                                                                     Some Proofreaders from the late 1960s (Nora
      expect lots of extra attention for him! He's doing                                                                  Robert's retirement): Left Photo
      pretty well and can get himself back and forth to                                                                   Back row: Myrtle Santos, Diane Regenovich, Claire
      meals...he downsized, too...but it's easier for him                                                                 Webb. Front row: Nellie Zakian, Nora Roberts,
      than his 2-bedroom condo was! Plus, since my                                                                        Nora's daughter-in-law.
      mom died, we didn't like to think of him eating
       alone, etc........Marilyn Brink                                                                                    The Lakeside Press Chorus in the late 1960s:
       Hello All,                                                                                                         Look closely and you'll see George Golden, Claire
       Nice newsletter, but I will still miss Ed K., as a                                                                 Webb, Nellie Zaklan, Lyle Button, Harry
       friend for decades. I have retired going on 16                                                                     Baranowski.. .& so many others (I bet Harry could
       years, and pass my time volunteering 3 days a                                                                      name them. I can't even recall our director's name.) -
       week at the Elmhurst Hospital, play golf 3 days a                                                                  Claire Webb
       week and recover on the seventh day.
       Regards, Dave Saxman
November- 2007                           Chicago Spring Luncheon                                            Pg. 9
         Lakeside Press Retired Employees Club

 July11, 2007

 Meeting called to order by Ed Grudowski at 10:15AM.

 Bill Novorelsky gave the invocation,.

 Joan Mrozek read the minutes from the last meeting held on May 9, 2007.

 George Wenrich introduced our speaker for the month: Marsha P. Geisler, Public Education Coordinator for the
 Downers Grove Fire Department.

 Marsha presented information on: More EMS calls today than fire calls. Smoke detectors should be on every level in
 your home. Informed us of what should be in a Home First Aid Kit.

 Sharon Kerr did not give a report as she didn’t receive a current report from Gene Benes.
 Sharon inquired as to how soon information would be in the Newsletter for members to send in their renewals, as well
 as having a bold announcement made of the $5.00 fee.

 No Financial report was given.

 Ed Grudowski informed us that John Carlson, from California, has inquired about taking over from Ed Kimmeth to be
 the editor. Tom Pape, Bill Farnan, John Carlson, Ed Grudowski and Ed Kimmeth will be discussing this with John.

 A suggestion was made as to the feasibility of having the Newsletter on the web. The consensus being that if a
 member decided to get the Newsletter off of the web, then a hard copy would not be sent to them.

 Frank Masa made the motion to adjourn the meeting and Frank Kita seconded the motion

 Respectfully submitted, “Joan Mrozek”
                                                                  ABOUT GROWING OLDER...

                                                                  First ~ Eventually you will reach a point when you
                                                                  stop lying about your age and start bragging
                                                                  about it.
       Ed Grudowski Marsha P. Geisler George Wenrich              Second ~ The older we get, the fewer things
                                                                  seem worth waiting in line for.
                                                                  Third ~ Some people try to turn back their
                                                                  odometers. Not me, I want people to know "why"
                                                                  I look this way. I've traveled a long way and some
                                                                  of the roads weren't paved.
                                                                  Fourth ~ When you are dissatisfied and would
                                                                  like to go back to youth, think of Algebra.
                                                                  Fifth ~ You know you are getting old when
                                                                  everything either dries up or leaks.
                                                                  Sixth ~ I don't know how I got over the hill without
                                                                  getting to the top.
                                                                  Seventh ~ One of the many things no one tells
                                                                  you about aging is that it is such a nice change
                                                                  from being young.
                                                                  Eighth ~ One must wait until evening to see how
                                                                  splendid the day has been.
                                                                  Ninth ~ Being young is beautiful, but being old is
                                                                  Tenth ~ Long ago when men cursed and beat the
                                                                  ground with sticks, it was called witchcraft. Today
                                                                  it's called golf
                                                                  And finally ~ If you don't learn to laugh at trouble,
                                                                  you won't have anything to laugh at when you
                                                                  are old. ---WILL ROGERS–
Pg. 10                             The Lakeside Press Retired Employee’s Club                  November - 2007

