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"With your help, the Arab region can be a base for attracting talent."


Encouraging entrepreneurs in the Arab world is what drives us all year long   ‫عمل ويعمل منتدى معهد ماساتشوستس للتكنولوجيا لألعمال في المنطقة العربية طوال‬
at the MIT Enterprise Forum of the Pan Arab Region. This booklet presents     ‫السنوات الفائتة على تشجيع الرواد من رجال األعمال في العالم العربي. وهذا الكتيب بين‬
the semi-finalist teams of the third MIT Arab Business Plan Competition       ‫أيديكم يعرف الفرق التي تم إختيارها من قبل اللجان التحكيمية للوصول إلى الدور ما قبل النهائي‬
and highlights their business ideas. All teams deserve our attention and
                                                                              ‫للمسابقة العربية الثالثة، ويسلط الضوء على أفكارهم. أود التأكيد أن جميع الفرق تستحق‬
time in order to support the next generation of entrepreneurs in launching
innovative businesses across the region.                                      ‫اهتمامنا وجهودنا من أجل دعم الجيل المقبل من رجال األعمال في إطالق المبادرات الريادية في‬
                                                                                                                                                   .‫مختلف بلدان المنطقة‬
Winning teams from previous years have established five companies and
created around 50 jobs. This is clearly not enough as even semi-finalist      50 ‫أود اإلشارة إلى أن الفرق الفائزة في السنوات السابقة أطلقت خمس شركات، وخلقت نحو‬
participants can come up with viable projects if you provide them with        ‫فرصة عمل. ومن الواضح أن هذه المبادرات ما زالت محدودة، لذلك أريد التأكيد على أهمية دعم‬
the needed assistance i.e. mentorship, financial backup, technical
                                                                              ‫جميع المبادرات، حتى تلك التي لم تصل إلى الدور النهائي، إذ يمكن أن يكون بين المشاريع‬
expertise, etc…
                                                                              ‫المشاركة افكار قابلة للتطبيق إذا توفرت لها شروط اإلرشاد، والمساعدة، والدعم المادي، والخبرة‬
Contacting the teams for encouragement and support is made easy with                      ً
                                                                              ‫التقنية، الخ... لذلك نحن نشجع الجميع على اإلستفادة من هذا الكتيب، المنشور أيضا على صفحتنا‬
this booklet which is also available online at         .‫ لالتصال بالفرق وتقديم الدعم والتشجيع‬ ‫اإللكترونية‬

With your help, the Arab region can be a base for attracting talent.                     .‫بمساعدتكم، يمكن ان تصبح المنطقة العربية قاعدة لجذب وإطالق المبادرات الرائدة‬

                                                                                                                                                              ‫هـال فاضـل‬
Hala Fadel
Chair                                                                                                                                                            ‫الـرئيس‬
In Partnership With

   ”It is with great pleasure that I meet the competing
   teams of energetic young people and hear them pitch
   their ideas. I am sure that these entrepreneurs will be fine
   and will contribute positively to the well-being of their
   communities. I am glad to be helping in a small way.”
                                          Mohammed Abdul Latif Jameel, MIT Class of 1978
                                                   President of Abdul Latif Jameel Co.Ltd.

   ‫" أشعر بالفخر والسرور عندما التقي الشباب المشاركين واسمعهم يشرحون‬
   ‫أفكارهم ومشاريعهم بحماس شديد. أنا متأكد أن هؤالء الشباب سينجحون‬
   ‫ويساهمون بصورة فعالة في اعمار وتنمية مجتمعاتهم وتقدمها، وأنا‬
                         ".‫سعيد بمساهمتي، ولو بشكل متواضع، في هذا النجاح‬
   ‫محمـد عبــد اللطيـــف جمـيـل‬
   ‫رئيـس شـركة عبــد اللطيــف جميـل المـحـدودة‬

4.Internet-Based Solutions



Bidaya p.10
Fascila Limited p.12
Green Energy Egypt p.14
Mulch & More p.16
Solar Skylight p.18

Projects listed in alphabetical order

 ‫الفريـــــق اإلداري‬
                                            OFFSETTING COMPANY IN
 Yassin Ghoz, CEO
 ‫ياسيـــن غــــز‬
                                            THE MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA
                                            AIMING AT CONTRIBUTING TO
 Yasser Soliman, Marketing Director
 ‫ياســر سليمــان‬                            THE INITIATIVE OF COMBATING
                                            GLOBAL WARMING AND
 Abdulrahman Ibrahim, CFO
 ‫عبــد الرحمــن ابراهيــم‬                   INCREASING CLIMATE

 Ziad Badr, COO
                                            CHANGE AWARENESS
 ‫زيــاد بــدر‬
                                            THROUGHOUT THE REGION

 LOCATION OF COMPANY                                                         COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND MARKET SIZE
 Cairo, Egypt                                                                Bidaya’s main advantage is the region of project development which
                                                                             is governed by unclean and polluting sources of energy. In addition
                                                                             to this, the alliances it is seeking with the Gold Standard Foundation
                                                                             and Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Another competitive advantage
 THE PRODUCT/SERVICE                                                         is the cheap labor in the region enabling the development of less costly
 Bidaya offers a web portal acting as a tool where individuals, businesses   projects, and its awareness program (BG-E-CAP) designed specifically
 and event organizers can calculate their carbon emissions with ease and     for improving climate change awareness. Bidaya’s geographical target
 offset them through investing in projects located throughout the Middle     market is global with an emphasis on Europe and North America initially.
 East and Africa. In addition to that, the “Bidaya Global Environmental
 and Climate Awareness Program” (BG-E-CAP) will initiate a spark of          The voluntary carbon market value is approximately USD 704.8
 change towards a new era of cleaner, safer and more sustainable             million according to the latest market research in 2008 and increasing
 technologies within the region.                                             exponentially since then.

 VALUE PROPOSITION                                                           CAPITAL REQUIRED TO GENERATE FIRST SALE
 Bidaya is keen on giving the opportunity for any individual or business     USD 100,000
 to contribute to the global climate crisis with a return of the highest
 quality carbon credits serving as both an asset and as a means of           FUNDING REQUIREMENTS
 showing corporate social responsibility.
                                                                             To fund the company, Bidaya will need an investment of USD 100,000
                                                                             during a three year span.

Fascila Limited
‫فسيلة ليميتد‬
 MANAGEMENT TEAM                              FASCILA IS THE PREMIER
 ‫الفريـــــق اإلداري‬
                                              COMPANY FOR SMART GRID
 Mohammad Y. Omara,
 Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO                   WIRELESS INNOVATIONS
 ‫محمــد يوســف عمــارة‬                   WITHIN EGYPT AND THE
 Hammad A. Hamid, Co-Founder,                 WIDER MENA REGION
 President & CTO
 ‫حماد عبدالعلي حميد‬

 Tariq Elmotassadeq, Co-Founder,
 VP of Design & Verification
 ‫طـــارق المتصـــدق‬

 Mohamed R. Hamada, COO
 ‫محمـــد رجاء حمــــــادة‬

 Hany K. Mahmoud, VP of
 Communication Systems
 ‫هاني كمال محمود‬

 LOCATION OF COMPANY                                                            COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND MARKET SIZE
 Egypt                                                                          (1) Our product will be of low-price and low-power consumption with
                                                                                an operating battery life of 15 years (2) Easy to install (no digging/
                                                                                wiring as it’s all wireless) (3) Independent of the utility service provider
                                                                                (4) Supports “extensibility” which allows for the addition/removal of
 THE PRODUCT/SERVICE                                                            utilities (5) Customers can remotely monitor/control their consumption
 Fascila Limited is developing an All-in-One Energy/Utility Consumption         from the internet or directly from the meter itself (6) Supports all known
 Wireless Smart Meter. This meter will enable both consumers and utility        smart grid capabilities plus some added preparatory features that
 service providers to fully monitor/control the instant consumption/bill        we are currently patenting (7) Can easily be integrated with ZigBee-
 of electricity, water and gas with no or minimal new infrastructure. It’s      enabled Smart Homes
 aimed to have robust Smart Grid capabilities and be independent of             Our premier geographical market will be Egypt with an expected market
 the utility service provider.                                                  size of USD 156 million in 2011.

