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zadco by ps94506

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An internal magazine issued by Zakum Development Company for its employees

Removing the
flare in Zirku

Issue No. 27
Jan. - Feb. 2006
No LTI Year
Editorial                                                      Contents
       ADCO is continuously paying maximum
       care to secure welfare, safety, training
       and    development     for   Company
employees in order to be at the required
performance standard that allows achieving
its targets.

A group of ZADCO employees with long
servicing years from different Business &                                                              2
Support Units and all sites have been recently            Awarding long serving employees
awarded as an appreciation to their efforts                                               Z A D C O   N E W S
that contributed to the successful progress of
ZADCO and for their performance which                     Flare Removal at Zirku Island                   8
enabled ZADCO to have such a reputation in
the oil industry, regionally and internationally.         Computer cluster for field simulation           9
Again, I urge our long serving colleagues to              Records Management at ZADCO                    10
continue transferring their knowledge and
experience to their colleagues of the new UAE
                                                          Well integrity management work shop            12
generation who are also required to pay their             IT portal system
utmost efforts to benefit from their fellow                                                              13
senior’s experience. This would allow ZADCO               New appointments
to smoothly continue its successes.                                                                      14
                                                          Focus: Ali Al Mohsen
In the same context, and as a result of the                                                              15
HSE performance review for the last year, I               New recruits
remind all employees to do all their best to                                                             16
                                                          Recognition: UZ PS Achievement
make 2007 a No Lost Time Injuries (LTI) year
by showing more responsibility, accountability
                                                          Tale of a city: Aleppo
and practising direct supervision.                                                                       18
                                                          Social Activities
Additional efforts by every one would help                                                              19
                                                          Annual Gathering
achieving our targets.                                                                                  20
                                                           Front Cover
             SAIF N. AL-SUWAIDI
             GENERAL MANAGER

                 “zadco”, an internal magazine issued
                 by    Zakum      Development   Company
                 for its employees

Contributions, enquiries and suggestions are welcomed.
Please call ZADCO Public Relations Tel: 6052505 or
send e-mail to:
                                                          Zirku Island

zadco   JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2007                                                                             1
Awarding ZADCO old timers..
ZADCO Management awarded recently 250
long    serving     employees     in  different
ceremonies held in Abu Dhabi and offshore
sites for their service ranging between 10 - 30

The start was in Abu Dhabi where a group of
employees totalling 85 were awarded.
A special ceremony was held on 16th January,
2007 in the Company Auditorium and attended
by the General Manager Mr. Saif N. Al- Suwaidi
and General Management Team as well as
ZADCO Department Managers and the
awarded employees.

zadco   JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2007                   2


T                                                 V
       he General Manager in his speech
       congratulated the group of awardees for
       their services and contribution to the
success ZADCO achieved in its different
businesses. Mr. Saif Al- Suwaidi praised the
efforts exerted by the long serving employees
to enrich their experience and knowledge in a
way to properly carry out their duties. He also   C
urged them to save no effort to transfer their
experience and knowledge to the new
generation of ZADCO UAE employees.
The General Manager reaffirm that the human
resources of ZADCO are considered an
essential part of its long progress, since many

of them have witnessed the early days of
Mr. Saif Al- Suwaidi concluded that more
efforts are sought to allow maintaining
ZADCO's standard Performance that would
help achieving our set targets.
The General Manager and the General
Management Team presented the awardees            A
with long service certificates. This was
followed by group photos to memorize such a
distinguished day for the awarded employees.
 Function on Sites

                                                           At Upper Zakum

                                                                   n 21st February, 2007, the
                                                                   General          Manager
                                                                   accompanied      by      the
                                                           General Management Team
                                                           arrived UZ field to honour the long
                                                           serving employees. A meeting
                                                           was held and attended by the
                                                           General      Management,        Site
                                                           Manager, Team leaders and
                                                           other seniors. Mr. Mohamed
                                                           Ismail Site Manager briefed the
                                                           team about the projects being
                                                           carried out on site as well as
                                                           other issues.

                                                           At the ceremony held to award a
General Manager congratulating UZ long serving employees
                                                           group of UZ long serving
                                                           employees, the General Manager
                                                           thanked them for their dedication,
                                                           urging them to furtherly continue
                                                           exerting their efforts which will
                                                           allow ZADCO to enhance its
                                                           success. Mr. Saif N. Al- Suwaidi
                                                           said that it is important for long
                                                           experienced       employees     to
                                                           transfer their knowledge and
                                                           experience to the new generation
                                                           of UAE employees. He praised
                                                           the employees efficiency which is
                                                           considered a solid foundation of
                                                           ZADCO's position in the oil

                                                           Long service certificates were
                                                           presented to the awardees by the
                                                           General Manager and General
                                                           Management Team prior to a
..and presenting UZ employees with L.S. certificates       lunch party that was attended by

zadco    JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2007                                                             4
                                                                                        Z A D C O              N E W S

.. At Zirku Island

       ifferent of varieties were    knowledge of our employees
       included in Zirku Island      whom I urge to enhance the
       program, where the            way for ZADCO future by
General                 Manager      further    transferring   their
accompanied by General               experience and knowledge to
Management Team, Zirku site          the new blood of UAE
Managers and other Zirku site        employees.
seniors attended a sport             AGM (Zirku) Mr. Bader
festival     which        showed     Al - Mansoori in his speech
different entertaining parts.        congratulated this group of
The show was attended also           Zirku, Satah & Umm Al- Dalkh
by     a    crowd      of    Zirku   awardees praising their efforts
                                                                       GMT watching Zirku entertainment program
employees.                           to      accomplish        2006
                                     achievements,        requesting
The General Management               them to maintain the progress
Team made a tour around the          of ZADCO for the years to
plantation area where the            come.
General Manager praised
Zirku Management for their           The General Manager & the
efforts to expanding the green       General Management Team
area with more trees of              presented Zirku, Satah &
different kinds. He also             Umm Al- Dalkh awardees with
expressed his appreciation for       long    service  certificates
the efforts exerted to protect       followed by taking group
Zirku environment with the oil       photos.
operations on site.
                                     Mr. Salem Al- Tamimi, a Zirku
At the long service Award            employee had a poem recital       A touch of appreciation to the GM NO LTI initiative
ceremony held in the evening,        during the ceremony and was
Mr. Saif N. Al - Suwaidi             well received by all presents.
congratulated all employees          First day function ended with
who spent several years in           a dinner party held at Zirku
Zirku, Satah and Umm Al              beach where all enjoyed the
Dalkh     for  their  efforts,       nice climate of the Island.
dedication and performance.
"This allowed ZADCO to have          The following day program
such a distinguished position        included a visit to Zirku plant
in the oil industry" he said.        where the General Manager,
The General Manager in his           Mr. Saif N. Al- Suwaidi
speech pointed out that the          expressed       the     GMT's
success ZADCO made in all            appreciation        to      the
businesses and sites were            achievements made within
achieved due to the team             ZADCO's operational and
work,      experience     and        HSE standards.
                                                                       GMT enjoying Zirku night

