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The Gelb Center, praised in trade publications and magazines,                                                               Improving Your Life Through Quality Sleep
is directed by Dr. Michael Gelb. As one of the world’s leading
experts, he offers a combined seventy-one years of experience
in the diagnosis and treatment of TMD (Temporomandibular
Disorders) and Orofacial Pain. The Gelb Center differentiates
its practice from others by integrating diagnosis and treatment
under one roof. Specifically, it has developed a
comprehensive on-site program of same day diagnosis,              Michael Gelb,
                                                                  D.D.S., M.S.
creating and then implementing individualized treatment                                                                      SNORING/SLEEP APNEA
protocols. Most recently, physical therapy, acupuncture
and Oriental medicine services were added to the Center.                                                                                    APPLIANCE
Once diagnosed, patients are then seen by the appropriate team
                                                                  Michael L. Gelb, D.D.S., M.S. of New York
members: Dr. Harold Gelb, TMJ; Dr. Charles Lennon,
Prosthodontist; Dr. Sathya Kallur, Implantologist and             is one of the world’s leading specialists in sleep
Endodontist; Dr. Robert Schulman, Prosthodontist and              disorders and orofacial pain, which includes
Jason H. Wallman, Integrated Medical Therapist.                   TMJ, snoring and sleep apnea.
                                                                     He was the director of the TMJ and Orofacial
                                                                  Pain program at NYU where he is currently
The Gelb Center specializes in the following areas:
                                                                  a clinical professor.
                                                                     Dr. Gelb has studied breathing related sleep
             Tension and Migraine Headaches
                                                                  disorders (BRSD), specializing in how they relate
                       Sleep Disorders
                                                                  to fatigue, focus, pain, and the affects all of these
                  Snoring and Sleep Apnea                         can have on one’s performance.
                  Earaches and Tenderness                            Dr. Gelb received his DDS degree from
                    Facial Rejuvenation                           Columbia University in Boston. He was awarded
       Clicking, Grating and Locking of Jaw Joints                Diplomat of the American Board of Orofacial
       Limited Range of Motion with Jaw Opening                   Pain in 1995. Dr. Gelb is one of the inventors of
            Pain Chewing, Talking and Yawning                     the NORAD, or Nocturnal Oral Airway Dilator
              Uneven Bite and Receding Jaw                        appliance that reduces snoring by positioning the
          Clenching, Grinding and Sleep Bruxism                   patient’s tongue and jaw so the airways stay open.
          Unresolved Face, Head and Neck Pain                     He has updated the Gelb appliance, named after
                                                                  his father.

                                                                                                                          THE GELB CENTER
                                                                                                                          for CRANIOFACIAL PAIN, SLEEP DISORDERS and COMPREHENSIVE DENTISTRY
                                                                  635 MADISON AVENUE          12 OLD MAMARONECK ROAD
                                                                       19th FLOOR                       SUITE 1C
                                                                   NEW YORK, NY 10022           WHITE PLAINS, NY 10605
                                                                   PHONE 212.752.1661              PHONE 914.686.4528
                                                                    FAX 212.832.5904                FAX 914.289.1731
       INTRODUCTION                                                                                                                   THE GELB
       Snoring and Sleep Apnea are
    common conditions in our society today.
                                                     WHAT IS SLEEP APNEA?
                                                     Sleep Apnea is estimated to affect 20 million people.
                                                                                                                         SNORING-SLEEP APNEA

 They are caused by a narrowing or collapse of                                                               The Gelb Snoring-Sleep
the airway during sleep. Snoring or sleep apnea        It occurs when the airway becomes completely          Apnea Appliance is a one
  appliances are devices that are worn in the           blocked and air is not able to move through th       piece individually
    mouth during sleep that are designed to               airway at all. This is more commonly called        designed oral appliance
      reposition the lower jaw so the airway                Obstructive Sleep Apnea because the              made of heat cured
     is supported in such a way that air can                     airway is totally obstructed.               acrylic polymer which
  flow more freely. This reduces or eliminates                                                               is soft on the inside and
 snoring and can treat your sleep apnea which          This obstruction may occur anywhere from the          comfortable to wear.
then leads to a more quiet, restful night’s sleep.    area of the soft palate down to below the tongue.
                                                      When the airway is totally obstructed, the patient     It brings the lower jaw
                                                       will awaken many times during the night with a        forward and prevents it
                                                       cough or gasping sound as an attempt is made          from sliding back and
                                                                                                             closing off the airway.
                                                                 to restore normal breathing.

70-90 million people are affected by
                                                       SYMPTONS AND SIGNS                                      THE TAP II
                                                     The most common symptoms and signs that are               ( The Thornton Adjustable Positioner II)
snoring.Snoring can occur when the airway
becomes partially blocked during sleep. This         associated with Sleep Apnea:
                                                                                                               The Thornton Adjustable
may occur more frequently when:                       Snoring
                                                      Non-refreshing sleep                                     Positioner II (TAP II)
 You sleep on your back                               Daytime fatigue or daytime tiredness                     alleviates snoring and
 You are overweight                                   History of falling asleep driving, watching TV           sleep apnea by holding the
 You have a large neck size                           or reading                                               mandible forward during
 The tongue falls back into the throat                Awaken during sleep coughing, choking or gasping         sleep to prevent the tongue and soft tissue of the
 The tonsils and/or adenoids are large                Morning headaches                                        throat from collapsing into the airway.
 You mouth breathe during sleep                       Elevated blood pressure
 You are overly tired                                 Cardiovascular disease
 You eat or drink alcohol too late at night                                                                    The TAP is based on the same principle as
                                                     Other commonly occurring findings associated
 You have a cold or are congested                    with snoring and Sleep Apnea:                             cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
                                                                                                               The airway must be opened to allow air to
                                                      Gastric reflux or acid reflux with indigestion
Snoring becomes more common:                                                                                   pass through the throat.
                                                      Grinding of the teeth during sleep (Bruxism)
 As we get older                                                                                               The TAP II is a custom-made two-piece
                                                      Mood swings
 If you are a male
                                                      Symptoms of depression and anxiety                       appliance that snaps firmly over the upper
 After menopause
 If you have a small airway (may be genetic)                                                                   and lower teeth.

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