   Chicago Retiree Events                         Harrisonburg                     Lancaster Retiree Events
         ***************                          Retiree Events                       *************
    ANNIVERSARY                                  ***************                      Meetings are held at the
                                                                                   East Plant, Lancaster, PA
     LUNCHEON                                  (Shenandoah Valley)
                                                                                 1st Tuesday of each month,10am
                                              Meetings are held at the
   November 14, 2007                            Court Yard Marriott,
                                                                                     For Information Contact:
                                                                                  Sam Girard (717) 392-2319
                                                  Harrisonburg, VA
   At Alta Villa Banquets                    the 2nd Tuesday of every
                                                                                 George Mavros (717) 291-9889
  430 North Addison Road                        other month at 9am.
  Addison, Illinois 60101                                                                    *********
                                             For Information Contact:
       (see page 20)                              “Mo” Philon                          Breakfast Meetings
         ***************                      164 Cross Keys Court                The Apple Tree Restaurant
          Chicago                            Massanutten, V 22840
                                                           A                     2nd Thursday of each month at
   Donnelley Club Events                                        9:00am
        (To Be Announced0                                                          If You’re Planning to Attend
     ********************                                                                   Contact:
                                               Lakeside Classics                  Pat Duncan (717) 627-4202
          E-Mail Users                   "Selling my issues of Classics for      (Arrangements for a room size)
           ********                      best price. From late 50's until
                                                                                   Lancaster Home Page
                                         current with a few years missing.
 If you have an e-mail address and                                          
                                         I have 31 altogether, one is a
   you want to include it in the
    Newsletter, e-mail it to:            duplicate. Email Loretta Zito at
           John Carlson at:           
         jdcarls@gmail .com              if interested. Will sell all at once.
                                         They are in perfect condition, all
                                                                                  Arkansas Retiree Events
                                         shrink wrapped and boxed in a                ****************
  If you have an e-mail change
                                         nice tight box for mailing or                (To Be Announced)
  of address E-Mail it to John                                                      For Information Contact:
   Don’t use snail mail                                                            Dorothy Fischer, Secretary
                                               Orland Park, IL. area.
  I can’t read your handwriting                  Phone708-349-0609                    192 Bay Ridge Rd.
     *******************                        on week ends only or                 Lakeview, AR 72642
                                                    708-822-3348                        (870) 431-8739
   Retirement Breakfast                         anytime before 8pm."
         ***************                           *************
     Held the 1st Thursday
    of each month at 8 AM                           Warsaw                                Retirees
                                               “Nifty Fifty Plus”                    Turn in Your News Items,
    Thoms Restaurant                             ***********                         Wedding Anniversaries
                                          3rd Tuesday of Each Month at:              Photos & News of Interest
    894 Burnham Ave.                             Golden Corral
  Calumet City, IL 60409                                                                To: John Carlson
                                          US 30 & end of E. Center St.                 1057 E. Imperial Hwy.
      (708) 868-2600                                                                            #621
                                             For Information Contact:                Placentia, CA 92870-1717
   For Information Contact:                     George Brelsford                          (714) 588-5980
Jim Peters..........(219) 659-7361               (574) 267-7924               
Art Sobczak......(708) 474-9495                          E-mail is preferred
November - 2007              The Lakeside Press Retired Employee’s Club                             Pg. 11

       Around The USA
                    Merritt Island, Fl
                    It has been a busy
                    season for com-
                    pany down here.
  Nancy Mikolajczak and her hus-
  band Jack were here in April as well
  as Rhoda Rice and her husband
  Chris. It was great to see them
  again. Rhoda and Chris stopped in
  after their cruise out of Port Can-
  averal, which is 5 minutes from us.