Group Photos : General Manager, GMT Members and awarded employees from Zirku, Umm Al Dalkh and Satah

A        W         A         R        D   E        D                E        M         P   L       O         Y        E        E     S
GM GROUP                                      Faisal M. Hassan                             Mohammed N. Nadaf
                                                                   20 Years Service        Vinay M. Rane
                                              David Crouch                                 Sujit Sukumar Chatterjee
GM                 25 Years Service                                 15 Years Service       Balery Hassain K. Kutty
Ms. Nada M. Al-Moussilli                      Mustafa A. Jendi                             Michael V. Fernandes
                                              C. Bagavathsingh                             Agnelo Christopher A. Fernandes
HSE                    25 Years Service       Relfedy P. Vitasa                            Vinson George K.
Georgy R. Labib                               Neri D. Almeida
                       20 Years Service       Narendra N. Zope                             ZIRKU BUSINESS UNIT
Yagoob Alrefaei                               Subramanian Ramachandran
                     15 Years Service         Abderraouf B. Saidi                          ZR-MS                  30 Years Service
Ms. Elham Talhouk El Saadi                    Ibraheem A. Al Hosani                        Ali M. Abdulla Al Ahmadi
                     10 Years Service         Nouhad M. El Khoumassi                       ZR-FE                  10 years Service
Ms. Mildred Claudia Rego                      Ahmed M. Hassan                              Ms. Rachel J. Jacob
                                              Sadanandan Radhakrishnan                     Lourd A. Louis
                                              Iftikhar A. Nasir                            ZIRKU ISLAND           25 Years Service
                                              Patarath Rajendran
UPPER ZAKUM BUSINESS UNIT                     Sakaria T. Konnathu
                                                                                           Moin S. Saleh
                                                                                           Mohd D. Sultan
                                              Abdullah B. Kunhi                            Adel Naji Kaddoura
UZ-FD               25 Years Service
                                              Kunhi Mohamed M. Thekkumparambil             Abdul Hamid Sayed Elshimi
Hussein Mohsen Maddi
                                              Mohamed K. Kanniparambil                     Samir Ali Mohad Hamzeh
Mohammed A. Al Awlaqi
                                              Surendran P. Kunju                           Abdellatif Jilani Houmane
Ali Omar Bakthier
                                              Hassan M. Mangatchali Kanattil               Pullambi Basheer
Mohamed I. Shab'an
                                              Mahammad Shareef I. Talapady                 Mohamed Abdulla Saeed
Mohamed A. El-Tawel
                                              Kumar P. Shiva                               Sabri H. Hamarsha
                    10 Years Service
                                              Chonari Moideen M. Kutty                                            20 Years Service
Ms. Iman Matar Al Nawfali
                                              Ashraf M. Mohamed                            P. K. Sasidharan
Ms. Afsha Ahmed
                                              Abdul Samad Achamparambil                    P. M. Kumaresan
Mohamed Braik Al Ameri
                                              Thadicaran K. Sebastian                      Antony Hulse
                                              Salah A. Hassanein                                                  15 Years Service
SSE                   25 Years Service
                                              Abdulla S. Mohamed                           Semban Ramarao Jagadeesan
Ms. Fadya M. Al Nahdy
                                              Mohammad Iqbal Hassan                        Krishnasamy Somu
Eyad Al Assi
                                              Gopakumar M. G                               Bharat M. Ajmera
                      10 Years Service
                                              C. R. Joy                                    Gunturu L. Siva Rao
Faisal Abdulkarim Makarem
                                              Bankteshwar Mishra                           Vinay P. Vazirani
UZ-FE                 15 Years Service
                                              Niaz Mohammed Khan                           Tadeusz Wyszynski
Abu Baker Abdulqader Al Aidarous
                                                                    10 Years Service       Ali Obaid Ali Bil Al Hawis Al Shamsi
Rao Faqir Muhammed
                                              Saleh M. Al Marri                            Desai Manubhai Natwarlal
                      10 Years Service
                                              Hasan K. Alhammadi                           Ali S. Al Hammadi
Awad Marei Al Sayaari
                                              Mohamed S. Al Marashida                      Ali Y. Al Ali
UZ-M                  25 Years Service
                                              Husam M. Alameri                             Ayyoob A. Padinjareveetil
Marugulam K. Sabapathy
                                              Mahdi S. Tammam                              Akbar Basha Abdul Munaf
                      10 Years Service
                                              Basem A. Baqehaizel                          Mohammed H. Hussain
Abdulla R. Al Mansoori
                                              Yaser B. Al Ali                              Krishnan K. Kattil Peedikayil
Ali H. Al Mohsen
                                              Omar O. Al Nuaimi                            Usman M. Pattantuthoduvil
UZ FIELD              30 Years Service
                                              Abdulla A. Al Obaidly                        Ummer H. Bulangadi
Mohamed A. Al Hajeri
                                              Safwat O. Bawazir                            Mukhtiar S. Singh
                      25 Years Service
                                              Thonikkara K. Saidali                        Abdul Khader Najeem
Fadel Salem Shbair
                                              Surenderan Taliyil Veetil                    Xavier Fernandez S. Fernandez
Shariff Idarus S. Twahir
                                              P. N. Sachikumar                             Raghava J. Harady
Eshak A. Al-Jabali
                                              Fathi Abdul Rahman                           Sadasivan R. Pillai
Abdel-Moati M. Thabet
                                              Edwin N. Padilla

zadco     JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2007                                                                                                    6
General Manager, GMT Members and awarded employees at Upper Zakum