 VALUE PROPOSITION                                                              CAPITAL REQUIRED TO GENERATE FIRST SALE
 Based on its proprietary wireless technology, Fascila will offer its clients   USD 1.25 million
 an easy-to-install All-in-One replacement to their dated utility metering
 systems enabling them to fully monitor/control their consumption for a
 price less than that of their legacy systems.                                  FUNDING REQUIREMENTS
                                                                                USD 1.25 million in 2 funding phases (USD 800,000 + USD 450,000)
 Prototype ready

Green Energy Egypt
‫مصر النظمة الطاقة الخضراء‬
 MANAGEMENT TEAM                              GREEN ENERGY IS THE
 ‫الفريـــــق اإلداري‬
                                              FIRST AND ONLY SOLAR
 Ahmed Ismail Megahed, R&D
 ‫احمــد اسماعيــل مجاهــد‬
                                              POWERED SYSTEM
                                              TAILORED FOR POOR RURAL
 Mohamed Ismail Megahed, Out-
 reach                                        COMMUNITIES TO SUIT
 ‫محمد اسماعيل مجاهد‬                 THEIR LOCAL CONDITIONS
 Ali Ahmed Ali, Finance                       AND SOLVE THEIR SPECIFIC
 ‫علــى احمــد علــى‬                 PROBLEMS

 LOCATION OF COMPANY                                                             COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND MARKET SIZE
 Egypt                                                                           Our systems are the first that tailored to meet specific customer needs,
                                                                                 can do several functions using the same amount of energy, provided
                                                                                 with 3 FREE sources of energy workable around the year. They are not
                                                                                 weather dependent, automatic cleaning and feeding, control in all
 THE PRODUCT/SERVICE                                                             functions with no electricity need.
 Green Energy is opening a new era of superior solar powered systems,
                                                                                 Our primary target is Egypt where the annual market of solar water
 which are the first of their kind that can do, one, some, or all of the
                                                                                 heating is 20,000 square meters; our secondary target is emerging
 14 functions used for heating, sterilizing, distilling water, drying,
                                                                                 markets where BOP hold USD 5 trillion in purchasing power.
 disinfecting smoking crops and space heating while empowering poor
 productivity. We contribute in protecting the environment by reducing
 poor reliance on depleting natural resources to get their needs.                CAPITAL REQUIRED TO GENERATE FIRST SALE
                                                                                 USD 50,000
 As a dryer, it allows the increase of quality, productivity and profitability   FUNDING REQUIREMENTS
 of crops and improves food security. When used for water purification, it       We are in need for USD 50,000 for establishing the company. We then
 reduces health care expenditure and helps lowering the rate of mortality        assume we can quickly attract funding and collaborate with international
 of young children.                                                              organizations.

 Prototype ready

Mulch & More
‫ملش أند مور‬
 MANAGEMENT TEAM                            MULCH & MORE WILL
 ‫الفريـــــق اإلداري‬
                                            INTRODUCE MULCH
 Esraa Haidar, General Manager
 ‫إســراء حيــدر‬
                                            IN LEBANON AND THE
                                            MIDDLE EAST
 Kassem Jouni, Operations
 ‫قاســم جونــي‬

 Zakaria Zayour, Controller
 ‫زكــريا زيعــور‬

 LOCATION OF COMPANY                                                          COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND MARKET SIZE
 Lebanon                                                                      Being the first to introduce mulch in Lebanon and the Middle East, no
                                                                              direct competition is expected. However, we seek to oppose any kind
                                                                              of competition through our strong networking and relationship with
                                                                              governmental institutions, municipalities, agricultural cooperatives, and
 THE PRODUCT/SERVICE                                                          NGO’s; already we have established such links that have offered us
                                                                              sources of support, financing, and marketing.
 Mulch is a purely organic product that is made from leaves and wood
 chips that will be recycled instead of thrown away.
                                                                              The target market is basically all of Lebanon having an agricultural
 Mulch will reduce farmers’ costs and increase their crop yield and
                                                                              area of around 270,000 hectares.
 efficiency. Mulch conserves water and humidity in the soil and thus
 reduces the need for irrigation by around 40%. Also, mulch prevents
 the growth of harmful weedy plants and thus minimizes the cost needed        CAPITAL REQUIRED TO GENERATE FIRST SALE
 to consistently remove them.
                                                                              USD 20,000

 VALUE PROPOSITION                                                            FUNDING REQUIREMENTS
 Mulch is a cheap and easy to use product that will offer the farmers a
                                                                              Producing mulch is an easy process that doesn’t require a lot of capital
 quick return on investment. These three features: low price, practicality,
                                                                              or equipment. We are looking for a small-sized investment and in turn
 and quick return, are based on studies on Lebanese farmers’ preferences
                                                                              a quick return.
 and trends, the three most important factors farmers consider before
 buying any agricultural product.

 Prototype ready

Solar Skylight
‫سوالر سكاي اليت‬
 MANAGEMENT TEAM                              SOLAR SKYLIGHT HAS A
 ‫الفريـــــق اإلداري‬
                                              UNIQUE WINDOW STRUCTURE
 Adrian Kitai, Inventor
 ‫ادريــان كيتــاي‬
                                              DESIGNED TO USE THE
                                              ENERGY OF THE SUN TO
 Rafik Loutfy, Enterprise Advisor
 ‫رافيـق لطفــي‬                                GENERATE ELECTRIC POWER,
                                              WHILE OPTIMIZING THE
 Mazin M. Batarfi, Co-Founder
 ‫مازن محمــد باطرفـي‬                          INTERIOR ILLUMINATION

 Raaid M. Batarfi, Co-Founder
                                              OF BUILDINGS AND
 ‫رائـد محمـد باطرفـي‬
                                              ENHANCING ITS AESTHETIC
 Salman K. Bawa, Co-Founder                   APPEARANCE
 ‫سلمـان بــاوا‬

 LOCATION OF COMPANY                                                            COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND MARKET SIZE
 Saudi Arabia                                                                   ‘Siraj’ concentrates light onto solar cells, improving solar power
                                                                                efficiency by 40%. The concentration technology is made from optical
                                                                                elements; this is our competitive advantage as it allows light to pass
 THE PRODUCT/SERVICE                                                            through, simultaneously illuminating the building interior. ‘Siraj’ looks
                                                                                exactly like thermopane windows, hence maintaining the aesthetics of
 ‘Siraj’, the durable, esthetically pleasing and electricity generating solar
                                                                                the building.
 window. Its patented structure allows for 25% reduction in production
 costs and 40% increase in solar power efficiency. With a life warranty
                                                                                Our initial markets include North America, Europe and Middle East
 of 20 years, the ‘Siraj’ amazingly looks like the existing thermopane
                                                                                followed by Japan. The market size is USD 1.75 billion.
 window. ‘Siraj’ is the aspirin to the pains of the green community
 constructors, who can now use the product in glass (curtain wall or
 building envelope) buildings.                                                  CAPITAL REQUIRED TO GENERATE FIRST SALE
                                                                                USD 20,000,000
 Esthetically pleasing; light modulating; electricity generating; affordable    FUNDING REQUIREMENTS
 and comfortable solar window                                                   With the valuation of Solar Skylight at USD 44.48 million, we are
                                                                                requesting for USD 20.60 million in investments to build a manufacture
 STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT                                                           in Saudi Arabia.
 Prototype ready



The Little Engineer p.22
Transformer Buildings p.24

Projects listed in alphabetical order

The Little Engineer
‫المهندس الصغير‬
 ‫الفريـــــق اإلداري‬
                                            LIFETIME EDUCATION FOR KIDS
 Rana El Chemaitelly, General
                                            AND TEENS WITH HANDS-
 ‫رنـا الشميطـلي‬
                                            ON LEARNING ACTIVITIES
 Albert Shamieh, Marketing
 ‫البيـــر شاميـــة‬

