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					                 SINGAPORE -
                 Where iT Works
                 // ANNUAL REPORT 2003/2004 //

                  // Imagine what the IT world would
Harnessing the    be like without the human touch.

Power of iT for   No one to manage the company
                  servers, no one to use IT in the

Our Future        office, school or home, no one
                  to perform technological trials
                  and improve on existing or new
                  technologies, no one to develop
                  and implement strategies to
                  boost the infocomm sector... Indeed,
                  people are the real driving force
                  behind IT. Without them, it will be
                  difficult or impossible to realise the
                  full potential and benefits of IT. //
An office with 
la to s, PDAs 
and  hones of all
t  es is  ust a
roo  with hi h-
tech e ui  ent.
                 Singapore is a place where IT works seamlessly
SINGAPORE -      and efficiently, with people from all walks of life
WHERE iT WORKS   using IT in one way or another. As developer and
                 promoter of the infocomm industry in Singapore,
                 the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore
                 (IDA) makes connectivity possible and our lives
                 more convenient through the use of IT. From
                 industry collaborations, international cooperations,
                  technology creations and capability developments,
                 the wonders of IT are realised and made possible
                 through people - the developers and users of IT.
06   Chairman’s Message
08   Board of Directors
10   Infocomm Statistics
12   Key Highlights in FY2003
     Infocomm Developments in FY2003
16       Making iT Work through Connected Singapore Strategies
32       Building the Foundations to Make iT Work in Singapore
42   Senior Management
     IDA and its Subsidiaries
46       @IDA
51       Infocomm Investments Pte Ltd
52       Singapore Network Information Centre Pte Ltd
53   Financial Statements
                             CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE

                                                                                        2003 was a year marked by many
                                                                                        challenges, both in Singapore and
                                                                                        in the infocomm industry. Economic
                                                                                        uncertainties, threats of terrorism,
                                                                                        and SARS have hastened the need
                                                                                        for the infocomm industry to join
                                                                                        forces with partners to innovate and
                                                                                        build capabilities for the long-term.

                             FOCUS ON CAPABILITIES AND NEW MARKETS

                             IDA and its partners focused on building capabilities      + Architecting Cluster-Based Plans to Harness
                             in new growth areas to prepare for renewed confidence        Infocomm in Major Sectors
                             and increased infocomm investment in the coming years.       + Manufacturing - Collaborative High-Tech
                             As part of its Connected Singapore vision of “Unleashing        Manufacturing Plan to help the industry save
                             potential, realising possibilities through Infocomm”,           up to S$700 million (US$411.8m) a year from
                             IDA has embarked on the following key initiatives:              increased efficiency, generate additional revenue
                                                                                             of S$2 billion (US$1.2b) from higher value-added
                             + Building Capabilities in New Growth Areas such as             activities, and spur S$40 million (US$23.5m) worth
                               grid and utility computing (through the Adaptive              of ICT spending.
                               Enterprise @ Singapore initiative with HP, and the
                               Grid Innovation Zone @ NUS set up by IDA, IBM, Intel      + Fast Moving Consumer Goods - e-Supply Chain
                               and NUS) and Web Services with the S$40 million              Management Ecosystem to promote Singapore
                               (US$23.5m) WEAVE programme to spur Web Services              as a wholesale and retail e-Business hub.
                               developments. The Critical Infocomm Technology
                               Resource Programme (CITREP) received an additional       + Taking e-Government to the Next Level with the
                               S$13.5 million (US$7.9m) boost to create more training     implementation of the e-Government Action Plan II,
                               opportunities to help infocomm professionals acquire       a S$1.3 billion (US$764.7m) programme, to integrate
                               new skills. The National Infocomm Scholarship was          more e-Government services for public access. As at
                               launched to develop talent to lead the infocomm            end March 2004, 25 government agencies authenticated
                               industry of the future. The capability building            users with SingPass for access to 400 e-Services
                               programmes were developed in close partnership             requiring secure user identification, with more than
                               with multinational corporations like HP, IBM, Intel        7.1 million transactions authenticated by SingPass
                               Corporation, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, and              by end April 2004. To date, more than 129 government
                               local infocomm enterprises.                                agencies can trade with over 6,000 suppliers for
                                                                                          their procurement needs, generating S$406 million
                             + Helping Local Companies Expand their Businesses            (US$238.8m) worth of transactions through GeBIZ
                               Overseas through the Overseas Development                  between April 2003 and March 2004.
                               Programme (ODP) and the Singapore Solutions
                               Centre (SSC) established in Shanghai, China.             + Creating an Infocomm-Savvy Population through
                                                                                          public education programmes like the e-Celebrations
                             + Positioning Singapore as a Digital Exchange with the       Campaign, the National IT Literacy Programme (NITLP),
     06                        development of the Digital Cinema Exchange, which          Great Singapore Surf, and the Connecting the Homes
                               plans to stimulate S$9 million (US$5.3m) in industry       Call for Collaboration. 74 per cent of Singapore
Singapore - Where iT Works

                               spending and boost manpower training skills, and           households now own one or more personal computers,
                               the Digital Games Bazaar to promote Singapore as           and almost two-thirds of all households (65 per cent)
                               a Digital Games hub.                                       have Internet access.