A       W         A        R        D   E        D               E          M         P   L       O        Y        E        E     S
Joseph A. Gomes                             Safwat S. El-Makadma                          Khamis Q. Al Shamisi
Bhag Grewal                                 Khairallah D. Assaad                          FIN                   25 Years Service
Balbir Chand                                                     15 Years Service         Omar Ibrahim Mousa
Varghese K. Parappattu                      Anand Singh Airi                              El Radi A. El Agab
Ali F. Hussain                              Nagarajan Ajith Kumar                         Kamal M. Kaafarani
Babu G. Madakkavil                          Pradeep Kumar                                                       15 Years Service
Nuhmanul Fahim                                                   10 Years Service         Ms. Balqis Ali Salem Al Dowaila
Bodargama D. Jayantha                       Mohamed H. Al Busaeedi                        Tariq R. Khan
Mohamed I. Mistry                           Aloysius D'Souza                              Ali K. Al Shamisi
Sreenivasan Kunjuraman                                                                                          10 Years Service
Pattillath Ibrahim                          TECHNICAL & OPERATOPNAL RESOURCES             Ms. Wafa Ibrahim Ali
Rajan S. Cheriyedathu                                                                     Abdulmajeed M. Al Marzooqi
Mohan Dev. Shetty                           T&O                  15 Years   Service       Abdulghani M. Fadhel
Habibur Rahman                              Ms. Randa Abdallah Ahmad                      IT                    25 Years Service
Khalid K. Kodappana                         LG                   30 Years   Service       Mohamed O. Baqsheer
Bantwal Abubaker                            Hussain A. Al Musabi                          Tesfamariam T. Mengistu
Moideen Koya K. Kannachanthodi                                   25 Years   Service       Saeed Hussein El Absi
                     10 Years Service       Muawia A. Hamza                                                     20 Years Service
V. P. Paulraj                                                    10 Years   Service       Abdul Rahman Abdulla Madhi
Zayed Madhhar Teezani                       Mohsen N. Al Ameri                                                  15 Years Service
Daoud Sulaiman Al-Marzouqi                  Nader S. Abdulla Al Zadjali                   Naveen M. Kamath
Saeed A. Al Kaabi                           EP                   30 Years   Service       Thariyan Thomas Thariyan
Abdulla E. Al Romaithi                      Hafedh S. Al Maskari                                                10 Years Service
Aamer K. Bani Tameem                                             25 Years   Service       Ms. May Salem Jabour
Hussain S. Al Mutahari                      Ali O. Badwan                                 Mohamed Ahmed Al Hosani
Mohamed A. Aldhari                                               10 Years   Service       Ahmad I. Younis
Orakkan Praveen                             Ramesh K. Vahi                                Khaled N. Al Shekaili
Ahmed U. Bava                               MP                   25 Years   Service       PR                    15 Years Service
Wali Khan                                   Ittooly V. Rajan                              Ms. Majida M. Al Ameeri
Omer Mohammad Abdi                                               10 Years   Service       Hussain A. Al Khouri
Joji Xavier                                 Ms. Souheir T. Osman
Danilo G. Lozano                                                                          CORPORATE SUPPORT UNIT
Jacinto T. Alli
                                            ADMINISTRATION SUPPORT UNIT
Ronel Loma                                                                                MBP                  10 Years Service
Bhupendra S. Taragi                                                                       Stephen R. Ferris
                                            HR                   25 Years Service
Nizar Vayal Purayil                                                                       IA                   15 Years Service
                                            Ms. Khawla Mohammad Tiraoui
                                                                 20 Years Service         Fahed A. Saif
SATAH / UMM AL DALKH BUSINESS UNIT          Salem R. Al-Zaabi                             LI                   15 Years Service
SU-FD              25 Years Service                              15 Years Service         Ms. Kawthar Hammouri
Harb Nayef Karroum                          Ms. Bhavna Raj Lalvani                                             10 years Service
ST-FFD             10 years Service         Yahya S. Al Shamsi                            Bijoy K. Abraham
Nabil Saleh Abdul Wahab                     K.P. Xavier                                   CM                   25 Years Service
SATAH FIELD        20 Years Service         MD                   10 Years Service         Ahmed Yassin Ali Yusuf
Omar Bakhit Saeed Al Ameri                  Ali H. Al Mehrezi                             Mohammed A. Salem
15 Years Service                            Ahmed F. Al Lardhi                            Ahmed Ibrahim Al Shami
Raymond Gomez Fradian                       GS                   25 Years Service         Abdullah Ali Moh’d Al Buraiki
UA FIELD           30 years Service         Dr. Salim S. Berrached
Abubaker H. Abboud                                               15 Years Service         15 Years Service
                   25 Years Service         Raafat A. El Oksh                             Mohamed Arfan Al-Katheeri
Isa Shahin                                                       10 Years Service                            10 Years Service
Khader M. Qaddoureh                         Ahmed I. Abdi                                 Susarla I. Prasad

 A C H I E V E M E N T

             Removing Zirku Flare..                                                         Prepared By: Abdulqader Belalia - Zir-HSE

ZADCO has acheived a new milestone removing the flare tower off Zirku island
following reaching record numbers in flare reduction that enabled this big achievement.

        ecause energy is the key driver for            14001 requirements. Key functions in the
        industry, technology development and the       ZADCO EMS are:
        quality of life nowadays, current world           Provide key environmental performance
demand for energy creates a continuous and             indicators.
disturbing threat on the environment.                     Set environmental objectives and targets.
Process industry generates various green                  Collect and process environmental-related
house gases (CO2, NOx, SOx, CH4...)                    data such as waste management.
responsible for climate change as a result of             Provide       Environmental        Performance
global warming observed recently all over the          Evaluation planning.
world and through such global events as El                Calculate and Report on Gas Emissions.
Niño, melting of Polar Ice..etc..                         Record keeping and Audit Trail functionalities
It is a fact that gas flaring results in green house      Continuous environmental improvement
gas (GHG) emissions such as CO2. Venting of            initiatives.
the gas without burning, releases methane, the         The Kyoto Protocol supports trading of
second main greenhouse gas. CO2 and                    greenhouse gas emission.
methane are responsible for about 80% of               So, elimination of CO2 emissions for example
global warming so far. Methane is many times           can represent a cost.
more potent than CO2.                                  Consequently, flared gas recovery can have a
The UAE is taking an aggressive approach in            significant impact on both the environment and
complying with both the Kyoto (1997-individual         the cost management. Process upsets are
targets) and the Montreal (1987- Ozone                 generally at the source of triggering gas flaring
Depletion and Global Environmental Change)             as a safety measure.
protocols.                                             At our Oil processing plant in Zirku Island, many
This issue has resulted in putting in place            improvement projects were thoroughly studied
relevant but stringent laws and regulations            and successfully implemented to address both
which are reflected in both ADNOC policy               issues of ozone depleting gases and GHG
guidelines and the improvement plans for the           emissions.
industrial operators such as OPCOS.                    Two major projects were undertaken
In order to adequately address the ever-               successfully: Phasing out of the use of Halon
increasing challenge coming from regulatory            and the reduction of GHG emissions.
compliance, Process Industries have instituted         The first initiative related to the Halon phase
self regulatory procedures through the                 started in 2001 and is still in progress with an
introduction of Environmental Management               achievement rate of around 85%( 15500 kg of
Systems (EMS); in order to assure reliable             halon 1301 and halon 1211 out a total quantity
monitoring and reporting functions to the plant        of 18000 kg has been phased out). It is
management and for the supervising                     expected to be completed by 2011.
authorities.                                           The second project has been fully implemented
ZADCO, as an Operator, through its HSEMS               and as a result, the Satah flare was isolated on
system has undertaken aggressive approach in           29-01-07 and kept on a stand-by position. This
reducing green house gases and strives to              resulted in recovering the 0.10 mmscfd
reduce flaring in its oil processing facilities.       previously flared HCs purge gas to export.
The strategy put forward consisted of a realistic      In addition to the direct financial gain, routine
plan to phase out first the use of halon in            replacement and maintenance works have
conformance with Montreal protocol, and to             been drastically reduced for the Satah flare
gradually adjust its operational practices to          system.
reduce gas emissions in conformance with the           The commissioning of the Amine By Pass
Kyoto protocol.                                        compressor in May 2006 has improved the ZR
The implementation of the ZADCO HSEMS,                 gas recovery capacity.
supported by the ISO 14001 standard has                This improvement resulted in a substantial
greatly improved the reduction of significant          reduction of CO2 emissions as a consequence..
impact on the environment originating from its         Across its operations, ZADCO has put
oil processing units.                                  programs in place to improve operations
It has enabled the organization to demonstrate         integrity, thus reducing downtime and / or
that its EMS is established, monitored,                upsets that generally result in flaring surges.
sustained, effective and conformant with ISO

zadco     JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2007                                                                                                  8