 Nadia Alamah, Branch Manager
 ‫ناديــة عالمــة‬

 Marwa Harb, Branch Manager
 ‫مـروة حــرب‬

 LOCATION OF COMPANY                                                          COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND MARKET SIZE
 Lebanon                                                                      The Little Engineer’s offerings are intended to be viewed as unique,
                                                                              creative, educational to the participants, affordable to the parents, and
                                                                              reflecting technological innovations. The Little Engineer is first center in
                                                                              Lebanon aiming to spread awareness on environmental issues among
 THE PRODUCT/SERVICE                                                          kids and teens, mainly highlighting the renewable energy resources
                                                                              that fuel our revolutionary program and exposing young minds to new
 The Little Engineer is an after-school edutainment center which
                                                                              innovations in the field of robotics, trying to bridge the gap between
 introduces kids and teens [age 4-16+] to pre-engineering courses such
                                                                              schools and universities.
 as robotics, physics, electricity, electronics, renewable energy and more.
 Students enrolling in one of the offerings will visit the center once per
                                                                              The will is to expand locally as well as regionally in the near future. The
 week, for 8 successive sessions closing with a competition. This center
                                                                              market value is USD 500,000 per year.
 guarantees a friendly atmosphere where children can have fun while
 learning and building skills with the help of qualified staff. The course
 fee is $200.                                                                 CAPITAL REQUIRED TO GENERATE FIRST SALE
                                                                              USD 80,000
 The aim of the Little Engineer is to expose the largest number of kids and   FUNDING REQUIREMENTS
 teens to the world of Robotics and renewable energy , introducing them to
                                                                              USD 200,000 in loan
 the how and wow of science, technology, engineering and mathematics
 in a friendly atmosphere, preparing them for the challenging future.

 STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT                                               


Transformer Buildings
‫البناء المتحول‬
 ‫الفريـــــق اإلداري‬
                                           A PIONEERING AUTOMATED
 Sanaa Hassan, Director of Business
                                           SOFTWARE SOLUTION FOR
 ‫سنـاء حسـن‬
                                           THE AEC MARKET
 Sherif Mostafa, Director of R&D
 ‫شـريف مصطفـى‬

 Manar Eldaly, Director of Sales &
 ‫منـــار الدالــى‬

 LOCATION OF COMPANY                                                        COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND MARKET SIZE
 Cairo, Egypt                                                               Our products present a new technology that enables the computer
                                                                            system to extract useful information from the graphical data on the
                                                                            computer display such as pictures, drawings or 3D models in a manner
                                                                            that matches, or even exceeds, human ability. Accordingly, it
 THE PRODUCT/SERVICE                                                        saves users’ time and effort and reaches optimized building designs
                                                                            that are almost impossible to be reached using other software products.
 Our products are intelligent software solutions for architects and
 engineers that enable generating the architectural and structural
                                                                            Our geographical target market is the USA and the MENA regional
 designs of buildings in an automated manner while saving a huge
                                                                            markets that were estimated to be worth USD 1.5 billion in 2009.
 amount of time and effort for designers and reducing the cost of
 construction dramatically.
                                                                            CAPITAL REQUIRED TO GENERATE FIRST SALE
 VALUE PROPOSITION                                                          USD 140,000
 Our innovative software products help in reaching the most optimized
 alternative of a building design that is almost impossible to be reached   FUNDING REQUIREMENTS
 using the traditional design processes with commercially available         The size of investment we are looking for is USD1,000,000.
 software products in the market.

 Prototype ready



Angel Eye p.28
BioBusiness p.30
Dental Vision p.32
e-Saudi Healthcare p.34
Novel Med p.36

Projects listed in alphabetical order

Angel Eye
‫انجل اي‬
 MANAGEMENT TEAM                           ANGEL EYE DEVELOPS A
 ‫الفريـــــق اإلداري‬
                                           NON INVASIVE, HANDHELD,
 Mohamed Zaky, Founder & General
                                           MOBILE NEURO-MONITOR
 ‫محمـــــد زكـــى‬
                                           FOR MEASURING THE LEVEL
 Mohamed El Abd, Technical                 OF CONSCIOUSNESS (LOC)
 ‫محمـــد العبـــد‬                          OR DEPTH OF ANESTHESIA
                                           DURING ANESTHETIC
 Tamer El Abd, Sales Manager
 ‫تامـــر العبـــد‬                          PROCEDURES

 LOCATION OF COMPANY                                                        COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND MARKET SIZE
 Egypt                                                                      This product targets the healthcare market specifically hospitals and
                                                                            clinics offering surgeries under anesthesia. Anesthesiologists are our
                                                                            main customers. We will begin with the local market and then expand
                                                                            exponentially to the Middle East, Africa, and then Europe and USA after
 THE PRODUCT/SERVICE                                                        fulfilling their regulations.
                                                                            Few companies work in advanced neuro-monitoring field. Competition is
 Neuro-monitor for monitoring the level of consciousness in the brain
                                                                            getting harder by time due to development of highly advanced products/
 through data acquisition from the EEG signals of the anesthetized or
                                                                            services. Our aim is to begin in this relatively new area of neuro-science
 sedated patient is an essential tool for assisting the anesthesiologist,
                                                                            and have our own R&D in fields like Anesthesia Monitoring, BCI (Brain
 monitoring the brain activity, customizing anesthesia dosage for each
                                                                            Computer Interface), and TTD (Thought Translation Device).
 patient and putting standards for the anesthesia process.

 VALUE PROPOSITION                                                          CAPITAL REQUIRED TO GENERATE FIRST SALE
                                                                            USD 200,000
 - True Point of Care (PoC) solution that offers essential monitoring for
   the anesthesiologist
 - Large Graphical dats presentation                                        FUNDING REQUIREMENTS
 - Customization to Arab world                                              Any initial investment will help us begin the project and establish our

 ‫الفريـــــق اإلداري‬
                                            INNOVATIVE, RELIABLE AND
 Islam Badreldin, R&D and
 Information Manager
                                            AFFORDABLE SOLUTIONS FOR
 ‫اسالم بدر الدين‬
                                            HEALTH MONITORING
 Amr Elwakeel, HW Lead Engineer             AND PERSONAL HOME
 ‫عمر الوكيل‬                     HEALTHCARE
 Mostafa Elwakeel, General
 ‫مصطفى الوكيل‬

 LOCATION OF COMPANY                                                         COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND MARKET SIZE
 Egypt                                                                       For tier 1 competition who are using the minimally invasive technique,
                                                                             their meters have huge running expenses due to the disposable sensors
                                                                             used. In addition, the need to insert the micro-needle of the disposable
                                                                             sensors under the skin causes a slight patient discomfort. This puts the
 THE PRODUCT/SERVICE                                                         tier 1 competitors at a relative disadvantage compared to us. For the
                                                                             direct tier 2 competition, all the competitors have a problem in the
 The solution being developed by BioBusiness for the continuous
                                                                             accuracy of their non-invasive glucose meters. To solve this problem,
 monitoring of blood glucose is a small product that will fit into a hand-
                                                                             the research team at BioBusiness is developing a new approach for
 held battery-operated ergonomic shape. The product is comprised
                                                                             measuring glucose that combines three different predictors.
 of two pieces, the gBracelet is worn anywhere on the arm and is the
 main measurement sensor which transmits the glucose measurements
                                                                             The global market size can be rudimentarily estimated to be USD 900
 wirelessly to the gMon hand-held device. The gMon is the main display
                                                                             million. The European market was estimated by Frost & Sullivan to be
 device. It displays the continuous curve of blood glucose levels, keeps
                                                                             USD 55 million in 2009.
 track of the glucose level trends, and produces alarms of current/
 predicted glycemic highs or lows.
                                                                             CAPITAL REQUIRED TO GENERATE FIRST SALE
 VALUE PROPOSITION                                                           USD 500,000
 Offering a continuous blood glucose monitoring solution gives us
 an immediate advantage over finger-stick glucose meters. A patient          FUNDING REQUIREMENTS
 measuring their blood glucose levels using a finger-stick glucose meter     USD 780,000 (CapEx + OpEx)
 can easily miss a peak. This is because they usually measure only 3 to
 4 times a day. By providing the continuous monitoring, the patient can
 never miss a peak, therefore achieving better control of their blood
 glucose level.                                                    

