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					?Do you need an Aion sorcerer guide? A sorcerer is part of the mage class just like the

Because of that, many guides have been created. But, these guides weren't really that
good. They lacked real, valuable information. I got to ask...

Do you need the best strategies, tips & guides to fully optimize your sorcerer
gameplay? Yes?

Then you need 4 Things to know when playing a sorcerer:

* How to level a sorcerer on the fastest way.
* How to make lots of kinah while playing a sorcerer.
* What professions to get as a sorcerer.
* How to dominate PvP as a sorcerer.

Once you get to know these 4 things then you'll be able to have lots of fun Playing A
Sorcerer In Aion!

Aion Sorcerer Guide - How To Level Fast As A Sorcerer

It's a well-known fact that a sorcerer is the fastest leveling class. And because of that,
you can take advantage from your own class.

To power level your sorcerer you need to know 5 things.

* Where to go.
* Who to talk to.
* What quests to accept.
* What to kill.
* What items to get.

If you don't know this, then you can't level fast.

In order to know where to go, you should keep an eye on the distance from north to
south. If you're in an area which takes 10 mintues to go from north to south, then you
should try to avoid this area. An area shouldn't be too big, but not too small either.

When you finally found yourself a great area to level, it's now time to take a look at
the quests. You don't waste junk quests, right? These quests only waste your time.

To find a quests that will suit you, you should estime the time it takes. Do you think
that you can finish it within 5 minutes, accept it! Does it take 10-15+ minutes, decline
Aion Sorcerer Guide - How To Make A Lot Of Kinah As A Sorcerer

Do you want to make lots of kinah as a sorcerer?

Yes? Then you can do this basically on 3 ways.

* Grind the kinah by killing creatures for materials.
* You quest your way to lots of kinah.
* You use your very own profession that you've chosen and sell it on the Auction

An other very good working way of making kinah is to combine the options. For
example, you take grinding + professions. What if you will actually use those items,
essences or materials to craft gear, potions food etc. with? This way you can sell it on
the Auction House.

Aion Sorcerer Guide - What Professions To Get As A Sorcerer

You can use your profession for 2 things. Either for making lots of kinah, or just to
gear up.

* Gearing Up Professions: It's recommended to take sewing and a random profession.
* Kinah Making Professions? It's recommended to go for alchemy and cooking.
* PvP Professions: You should take sewing and cooking.

Aion Sorcerer Guide - How To Dominate PvP With A Sorcerer

if you are in love PvP just like I do, then you want to know how to dominate it, right?

To do this, you should know 3 things.

* How to defeat other classes...Easy mode..!
* How to use your abilities on the right time.
* How to attack & Defend the Abyss Fortress.

in order to defeat other classes on the easy way, you should "spy" on them. Find out
what abilities they use against you and find out a way to anticipate on that.

As time passes it will get easier and easier. You will defeat other classes on Easy
mode... Eventually!

With those skills you can attack or defend the Abyss Fortress very easily also.
Although, it's a team game. It's recommended to create a group with all classes, lots of
healers and dps to get the job done!

Get Step By Step Information From A Aion Sorcerer Guide

Do you want step by step instructions & information? Do you want detailed maps &
screenshots coming along with it? Then you should use the Aion Sorcerer Guide.

This guide will tell you:

* How to level fast as a sorcerer.
* How to make lots of kinah as a sorcerer.
* What Professions to get as a sorcerer.
* How to dominate in PvP as a sorcerer.

Visit: Aion Leveling Guide.

Visit: Aion Sorcerer Guide.

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