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									                                                                                   April 2010

                 Hawaii Stitchery & Fibre Arts Guild

                                        Emilie Smith
                      French Beaded Rose Make-n-Take and Trunk Show
                                       April 7, 2010
                                     7:00 PM – 9:00 PM
                             At Academy Art Center at Linekona

French Beaded Roses

French beading is the technique of wrapping beads strung on wire to create beautiful
flowers. This unique craft originated centuries ago in Europe and became very popular
during the Victorian era. The art is thought to date back as far as the 15th century,
specifically to Venice where skilled craftsmen produced glass beads in quantity. Venetian
women of more limited means would craft these beads into wire and bead flower sculptures,
bouquets, wreaths, table arrangements and other floral works of artto make their living.
Later in the 1800's this craft became highly popular in France where these beaded flower
arrangements were said to be used to decorate tombstones and gravesites. Later in the
Victorian era ladies of leisure across Europe would bead wire flowers and use them for
everything from personal adornment in the form of brooches and hat-pins to home decor.

At the April HSFAG meeting a very simple technique for creating French beaded roses will be
taught. Kits will be sold for $4 each. The kit includes size 11/0 seed beads, 30 gauge
artistic wire and floral tape. You will need to bring a work surface such as a beading mat and
scissors or a wire cutter. The wire is very thin so inexpensive scissors will work. Magnifiers
and beading lights are optional!
                                                                                    April 2010

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Notes from our President:
HSFAG continues to look for members to join our board. We are also looking for members to
organize HSFAG display booth at the September Women’s Expo, Marketplace and White
Elephant fund raiser in October, and the holiday party in December. Please let Darlene
Richardson know if you are interested (hsfagone@gmail.com).

Terry Nokell guided us through making an amulet bag using ultrasuede and a handmade
earthenware pendant. She also demonstrated how to shape and pound metal to make her
shawl pins. Two of our members work sweaters that looked great with their new Terry Nokell
shawl pins. Members also purchased handmade buttons. Terry emailed me that she had a
wonderful time working with us and she was especially glad to see HSFAG members at her
other events on Oahu in March.

Engrossed HSFAG members work on their              Terry Nokell
amulet bags

Upcoming Workshop: Improvisational Beading on Fabric Instructor: Elaine Zinn

Students will explore creativity with bead embroidery. In this basic course, students will
prepare a sampler of basic bead embroidery stitches to use as a reference for future design
work. Students may begin a small encrusted beaded project (not included in kit) using a
variety of small beads. Materials fee of $8 for the sampler kit and handouts, payable the first
day of class. Students will need to bring a pair of small scissors with sharp points such as
embroidery scissors to the first class. Supply List for the small encrusted beaded project will
be available for workshop participants.

To be on an early contact list, email or call Barbara Harger (732-5820 or harger@hawaii.edu)
                                                                                    April 2010

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2010 HSFAG Board of Directors
President: Darlene Richards, hsfagone@gmail.com
President Elect: open
Past President: Sarah Chinen
Secretary: Maggie Tyas
Treasurer: Laurie Matsushima
Newsletter/publicity: Sue Larson, quiltpal@gmail.com
Hospitality: Debbie Gayagos
Membership: Barbara Harger, harger@hawaii.edu
Historian: open
Education: open
Meeting place: Millie Morikawa
Program: open

Hawaii Stitchery and Fibre Arts Guild is a 501(c)(3) organization focusing on the ever-
broadening area of stitchery and fibre arts.


                                MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM
                      New Member _______                Renewal _______

 Name: _______________________________________________________________________

 Mailing Address: _______________________________________________________________


 Home phone: _______________ Work Phone: ______________ Cell Phone: _____________

 e-mail: ______________________________________

 Areas of interest: ______________________________________________________________

 This is a gift: ____ From: ______________________ Note: ____________________________

                       Please send check for $25 made out to HSFAG to:
                     Membership, 1740A Mikahala Way, Honolulu, HI 96816
                        A fee will be charged for any returned checks!
                                                                  April 2010

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                         UPCOMING EVENTS IN 2010!!!

        April 7              Emilie Smith – Beaded wire flowers

         May 5               Melissa Arnold - Nuno Felting

        August               Elaine Zinn - Improvisational Beading on

P.O.BOX 235673

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