Dental Vision
‫دنتال فزيون‬
 ‫الفريـــــق اإلداري‬
                                           DENTISTS AND DENTAL
 Marwan Bitar, CEO
 ‫مـروان بيطـار‬
                                           LABORATORIES TO
                                           IMPROVE THEIR OVERALL
 Rodrigue Faddoul, Chief Knowledge
 Officer                                   QUALITY STANDARDS,
 ‫رودريـغ فضـول‬              THROUGHOUT RESPONSE
 Imad Khoury, CTO                          TIME, AND PATIENT/
 ‫عمـاد خـوري‬                     CLIENT RELATIONSHIP

 LOCATION OF COMPANY                                                       COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND MARKET SIZE
 Lebanon                                                                   The global dental industry is a USD 16 billion market with an average
                                                                           growth of 8%. Dental Vision will be offering a full solution instead of a
                                                                           visual tool for shading. Moreover, our solution is meant to significantly
                                                                           decrease human mistakes that happen during the shading process.
 THE PRODUCT/SERVICE                                                       Our solution is based on a computer vision approach, a proprietary
                                                                           database, a unique shading technique, machine learning algorithms
 Dental Vision’s solution allows dentists and dental labs to collaborate
                                                                           and a web communication tool that will provide communication and
 fully in a redesigned shading process. The system combines an image-
                                                                           transaction efficiency, as well as minimal social network features. Our
 capturing device, a computer recognition software and a unique web
                                                                           technology will also allow for time and cost reduction.
 communication platform that enables dentists to automatically provide
 dental laboratories with the exact procedure to shade a prosthesis.
                                                                           CAPITAL REQUIRED TO GENERATE FIRST SALE
 VALUE PROPOSITION                                                         USD 220,000
 Dental Vision offers a redesigned shading process giving the dentist
 quality control over the supplier’s work, a computer aided efficiency     FUNDING REQUIREMENTS
 based on a unique proprietary database, a user friendly experience and    We are looking for a total investment of USD 550,000 separated in 3
 a unique web communication platform.                                      injections.


e-Saudi Healthcare
‫العناية الطبية السعودية‬
 MANAGEMENT TEAM                            E- SAUDI HEALTHCARE IS AN
 ‫الفريـــــق اإلداري‬
                                            INDEPENDENT IT HEALTHCARE
 Abdullah Al-Hammad, CEO
 ‫عبـد اللـه الحمــد‬
                                            COMPANY WORKING WITH
                                            MAJOR IT HEALTH CARE
 Abdelgader Habibullah, COO
 ‫عبـد القـادر حبيـب الـله‬                   VENDORS TO PROVIDE
                                            CLIENTS WITH E-HEALTH
 Baha’ Qubbaj, COO
 ‫بهــاء قبــاج‬                              CARE SERVICES

 Adnan A. Al-Tunisi, CIO
 ‫عدنــان التونــسي‬

 LOCATION OF COMPANY                                                         COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND MARKET SIZE
 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia                                                        (1) Local presence (2) unmatched support (3) enhanced quality of
                                                                             service (4) field proof of concept (5) competitive pricing for products
                                                                             and services (6) knowledge in internal governmental processes and
 THE PRODUCT/SERVICE                                                         regulations (7) closer to customers
 e-Saudi Healthcare is an independent IT healthcare company working
                                                                             Our target market consists of all medical facilities, primary clinics, and
 with major IT health care vendors to provide clients with Certified
                                                                             health government regulators in the GCC. It is estimated at USD 8
 Health Integration Products, Clinical Data Repositories (CDR), Medical-
                                                                             million: 2.5 billion (MOH Hospitals) + 1.5 billion (MODA Hospitals) +
 Grade Network/Infrastructure, Healthcare Information Technology
                                                                             500 million (NGHA Hospitals) - 3.5 billion (Private Healthcare Sector)
 (HIT) Consultancy & Medical Systems Integration Services and RHIO
 (Regional Health Information Organization) Designs. Clients will be
 offered preliminary assessment services through e-Saudi Healthcare          CAPITAL REQUIRED TO GENERATE FIRST SALE
 portal where they will register on-line and provide the necessary check
                                                                             USD 250 million - USD 300 million
 list that will enable our company to draw an overview roadmap that
 meets clients’ expectations.
                                                                             FUNDING REQUIREMENTS
 VALUE PROPOSITION                                                           USD 250 million - USD 300 million
 - Enhance utilization of the collected patients’ and hospital operations’
   data to better provide health care services with minimal cost
 - Better utilize the costly health care professionals and provide remote
   health care services


Novel Med
‫نوفل ميد‬
 MANAGEMENT TEAM                           NOVEL MED IS A
 ‫الفريـــــق اإلداري‬
                                           BREAKTHROUGH SOLUTION
 Ehab Shalaby, President & CEO
 ‫إيهــاب شلبــى‬
                                           TO STOP BACK PAIN

 Cherif Algreatly, CTO
 ‫شريــف الجريتلــى‬

 Yasmin Abdelmaksoud, VP of
 ‫ياسميــن عبد المقصــود‬

 LOCATION OF COMPANY                                                        COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND MARKET SIZE
 Cairo, Egypt                                                               Our product “the sensitive pad” is an inexpensive portable device that
                                                                            can be used away from the computer while sitting at work, home,
                                                                            school, or hospital giving immediate vocal instructions that help the
                                                                            user to improve his/her sitting habits. This advantage of our product
 THE PRODUCT/SERVICE                                                        enables us to compete in the market of the back pain devices and tech-
                                                                            nologies that were estimated to reach USD 2 billion in 2009 according
 NovelMed introduces an interactive sitting system comprised of a
                                                                            to the American National Institute of Health (ANIH).
 sensitive pad that can be placed on an ordinary chair to measure the
 dynamic forces exerted on different parts of the back and buttocks
 during sitting. The sensitive pad can be connected to the computer         CAPITAL REQUIRED TO GENERATE FIRST SALE
 to create a 3D simulation for the user’s spine while s/he is sitting on    USD 200,000
 the chair. The cumulative data enables generating a user’s personal
 report describing his/her bad habits during prolonged sitting that might
 influence spine diseases.                                                  FUNDING REQUIREMENTS
                                                                            The size of investment that NovelMed is looking for is USD 800,000.
 Our product gives an immediate feedback that helps the user to im-
 prove his/her sitting habits. It evaluates the used chair and helps dis-
 abled people to avoid skin breakdown and pressure ulcers. Moreover, it
 enables physicians to accurately diagnose and treat back pain.

 Prototype ready


Arabic Coach p.40
Content Distribution Solutions p.42
Coders Cloud p.44
Eskuila p.46
E-t3allam p.48
Searag p.50
Vastry p.52

Projects listed in alphabetical order

Arabic Coach
‫المدرب العربي‬
 ‫الفريـــــق اإلداري‬
                                           PLATFORM THAT WILL
 Amad Almsaodi, CEO
 ‫عماد المســعودي‬
                                           CONNECT STUDENTS WHO
                                           WANT TO LEARN ARABIC
 Mohamed Almussaabi, COO
 ‫محمـد المصعبــي‬                           ONLINE FROM ALL OVER THE
                                           WORLD WITH TEACHERS
 Saeed Alfagieh, CTO
 ‫سعيــد الفقيــه‬                           FROM THE MIDDLE EAST

 LOCATION OF COMPANY                                                        COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND MARKET SIZE
 Yemen                                                                      Looking at the market from a strategic point of view, we noticed two
                                                                            competitive clusters: one that focuses on controlling market share
                                                                            by offering several languages to students and another that focuses
                                                                            on teaching Arabic via traditional teaching methods. Our skilled
 THE PRODUCT/SERVICE                                                        management team and our unique service offering position us to lead
                                                                            the market in the area of service quality.
 Arabic Coach will enable students to browse teachers’ video based
 portfolios and schedule virtual teaching sessions with the desired
                                                                            Our target market is Online Arabic Education. We estimate the current
 teachers. The online teaching sessions are fully interactive and each
                                                                            size of this sector at USD 5 million with a growth rate of 12%, and we
 teacher can determine his own hourly rate, and Arabic Coach gets 15%
                                                                            estimate the size of the overall Arabic Learning market at USD 1 billion.
 of the teachers’ profits. The teachers will be provided with a suggested
                                                                            The online sector is growing at a higher rate than the total Arabic
 curriculum, lesson plans, and assessment tools, but they will have
                                                                            Learning market.
 the freedom to use their own methods. All teachers will go through a
 screening session before their profile goes live on our system. Also, we
 will have a sophisticated teacher rating system to reward high quality     CAPITAL REQUIRED TO GENERATE FIRST SALE
 teaching methods.
                                                                            USD 100,000

 VALUE PROPOSITION                                                          FUNDING REQUIREMENTS
 We will provide the students with affordable and flexible conversation     Arabic Coach is seeking an investment of USD 100,000 in return for
 based learning opportunities, and we will provide the teachers with        25% equity. Our ideal partner is an investor who is willing to be a
 access to students worldwide who will provide them with flexible           mentor.
 freelance job opportunities.

 STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT                                             


Audacia Engineering Group
‫مجموعة اوداسيا الهندسية‬
 ‫الفريـــــق اإلداري‬
                                          SUPPORTS PEER-TO-PEER
 Anwar Al-Hamra, President
 ‫انــور الحمـرا‬
                                          CONTENT DISTRIBUTION

 Raghid El-Yafouri, Marketing
 ‫رغيـد اليعفـوري‬

 Arnaud Legout, System Designer
 ‫ارنـود ليغـود‬

 Chadi Barakat, System Designer
 ‫شـادي بركـات‬

 LOCATION OF COMPANY                                                      COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND MARKET SIZE
 Lebanon                                                                  Our vision is to be the leading provider of P2P-CDS in the Middle
                                                                          East and Europe. However, we seek to pilot the service in Lebanon. In
                                                                          Lebanon, the obvious competition to the P2P-CDS is the current client-
 THE PRODUCT/SERVICE                                                      server approach to digital content distribution over the Internet. The
                                                                          strength of this competing service is that it’s the only one available at
 This is an application supporting peer-to-peer content distribution; a
                                                                          this time and it’s implemented by almost all online content providers of
 software program offered by online content providers to be installed
                                                                          the target market. Its weakness is that it fails during high volume traffic.
 by their respective customers seeking access to certain content. This
 application will use P2P algorithm to identify multiple sources of the
 client’s content and direct the user to the available peer sources to
 download requested content instead of the primary originating server.    CAPITAL REQUIRED TO GENERATE FIRST SALE
                                                                          USD 90,000
 P2P-CDS provides a solution to organizations that are facing problems    FUNDING REQUIREMENTS
 from the flash crowd phenomena and/or those content providers who        The requested funding to support the P2P-CDS business startup is USD
 wish to reduce their up-keeping costs to manage the storage and          90,000. USD 50,000 of the total requested funding is needed at the
 distribution of these digital content.                                   start of operations. The remaining USD 40,000 must be secured by the
                                                                          beginning of the second half of the first year.

Coders Cloud
‫كودرز كالود‬
 MANAGEMENT TEAM                              CODERS CLOUD IS A
 ‫الفريـــــق اإلداري‬
                                              DRAMATIC EVOLUTION OF THE
 Beyram Belhaj Amor, Executive
                                              CONCEPT OF FREELANCE
 ‫بيــرم بلحــاج عمــر‬
                                              MARKETPLACE WITH
 Taher Belhaj Amor, Partner                   GLOBAL POTENTIAL
 ‫طـاهـر بلحـاج عمـر‬

 Wathek Belhaj Amor, Partner
 ‫واثــق بلحـاج عمــر‬

 LOCATION OF COMPANY                                                            COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND MARKET SIZE
 Tunisia                                                                        Our solution is designed in its first phase to the “French speaking mar-
                                                                                ket” but is naturally extendable to other markets given it is available in
                                                                                the corresponding languages. Based on a conservative estimation, and
                                                                                using the leading equivalent classical freelance marketplace websites in
 THE PRODUCT/SERVICE                                                            France, the market generated around USD 5 million revenues in 2009
                                                                                and is growing at rates close to 25%.
 CodersCloud will function as a freelance marketplace which will bring
                                                                                CodersCloud is designed around a new marketing strategy which is
                                                                                possible to implement because of our efficient cost structure.
 (1) A large community of internet based services providers: web
                                                                                One can see that wages accounts for the bulk of the expenses of our
 developers, software engineers, computer science specialists, marketing
                                                                                business and, since our direct competitors rely on human resources
 designers, etc … (2) Clients who want to have the best offers in these
                                                                                based in France, this gives us a substantial competitive advantage.
 domains: They will have a large cloud of providers energized with a
 new incentive system and who will compete to respond and make the
 most interesting offers                                                        CAPITAL REQUIRED TO GENERATE FIRST SALE
                                                                                USD 100,000
 (1) A better user experience, secure transactions and a more efficient         FUNDING REQUIREMENTS
 cost structure. This cost structure gives CodersCloud the possibility to       In order to secure a positive working capital over the first 2 years, we
 implement a new marketing strategy via a Recursive Incentive System            estimate that we will need USD 150,000.
 (RIS) (2) The RIS: designed to align the users’ interests; intends to extend
 the base of users efficiently; tailored around the maximization of 2 key
 factors in freelance marketplaces: the number of users and the revenue
 generated per seller


 MANAGEMENT TEAM                            ESKUILA IS A STATE-OF-THE-
 ‫الفريـــــق اإلداري‬
                                            ART, LIVE AND INTERACTIVE
 Hamid Chbouki, CEO
 ‫حميــد الشبوكــي‬
                                            E-LEARNING SOLUTION

 Tatiana de Kerros, Chief Community
 ‫تاتيانــا دي كـــروس‬

 Issam Lahlali, CTO
 ‫عصــام لهــاللي‬

 Mohammed Janbar, Chief Engineer
 ‫محمـد جنبـار‬

 LOCATION OF COMPANY                                                         COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND MARKET SIZE
 Morocco                                                                     Competitive Advantage: No limit on students or educators number; ed-
                                                                             ucational institutions can use the platform; multi-lingual solution; wide
                                                                             selection of subjects; “Pay As You Go” billing model; no commission
                                                                             charged on generated income.
                                                                             Geographical Target Market: Eskuila will start operations in Canada.
 Eskuila is an e-Learning platform that allows educators and schools to
                                                                             We will target the language education industry as our primary niche
 offer their courses and seminars on-line and participants to enroll in
                                                                             market. Its value is USD 364.8 million (2008).
 those classes.
 Educators and educational institutions will have a state-of-the-art
 solution to manage their courses, schedules and students, along with        CAPITAL REQUIRED TO GENERATE FIRST SALE
 live web-conferencing capabilities.
                                                                             Eskuila anticipates requiring USD 60,000 to provide for the launch
 Participants will be able to join virtual classes, select courses and
 educators, and access didactic material.

                                                                             FUNDING REQUIREMENTS
                                                                             A personal equity of USD 2,000 was the first round of cash put into
 Eskuila offers an e-Learning solution for educators and institutions. Its   Eskuila. In March 2010, the Canadian Youth Business Foundation,
 value proposition revolves around:                                          granted Eskuila a loan of USD 15,000. We intend to raise the remain-
 - “Live” web-conferencing solution                                          ing USD 43,000 through investors.
 - “Pay As You Go”; users only pay for the time spent on Eskuila
 - Knowledge broadcasting market place
 Prototype ready

 MANAGEMENT TEAM                           E-T3ALLAM IS THE FIRST
 ‫الفريـــــق اإلداري‬
                                           ONLINE EDUCATION
 Dima El Khouri, PR & Marketing
                                           SUPPORT IN THE MIDDLE
 ‫ديمــا الخــوري‬
                                           EAST FOR A DEEPER
 Jad Tamer, Education Specialist           UNDERSTANDING OF
 ‫جــاد تامــر‬                         EDUCATION
 Elie Assaf, CEO
 ‫ايلــي عســـاف‬