       SIMULATION CLUSTER                                                                     Prepared by: IT Department

ZADCO acquired a High Performance Computing cluster of 96 Dual Core Architecture CPUs with total memory of
384 GB to run reservoir simulation studies.
This system will be utilized for Reservoir Simulation Studies outlined in the approved Business Plan aimed at
accomplishing ZADCO’s objectives for achieving and sustaining the new production target rate suggested by
ZADCO and approved by Shareholders.
It will also be used for Development Optimization and Enhanced Oil Recovery Studies in Black Oil &
Compositional models that have been planned to accomplish the objectives, and achieve Shareholders targets of
Oil Recovery from ZADCO operating fields.

SYSTEM EVALUATION & SELECTION                                   iii. Executed additional history match runs for the selected
                                                                model on 16, 32, 48, 64, 80 and 96 CPUs.
The selection process included an upgrade path for future
growth taking into consideration the following:
  System Expandability & upgrades                               SPECIFICATION REQUIREMENTS
                                                                In addition to the performance criteria, the proposed Server
  Open Source Operating System
                                                                satisfied the following specifications and requirements:
  Latest proven Hardware Technology                             i. Connectivity to ZADCO Consolidated Storage.
  High performance computing power                              ii. High bandwidth connectivity with load-balancing and fail-
  Non Proprietary Hardware                                      over capability.
                                                                iii. High end Linux operating system
The Joint IT / UZFD/ SUFD Team recommendations were             iv.HSE parameters including total and per node heat
based on the Benchmark test results (performance &              dissipation, power consumption and the required space
scalability), besides other considerations that may have a      dimension and packaging configuration.
major impact on the selection of best price/performance         The new installed HPC Cluster is based on the following
system to satisfy Business Objectives.                          solution:
                                                                The 24 nodes with CPU Clock Speed of 2.6 GHz Linux
                                                                cluster based on multi compute node design, with very high
DETAILED SPECIFICATIONS                                         bandwidth         internal      connectivity     and     one
SOFTWARE DETAILS                                                control/management node.
                                                                Each compute node has 4 CPUs using dual core technology,
i. The server is used to run very large reservoir simulation    and 16 GB Memory on board.
Black Oil and Compositional models.                             Cluster management operations are centralized from the
ii. This system is certified to run ECLIPSE simulation          control/management master node.
software in addition to other well known simulators.            ZADCO is utilizing Cluster Management Utility tool that helps
iii. The new system utilizes Platform Load Sharing Facility     to manage a large collection of systems within a Linux
(LSF) Software for workload processing to manage and            cluster environment. It makes the management of this
accelerate High Performance Computing mission-critical          cluster more user friendly, efficient and decrease the
reservoir simulation studies.                                   administration activity related to cost of ownership.
                                                                The hardware and software integrations were done at the
PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATION                                       manufacturer Solution Factory centre including the
ZADCO provided bidders with one compositional simulation        benchmark tests.
model with a size of 1,400,000 cells for Benchmark test. This   As part of the commissioning process, all Benchmark test
model was successfully tested by ZADCO on the available         runs were reproduced after installing the hardware in
LINUX systems using the latest parallel processing              ZADCO using the company infrastructure and the outcome
simulator.                                                      was significantly better than the factory benchmark results.
The new system was tested against the following                 The system commenced operation in November 2006. The
performance measures:                                           success of this achievement was mainly due to the following
i. Benchmark test history match run for the 1,400,000 cells     1. A comprehensive and lucid business case justifying the
model within 24 hours on 16 CPUs,                               need.
ii. Each parallel benchmark test was submitted to run on        2. Strong Collaboration and alignment between the business
contiguous (sequential) set of CPUs (shared mode).              and IT.

      Enhancement of Records
       Management in ZADCO
                                   Prepared by: GSO Team

ZADCO Central Archive at Al Mina area is a great achievement to Records Management in the Company,
transforming the idea of archiving towards a better point of view for all the departments.
But the story of this achievement was not an easy one, it is the result of dedicated team work and the outcome of
years of hard efforts and best utilization of resources.

       record is distinguished as: “All paper, maps, manuals,
       catalogues, demonstrates, magnetic or paper tapes,         RECORDS   MANAGEMENT                         AFTER         THE
       photographic films and prints, and other documents
produced, received, owned or used by the Company, apart           IMPLEMENTATION OF ZRMS
from a media, physical figures or features.”                      By the year 1995, and after serious projecting and
Records Management protects assets which include                  cramming, ZRMS was the offspring of this elongated
essential records and documents that would be needed to           exertion.
restart functions following financial and legal issues. Being     ZRMS was approved and implemented literally as an
responsible of any part of Records Management does not            application that assists the user to keep track of each
mean just keeping the shelves stocked, but rather denser.         department’s documents. It has many specifications in
Records Management systems and methodologies must                 dealing with the Company’s records.
include any appropriate document into its execution plan.         After the documents are physically dealt with, then indexed
Thus, the pivotal step in determining which information           and shelved, they are input on the database for easy
should a records management concern is to clearly identify        disclosure through the ZRMS which:
the definition of a record.