For the year ahead, there are signs of a steady recovery        + Develop Singapore into a Digital Trading Hub. In
in worldwide IT spending and an increase in local infocomm        the area of digital games for example, IDA will build
industry confidence. According to IDA’s Annual Survey             capabilities in games processing by engaging major
on the Infocomm Industry for 2003, the infocomm                   publishers and forging government-to-government
industry saw a revenue growth of two per cent in 2003,            cooperation frameworks with content-rich countries
reaching S$32.83 billion (US$19.3b). Companies surveyed           such as Korea and India. IDA will also build soft and
gave a forecast of positive revenue growth in the region          hard infrastructure for the management and distribution
of five to seven per cent in 2004 and seven to nine per           of games assets and collaborate with Games Service
cent in 2005. With the positive growth expected, demand           Providers to accelerate their market presence in the
for infocomm jobs is expected to increase by three to             region. In addition, IDA will continue to bring in regional
four per cent over the next two years. International Data         and international games events to develop mindshare
Corporation projected that IT spending in Asia Pacific,           and recognition of Singapore’s role as a Games Hub.
excluding Japan, will grow 10 per cent to US$88 billion
(S$149.6b) in 2004, a sharp increase from the 3.4 per           + Enhance Singapore’s Position as a Premier Infocomm
cent growth seen in 2003.                                         Hub. IDA will review its policies and frameworks regularly
                                                                  to ensure relevance and transparency to the market.
Year 2004 promises better times for all of us. To help            Some of the initiatives include reviewing the Telecom
the industry prepare for the potential growth of the              Competition Code, developing a framework for innovative
infocomm sector, IDA will:                                        technologies such as wireless broadband, and
                                                                  establishing a legislative framework to control e-mail
+ Work with Industry Partners to create new ideas and             spam in Singapore. On the international front, IDA
  growth opportunities for Singapore. IDA will continue           will continue to support “Singapore Inc” in its efforts
  to develop innovation capabilities and seed projects            to land free trade agreements with key ICT markets
  in new growth areas such as grid computing, Web                 such as India, Korea and in the near future, China.
  Services, infocomm security and Radio Frequency
  Identification (RFID). The targets are to attract at least    Finally, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to
  S$50 million (US$29.4m) worth of investments, generate        our partners – the industry, associations and other
  some S$100 million (US$58.8m) of revenue, and create          agencies – for their active contributions and generous
  at least 100 new jobs. IDA will also engage industry          support. I would also like to thank our IDA staff for their
  visionaries, technology leaders and researchers to            dedication and passion in their field of work which
  develop a long-term perspective technology roadmap            resulted in its attainment of the Singapore Quality Class
  highlighting the possible technology landscapes over          in May 2004. I would like to express my deepest
  the next 10 to 20 years. It will serve to provide insights    appreciation to all the Directors on the Board for their
  and highlight growth opportunities in key infocomm            time and boundless efforts in providing guidance and
  technologies for possible early adoption by the industry,     support to IDA through trying times, and now towards
  government as well as the individual.                         a promising and exciting year ahead.

+ Architect and Deploy Innovative Solutions in key
  economic sectors to generate new businesses
  for infocomm companies in Singapore and abroad.
  The government will invest up to S$50 million
  (US$29.4m) over five years to develop an integrated
  IT platform for the logistics sector, which will make
  Singapore more competitive as a world class port and
  logistics hub. Such a platform can potentially bring
  about long-term cost savings of more than S$700
  million (US$411.8m), and create additional value-add
  of nearly S$4 billion (US$2.4b) over a 20-year period.
  To further spur the development of e-Commerce and
  e-Government transactions, IDA will work with industry
  partners to develop a national e-Payments hub. IDA
  will also initiate pilot projects in other key areas e.g.
  retail, education and healthcare to create new intellectual
  property and business opportunities, and enhance our                                     LAM CHUAN LEONG
  competitive position.                                                                    Chairman, IDA
                                                                                                                                IDA ANNUAL REPORT 03/04
                                                                                                                                CHAIRMAN’S MESSAGE
                                                                                    BOARD OF DIRECTORS

                                                      2                                4                                       6                                          8
                             1                                    3                                     5                                         7

                                 1   LAM CHUAN LEONG              6 LEE SEIU KIN                        11 ONG PENG TSIN                  16 WONG TOON KING
                                     Chairman                         Second Solicitor-General              President/                            Co-Chairman/
                                     Second Permanent Secretary       Attorney-General’s                    Chief Executive Officer               Chief Executive Officer
                                     (Special Projects)               Chambers                              Encentuate Pte Ltd                    Silkroute Holdings Pte Ltd
                                     Ministry of Finance                                                    (not in picture)                      (effective 1 Dec ‘03)