 LOCATION OF COMPANY                                                        COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND MARKET SIZE
 Lebanon                                                                    (1) We will follow the Lebanese official curriculum
                                                                            (2) Our availability in various points of sale
                                                                            (3) We are the pioneers in this concept on the local level
                                                                            (4) We will always provide an outstanding quality of teachers
 THE PRODUCT/SERVICE                                                        (5) We will always maintain diversity in the content and sections
                                                                                available on the website
 The E-t3allam website provides online academic after school support for
                                                                            (6) We have a great background in dealing with students and NGO’s
 students in grades 9-12. It is highly interactive and participatory
                                                                               through Injaz and connection with schools
 with a youth-friendly design and content, in order to encourage their
                                                                            (7) We will ensure a continuous R&D to always match the market trends
 academic pursuit.
                                                                                and technological updates

 VALUE PROPOSITION                                                          Geographical target market is Lebanon and its whole value over all the
 (1) An educational support tool that all of our clients can benefit to     provinces is approximately USD 1,500,000.
     enhance their skills
 (2) A new way of learning that will change the vision of students to       CAPITAL REQUIRED TO GENERATE FIRST SALE
                                                                            USD 198,552
 (3) A place to share private works and arts so each user can express
     him/her self in a healthy way
 (4) A one-stop-shop for students who want to add value to their learning   FUNDING REQUIREMENTS
                                                                            We need USD 108,331 in start-up costs and USD 90,220 for first year
                                                                            operating expenses.

 MANAGEMENT TEAM                           SEARAG IS AN
 ‫الفريـــــق اإلداري‬
                                           EDUCATIONAL CONTENT
 Yasser Tawfik, Director
 ‫ياسـر توفيـق‬
                                           CREATOR COMPANY THAT
                                           AIMS TO DEVELOP THE
 Marwa Soud, Technical Manager
 ‫مـروة سعـودى‬                              CONTENT OF THE ARAB

 LOCATION OF COMPANY                                                        COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND MARKET SIZE
 Egypt                                                                      High quality created content; competitive prices; localization to our
                                                                            region and language needs; innovative ideas; specialization in science,
                                                                            technology, engineering, electronics, robotics, creativity, innovation,
                                                                            entrepreneurship and life skills
                                                                            Searag targets the educational content creation market in the Arab
 Searag provides content services and products including content
                                                                            region which is around USD 214 million.
 creation, management, development, localization, translation, training,
 selling products, create and manage events and competitions at
 both educational and professional sectors in the fields of science,        CAPITAL REQUIRED TO GENERATE FIRST SALE
 technology, engineering, electronics, robotics, creativity, innovation,    USD 50,000
 entrepreneurship and life skills.

                                                                            FUNDING REQUIREMENTS
                                                                            USD 250,000 in angel funding or venture capital approach
 Innovative; educational; Arab region oriented content with high quality;
 competitive price within specialized areas; provided in attractive forms
 like curriculums, competitions, exhibitions, science centers and camps;
 teachers diploma specialized in media like news and TV shows

 Prototype ready

 MANAGEMENT TEAM                            VASTRY IS A UNIQUE
 ‫الفريـــــق اإلداري‬
                                            SPECIALIZED SEARCH
 Mohamed Hawass, Founder & CEO
 ‫محمــد حــواس‬
                                            ENGINE THAT CONNECTS
                                            ONLINE PUBLISHERS AND
 Syed Muhammad Zahir, CTO
 ‫سيــد محمــد زاهــر‬                        ADVERTISERS

 Hussam Hawass, Web Master
 ‫حســــام حــــواس‬

 LOCATION OF COMPANY                                                         COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND MARKET SIZE
 Dubai, UAE                                                                  Comparing to competitors, Vastry acts as a search tool not as an ad
                                                                             network. Thus, it adds a real value to media agencies or ad networks
                                                                             since advertisers can deal directly with the publishers and Vastry will not
                                                                             be involved during conducting the deal. This advantage will allow, first,
 THE PRODUCT/SERVICE                                                         advertisers to negotiate the best rates and, second, publishers can offer
                                                                             more ad solutions.
 Vastry is a unique specialized search engine that connects online
 publishers and advertisers. It enables online publishers to effectively
                                                                             Vastry is targeting a USD 58 million market of 300,000 specialized
 communicate their media kits with potential advertisers and bypass
 media agents. It also enables advertisers to search for the most targeted
 publishers with numerous online advertising solutions and provide them
 with all necessary information that they need in order to negotiate good    CAPITAL REQUIRED TO GENERATE FIRST SALE
 advertising deals.
                                                                             USD 358,000

 VALUE PROPOSITION                                                           FUNDING REQUIREMENTS
 (1) Enabling web publishers to increase their advertising sales through     USD 772,000
     connecting them with their prospective advertisers effectively and
     receiving email alerts upon prospective advertisers' registration
 (2) Enabling advertisers to have an access to wide range of publishers
     across many different industries and providing them with all
     information they need in less than 5 seconds
 (3) Enabling advertisers to have an access to numerous ad solutions
     which are not offered by our substitute competitors

 Prototype ready



Algorithm Innovations p.56
EG-Bioinformatics p.58
IB- Interneting Behavior p.60
LèNO p.62
Live GPS p.64
Secure Data Innovations p.66
Yamama p.68

Projects listed in alphabetical order

Algorithm Innovations
‫ابتكارات خوارزمية‬
 ‫الفريـــــق اإلداري‬
                                            A TECHNOLOGY PROVIDER
 Basil Ali, President & CEO
 ‫باسل علــى‬
                                            FOR INNOVATIVE 3D INPUT
                                            DEVICES AND SOFTWARE
 Cherif Atia, VP & CTO
 ‫شــريف عطيــة‬                              SOLUTIONS

 Hoda Rashad, VP of Business
 ‫هــدى رشــاد‬

 LOCATION OF COMPANY                                                          COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND MARKET SIZE
 Cairo, Egypt                                                                 Our advantage over our competitors is introducing inexpensive prod-
                                                                              ucts that are easy-to-use without a need to re-educate the consumer.
                                                                              Moreover, our products interact with the OS directly which means there
                                                                              is no need to install a special driver on users' computers like other com-
 THE PRODUCT/SERVICE                                                          petitors.
                                                                              Our primary geographical target market is the US market valued in ex-
 Algorithm Innovations introduces innovative 3D computer mouses and
                                                                              cess of USD 2 billion for input devices used for 2D applications and has
 software solutions that enable users to interact faster and simpler with
                                                                              been pegged as a USD 479 million for 3D applications while increas-
 3D computer applications such as CAD, gaming, and virtual reality
                                                                              ing at a healthy 41% compound annual growth rate.
 applications, in addition to increasing productivity of regular, non-3D
 applications like Office, internet, and other web-based applications.
                                                                              CAPITAL REQUIRED TO GENERATE FIRST SALE
 VALUE PROPOSITION                                                            USD 120,000
 The key feature of our product is increasing users' productivity by saving
 their time and effort in achieving various tasks during interacting with     FUNDING REQUIREMENTS
 both complex 3D and regular 2D computer applications.                        Algorithm Innovations is currently seeking USD 500,000 in this first
                                                                              round of investment.