          Joyce Turkowski
      Nancy & Jack Mikolajczak

                                              Here are a couple of pictures of Denali – “the Great
                                              One”. As the First Nation's people refer to the
                                              mountain. This was taken 160 miles south of Denali.
                                              The second picture was taken at the Artic Circle.
                                              I retired 5 years ago from the Crawfordsville Division,
                                              Spent the last seven years in Engineering after twenty
                                              seven years in Pre-Press & Pressroom. Al Dusek
           Joyce & Rhonda
  Pg. 12                                     Around the USA                                          November - 2007

  Hi to retirees!                                        To: Editor, Donnelley Retirees Newsletter June 17,
                              Bob & Flo Koca             2007
  We enjoy the
  R.R.D. Newsletter                                      From: Art Prine
                                                         I enjoy reading our Newsletter, although I am truly
  and look forward to
                                                         shocked at how much so many of my
  every issue. Our                                       contemporaries have aged since we left Donnelley.
  thanks to the entire                                   Fortunately, I have been able to maintain the same
  "staff".                                               youthful appearance and physical vigor that characterized
  I reached my 89                                        and served me so well during my time at Donnelley. I am
  birthday in January, and May celebrated our            enclosing a recent photo taken just last week. Life here in
  67 wedding anniversary. We're both doing               Palm Springs is fairly quiet, although my announcement that I
  O.K. Take it a little slower, butstill enjoy our       was the real father of Anna Nicole Smith’s child did stir up a bit
  California weather.                                    of a fuss.
  This area is noted for their huge strawberry           I spend a lot of time putting pen to paper and have produced a
                                                         few books and a lot of letters... many of which are torrid
  crops and we do enjoy them. Can't beat the
                                                         attacks on newspapers that insist on mixing editorial views
  weather out here, and can hardly believe I'm           with front-page news.
  retired 34 years. Time sure flies when you're          We are planning two trips to the mid-west this fall... one to
  having fun!                                            watch our clean-living University of Michigan students play
  Keep up the good work.                                 those ruffians from Notre Dame, and the other to watch my
  Regards to all - Bob Koca, SC                          beloved Cubs play in the World Series.
*****************************************************    I feel fairly secure in these desert surroundings... particularly
                                                         so now that Paris Hilton is back in jail
 Robert E. Walter                                        Arthur C Prine, Jr. 45-920 Algonquin Circle
                                                         Indian Wells, CA 92210
 We always enjoyed the Retirees News letter since
 1978 when my Bob retired. Bob passed away in            ******************************************************************
                                                        Roger Olthouse had a stroke Oct. 28, 2006. It has affected his brain
 January 2006. We had the good fortune to be            and kidney. He is losing his memory, but he was 90 years old
 married 65 years and 3 months. He began his            8/13/07 and can't still get around some. I gave him a party at the
 apprenticeship in July 1937. Graduated after his       Manor House Assisted Living where he is now living. Everyone
 five year apprenticeship in May 1942. Six weeks        there (70) and staff had birthday cake and ice cream. He enjoyed it.
 later he was number 13 in our local draft and served He never misses a meal and except for his mind and memory he is
 in the army until 1946, needless to say the happiest very healthy. Here is a picture before the stroke. I am (Anna) 80
 day of my life. Donnelley's helped us purchase our years old on 8/31/07 and still live in my condo in Knox, Tn. Roger's
                                                        address is: Manor House, 8501 S. Northshore Drive,
 first home and several after that. I can honestly say Know, Tn. 37922 Rm 142 - Cards can be sent there.
 my whole life has been possible with a Donnelley       My phone # 865-692-3175
 pay check. My father Charles Muhlhafer Dept. A, Thanks, Anna Olthouse 8-18-07
 was a compositor from 1925 to 1952 for Donnelley's
 and recommended an apprenticeship to Bob on
 1937. Again many thanks for the Newsletter.           *******************************************************************
                                                          This is the best bargain around! We always enjoy reading the
                                                          newsletter, seeing old friends from the past & catching up on
 Bob worked for department MK and a proofer. Our
                                                          their activities. Joe & Dee Lakes
 family worked 74 years for R.R.Donnelley I am 89
 years old so please forgive my penmanship                 I haved moved from my Amity Drive address to a new home
 remember the Donnelley                                    in Lafayette. Here are my new mailing address and telephone
 picnics in the 30's and 40's.                             number. (My e-mail has not changed)
 Charlotte Walters                                         Home Address: 80 Huntington Way
 700 S Shallow Brook Loop                                                      Lafayette, IN 47905-8548
 Sierra Vista, Arizona                                     Telephone:          (765) 742-1690
                                                           “All is well here at my home in Lafayette, IN. I have married
                             Charlotte & Bob Walker        again, third time will be a charm! I'm staying active with
                                                           running & bicycling clubs. – Ted Harris