                                                                  7 LEONG WAI LENG                                                        17 WILLIE CHENG
                                 2 YONG YING-I                        Deputy Chief Executive Officer    12 CHARLES ORMISTON
                                     Deputy Chairman                  Raffles Holdings Limited              Regional Head
                                                                                                                                                  National Volunteer Centre
                                     Permanent Secretary                                                    (Greater China &                      (until 30 Nov ‘03, not in picture)
                                     Ministry of Manpower                                                   South East Asia)
                                     (effective 1  Dec ‘03)       8 LIM CHIN HU                             Bain & Company, Inc
                                                                      President/                                                          18 PROF. ARNOUD DE MEYER
                                                                      Chief Executive Officer                                                     Deputy Dean
                                 3 BOON SWAN FOO                      Frontline Technologies            13 SAW KEN WYE                            INSEAD
                                     Managing Director                Corp Ltd                              General Manager                       (until 30 Nov ‘03, not in picture)
                                     A*STAR                           (effective 1 Dec ‘03)                 Network Service Providers
                                                                                                            (Asia Pacific & Japan)
                                                                                                            Microsoft Operations          19 PETER HO
                                 4 DR CHRISTOPHER CHIA            9 LIM HOCK CHUAN                          Pte Ltd                               Permanent Secretary
                                     Chief Executive Officer          Deputy Secretary                                                            Ministry of Defence
                                     Media Development                (Planning, Policy & Operations)                                             (until 30 Nov ‘03, not in picture)
                                     Authority                        Ministry of Home Affairs          14 SENG HAN THONG
                                                                                                            Assistant Secretary-General
                                                                                                            National Trades               20 LESLIE LOH
                                 5 RUPERT G KEELEY                                                          Union Congress                        Founder/Chairman
                                                                  10 LOW CHECK KIAN
                                     President &                                                                                                  System Access Pte Ltd
                                                                      Chairman                                                                    (until 30 Nov ‘03, not in picture)
     08                              Chief Executive Officer          NewSmith Capital
                                     Visa International               Partners (Asia) Pte Ltd           15 TAN CHING YEE
Singapore - Where iT Works

                                     Asia Pacific Region                                                    Chief Executive Officer
                                                                                                            Infocomm Development
                                                                                                            Authority of Singapore
                        10                           13                           15
         9                            12                             14                16


DEVELOPMENT                  FINANCE                      AUDIT

SAW KEN WYE                  LOW CHECK KIAN               LEONG WAI LENG
Chairman                     Chairman                     Chairman
(effective 1 Dec ‘03)
                             RUPERT G KEELEY              LEE SEIU KIN
(effective 1 Dec ‘03)                                     LIM CHIN HU
                             LIM HOCK CHUAN
                                                          (effective 1 Dec ‘03)
                                                          SAW KEN WYE
TAN CHING YEE                DEVELOPMENT                  (until 30 Nov ‘03)
                             & COMPENSATION
(effective 1 Dec ‘03)
                             YONG YING-I                  LAM CHUAN LEONG
WILLIE CHENG                 Chairman                     Chairman
(until 30 Nov ‘03)           (effective 1 Dec ‘03)

DR CHRISTOPHER CHIA                                       RUPERT G KEELEY
(until 30 Nov ‘03)
                             DR CHRISTOPHER CHIA
                             (effective 1 Dec ‘03)
                                                          TAN CHING YEE
LESLIE LOH                   SENG HAN THONG
(until 30 Nov ‘03)                                        YONG YING-I
                                                          (effective 1 Dec ‘03)
                             PROF. ARNOUD DE MEYER
                             (until 30 Nov ‘03)
                                                          PETER HO
                                                          (until 30 Nov ‘03)                   09
                             PETER HO
                                                                                            IDA ANNUAL REPORT 03/04
                                                                                            BOARD OF DIRECTORS

                             (until 30 Nov ‘03)
                             INFOCOMM STATISTICS

                             TOTAL INFOCOMM INDUSTRY REVENUE
                             BY PRODUCTS & SERVICES (2001-2003)
                             (Source: Annual Survey on Infocomm Industry for 2003)

                                             Hardware Retail
                                 200 1                                            11.47
                                 2002*                                                    13.16
                                 2003                                                             15.13

                                             Telecommunication Services
                                 200 1                                6.14
                                 2002*                                6.40
                                 2003                                  6.64

                                 200 1                                     7.61
                                 2002*                                  5.99
                                 2003                          5.10

                                             IT Services
                                 200 1                    3.78
                                 2002*                      4.33
                                 2003                3.23

                                             Content Activities
                                 200 1        1.64
                                 2002*           2.29
                                 2003              2.73

                                             Total Revenue
                                 200 1                                                                                                        30.64
                                 2002*                                                                                                                32.17
                                 2003                                                                                                                   32.83

                                                                                            Revenue (S$ billions)
                                                                                                                      * There was a re-classification of product from
                                                                                                                             software to hardware by a major player.

                             NUMBER OF EMPLOYED
                             INFOCOMM MANPOWER (2001-2003)
                             (Source: Annual Survey on Infocomm Manpower for 2003)

                                             Infocomm Organisations
                                 200 1                                                             50,710
                                 2002                                                               51,790
                                 2003                                                               51,600

                                             End-user Organisations
                                 200 1                                                              51,360
                                 2002                                                               52,090
                                 2003                                                                52,720

                                 200 1                                                                                                             102,070
                                 2002                                                                                                                103,880
                                 2003                                                                                                                 104,320

                             INFOCOMM USAGE
                             IN SINGAPORE HOUSEHOLDS (2001-2003)
                             (Source: Annual Survey on Infocomm Usage in Households and by Individuals for 2003)

                                           Home Computer Ownership                         Home Internet Access       Home Broadband Access