‫إي جي معلوماتية حيوية‬
 MANAGEMENT TEAM                           EG-BIOINFORMATICS
 ‫الفريـــــق اإلداري‬
                                           PROVIDES INNOVATIVE AND
 Moustafa Ghanem, Chairman &
                                           COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS
 ‫مصطفــى غانــم‬
                                           FOR GENOMICS DATA
 Mohamed Abouelhoda, CSO                   MANAGEMENT AND
 ‫محمـد أبوالهـدى‬                     ANALYSIS TARGETING
 Sameh El-Ansary, CTO                      REGIONAL AND GLOBAL
 ‫سامـح األنصـاري‬             MARKETS
 Mohamed El-Kaliouby,
 Development Manager
 ‫محمـد القليوبـي‬

 LOCATION OF COMPANY                                                       COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND MARKET SIZE
 Egypt                                                                     The global bioinformatics market size reached USD 3 billion in 2010
                                                                           and will grow up to USD 8 billion in 2014 (Business Insights, 2009).
                                                                           Our estimates are USD 3 million for Egypt and USD 24 million for the
                                                                           region in 2010 with CAGR 30-40%.
 THE PRODUCT/SERVICE                                                       EG-Bioinformatics will be the first Arab bioinformatics company provid-
                                                                           ing genomics data management and analysis services in the region.
 EG-Bioinformatics provides software products and services for genomics
                                                                           With a better cultural fit and local presence we aim to fill a gap in this
 data management and analysis. Its products include novel software
                                                                           market. Globally, EG-Bioinformatics provides novel and cost effective
 programs for comparative genomics with applications in healthcare,
                                                                           solutions. Novelty is based on the recognized founders’ research. Cost-
 agriculture, and pharmaceuticals. Its services include cloud-based data
                                                                           effectiveness is based on the cheaper development base in Egypt.
 management and analysis, development of customized solutions on
 behalf of global customers,      and conducting data analysis on behalf
 of regional customers. The business model is based on ‘pay-per-use’       CAPITAL REQUIRED TO GENERATE FIRST SALE
 basis, subscription, or licensing.
                                                                           USD 100,000

 VALUE PROPOSITION                                                         FUNDING REQUIREMENTS
 EG-Bioinformatics provides cost-effective services and easy-to-use        USD 50,000 is required; the founders will cover the other USD 50,000.
 solutions, as customers save local investment in human capacity and
 computing power. Our software products, steming from the academic
 research of the founders, provide novel and efficient methods for man-
 aging and analyzing large datasets.

 Prototype ready

IB - Interneting Behavior
‫اي بي - إنترنتينغ بيهافيور‬
 ‫الفريـــــق اإلداري‬
                                              BEST CHOICE TO SYNERGIZE
 Hazem M. Gebeily, Founder & CEO
 ‫حـازم محمـد رفعــت‬
                                              YOUR KNOWLEDGE ASSETS

 Motaz Al-Agamawi, Founder &
 ‫معـتـز عـالء العجمـاوي‬

 Mohamed Nayer, Founder & CTO
 ‫محمــد نايــر قطــري‬

 LOCATION OF COMPANY                                                            COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND MARKET SIZE
 Egypt                                                                          The web analytic market was USD 363 million in 2008 and is expected
                                                                                to reach USD 953 million in 2014. The “Listening Platform” as a seg-
                                                                                ment of the web Analytics industry is in its infancy - with no dominant
 THE PRODUCT/SERVICE                                                            players, yet starving for high quality products. Depending on our learn-
                                                                                ing algorithm based on high quality NLP technologies especially in Ara-
 IB-Rater is a social conversation monitoring and analyzing tool. IB-
                                                                                bic, we will guarantee higher accuracy. Intelligent advanced reporting,
 Rater tracks social and conversation media (social networks, blogs,
                                                                                based on new behavioral and statistical modeling techniques and ad-
 micro blogs like Twitter, discussion forums, RSS feeds, user defined, etc),
                                                                                vanced representation layer, will give IB Rater a great edge. IB-Rater
 identifies, listens to, and participates in the distributed conversations
                                                                                targets different customers segment through customizable competitive
 about a particular brand, product or issue, with emphasis on quantifying
                                                                                licensing schema.
 the trend in each conversation’s sentiment and influence. IB-Rater
 combines latest technologies and most efficient algorithms to provide
 the highest quality of knowledge.                                              CAPITAL REQUIRED TO GENERATE FIRST SALE
                                                                                USD 500,000 for the proof of concept and USD 1.5 million to finance
 VALUE PROPOSITION                                                              the development of IB-Rater
 IB-Rater is an easily configurable and self management tool with a
 robust platform that gathers conversations from various social media           FUNDING REQUIREMENTS
 sources with the ability to interface results to internal custom data sourc-   IB’s capital needs for initial proof of concept, structural growth and
 es. IB Rater has a fully fledged analytical dashboard and emerging             market roll-out are at USD 5 million.
 issue alerter through instant messaging or e-mail.


LèNO - IT & Business Solutions
‫لينو للحلول التكنولوجية والتجارية‬
 MANAGEMENT TEAM                           LENO IS DEDICATED TO
 ‫الفريـــــق اإلداري‬
                                           OFFERING IT AND BUSINESS
 Omar Karram, President & IT
                                           SOLUTIONS THAT PROVIDE
 ‫عمــر اسحــق كــرام‬
                                           QUALITY SERVICES WITH
 Naheel Hashem Zaben, Marketing            VALUE PRICING
 & Sales Manager
 ‫نهيــل هاشــم الزبــن‬

 Lina George Rabadi, PR Manager
 ‫لينــا جــورج ربضــي‬

 LOCATION OF COMPANY                                                       COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND MARKET SIZE
 Bethlehem, Palestine                                                      There is insignificant competition in the same sector’s of operation
                                                                           as LeNO. Most existing competitors are either purely IT companies or
                                                                           purely consultancy companies. No competitor combines both sectors of
                                                                           operation. Potential competitors could enter the market. Nevertheless,
 THE PRODUCT/SERVICE                                                       the success of LeNO lies in the management team.
 The prime product to be developed is a tailor-made e-self assessment
                                                                           Our geographical target market is the Higher Educational Institutes in
 tool consisting of Course Level, Program Level, and Institutional Level
                                                                           Palestine and our future target market is the HEIs in the Middle East. The
 Assessment to be used by Higher Educational Institutions in Palestine
                                                                           current total market size is USD 920,000.
 to assess their existing systems, in addition to providing them with
 all factors and variables needed to do the assessment professionally.
 The tool aims at improving and upgrading quality and standards of         CAPITAL REQUIRED TO GENERATE FIRST SALE
 education in Palestine.
                                                                           USD 65,000

 VALUE PROPOSITION                                                         FUNDING REQUIREMENTS
 Our product will:                                                         The seed capital will come from owners’ investment and the prize
 - Improve Assessment process                                              money from MIT Arab Business Plan Competition.
 - Clarify current status to understand and improve student learning
 - Insure quality to all departments and programs

Live GPS
‫نظام ج. ب.س المباشر‬
 ‫الفريـــــق اإلداري‬
                                           NEW GPS SYSTEM FOR
 Mahmoud Salaheldin, President &
                                           MOBILE PHONES
 ‫محمــود صــــالح الــــدين‬

 Rasha Ahmed, VP of Marketing
 ‫رشــا أحمــد‬

 Sherif Hassan, VP of Engineering
 ‫شريــف حســن‬

 LOCATION OF COMPANY                                                        COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND MARKET SIZE
 Cairo, Egypt                                                               Live GPS is the only technology that presents the road directions on the
                                                                            actual, real-time, live pictures of the road on the mobile phone display.
                                                                            Live GPS application can be downloaded easily from the Web on various
                                                                            mobile phones such as the iPhone. Accordingly, our geographical target
 THE PRODUCT/SERVICE                                                        market can expand from US, Europe, and the Middle East to compete
                                                                            in the mobile phone application market that has been estimated to be
 Live GPS is a new solution that presents the road directions on the
                                                                            experiencing a 90+ per cent annual growth rate and projected to be
 actual, real-time, live pictures of the road on the mobile phone display
                                                                            valued at USD 13.8 billion in 2012.
 using the mobile phone camera in front of the car driver. Moreover, it
 detects any object on the road that may cause a car accident. It also
 recognizes the nature of the road: if it is unpaved or contains unsafe     CAPITAL REQUIRED TO GENERATE FIRST SALE
 terrain such as lakes, train tracks, or the like.
                                                                            USD 150,000

 VALUE PROPOSITION                                                          FUNDING REQUIREMENTS
 Our product is a unique mobile phone solution that serves an               The size of investment we are looking for is USD 250,000.
 international growing market, eliminating the need to buy a GPS device
 and, accordingly, reducing the cost. It provides a real solution for
 decreasing the incidence of automobile accidents.