Records Management has been on the assignment of
distinguishing its significance among the Company
throughout the years. The target of this section was to idolize
the chores and tasks it undergoes and to secure the
Company’s documents and records.
Records Management aimed to be the ‘distinctive shelter’ of
the Company’s information. This information, which was
created as documents and records, had to be segregated
and divided among the existing Archive Stores under the
guardianship of ZADCO, i.e. depending on their magnitude
and habitual reclamation.                                             Consists of 2 divisions: Company Records (archive and
                                                                  retrieval of documents)           and Departmental F.A.S.T.
RECORDS MANAGEMENT BEFORE                                THE      Classification (department document registration)
IMPLEMENTATION OF ZRMS                                               Provides access to the corporate classification structure
                                                                  and retention schedule
At the early 1980s, Records Management dealt with its
                                                                     Used as a tool for the rationalization of the existing records
documents primitively and manually. Unfortunately,
                                                                  within a department
departments used to consider the Archives as the dump of
the Company; sending only out-of-date files and records in           By department – classify and index records and files
an unseemly and disorganized method, creating a low self-            By department – control the retention periods of records
esteem to the Records Management Team.                               By department - control and manage the location of files
                                                                  archived at the Documentation Central Archive.
Records Management attempted to assess and provide the
procedural communications that ensures information is                Guide the user through a series of tasks, controlling their
available, preserved, and when appropriate, destroyed. It         actions and producing reports as required
also searched to assist in managing and evaluating                The theory behind all this was to have all documents and
information in all media based on legal, regulatory,              manuals listed both on paper and on data describing each
operational and historic factors.                                 and every single piece of information and its location for a
                                                                  straightforward admission.

zadco    JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2007                                                                                                10
                                                                                     A C H I E V E M E N T S

Whilst ZRMS was a newborn phenomenon, it was not utilized
by most departments for several years. Although elevated
technically and distinctively produced evolution in Records
Keeping, it was very clear that confidence in the skills of
Records Management has not existed yet.

At the present, the responsibilities and errands of Records
Management cultivated and the massive effort blossomed.
But the new archive was not the only target, ZRMS
application was another confrontation.
During the period of installing the high density mobile
shelves and transferring documents from HQ ground floor         5. Conduct the physical destruction of records after
archive, which was taken for other purposes and from            custodian’s approval
Mussaffah Store to the Mina Central Archive, ZRMS became        6. manages the physical store to assure space organization
highly popular.                                                 and capacity
This application was updated several times in order to meet     7. uses and updates the information of records on the ZRMS
the archiving necessities and requirements more proficiently    8. Supervise shifting of documents from a location to another
and specifically. It became qualified in handling and           9. hold internal training of ZRMS and assist each department
distribution of records in order and sequence to enable users   in handling their documents; archive or disposal through
retrieve, locate and archive their demand.                      official and authorized transmission slips
Although at the beginning users have not been aware of the      10.Daily minimum 15 to 25 requests are received from
importance of managing their records through ZRMS, it           different departments by Records Management Team for
ultimately spread among the Company and requested               processing.
deliberately. Currently 118 users are utilizing the Zadco
Records Management System. Expect to achieve the target         THE FUTURE OF RECORDS MANAGEMENT
as to be utilized by each and every employee within the         Records increase at record rates as the cost of computers
Company.                                                        are getting down. At the same time, paper records and files
GSO came out with the fact that every department should         are accumulating and the spaces of storage are contracting.
assign an employee as focal point to segregate the records      Electronic Data Management will fulfil the shareholders
available and categorize them regularly. These departments      needs along with the Auditors requirements. As a licensed
would automatically cleanup their filing rooms, create more     program auditing will be much justifying than the current
space for beneficial uses and stay on track with their          situation. Also Company will be achieving the world wide
information.                                                    standard to manage the documents.
                                                                Therefore, Records Management is outlining its potential
RECORDS MANAGEMENT PRESENT RESPONSIBILITIES                     plans, requirements and goals ahead, which factually
Now, Records management provides multiple services to the       commenced at present status:
Business Units on daily basis, including manual or
automated archive and retrieval. The traditional approach       1. GSO – Records Management must have 100% control
depends on request.                                             over all documents and records among the Company
1. Process documents, files, reports, drawings, personnel       2. Knowledge management must begin within GSO Records
files, operating manuals, technical manuals etc.                Management before disclosing to Business Units
2. Sort, check and arrange the information prior to input the   3. A Centralized Records Management should be officially
database                                                        announced, in order to fulfil all departments’ requirements
3. Sort inventory
4. Uses data base to locate, retrieve and track records upon    4. Gather information, analysis and feedback, raise
requests, while registering the information booked out, upon-   questions and give suggestions stating the vitality of
return and replacing back to appropriate location on shelves    procedures and steps of any plan

                                                                           General Support - Offices - Records Management:
                                                                            Administers the records management program
                                                                          among the departments
                                                                            Conducts or oversees the inventory of all
                                                                          company’s records required
                                                                            Conducts and supervises the preparation and
                                                                          maintenance of the company’s records retention
                                                                          schedule program
                                                                            Ensures devotion to the retention schedules
                                                                            Approves all documentation for transfer of
                                                                          records from departments to the Central Archive
                                                                            Originates and approves all requests to dispose
                                                                          of records or to transfer records as designated by
                                                                          an approved retention schedule
                                                                            Distributes and attends training and information
                                                                          to departments


        pper Zakum Business Unit held a WELL                   procedures & best practices for the well envelope, well
        INTEGRITY MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP to                       barriers, surface & sub-surface equipment – wellhead &
        review ‘Well Integrity Management’ status              x-mass tree preventive maintenance – annulus
(progress and concerns) and to confirm and solicit             monitoring - well intervention - risk management; way
shareholders best practices, consent / advice on               forward for WIMS enhancement, online well integrity
ZADCO WIM strategy and plans.                                  data management, scale inhibition.
Representatives from ADNOC, EXXONMOBIL,
JODCO, ADMA-OPCO beside Zadco participants                     GIP Wells Integrity
including DGM (UZ), ADGM (UZFD), SSE, UZWI,                    The status of existing Gas Injection Pilots wells including
UZPF& SUFD attended the workshop.                              SAP problem in UZ-59, UZ-413 & UZ-424 and remedial
ADGM (UZFD) welcomed participants. DGM (UZ) in his             action plan was presented. High lights of the future
opening remarks, highlighted the importance of well            GIP/WAG/GL completion strategy were also discussed.
integrity in oil industry and commented that well integrity    However, despite several meetings and workshops on
should not be treated like surface facility integrity where    the subject with recommendations to expedite action
approach to combat the problems is very easy and               plan, the GIP injectors integrity still unsolved either by
simple. Well integrity is rather more dynamic. Fields are      efficient workover or replacement. Therefore, action
getting mature and well integrity issues are becoming          should be prioritized and included in the bar chart ASAP
more common. Scaling phenomenon in UZ is quite                 by Q1 2007.
different and more sever as compared to other
companies in the region. Scale inhibition is a challenge
                                                               Scale management Strategy
and ZADCO is moving ahead to adopt this approach. We
                                                               Scaling phenomenon in UZ wells, monitoring & treating
are looking forward to acquire online tracking system.
                                                               methodology and long term future action plan was
Review/enhancement of the existing well integrity
                                                               presented. It was highlighted that scaling trend is
standards through outsource is being arranged.
                                                               constantly on ascending order. However, existing
                                                               treating attempts are keeping it in limit. As part of long
Completion Integrity Assurance Strategy                        term strategy, proactive chemical treatment and scale
Major highlights of the presentation included overview of      inhibition program is being planned.
WIMS documents – integrity assurance standards,