                                              63.9%                                                           64.6%

Singapore - Where iT Works


                                              2001        2002        2003                 2001     2002      2003     2001       2002      2003
(Source: Annual Survey on Infocomm Usage in Households and by Individuals for 2003)

    2002                                                                                                                                                                                   95.4%
    2003                                                                                                                                                                               91.9%

                                          Online Information Retrieval/Search
    2002                                                                                                                           59.3%
    2003                                                                                                                                   64.1%

                                          Download/Play Online Games
    2002                                                                                          44%
    2003                                                                                             48.4%

                                          Chat/Instant Messaging
    2002                                                                                                       52.5%
    2003                                                                                               47.5%

                                          Download Application Software
    2002                                                                                         44.9%
    2003                                                                                        43.1%

                                          Online Government Related Transactions
    2002                                                                                       42.1%
    2003                                                                                       42.2%

                                          Internet SMS
    2002                                                                 30.8%
    2003                                                                                38.5%

                                          Audio Streaming/Download &/or Upload Music
    2002                                                                                       41.8%
    2003                                                                               37.1%

                                          Upload & Download Documents from Office Server
    2002                                                               28.4%
    2003                                                                               36.8%

                                          Download &/or Upload Digital Photos
    2002                                                                   32.2%
    2003                                                                      34.1%

                                                                                                                                                      Base: Total Internet users aged 15 years and above
                                                                                                                                                            (2002 - 1,374,000 and 2003 - 1,463,370)

NUMBER OF BROADBAND SUBSCRIBERS                                                                           MOBILE PHONE PENETRATION
(2002-2004)                                                                                               (2002-2004)
(Source:                                                                                  (Source:

                                    450                                                                                                                                                86.2
     Number of Subscribers (’000)

                                    400                                                                                           80           72.8
                                                                                                                 Percentage (%)

                                    350                                                                                           70
                                    300                                                                                           60
                                    200       166.9          172.8             169.1
                                    150                      111.7                                                                20
                                    100                                                                                            10
                                     50                                                                                            0
                                             APR 02        APR 03          APR 04                                                            APR 02                APR 03            APR 04

                                                          Month-Year                                                                                             Month-Year

                                                         Total Broadband Subscribers                                                                                Mobile Phone Penetration

                                                         Total ADSL Subscribers

                                                         Total Cable Subscribers
                                                                                                                                                                                                           IDA ANNUAL REPORT 03/04
                                                                                                                                                                                                           INFOCOMM STATISTICS
                             KEY HIGHLIGHTS IN FY2003
                             (1 APRIL 2003 - 31 MARCH 2004)

                             IDA Announced Increased                IDA and Korean Systems                 Launch of Security and                IDA, SPRING and SANC
                             Broadband and Wireless                 Integrator LG CNS Sealed               Trust Month                           Collaborated on e-SCM
                             Usage Rates                            Partnership Deal                       The Security and Trust Month          Ecosystem for Retail/FMCG
                             IDA revealed, through its annual       IDA and LG CNS signed a                was launched to educate               IDA, SPRING Singapore and
                             Survey on Broadband and Wireless       partnership deal to provide            consumers and businesses on           Singapore Article Number Council
                             Usage in Singapore 2002, that          business and solutions                 how to protect themselves on the      (SANC) embarked on a two-year
                             Singapore’s number of broadband        development opportunities              Internet. It was the first of four    project to build an e-Supply Chain
                             users has increased to 1.24 million,   for Singapore infocomm                 thematic months of e-Celebrations     Management Ecosystem for the
                             a 30 per cent increase from its        enterprises in Korea, Singapore        2003, an annual campaign to           Retail/Fast Moving Consumer
                             950,000 user-base in 2001.             and beyond. LG CNS is IDA’s first      promote an e-Lifestyle.               Goods (FMCG) industry. The
                             : 15 Apr                               Korean infocomm Local Industry         : 4 July                              project promises to enhance
                                                                    Upgrading Programme (iLIUP)                                                  Singapore’s position as an
                                                                    and Overseas Development                                                     e-Business hub for the wholesale
                                                                    Programme (ODP) partner.                                                     and retail industry.
                                                                    : 3 June                                                                     : 21 Aug