 Prototype ready

Secure Data Innovations
‫المعلومات لسالمة التجديد‬
 ‫الفريـــــق اإلداري‬
                                            SOFTWARE PRODUCTS TO
 Adel Bouhoula, CEO
 ‫عـادل بوحولـة‬
                                            SECURE INFORMATION
                                            SYSTEMS AND NETWORKS
 Amine Ben Khalifa, Director of
 Marketing & Sales
 ‫اميــن بــن خليفــة‬

 Sonia Ouachani Ben Hamouda,
 Director of Finance
 ‫سنيــة وشــاني بــن حمــودا‬

 LOCATION OF COMPANY                                                         COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND MARKET SIZE
 Tunisia                                                                     SDI differentiates itself from all competitors by being the only industry
                                                                             player to focus specifically on the security of documents in desktops
                                                                             as well as in mobile devices. Our products will reduce costs for the
 THE PRODUCT/SERVICE                                                         customer as it will not require them to invest in security hardware or
 Our company will start by offering the following software complementary
                                                                             We will target ENA (Europe and North America) regions. This would im-
 security products:
                                                                             ply worldwide coverage through multinational companies’ subsidiaries
 - “File Protector”: A software that allows to protect the confidentiality
                                                                             presence all over the world. The size of this market is assessed about
   and the integrity of files on the computer by using as an I-key any
                                                                             USD 79 billion today.
   external memory device (such as USB flash drives, cellular phones, …)
 - “sPhonePro”: A software that allows protecting the integrity and
   confidentiality of data available on the smart phone. We will propose     CAPITAL REQUIRED TO GENERATE FIRST SALE
   a version compatible with the iphone (the “iphonePro”) and a version
                                                                             USD 95,000
   compatible with the Android (the “AndroidPro”).

                                                                             FUNDING REQUIREMENTS
                                                                             All team members will assure up to USD 48,000. We will require about
 Our products integrate a new cryptographic algorithm (that we have          USD 47,000 as funds.
 already patented in Europe) which enables a better strength and higher
 performance than AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) which is the
 most popular cryptographic algorithm. Microsoft is using this algorithm
 to develop its security items.

 Prototype ready

 MANAGEMENT TEAM                             YAMAMA DEVELOPS
 ‫الفريـــــق اإلداري‬
                                             A NEW TREND OF
 Diya Khalil, Marketing Manager
 ‫ضيــاء خليــل‬
                                             FLEET MANAGEMENT
                                             SOLUTIONS WITH THE
 Mohammed Abo Hashhash, Sales
 Manager                                     ADDED VALUE OF SAFETY
 ‫خليفــة بـن أميــن‬                         ENFORCEMENT AND
 Huda Serhan, General Manager                DEVELOPMENT OF A FIRST
 ‫هــدى سرحــــان‬                      OF ITS KIND MONITORING
                                             SYSTEM FOR THE
                                             GOVERNMENT SECTOR

 LOCATION OF COMPANY                                                           COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND MARKET SIZE
 Dubai, UAE                                                                    The Fleet Management Solutions market in the GCC is enormous but
                                                                               is hardly exploited by the current providers of these solutions due to the
                                                                               unnecessary complexity and relatively high prices of their products.
 THE PRODUCT/SERVICE                                                           Our systems' feasible price ranges strike a perfect balance between
                                                                               costs and benefits of the service, while unique safety enforcement
 The first line of systems saves lives while saving money for the companies
                                                                               and traffic monitoring systems are the perfect solution for the GCC
 that use our Fleet Management Solutions (FMS). Our systems will
                                                                               transportation authorities that are desperately looking to tackle their
 maximize the efficiency of running the vehicles of the participating
                                                                               problem of catastrophic vehicle accidents at a very affordable cost
 companies and reduce their running costs at the same time. Our second
                                                                               compared to currently adopted solutions.
 line of systems is designed for the use of transportation authorities to be
 installed partially or fully, over a country scale, to enforce abiding by
 the traffic rules everywhere inside the country and at all times.             CAPITAL REQUIRED TO GENERATE FIRST SALE
                                                                               USD 750,000
 Our FMS will offer simplicity of implementation and use of their services     FUNDING REQUIREMENTS
 with the added value of safety enforcement, while our line of systems         USD 750,000
 for transportation authorities will offer an array of safety enforcement
 and traffic management services with features that never existed before
 compared to the practicality and feasible costs of our services.




MMS Communications p.72
Mobilab p.74

Projects listed in alphabetical order

MMS Communications
‫م.م.س لالتصاالت‬
 MANAGEMENT TEAM                           MMS IS THE FIRST TO OFFER
 ‫الفريـــــق اإلداري‬
                                           A COMPLETE PACKAGE THAT
 Tony Maroun, Sales & Marketing
                                           ALLOWS OFFICE WORKERS TO
 ‫طونــي مــارون‬
                                           TELECOMMUTE FROM ANY
 Barbar Mennah, Managing Director          LOCATION
 ‫منــاع بربــر‬

 Jason Samyia, Operations Director
 ‫جايسـن ساميـا‬

 LOCATION OF COMPANY                                                       COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND MARKET SIZE
 Lebanon                                                                   The competitive advantage that MMS Communications will have is that
                                                                           its product has a very rigid and flexible structure that suits the needs of
                                                                           any company’s staff. The availability of all features in the package that
 THE PRODUCT/SERVICE                                                       we are offering renders the product unique and innovative. The found-
                                                                           ing team members have worked in major companies in Australia and
 MMS Communications will be offering a packaged solution for
                                                                           are very experienced in the ICT industry.
 businesses to enable their staff to operate from home. We will
 provide the hardware, the network, the data solution, the security, the
                                                                           Our target market is Beirut. Investors can nominate any other country/
 applications access, and the monitoring. MMS Communications will
                                                                           location for implementing the solution. We estimate the monthly market
 also install a core platform to facilitate the communications between
                                                                           value in Beirut to be around USD 50 million and aim to achieve 3.5%
 telecommuters and business. Users can access information, initiate
                                                                           market share within five years.
 audio and video conferencing as well as share files and multimedia.

 VALUE PROPOSITION                                                         CAPITAL REQUIRED TO GENERATE FIRST SALE
                                                                           USD 1.5 million
 MMS Communications products will reduce the cost of facilities and
 traveling time for each participating user by up to 20%. In addition,
 a 20% productivity improvement can also be achieved for these users.      FUNDING REQUIREMENTS
                                                                           We are looking at an initial amount of funding of the size of USD
 STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT                                                      2.1 million

 ‫الفريـــــق اإلداري‬
                                           GAMING AND LOTTERY
 Sarah Karam, CEO
 ‫سـارة كــرم‬
                                           SOLUTIONS FOR LEBANON
                                           AND THE MENA REGION
 Joe Khoury, CFO
 ‫جــو خــوري‬

 Maya Sarkis, CTO
 ‫مايــا سركيــس‬

 LOCATION OF COMPANY                                                        COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AND MARKET SIZE
 Lebanon                                                                    First, clients have the ability to play lottery and multiplayer games with
                                                                            friends and family from anywhere at anytime; not just from their home,
                                                                            or by purchasing a ticket from a vendor. Second, our clients are able to
 THE PRODUCT/SERVICE                                                        debit and credit their mobile accounts directly for convenience. Third,
                                                                            individual accounts allow our clients to track their transactions and help
 Mobilab products consist of four components: (1) SMS instant lottery (2)
                                                                            to prevent fraud and increase security.
 SMS logic and puzzle games (3) Asynchronous multiplayer SMS games
 (e.g. Hangman, Battleship) (4) SMS weekly lottery
                                                                            Our initial target market is Lebanese lottery and gaming players but we
 Our mobile gaming software provider will operate a server in Lebanon,
                                                                            intend on expanding to markets in the region such as Syria, Morocco
 which will send automated instructions and feedback to all our clients.
                                                                            and Turkey. Our conservative estimate of the Lebanese market is USD
                                                                            31.2 million/year based on playership figures from Lebanon's national
 VALUE PROPOSITION                                                          lottery operator and gaming reports.

 We are offering our clients the ability to play lottery and games from
 anywhere at anytime using their mobile phone. Each client’s transac-
                                                                            CAPITAL REQUIRED TO GENERATE FIRST SALE
 tions will be tracked and linked to individual accounts, thus making our   USD145,000 (this is very dependent on the cost of the lottery license
 system fully transparent and less amenable to fraud than paper lottery.    which is to be determined)

 STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT                                                       FUNDING REQUIREMENTS
 Prototype ready                                                            USD 200,000



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