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Aion Gladiator Guide

Interested in leveling your gladiator in Aion as soon as possible, while using a guide?
Though leveling a gladiator in Aion is quite slow, it can be speeded up in 3 ways.

Aion Gladiator Leveling By Selecting The Best Leveling Path

The essential thing to level quickly with gladiator in Aion is to prepare your leveling
path. To achieve this you should know 2 things: place to go and how to reach there.

While selecting if an area is good or not for leveling don’t forget
2 things.

The quests, and the area size the area. Choose places containing plenty of quests but
don’t need a lot of travel time. Moreover as reaching the place
may be difficult, so take care to get yourself a simple to follow leveling path.

Aion Gladiator Leveling By Selecting The Best Quests

In Aion there are various quests. But most of these quests are useless for you. They
are known as "junk quests".

These quests are included in the game to squander your time. They will take you to
point A and B but will more time than other quests. Avoid them!
To detect if a quest is good or junk just calculate the approximate time taken. Choose
quests that require up to 5 minutes. Avoid the others.

Aion Gladiator Leveling By Purchasing Good Gear

It's very essential to update your gear frequently. Usually this is needed once you've
reached the final level, but to level quickly updating your gear is crucial.

It’ll give you plenty of health and power. Besides being effective
for leveling, it’ll also help in beating enemies from other group.

Enjoying yourself when leveling is very essential.

But locating all the information about the places to visit, quests to select, items to
collect or kill does require you to spend plenty of time. to save time, it is better to use
a step by step leveling path. It will provide you with detailed instructions along with
maps & screenshots, informing you the places to go, people to talk to, quests to select,
items to kill and collect. This is available in the Aion Gladiator Leveling Guide.

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