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					?Do you need an Aion templar guide? A templar is part of the warrior class just like a
Gladiator. There have been many guides created but guess what... they failed...

An Aion templar guide should tell you 4 things:

* How to level fast as a templar.
* How to make kinah as a templar... lots of it...
* What professions a templar should get.
* How to dominate PvP & the Abyss with a templar.

If you are looking for these 4 things, then you're at the right place. And once you
know these 4 things, the you'll have lots of fun while Playing A Templar In Aion.

Aion Templar Guide - How To Level As A Templar...Fast....

When you want to level as fast as possible with your templar character, then you need
to know 5 things.

* Where to go.
* Who to talk to.
* What quests to accept.
* What to kill.
* What items to get.

Once you get to know these 5 things, then you will be able to basically power level
your templar.

It's important that you go to area's that aren't too big, but not too smal either. Also, you
should avoid quests that are junk.

Junk quests will waste your time and they're not good rewarded.. Avoid them!

Aion Templar Guide - How To Make Kinah As A Templar...Lots Of it...

Making kinah is one of the most crucial things in the Aion game. You got to make
loads of it in order to support your character.

You can start making kinah as a templar on 3 ways.

* Grind for materials and sell them.
* Make kinah by quests.
* Make kinah by using your profession + the Auction House.

Aion Templar Guide - The Best Professions For A Templar
When you want to choose a profession, it can be for 3 things. For gear, kinah or PvP.

* Professions for Gear: Armor or Weaponsmithing + random other profession.
* Professions for Kinah: Cooking + Alchemy.
* Professions for PvP: Armor or Weaponsmithing + Alchemy.

You can also get other professions of course, just gave you my opinion about what
professions to take.

Aion Templar Guide - Dominate PvP & The Abyss With A Templar

If you want to dominate PvP & the Abyss as a templar then you got to know 3 things.

* What ability's to use and when to use it.
* How to anticipate against your enemies.
* How to attack & defend the Abyss.

Firstly you got to know how and when to use your abilities and how to anticipate
against your enemies. To do this it's recommended to spy on your enemies it's moves.

When they use move A, you should use move C. If you keep an eye on this very some
time you will get to know exactly what class uses what ability and how to anticipate
against it.

An other very important Aspect of PvP is the Abyss and how to attack or defend it. To
do this on a very easy way you should group up with healers and other damage
dealers and start attacking or defend the Abyss Fortress...Together...

Step by Step Information From The Aion Templar Guide

Do you want step by step instructions & information? Then I highly recommend you
to get an Aion templar guide.

An aion templar guide will give you step by step instructions on:

* How to level a templar fast.
* How to make a lot of kinah as a templar.
* What professions a templar should get and how to skill it up.
* How to dominate PvP & the Abyss as a templar.

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