             A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. - William Shedd
November- 2007                         Around The USA                                               Pg. 13

                                                                                   Page 2

  The Nifty Fifty Plus Club met on August 21st at the Golden Corral for our luncheon with 46
  retirees attending. We had a very cloudy day in the low 70's. Several areas has had over six inches
  of rain in the past three days.

  The meeting was opened by Mark Swinger, our Vice-President, with a big Hello to all the
  retirees. We were happy to have Wallace Dove attending as a new retiree to our group.

  This year's Shopping Trip has been scheduled to go to Gurnee Mills, in North Chicago, on
  November 10th. The bus will be leaving the Northwest parking lot of RRD at 7 AM and returning
  around 10 PM. Signing up for the trip will be in mid-September or contact HR at

  Mark suggested to please let him know if anyone that wants to help again as greeters for the
  Christmas Party, which is on December 2nd, to please let him know. It's a good way to meet
  some of your old friends.

  The Lancaster Retiree's Club sent us a letter stating that they are considering changing their
  medical and prescription drug company to 'Humana's Medical Advantage Private Fee for Service'
  replacing CIGNA. We had a half hour discussion on this and decided our Club's Officers should
  hold a meeting to check into what is available and the best way to proceed. Changing our health
  carrier would have to be between November 15th and December 31st.

  Bonnie Rhodes wanted everyone to know that there will be a Real Estate Tax meeting on
  Thursday, September 20th at 7PM at the Center Lake Pavilion with Eric Miller as speaker.

   Mary Rock, our Treasurer, gave her report as follows - beginning balance: $ 4102.65 with
  receipts of $390.50 and expenses of $469.17 (which included $40.00 gift to Kosciusko Home Care
  & Hospice, Inc. in memory of Noma Mikel) leaving a balance of $4023.98.

  Our birthday persons this month were Marg Neville, Wallace Dove, Laurine Gaskill, and Gwen
  Snyder - so we all sang happy birthday to them.

  We were then led in prayer by Mark Swinger.

  Myrt and Connie Dierks sent this letter to us. “Hello Everyone! Myrt and I enjoy the newsletter
  every time it comes. We miss all of you but know we carry fond memories in our heart for you. We
  have moved to Fremont, OH and are trying to get everything in its place.
  Our garden and flowers are all doing as well as possible with no rain. We hope we can join you in
  one of your luncheons one day to catch up on all the news. We would love to hear from you if any
  of you have the time. Our address is: 87 Westwood Dr. Fremont, OH 43420 Phone #419-334-
  7586. E-mail:

  We are sad to report the passing of Noma Ruth Mikel, that had retired from Preliminary,
  and Frank Hanson and Sammy Morrison that were current employees of RRD. Our
  thoughts and prayers go out to all these families and friends.
Pg. 14                    Broken Arrow Club - Party & Golf Outing                    November- 2007

                                  Thank You, Mike Urbik
                                 and Paul Nolte of Hinsdale
                                    Associates - Financial
           Jane & Lou Wolak                                             Blanch - Dave Parker
                                  Services     (630) 325-7100
                                 For their contributions to the
                                   BROKEN ARROW GOLF