Managing SrSO4 Scale in Upper Zakum Field
“Managing SrSO4 Scale
in Upper Zakum Field”
presentation for SPE
section in Abu Dhabi was
held on the 29th-Jan-
2007 in Beach Rotana
Mr Jamal Al Ashhab (Well
Intergrity Team Leader)
presented to the audience
the techniques used to
monitor, treat and prevent
SrSO4 scale build up in
Upper Zakum producers.
and other audience from
major and international
service companies and
chemical          vendors                                     Mr. Jamal Al Ashhab presenting on scale treatment and prevention
attended the presentation.
Audiences were impressed with the strong and robust            operating companies in UAE.
scale management system in ZADCO. The presentation             ZADCO sponsored the presentation as a committed
reflected the leading image of ZADCO between the               company for knowledge sharing.

zadco   JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2007                                                                                            12
ZADCO launches its Portal Website
                                                                                                  Prepared by: IT Department

A Portal is a Web site that collects information, applications and services. It is used to filter the complex and varied
information and services available on corporate systems into a single and homogeneous interface. A portal has a front
end that can be customized to meet relevant content and services requirements.

Vision statement:                                Distribute
The vision of the intranet portal is to
                                              throughout the
enhance business processes by
                                              company in a
providing personalised content and
                                              secured        and
services, by empowering information
users through e-services, enhancing
team collaboration and providing critical
                                                 Provide        a
data and information on time.
                                              customized user
Why we need a Portal?                         interface       for
Organizations typically suffer from           users to easily
knowledge sharing issues that slow            access
down the flow of information. These are       information.
recognized as issues of collaboration,           Enable direct
information discovery, personalization        access           to
and applications integration. Examples        information
of such issues are categorized below:         resources that
                                                                                          announcements,         surveys    and
Collaboration issues:                         are directly relevant to each group of
                                                                                          discussion board. It allows Public
Currently, the only infrastructure that       employees.
                                                                                          Relations, Human Resources, ZSRC
supports team activity is the corporate          Improve overall staff collaboration      and IT to announce their public
e-mail. This results in overfilled inbox      and productivity in operational and
with scattered information. Users             administrative duties.
                                                                                          Control      Access     to   Sensitive
usually resorts to searching through             Increase employees’ ability to           Information
archived e-mail documents and                 perform real-time reporting and
                                                                                          My Sites Shared view can be
sending revised versions. This process        analysis of information (Business
                                                                                          configured to allow anyone to view
hinders the effective collaboration           Intelligence).
                                                                                          them, to restrict access to only a
among team members.                              Increase employees’ ability to make      selected group of users, or a
Information storage:                          informed decision in a consistent
                                                                                          combination of both..
Corporate information is stored in                                                        Keep Versions of Documents
                                                 Provide Single Sign On (SSO) to          ZADCO portal document library has a
desperate       systems     within   an
                                              applications                                built-in versioning for documents that
organization. Accessing information
through a searchable interface is a           Solution overview:                          makes it easier to work together on
challenge.                                    Better Information Management               draft     documents      because     it
Personalization:                              Capture, Retain, and Share                  automatically stores draft versions of
With the increase of the volume of            ZADCO Portal makes it easy for              documents.
information, it becomes more difficult        employees to capture, retain, and share     Easy to Find Information:
for individuals to find relevant              best practices and knowledge across         Quickly Find What You Need
information. Users are forced to access       the    company.      Collaborate     with   ZADCO Portal makes it easy for you to
multiple pages to view a specific             Documents Workspace in My Site              find the information you need within a
content. Source of information are more       ZADCO Portal makes it easy to share and     portal using its built-in search engine.
valuable when users are notified              collaborate documents using My Site.        Filter to View Only Selected Data. You
directly for additions and changes.           Create a Repository for Documents           can filter ZADCO Portal lists and
Application integration:                      in e-Library Section                        libraries within a view to narrow down
Business processes make use of a              Libraries are like web-based file shares    the data displayed to only specific
variety of applications. Employees are        that allow you to share files with site     values in a field.
forced to resort to accessing multiple        users. Edit Using the Tools You             Stay Connected:
applications and aggregating data             Know                                        Stay Updated with Automatic Email
manually. This obstructs the leveraging       When you open a document from a             Alerts
of the investments made in core               ZADCO Portal, it Opens in the program       You do not need to continually check
systems                                       in which it was created.                    your ZADCO Portal site for updates if
Business Objectives:                          Discuss Topics Online                       you sign up for alerts Single Sign On,
                                                                                          Message Center, Weather and Prayer
                                              ZADCO discussion boards provide a
The Portal solution is aimed to fulfill the
                                              forum for conversing about topics that      Timings Information Single Sign On
following objectives:
                                              interest your team.                         feature allows you to connect to
   Integrate information from a variety of
                                              Communicate Better                          number of e-Services without entering
resources into a single access point.
                                              ZADCO portal has features for               your username and password.

INSIDE               ZADCO

New Appointments in ZADCO
New appointments have taken place in ZADCO lately as follows:

UPPER ZAKUM BUSINESS UNIT                      Mr. Tayeb Ali Al Harbi
                                               Mr. Mohamed Zouheir Bayaa
Mr. David Findley                              Satah & Arzanah Site Managers
Asst. Deputy General Manager –
UZ Field Development                           Mr. Tsutomu Masuzawa
                                               SUFD Satah Field Development Team Leader
Mr. Yasser Saeed Al-Mazrouei
UZ Field Development Manager (UZFD)            Mr. Yoshihiko Umezawa
                                               SUFD Operation Support Team Leader
Mr. Yaslam Saleh Al-Ameri
UZ Maintenance Manager (UZM)                   CORPORATE SUPPORT UNIT (CS)

Mr. Hamad A. Al Zaabi                          Mr. Khalifa Rashed Al-Darmaki
Asst. UZ Field Develop. Manager (Operations)   Asst. General Manager –Corporate Support Unit

Mr. Mark Evans                                 Mr. Fahmi Omar Mukhayer
Asst. UZ Field Develop. Manager (Studies)      Legal and Insurance Manager

Mrs. Eman M. Al Nawfali                        Mr. Akihiko Kurashina
Acting Competency Assurance Team Leader        Corporate Planning Manager


Mr. Qasem Musallam Al-Kayoumi                  Mr. Mohamed Kamal Kabbaj
Asst. General Manager – Satah & Umm Al-Dalkh   Facility Integrity Manager (FI)

Mr. Chawki Ali Dabbouk                         ADMINISTRATION SUPPORT UNIT (AS)
Satah & Umm Al Dalk Field Development
Manager                                        Mr. Nasser Obaid Al-Nasseri
                                               Finance Manager
Mr. Jamal Omer BaSuwaid
Mr. Isa Abdulrahman Shahin                     Mr. Nizar Mahmoud Luqman
Umm Al Dalkh Site Managers (UASM)              Manpower Development Manager