                                                                                                           Singapore Boosted
                                                                                                           e-Government Services
                                                                                                           with eGAP II
                                                                    IDA and Sun Joined                     DPM Lee Hsien Loong launched
                                                                    Forces to Form ODP                     the e-Government Action
                             Singapore and USA Signed               IDA and Sun Microsystems               Plan II (eGAP II), a S$1.3 billion
                             Free Trade Agreement                   launched the IDA-Sun ODP, an           (US$764.7m) initiative to transform   Five Telecom Operators
                             and Established Joint                  integral component of the Java         the public sector into a networked    Joined IDA-Intel Wireless
                             e-Commerce Strategy                    TONE initiative, to boost the          government which delivers             Initiative
                             Singapore and the US signed a          presence of local Java developers      accessible, integrated and value-     IDA announced that five Asian
                             Free Trade Agreement and issued        in markets outside of Singapore.       adding e-Services to Singaporeans.    telecom operators - China Mobile
                             a Joint Statement on Electronic        : 10 June                              : 15 July                             (China), MobileOne (Singapore),
                             Commerce to maintain a global                                                                                       PCCW (Hong Kong), SingTel
                             environment for electronic                                                                                          and StarHub (Singapore) have
                             commerce that is free from                                                                                          joined the IDA-Intel Wireless
                             barriers to its growth.                                                                                             Hotspots and Network
                             : 6 May                                                                                                             Interworking Initiative.
                                                                                                                                                 : 15 Sept
                             IDA Introduced
                             WEAVE Programme                                                                                                     Singapore Hosted the
                             for Web Services                                                                                                    Third ASEAN TELMIN
                             IDA introduced the WEAVE                                                                                            Singapore played host to the Third
                             (Web Services Add Value to                                                                                          ASEAN Telecommunications and
                             Enterprises) programme                 IDA Mandated Mobile                                                          IT Ministers Meeting (3rd ASEAN
                             which aims to drive S$80               Number Portability as a                                                      TELMIN), themed “ICT: Building
                             million (US$47.1m) industry            Free Service                                                                 a connected and vibrant ASEAN
                             spending in the development            IDA announced that from 1 August                                             Economic Community.”
                             of Web Services, and increase          2003, mobile operators will provide                                          : 18 Sept
                             business adoption of Web               mobile number portability as a
                             Services from eight to 20 per          free service, to give consumers
                             cent over the next three years.        more flexibility when choosing
                             : 21 May                               the mobile phone services and
                                                                    products that best suit their needs.
                                                                    : 21 June

       12                                                                                                                                        SingTel’s RIO Remain Valid
                                                                                                                                                 IDA declared that SingTel’s
Singapore - Where iT Works

                                                                                                                                                 Reference Interconnection Offer
                                                                                                                                                 (RIO) would remain valid for
                                                                                                                                                 another three years to ensure
                                                                                                                                                 seamless interconnectivity among
                                                                                                                                                 operators, and to facilitate new
                                                                                                                                                 entrants into the market.
                                                                                                                                                 : 26 Sept

IDA to Co-Chair OASIS                  IDA Announced Completion               IDA Introduced New Measures           IDA and HP Launched
for Web Services                       of Connecting the Home Call            to Enhance LLC Market                 Adaptive Enterprise
Singapore is the first Asian country   for Collaboration                      Competition                           @ Singapore Initiative
to chair a global technical            IDA’s Connecting the Home Call         IDA introduced regulatory             IDA and HP launched the
committee of the Organization          for Collaboration developed 35         measures to lower Singapore’s         three-year Adaptive Enterprise
for the Advancement of Structured      new solutions more than six            Local Leased Circuits (LLC) market    @ Singapore Initiative, a
Information Standards (OASIS).         months ahead of schedule.              entry barriers, encourage             S$22 million (US$12.9m)
Led by IDA, the OASIS Framework        : 29 Oct                               operators to build infrastructure,    collaboration to develop
for Web Services Implementation                                               and bring about lower telecom         Singapore’s capabilities in
(FWSI) Technical Committee will                                               costs to businesses and end-users     grid and utility computing.
develop global Web Services                                                   in Singapore.                         : 23 Mar
implementation standards.                                                     : 16 Dec
: 29 Sept


                                                                              IDA Issued Mobile
IDA Reviewed Revisions to              Nove ber                               Numbers with Prefix ‘8’
Telecom Competition Code                                                      IDA announced that it will issue
IDA conducted its first                2003
                                                                              mobile phone numbers with the
triennial review of the                                                       prefix ‘8’ by end March 2004, to      IDA Hosted Games Bazaar
Telecom Competition Code                                                      prepare for continued growth in       IDA launched the Games Bazaar,
                                       IDA Pumped In Additional
to ensure its relevance in                                                    the mobile phone sector, resulting    a regional hosting platform that
today’s market environment.            Funds for Infocomm Training                                                  allows online games companies,
                                       IDA injected an additional             in the creation of 10 million new
The proposed revisions would                                                  numbers which will be distributed     publishers and distributors to
serve to enhance competition           S$13.5 million (US$7.9m) to                                                  deploy their game titles without
                                       encourage specialised infocomm         to local mobile phone operators.
in the telecom market.                                                        : 8 Jan                               facing time-consuming and high
                                       skills training in Singapore.                                                initial capital costs.
: 7 Oct
                                       : 14 Nov                                                                     : 24 Mar
Singapore and
Jordan Signed
Cooperation Agreement
Singapore and Jordan signed
an agreement to promote                                                       IDA Briefed Infocomm
cooperation in e-Government                                                   Industry on Singapore
and other infocomm technology
                                                                              Government IT Contracts
areas, and to spur infocomm
technology trade and investments                                              in FY2004
in both countries.                                                            IDA announced that about S$700
                                       IDA and MDA Collaborated               million (US$411.8m) worth of IT
: 14 Oct                                                                      contracts will be awarded by
                                       on Digital Cinema Exchange                                                   IDA Launched Collaborative
                                                                              the public sector agencies in 2004.   High-Tech Manufacturing Plan
                                       IDA and Media Development
IDA and Microsoft Launched                                                    Some key areas of focus for           IDA launched the Collaborative
                                       Authority (MDA) announced
BackPack.NET Initiative                                                       the government include central        High-Tech Manufacturing Plan,
                                       their collaboration to develop
IDA and Microsoft Singapore                                                   government IT infrastructure,         which will save the high-tech
                                       the Digital Cinema industry in
launched the BackPack.NET                                                     infocomm security, and business       manufacturing industry up to
                                       Singapore. IDA’s efforts in building
initiative, to drive the testing,                                             continuity planning.                  S$700 million (US$411.8m) a year,
                                       capabilities and capacity in
development, research and              processing, management and             : 4 Feb                               generate additional revenue of
showcasing of innovative               distribution of digital content                                              S$2 billion (US$1.2b) and S$40
infocomm technology usage              complements MDA’s efforts in                                                 million (US$23.5m) worth of
in the education sector.
                                                                              IDA Encouraged Wireless               infocomm technology spending.
                                       nurturing content development.
: 25 Oct                                                                      Broadband Trials and                  : 30 Mar
                                       : 19 Nov
                                                                              Commercial Deployments
                                                                              IDA allocated dedicated spectrum
                                                                              bands to encourage more trials
                                                                              and commercial deployments of
                                                                              wireless broadband in Singapore.
                                                                              : 23 Feb                                                                        13
                                                                                                                                                        IDA ANNUAL REPORT 03/04
                                                                                                                                                        KEY HIGHLIGHTS IN FY2003
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tablet PCs and 
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Makin iT
Work Throu h