                                      Bill Croix - Bob Osterberg

         Darlene & Pete Mavros                                          Randy Holm - Rich Brown

                                    Eric Bornquist - Carl Rudzinski

    Dave Dugan - Harold Stronk - Bob Quinlan            Roy Hopkins - Bob Osterberg - Jerry Keith
 November - 2007                    Broken Arrow Club - Cont....                                 Pg. 15

       Art Sobczak - Lou & Jane Wolak                       Bill Farnan - Ron Daly - Bill Brickman

            Bob Quinlan - Dave Dugan                Joe DeWaard - Skip Reynolds - Tony Myrie - Len Wydajewski
            Charlie Batus - Jerry Keith
       Dave Szumski - Carl Rudinski - Art Sobczak
               Rich Setty - Dan Szumski                   Pete Mavros - Primo Grazioli - Jerry Wilk

Mark Ryan - Joe Tubay - Ron Daly -Dick Lunsford        Rich Setty - John Reynolds - Len Wydajewski
                                                               Jerry Wilk - Art Sobczak
Pg.16                          Broken Arrow Club - Cont....                      November - 2007
        Jerry Wilk - Joe DeWaard                             Bill Tooley - Ron Plaehn
 Roy Hopkins - Len Wydajewski                               Lee Darragh - George Walker

              Lou Wolak - Bill Kurlz            Bill Weidner - Joe DeWaard - Jerry Keith - Carl Rudzinski
            Pat Mc Cullom - Bob Madura
              Mark Fenlon - John Fenlon
               Paul Nolte - Laroy Nolte                  Rich Setty - Bill Croix - John Reynolds

         Bill Anderson - Bob Osterberg             Len Wydajewski - Skip Reynolds - Bill Croix
            Bill Croix - Skip Reynolds
     November - 2007                        Broken Arrow Club - Cont....                                 Pg. 17

        Ardell & Leroy Nolte                Jane Sbertoli - Russ Jennines        Mary Zickus - George Wenrich

      Art Sobczak - Jerry Wilk                        Dave Dugan                        Sharon Kerr - Ron Daly

     Bob Jaegers - Lou Wolak                 Remo & Pat Zappavigna                 Bill Croix - Dan Szumski

     Warren Linden - Bill Wash                        Rich Douglas
                                                                                       Larry Sbertoli - Jim Boudos

Primo Glazioli - Pete Mavros- Rick McDaniel - Wally Lach      Art Sobczak - John Wadas - Carl Rudzinski - Dave Szumski
Pg. 18                                     Chgo. Area News Cont....                              November - 2007

                            In Remembrance

   James Pupinik          Richard Muhr        Charlie Zahrn                 James P. Janowski
    May 2 , 2007            May 9, 2007        April 4, 2007                   (Chicago)
   (Dept B, C, D)          Depts K MRP)      (Chgo, Mattoon)                  Lansing, IL
    Addision, IL       Arlington Heights, IL    Mattoon, IL      My dad worked for over 30 years at the R.R.
     ********               **********          *********         Donnelley Lakeside Press. Upon retiring in
                                              Richard Evenson     1993. He enjoyed “Reading Up” on fellow
                                                 ************   employees when he received his Newsletter. He
                                                May 6, 2007      fought a 2 year battle with cancer. He passed
                                                 (Pressroom) away on January 11, 2007. He had many friends
                                                So. Holland, IL                 from Donnelley.
                                                                        Jay Janowski, Son of James

