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					?Are you in a need of an Aion guide that will help you to start leveling your assassin
on the fastest way? If you want to basically power level your assassin then you are in
a need to know 5 things.

Go To The Best Leveling Spots To Level Your Assassin

It's really a need to go to the best leveling spots. This way you'll be able to power
level your assassin character in Aion. To know if a leveling spot is good, or bad to
actually level in you should ask yourself 2 questions.

?   Is this area too big?
?   Doesn't the area have lots of quests to support my leveling process?

If you can say yes to both question then it's a need to go to an other area. You see, a
good leveling spot shouldn't be too big but not too small either. Also, an area should
have lots of quests to keep you going for a long time.

Who Your Assassin Should Talk To

It's really recommended to know exactly who to talk to. You see, if you want to accept
the best quests only, then you should know what person is giving these quests.

What Quests To Accept To Start Leveling Fast As An Assassin

This is the most important aspect of leveling. Knowing what quest is good, or bad. If
you take a so called "junk quest", then you will be wasting a lot of time.

You see, the junk quests are in the Aion game for 1 reason. To waste you time. Power
leveling is all about time. If you keep accepting junk quests you won't be able to level
your assassin fast.

However, there are lots of good quests in the Aion game. These quests mostly won't
take too long to complete and they also are having a great experience reward.

Start Leveling An Assassin Fast By Knowing What To Killl

So, after you've accepted a quest, now it's time to complete it, right? It's
recommended to accept only kill, or gathering quests. This is beca use they're pretty
fast to complete but they also give you extra experience.

To complete kill quests you should know exactly the position where the creatures are
that you need to kill. To do this it's recommended to read through the description of
the quests.
Level Your Assassin By Knowing How To Collect Items For Quests

In order to complete quests that require you to collect items, it's also recommended to
read through the description of any quest.

This way you are able to locate the location where yo u need to go so you can start
collecting the items.

Using A Step By Step Leveling Path To Power Level An Assassin In Aion

However, if you don't feel like spending hours on doing research then it's highly
recommended to take advantage of a step by step le veling path which is part of the
Aion Leveling Guide

A leveling path is coming along with step by step instructions, detailed screenshots &
color pointed maps. It will tell you 5 things:

?   Where to go.
?   Who to talk to.
?   What quests to accept.
?   What to kill.
?   What items to get.

Are you ready to start leveling your Assassin on the fastest way that's possible? Today?
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