  IN FY2003
The Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) plays an
active role in promoting and developing info-communications in Singapore,
with the aim of establishing Singapore as a premier infocomm capital.
As a promoter and developer of the infocomm sector, IDA collaborates
with the industry to drive growth in new infocomm ventures; boost the
competitiveness of key economic sectors through infocomm; and implement
programmes to develop an infocomm-savvy society and workforce.

In March 2003, IDA unveiled its infocomm vision for Singapore with
the “Connected Singapore: Unleashing potential, realising possibilities
through Infocomm” blueprint. In the past year, IDA has implemented
several initiatives to create new demand and help infocomm companies
seize market opportunities.                                                       17
                                                                            IDA ANNUAL REPORT 03/04
                                                                            INFOCOMM DEVELOPMENTS

                             NEW GROWTH AREAS,
                             NEW PARTNERSHIPS

                             IDA, through its Engine of Growth         Growing Number of Wireless                       high level of local and international
                             strategy, aims to grow new economic       Hotspots in Singapore                            connectivity, our experience and
                             activities and create infocomm jobs,      According to IDC, there were 25,000              willingness to embrace new
                             by embarking on new ventures,             subscribers to public Wireless Local             technologies and the presence
                             developing technology innovations,        Area Network (WLAN) hotspot                      of numerous foreign and local
                             and expanding access to overseas          services in Singapore at end 2003.               infocomm companies form a
                             markets. In 2003, IDA kick-started        This number is projected to grow to              strong foundation for developing
                             specific ventures that offer high         45,000 by the end of 2004. To date,              and adopting Web Services.
                             potential growth in Singapore’s           local operators such as SingTel and
                             infocomm sector:                          StarHub maintain more than 600                   Web Services Add Value to
                                                                       public WLAN hotspots in Singapore.               Enterprises (WEAVE) Programme
                             Wireless Everywhere                       Supported by IDA, local operators                In May 2003, IDA introduced the
                             IDA-Intel Wireless Hotspots &             are making WLAN roaming easier                   S$40 million (US$23.5m) WEAVE
                             Network Interworking Initiative           and more convenient for users by                 programme to spur Singapore’s Web
                             In March 2003, IDA and Intel              extending their WLAN coverage with               Services developments, and to drive
                             Corporation collaborated to address       the addition of more hotspots and                S$80 million (US$47.1m) industry
                             the technical and business challenges     through roaming agreements with                  spending over the next three years.
                             of ensuring seamless connectivity         other operators. McDonald’s recently             WEAVE targets to increase business
                             between fixed and wireless worlds.        announced Wi-Fi availability across              adoption of Web Services from eight
                             The IDA-led Wireless Hotspots &           125 of its outlets nationwide, thereby           per cent to 20 per cent, and train
                             Network Interworking Initiative           enhancing its customers’ dining                  600 professionals in Web Services
                             is the first of its kind to engage        experience while visitors to the public          technologies and developments.
                             the participation of operators and        libraries under the National Library
                             vendors from across Asia Pacific,         Board can enjoy Wi-Fi roaming using              Since the launch of WEAVE,
                             and even beyond. By February 2004,        their existing accounts.                         45 companies have embarked
                             10 communications companies have                                                           on 26 Web Services projects,
                             joined the Initiative including ANTlabs   Setting the Pace for Web                         in diverse industries such as lifestyle
                             (Singapore), China Mobile (China),        Services Adoption                                and entertainment, banking and
                             Funk Software (USA), Gemtek Systems       According to IDC, revenue for global             insurance, high-tech manufacturing,
                             (Taiwan), Huawei Technologies (China),    Web Services software, IT services               logistics, retail and distribution
                             MobileOne (Singapore), PCCW               and hardware will reach US$34                    as well as healthcare. A total of
                             (Hong Kong), SingTel and StarHub          billion (S$57.8b) by 2007.                       S$32.9 million (US$19.4m) has been
                             (Singapore) and Transat (USA).            Spearheaded by IDA, Singapore’s                  jointly invested by the industry