              Bill Bronson Sr.
Bill Bronson Sr.:
Born April , 1927 Died July, 2007 he was 80
years young.
Bill had an interesting life, born on a farm in
Scranton PA, off to war at 17.
Moved to Chicago in the late 1940s and got
a job after he answered the first want ad.                                Erik Marcus "Swede" Juleen
RR Donnelley was his first job and his            Erik Marcus "Swede" Juleen, age 87, of Clearwater, FL, died on
career for life.                                  Sunday, July 29, 2007 at Mease Dunedin Hospital. Born on July 20,
He met his wife, Arlene, while taking             1920 in Eskilstuna, Sweden. He was a long time resident of
pictures for a coworkers (Ed Nevill's)            Riverdale, IL. Upon retirement, he moved to Clearwater, FL in 1986
wedding, in 1950.                                 from Hazel Crest, IL. He was a press operator with R. R. Donnelley
Photography, golf, and travel were his            in Chicago. He was a life member of the American Legion Post #7;
passions, yet at times it seemed he lived at      DAV #11; VFW #2473, all in Clearwater. Scottish Rite and Tampa
Donnelley.                                        Shrines in the Valley of Tampa. OTOW of Clearwater. A life
Many of his co-workers have said that he          member of the Masonic Lodge #765 in Lansing, IL, where he was a
was top notch at his job and was always           Mason for 39 years. Member of the Great Lakes Club. Life member
happy to help out the new kids at work.           of the Moose Lodge #2373; The Gopher Club in Chicago; and the
If you look in the Encyclopedia Britannica        Athletic Club of Roseland, IL. He served in the U.S. Army 29th
under Photo Engraving you'll find his photo.      Infantry Division WWII, D-Day survivor of June 6, 1944 and
He retired in the late 80s and enjoyed his 20     Omaha Beach; Normandy, France. He is A rated in 12" fast pitch,
years of retirement and was generally             16" slow pitch and football and basketball. A charter member of The
healthy until the last few years.                 National World War II Museum. Survived by his wife, Patricia
                                                  Juleen of Clearwater, FL whom he married on August 8, 1985; son,
Bill lost his wife of 54 years in 2004, he        Russell Juleen (Debra) of Carmel, IN; daughters, Betty Gonzalez of
missed her very much.                             Miami, FL and Nancy Toures (Peter) of Orland Park, IL; six
Bill leaves a legacy of 6 kids, 13                grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Erik was preceded in
grandchildren, and he got to meet his first       death by his wife, Eleanor (Ekblom) Juleen; his mother, Eva Juleen-
great-grandchild before he died.                  Franson and stepfather, C. Kelly Franson.
November - 2007              Broken Arrow Club - Cont....                         Pg. 19

                             Fred Kerr - Remo Zappavigna

       Ron & Dee Daly                                       Art Sobczak - Darryl Marrasso

                                     Bill Croix

 Rich Brown - Alex Gawenda                                   Dave Parker - Dan Szumski

                               Pete Mavros - Bill Wash
Pg. 20                           The Lakeside Press Retired Employee’s Club                  November - 2007

                                    November 14, 2007
                                            at Alta Villa Banquets
                                           430 North Addison Road
                                            Addison, Illinois 60101
                   Note: Bar opens at 11:00 a.m. Luncheon will be served at 12:30 p.m.

Your Name                                                       Phone Number (          )

Address                                                                        Apt. No.

City                                           State                           Zip Code

R.R.D. Division                                                                R.R.D. Dept.

Number of years service at R.R.D.                                              Date Retired

Spouse or Guest’s full name

Price per member, spouse or guests is $15. 00 each x no. of persons = $                        Total

                                                                      DUES MUST BE PAID TO
                                                                       ATTEND LUNCHEONS.

                                                                 MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO
                                                                       AND MAIL TO:

                                                                        Jerry Malecki
                                                                    20W315 Belmont Place
                                                                      Addison, IL 60101
                                                                       1 (630) 543-4549

                                                              The deadline for reservations is:
                                                                      November 1st
                                                           No reservations accepted after November 1st and
                                                             positively none will be accepted at the door!
                                                             Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated!!