    Congratulations, we wish you success in your new appointments

zadco   JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2007
                                                                                                                                                 F O C U S

Ali Hasan Al Mohsen
                                                                                                UZ B/U Planning Engineer
                                                         Ali Hasan Al Mohsen, a graduate from                           points of the outcome of the report that
                                                         ADNOC Training Institute joined                                goes to the management team.
                                                         ZADCO as an electrical technician in                           Speaking about the work environment,
                                                         1996.                                                          Ali says that most of his colleagues are
                                                         He started in the offshore base in                             very friendly and are always willing to
                                                         Zakum/Zirku and in 2000 he was given                           give him all the help he needs, and
                                                         the opportunity to carry on his higher                         showed full cooperation during his
                                                         studies in Information Technology at                           development           program.        The
                                                         the Higher Colleges of Technology.                             management showed full support and
                                                         Ali entered college with aims of                               trust in him. He says “I was able to give
                                                         graduating with a high Grade Point                             better results in return.”
                                                         Average (GPA) which posed a                                    Ali advises newcomers to continue
                                                         challenge for him since he was a                               their higher studies. He stresses that
                                                         technical electrician shifting his career                      education never has an end. Ali
                                                         to a planning engineer. Ali says he                            emphasizes on the importance of
                                                         managed to overcome this challenge                             separating work from social life
                                                         by getting intensive training and being                        interferences and vice versa.
                                                         patient.                                                       When not working, Ali enjoys diving,
                                                         Ali’s hard work paid off, as he currently                      and has been a diver since 1996. He is
“Make your studies parallel to your
                                                         works as a planning engineer in the                            also the head of Aqua club activity in
work career in order to achieve
                                                         Upper Zakum business unit based in                             ZADCO and takes interest in all kinds
                                                         Abu Dhabi Head Quarters. His job                               of water sports. He is married with
                                                         involves planning, scheduling and                              three kids. During his higher education
                    Ali Hasan Al Mohsen                  budgeting for all Upper Zakum related                          Ali felt that he was not giving his family
                                                         projects whilst issuing regular reports to                     full attention, However, now he can
                                                         the management team. He shows his                              give his best to balance between his
                                                         analysis and highlights all the major                          work, family and activities.

                 New group of employees join ZADCO
A group of new employees joined recently ZADCO, out of them many UAE Nationals were absorbed to work in different sites and
experience the planned training in connection with their jobs. This practice reflects the continuous success of the Emiratisation
policy adopted by ZADCO.

   Faisal Al Marzouqi   Khaled Al Mehairi   Khalifa Al Shehhi       Hasan Mohamed       Ahmed Ali                Ahmed Al Ali     Yahya Rashid    Ahmed Al Falahi

                                                       Khalifa Al Mehairi     T. Masuzawa           Y. Umezawa

Name                                          Work Location                         Name                                            Work Location
Faisal Al Marzouqi                            ZRGMW                                 U. Umezawa                                      SUFD
Khaled Al Mehairi                             ZRFM                                  Mohamed Kamal                                   FI
Khalifa Al Shehhi                             ZRFM
                                                                                    Talal Badreldin                                 LG
Hasan Mohamed                                 LGMZR
                                                                                    Khaweja R. Ur Rehman                            CM
Yahya Rashid                                  FIP
Ahmed Al Ali                                  ZRMS                                  Sujoy Roy                                       MOSAICS
Ahmed Ali                                     ZRFP                                  Ahmed Al Falahi                                 EPS
T. Masuzawa                                   SUFD                                  Khalifa Al Mehairi                              UZFD


                                                                                             Prepared by :
                                                                                             UZ PS Team
In 2006 ZADCO achieved another milestone in reducing the well idle time and associated production losses after
drilling or work over operation. This is a culmination of relentless endeavor put in by our Engineers and Technicians
towards the refinement of well hook up activities over a period of time at Zakum field. Also, this is a part of our ongoing
efforts in introducing innovation in operation and maintenance activities in order to achieve a more safe and cost saving
methods and procedures.
In a nut shell, hook up activity is nothing but connecting the well to the production or water injection header using 3”
or 4” diameter flow line. This activity can not be accomplished with out having a naked flame work at the well head
causing substantial production losses besides the risk factors associated in performing hot works at hazardous areas.

OLD METHOD:                                                     are created at the WHPT, fabrication of the piping spools
                                                                commences in the welding workshop exactly as per the
Initially, the hook-up used to be carried out using barge
                                                                dimensions of the dummy spool. Necessary radiography
within a reasonable duration, but with naked flame work and
                                                                and hydro-test are carried out at the workshop itself.
wellhead tower shutdown. However, due to economical
                                                                Transportation of the fabricated spools to the WHPT,
reasons and barge requirement for other operations such as
                                                                installation and commissioning of the final hook up system
scale removal, logging etc, it was discontinued.
                                                                take place on the following day of the measurement.
Subsequently, the conventional method was put in practice
wherein, the material and equipment were transferred to the
wellhead using boats.                                           SAVINGS:
In both the cases, the well head tower was shut down for        This innovative method of carrying out the hook-up jobs
about 8 hours for naked flame works at the X-mass tree          without naked-flame work at the well head tower was
area for each hook-up, besides the idle time of the well        implemented during September 2006. Within a short span
under hook-up for almost 7 days.                                of 4 months, the savings in terms of production losses
The challenge was to eliminate the naked flame work             avoided was substantial. Similarly, the estimated savings for
hazard in a remote well head platform and avoid the well        the year 2007 is $8 million, excluding the new wells whose
head tower shutdown for the hook-up job.                        potential is not available now.
                                                                In addition, there has been a considerable reduction in man-
INNOVATION:                                                     hours utilized for final hook-up activities, reducing personnel
                                                                exposure to naked flame works by 85%. During 2006, total
The basis of the new method is to take a flow line’s            man-hours saved were about 6104. In 2007, the estimated
measurements and create a dummy spool, while the drilling       savings will be about 29648 man-hours.
rig is present at the well head tower, without any hot work.    Every year, more than 30 such hook-up jobs are carried out
Enclosed figure depicts the new methodology.                    on an average. Thus, the potential savings are enormous,
As soon as all measurements are taken and dummy spools          year after year by utilizing this innovative methodology.