Singapore - Where iT Works

                                                                                  Enjoying wireless access at one of
                                                                                  the many coffee joints in Singapore
                                                                                                                                             ENGINE OF GROWTH
and IDA in the 26 projects. The        Developing Grid
companies expect to commercialise      and Utility Computing
their solutions to generate S$125      IDA-HP’s Adaptive
million (US$73.5m) in infocomm         Enterprise @ Singapore
revenue over the next two years.       On 23 March 2004, IDA and HP
There are now more than 1,000          launched the three-year Adaptive
professionals who have acquired        Enterprise @ Singapore Initiative,
Web Services skills and knowledge.     a S$22 million (US$12.9m)
Of these, some 269 professionals       collaboration to develop Singapore’s
have already been certified.           capabilities in grid and utility
                                       computing. The initiative focuses on
Setting Global Standards               research and development, vertical
- OASIS Framework for Web              clusters testbed, and enterprise and
Services Implementation                manpower developments. Singapore
From September 2003, IDA and the       will become the first Asia Pacific
Singapore Institute of Manufacturing   node in the Global Operational Grid,        IDA Chief Executive Officer Tan Ching Yee and HP
Technology (SIMTech) have taken                                                    South East Asia/Singapore Vice President and
                                       which is being built by a worldwide         Managing Director Tan Choon Seng at the launch
the lead to define a Framework         consortium of partners including            of Adaptive Enterprise @ Singapore
for Web Services Implementation        CERN (European Organisation for             Bottom:
(FWSI) technical committee for the     Nuclear Research) and HP Labs.              Expanding knowledge and expertise on
                                                                                   grid and utility computing through R&D
Organization for the Advancement
of Structured Information Standards    Grid Innovation Zone @ NUS
(OASIS). Led by IDA, Singapore is      Supported by IDA, IBM, Intel and NUS
the first country in Asia to partner   jointly invested S$8 million (US$4.7m)
with OASIS to develop global           to form a grid computing competency
standards for accelerating Web         centre, Grid Innovation Centre at
Services implementations in            NUS (GIZ@NUS). The centre aims
companies. The goal is to generate     to help Singapore businesses stay
S$36 million (US$21.2m) in revenue     competitive by leveraging the benefits
over the next two years.               of grid computing technologies to
                                       improve operational efficiency
                                       and enhance productivity.

                                       Adaptive Enterprise @ Singapore is an evolving collaboration HP
                                       has with IDA. IDA is considered a role model for how visionary and
                                       strategic governments can work with the industry to develop new
                                       growth engines. We are committed to working with IDA to extend
                                       the benefits of utility computing and grid technology to Singapore.
                                       Together with IDA, we will continue to invest in manpower and                                       19
                                       technology capabilities and to continually equip our local infocomm
                                                                                                                                      IDA ANNUAL REPORT 03/04
                                                                                                                                      INFOCOMM DEVELOPMENTS

                                       enterprises and professionals with new skills and expertise in
                                       this field.

                                       Mr Tan Choon Seng
                                       Vice President and Managing Director
                                       Hewlett-Packard South East Asia/Singapore

                             Expanding Markets                      solutions for Singapore and            + IDA-IPACS ODP was launched
                             and Opportunities by                   overseas markets. Local                  in April 2004 in conjunction
                             Venturing Overseas                     infocomm enterprises will also           with the launch of the Singapore
                             Overseas Development                   leverage LG CNS’ networks to             Solutions Centre. IPACS
                             Programme (ODP)                        accelerate their go-to-market            Computer Services will lead a
                             In March 2003, IDA launched the        efforts and increase their               group of local financial services
                             ODP to prepare local infocomm          overseas presence.                       companies – AiT, Fairex,
                             enterprises for global competition                                              FOCUs5.Net and System Access
                             by boosting their capabilities       + IDA-Microsoft ODP, one of                – to penetrate the Greater China
                             and enhancing their overseas           the initiatives under the IDA-           market. The aim is to generate
                             market positions.                      Microsoft’s .NETMySingapore              over S$15 million (US$8.8m) in
                                                                    collaboration, was launched              export revenue over the next
                             + IDA-Sun Microsystems ODP             in September 2003. 10 local              two years.
                               was launched in June 2003 to         companies will leverage Microsoft’s
                               boost the presence of local Java     global networks and resources,         + IDA-Singapore Computer
                               developers in overseas markets.      to accelerate their overseas             Systems (SCS) ODP was launched
                               The IDA-Sun Microsystems ODP         market penetration.                      in April 2004 in conjunction with
                               will help 20 companies achieve                                                the launch of the Singapore
                               up to S$20 million (US$11.8m) in   + IDA-System Access ODP was                Solutions Centre. SCS will lead
                               export revenue over the next         launched in March 2004.                  a group of local healthcare
                               five years. The first five local     System Access, the first local           services companies – EGIS
                               participants are Ecquaria            leader company in IDA’s ODP,             Healthcare Technologies,
                               Technologies, novaSPRINT,            will lead a group of local financial     MediMedia, SQL View and
                               Peridot Health Systems,              services companies - BCS                 Sentient Health – to break
                               Stratech Systems and                 Information Systems, Comex,              into the Greater China market.
                               System Access.                       Fairex, FOCUs5.NET to break              The aim is to generate over
                                                                    into the European, Middle Eastern        S$10 million (US$5.9m) in export
                             + IDA-LG CNS ODP was announced         and African markets. The aim is          revenue over the next two years.
                               on 3 June 2003. Korean Systems       to generate over S$20 million
                               Integrator LG CNS and local          (US$11.8m) in export revenue
                               companies will jointly develop,      over the next two years.
                               adapt and deploy infocomm