                                                                       PLEASE TAKE NOTICE
                                                          If you appear at the luncheon and our records
                                                          show no payment was made, you will be asked
         Alta Villa Banquets -- 430 N. Addison Road        to pay at the door. Money will be returned if a
                    Addison, Illinois 60101                    payment appears after the luncheon.
November - 2007                                          The Lakeside Press Retired Employee’s Club                                                      Pg. 21
E-mail addresses ( * * corrected ) ( * new )If you have a new address or your name does not appear in this list, please
send me an e-mail at and I will add it to the list.
  Allison,                 Echterling,
  Althouse,                   Eden,
  Altringer,                 Edgington,
  Angster,                Eickelman,
  Anker, earl..........................................             Erde,
  Arehart,                Evans,
  Asakura,                   Fallon,
  Bachelder,                   Fedrigon,
  Baranowski,                      Fenton,
  Bargiel,                   Filipiak,
  Barta,               Fisher,
  Barton,**            Flecther,
  Becker, bill               Flynn,
  Begley,                Fowler,
  Behnke,                           Frankart,
  Belson,                  Fribance,
  Bergen,                                   Fruehauf,
  Berstein,                Gabriel,
  Berwanger,                     Gaffney, irene.............................
  Blang,              Gately,
  Blecharczyk,                           Gawenda,
  Blom,                      Geffert,
  Bloomquist,                    Gentry,
  Boehmke, warren                          Gill,
  Boffo,               Gineris,
  Bogue,                Girard,
  Borchelt,                       Gniewek,
  Borowski,                         Goebel,
  Bower,                          Goldstrom,
  Bowers,               Grachan,
  Brady,                 Grady,
  Brainard,                         Greaves,
  Bramlett,                 Gregg,
  Breach,                        Grudowski,
  Brelsford,                        Gustafson,
  Brieger,                Hackbert,
  Britton,               Hackl,
  Brown, john &                            Hall,
  Brown,                             Hansen,
  Brons, (bud)                     Hargrove, mike..............................
  Burge,                           Harrington,
  Burns,                 Harvey, david..........................
  Buss, ron &                   Hawkins,
  Canfield, al &                                 Hayes, bill & mary
  Carlson,                Heiner,
  Castellaneta,                           Heinze,
  Chaplin,vivian                       Helm,
  Chambers,                       Hirte,
  Conrad,                            Hlady,
  Conrad,                  Hodgson,dave-barb.....................
  Cooke, doris..................................                  Hoffman,
  Craley,                   Hohmann,
  Croix, bill..............................**               Hohmann, gina.....
  Crouch, jack &                           Holm,
  Crowe,                  Hopkins,
  Cumberland,                             Horanski,
  Cunningham,                       Hurlbert, charles ”red”
  Czyzewski,                   Houser,                                Iburg,
  Dempsey, jerome........ leona                                Irvine,
  Denis,              Iverson,
  Desousa,                          Jacobs,
  Dezelick,                  Jacobs,
  Dooley,                         Jaeger,
  Dolezal,            Jay,
  Donnelley,              Jelen,
  Doty, carl             Jelen,
  Drazen,               Jewison,
  Duncan,              Johnson,
  Ebert,          Jones,
Pg. 22                                          The Lakeside Press Retired Employee’s Club                                               November - 2007
         Kage,         Oblak,
         Kasch,               Olfe,
         Kelly,           Olson,
         Kennedy,               Olson, larry....................
         Kerr,           Olvera, napoleon (nap)
         Kimmeth,          Oppy, james
         Kindt,        Orbik, jerry/
         King, john          Orr,
         Kintz,    Oswalt,
         Klaas,     Oyler,
         Kolar,           Painter,
         Kotzur,           Palmer,
         Kozlowski, leonard...................                  Pankey,
         Krebs,                  Pankey,
         Krempel,             Parkhurst, dick &
         Krohn,           Parsons,
         Kroll, **         Penney,
         Krydynski, vincent j.                        Perry, kenneth
         Kubin,         Peterson,
         Kulik,           Pesek,
         Kuenzli, ted & francine.....                       Pfister,
         Kunz,        Philipp,
         Lakes, joe &          Philon, mo &
         Lawerence,              Pilar,
         Leben,        Piskule,
         Lee,       Pitts,
         Lenke,              Plush,
         Lester,**     Poucher, **
         Lett,     Prabhu, (marty)
         Likens,          Prine,
         Lipkowski,                       Quinn,
         Lisy,     Radek, jerry...............................
         Loepke,               Ratcliffe, jim ...................
         Loving,        Rector,
         Lucas, perry         Reeves, don..............................
         Lull,    Reynolds,
         Macdonald,                   Richards, john “jack”
         Mahnke,             Reiderman,
         Manning,         Ritzler,
         Mark,       Roddy,
         Markus,       Rose,
         Marschke,                   Rosenfelder,
         Matuska,                  Roufa,
         Mavros,         Rucka, al...........................................
         Mavros,                 Sadek,
         Mayer,                    Santos,
         Mcdaniel, bill            Santos,
         Mcdaniel,             Saxman,
         Mcdaniels,                Schoder,
         Mccann,                   Scanlan,
         Mclaughlin,               Schmidt,
         Mclendon,             Schmitt,
         Mcnab,        Schultz,
         Meeske,                    Schulz,
         Michalski, mike....................................        Schwandt, ray/
         Michel, walter.............................            Schweikart, dave &
         Mikolakczak,                   Sehr, joseph
         Miller,          Setty,
         Miller,    Sheehan, gerald
         Missimer,             Silverman,
         Moffitt, michael              Skoog, bob &
         Mohan,         Smit,
         Moore,                    Smith,
         Morzek,       Smith, charles.........................
         Newgren,                  Smith,
         Newkirk,           Sobczak,
         Nicholls,                 Somers (thompson)
         Nile,   Sorensen,
         Nolte,      Spence,
         Novak,        Sperry,
         Novak, norbert .........................               Stadler, ivan.....................................
         Novorolsky, bill (red).........,              Stanke,
         Oberhill,       Stroh,
         Oberman,                  Styzen,
November - 2007                               The Lakeside Press Retired Employee’s Club                                                              Pg. 23