           C o n g r a t u l a t i o n                              &       k e e p             i t       u p

zadco   JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2007                                                                                             16

                                          Souk Al- Niswan, Souk Al- Hareer       language, while Halab in Aramaic
                                          and Souk Al- Hikmah. It was known      means white, referring to the color
                                          by different names such as Halaba      of soil and marble around the area.
                                          & Helena, Aleppo has been              The Arab historian, Al –Asadi said
                                          considered as a trade and an           that it is of two words; Hal & Lab
                                          important religious centre. It is      which means the assembly point.
                                          surrounded by seven old gates of       During the Ayyoubi, Momlouki &
                                          which is Bab Al- Faraj, Bab Al-        Ottoman periods, Aleppo used to be
                                          Hadeed and Bab Al- Nasr. Aleppo        of      special      economic     and
                                          has the Omayad Mosque which            administrative nature governorate.
                                          hosts the tomb of the prophet          Based on the historical importance
                                          (Zakaria) besides saint Sama'an        and the valued discoveries the
                                          church.                                UNESCO considered the city as
                                          Historical resources said that the     one of the oldest centers of the
                                                                                 different civilizations passed in this

       leppo or Halab is a city in                                               Many of the great Arab poets
       northern Syria, capital of the                                            praised Aleppo like Al- Mutanabbi,
       Aleppo Governorate. The city                                              Abu Al- Ala'a Al- Ma'arry, Abu Firass
has a population of around 4                                                     Al. Hamadani. Al- Buhturi … etc.
millions, making it the second                                                   The city is now considered the
largest city in the country after                                                economic capital of Syria since it is
Damascus. It is one of the oldest                                                a main centre for the textile industry
cities in the region at the same                                                 besides other traditional ones such
period with Ninawa, Babel and old                                                as copper engraving, glass, old
Rome.                                                                            styles of wooden furnitures, etc.. It is
The province or governorate                                                      also well known with its Aleppo Nuts
extends around the city for over                                                 due to the wide farms planted with
18.500 Km2, the city is also called                                              nut trees. People in Aleppo are
"Halab ash- Shahba".                                                             known fond of such traditional
Since the modern city occupies its                                               singing and music, this is why it is
ancient site, Aleppo has scarcely         city which was established 5000 BC     named       as      the   capital     of
been touched by archaeologists.           has      during    different periods   Muwashahat and Qudoud.
The site has been occupied from           witnessed       the
around 5000 BC. The medieval              civilizations    of
castle in the city- known as the          Ninawa,
Citadel of Aleppo- is built atop a        Memphis, Ugarit,
huge, partially artificial mound rising   Ebla, Ur and
50m above the city with no                Al- Resafah.
indication to which period it goes        The name of
back or who has built it.                 Halab       is    of
There are very old features of the        obscure origins.
different eras witnessed in the           Some proposed
region belong to the Islamic and          that it means the
pre- Islamic periods. The Citadel         metal of iron
looks at very old souks (Markets) as      copper in Amorite

ZADCO Community’s Activities

        7th Annual Oilmen’s
         Tournament 2007
                                                                                             ZADCO GOLF TEAM 2007
ZADCO Golf Team triumphed as the Team Champions
in the 7th Abu Dhabi Oilmen’s Tournament held at Abu
Dhabi Golf Club on 24th February, 2007.

More than 40 teams from various oil & gas related
companies entered this competition and this is the first
time that ZADCO has won in this prestigious event.
ZADCO Golf Team:
1.       Lee Chuan Heng
2.       Medhat Hammami
3.       Ian Burt
4.       Nahed Sobh

2006 Tennis Festival                                         ZSRC Chairman in a group photo with the winning team

The annual Tennis Family Day was celebrated on 22nd
December 2006 at Mafraq Hotel.
About 75 people (ZADCO employees & family members)
participated in the event, with the following pairs coming
out as winners:
Main Group
1.Imran Jehangiri / Assif Mirza
2.Ismail Jehangiri / Jayant Amur
3.A. Aziz Sabir / Zuhair Arawi
4.DD Murti/ Dr. Tariq
Beginners Group
1.Neebal Al Fakih / Jawaid Ismail
2.Omar Tariq / Walid Shedid
3.Jeela Khan / Mudgha Yadav
The day family event was enjoyed by ladies and children             Group photo of the Tennis Festival participants
alike. The day concluded with prize distribution
ceremony and sumptuous dinner by the poolside.

1st position in Table Tennis
ZADCO Table Tennis team has accomplished a big
acheivement winning the first position in ADNOC Table
Tennis open tournament that was organized lately.
Team members:
1- Assem Shalabi
2- Naser Wahdan
3- Khalid Hadi
4- Saleh Al Wahidi
Congratulation and keep it up
                                                                                                Table Tennis Team

zadco    JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2007                                                                                18


Cricket festival family day

ZSRC cricket festival 2006 was held on the 13 January 2007 at
the prestigious world class ground of Abu Dhabi cricket council
(ADCC) stadium. More than 165 people participated in
the event. First, ZADCO cricket team played a friendly
match followed by a children’s game.                                                 Taekwando session
A tug-of-war game was organised among the ladies,
children and the participating cricket team members. The
festival was concluded with prize distribution and gifts for
children. It was an enjoyable day cherished by all.

Ladies & Children Activities
The Ladies & Children Club has been active in the last two months and
held three activities in Al Hosn Club. Starting with Quran reciting for
children during January and will continue till May, where 60 of ZADCO
children are participating. Besides, the club also organized a
TAEKWONDO session for 30 of ZADCO children during February and
will continue till March. During the same period the club also arranged
CROCHET sessions with the participation of 10 ladies.                     Astronomy club star gazing trip

Astronomy Club
Astronomy Club has arranged a star gazing trip to Al Jaber Camp on
26/1/2007. More than 60 persons from ZADCO employees and their
families participated in the trip. Venus, Saturn and the Moon were
observed through the club telescope. Also Mr. Sakhr from Emirates
Heritage Club gave an open lecture on Emirates night sky. All came
back to Abu Dhabi at 23.00 Hrs same day after enjoying hot barbecue
dinner on site.

ZSRC Fishing club                                                                    Fishing club activity

fishing club has resumed its duties since it has been suspended during
summer.The club has two boats that can be used for fishing trips and
family trips as well. For any enquiry regarding the fees and
reservations, Mr. Saeed Al Muhairi to be contacted through ext : 52042

Trips & tours
Trip & Tours club organized a trip for Zadco employees & families to
Kempenski hotel mall of Emirates on 26th & 27th January 2007.
Total of 77 adults and 18 children participated in the trip and enjoyed
a relaxing and entertaining program.
                                                                                   Dubai trip participants


Annual Gathering

A stop at the Founder Leader photos (the late
Sh. Zayed)

    ADCO community gathered on 16th
    January, 2007 at the annual party
    function which was attended by the
General Manager, General Management
Team and more than a thousand of
ZADCO employees and their spouses.

A special corner exhibited the theme of
the party which was the falconry tradition,
displayed different kinds of falcons and
relative tools of this national sport.

the      gathering      included     many
entertainment such as folkloric dances,
short film display, quizes and raffles with
hundreds of prizes and three grand
prizes that were distributed to the lucky
winners in a family atmosphere.
                                                GMT recieving invitees

zadco    JANUARY - FEBRUARY 2007                                   20

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