      Suckow,                Vilardo,
      Terrell,              Vopat,
      Timmons, jerry                   Wakelin,
      Sturk, john      Walsdorf,
      Styzen,     Waltman,
      Suckow,                 Wash,
      Svatos,   Webb,
      Szumski, ray (zoomer)                    Webb,
      Teemer,       Weber, dick &
      Tennant,             Weber,
      Terrell,              Weir,
      Thar,       Wermes,
      Thompson,           Wieringa,
      Thompson,               Wilk,
      Timmons, jerry                      Wilk,
      Tooley,            Williams,
      Trautwein,                      Wilson,
      Trudeau,      Windmiller,
      Tubay,         Wolff,
      Tubay,       Wolff,
      Turkowski,                 Wurster,
      Turoff,              Wydajewski,
      Tydd, ray........................................      Yeager,
      Vachata,          Yerger,
      Van bolhuis,             Young,
      Vanderkooi,          Yunginger, norm...............
      Van beest,              Zabo, jerry.............................
      Van bolhuis,                  Zahrn, charles
      Vennergrund,                      Zappavigna,
      Vercellono,               Zelm,
      Vickrey,      Zielinski,

      E-mail addresses ( * * corrected ) ( * new )

      A big thank you to Ed Kimmeth for going through this e-mail list and “purging of the e-mail
      addresses”. 70 addresses were taken off the list because of returned to sender or no such address

        I worked at R.R.Donnelley for over 34 years. Started in Chicago
       in Department C at the Calumet plant, was transferred in 1970 to
       Dept. D as a crew member of the first web offset press in Chicago.
       In September 1980 I was transferred to the LA Division. I retired
       in 1994. After training as a Network Engineer, I started my own
       computer service business, working with small to med. businesses.
       I offered to help with the newsletter after a plea was given in July.
       I have finished my first issue with help from Ed Kimmenth. The
       photo on the left was taken for my 25th anniversary at RRD.
       John Carlson
       Newsletter Editor
Pg. 24                    The Lakeside Press Retired Employee’s Club          November - 2007

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