                                                                  IDA’s ODP helped System Access and our cluster members market
                                                                  our products and services overseas. We’ve successfully reached
                                                                  out to wider geographical markets with lesser upfront investments
                                                                  and broadened our market coverage by leveraging each other’s 
                                                                  distribution channels. IDA has been instrumental in facilitating
                                                                  the clustering of relevant local companies under the ODP. The ODP
                                                                  supports and nurtures the growth of local companies, creates more
Singapore - Where iT Works

                                                                  jobs, and ultimately, boosts Singapore’s economy.

                                                                  Mr Leslie Loh
                                                                  Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
                                                                  System Access
                                                                                                                                            ENGINE OF GROWTH
Singapore Solutions Centre (SSC)        like AXS InfoComm, Creative
In April 2004, IDA and Singapore        Technology and ST LogiTrack.
infocomm Technology Federation
(SiTF) set up the SSC in Shanghai,      To date, there are 16 SSC members,
a one-stop centre for China companies   which are led by cluster leaders
and agencies to learn more about        such as IPACS, NCS Yu Bo, Singapore
Singapore’s infocomm technologies,      Computer Systems and Stratech
products and services. The SSC,         Systems. Cluster leader Singapore
the first of its kind that Singapore    Computer Systems and its member,
has established overseas, will house    EGIS Healthcare Technologies have
a permanent interactive “Solutions      already jointly clinched a S$2 million   Top:
Showcase” featuring solutions from      (US$1.2m) contract to help the Beijing   Key solutions and technologies from Singapore
                                                                                 companies are showcased at the SSC
clusters of Singapore companies in      Tongren Hospital deploy a fully
the transport, logistics, financial     integrated hospital information          Bottom:
                                                                                 Minister for Information, Communications and
services and healthcare sectors.        and management system for its            the Arts Lee Boon Yang (second from left), at
                                                                                 the opening ceremony of the SSC, flanked by (from
The SSC also showcases technologies     new hospital wing.                       left) IDA Chairman Lam Chuan Leong and Deputy
from well-known Singapore companies                                              Director-General of the Shanghai Informatisation
                                                                                 Commission Fu Wenbiao

IDA and SiTF decided to work together to break into the China
market, and make a name for our “Made-in-Singapore” infocomm
products. We want to help our local companies acquire a larger
customer base through their ventures into China, and with targets                                                                         21
to generate at least S$37 million (US$21.8m) worth of transactions
                                                                                                                                     IDA ANNUAL REPORT 03/04
                                                                                                                                     INFOCOMM DEVELOPMENTS

in three years.

Mr Stephen Lim
1st Vice Chairman

                             SINGAPORE IN
                             THE DIGITAL WORLD

                             Through its Digital Exchange strategy,     exhibit movies and other forms           knowledge- and technology-driven
                             IDA plans to establish Singapore           of digital content in Asia Pacific.      niche industries in Singapore will
                             as the regional and global hub for         This move will also generate             be immense.”
                             managing, processing and distributing      greater business opportunities
                             digital content like digital cinema,       and potentially create 5,000             Delivering Cutting-Edge
                             online games, video and music.             infocomm jobs over the next              Digital Creations through
                             The Digital Exchange leverages             three years.                             Digital Games Exchange
                             Singapore’s excellent infrastructure                                                Singapore Games Bazaar
                             and pro-business environment to            World’s First 2K Digital Cinema          IDA, with HP and SingTel, jointly
                             develop an integrated infrastructure       Supported by IDA, Eng Wah                launched the Games Bazaar in March
                             for digital production, management,        Organization launched the world’s        2004 to encourage regional digital
                             localisation, archival and distribution.   first 2K digital cinema deployment       games service providers to host their
                             Singapore was ranked first in Asia         in a five-screen multiplex theatre in    online games in Singapore. Over the
                             for Intellectual Property Rights           March 2004. The five digital cinema      next two years, IDA, HP and SingTel,
                             Protection by the Political & Economic     screens are the first of 20 digital      will help companies defray up to 80
                             Risk Consultancy (PERC) in 2004            cinemas and one outdoor digital          per cent of the hosting costs during
                             and Global Corruption Report 2003,         screen that will be installed in         their first six months of signing up
                             making it an excellent location for        Singapore by 2004. This exciting         with the Games Bazaar.
                             companies to securely store and            first step will stimulate S$9 million
                             distribute digital content.                (US$5.3m) in industry spending and       Games Developers Conference
                                                                        generate increased demand for            (GDC)
                             In 2003, key digital                       equipment purchase, supporting           In March 2004, IDA led a local
                             initiatives included:                      services, and manpower development       delegation, comprising Mikoishi,
                                                                        programmes. According to Ms Goh          Pacific Wireless Solutions, SingTel
                             Realising the Digital                      Min Yen, Managing Director, Eng Wah      and Teckwah, to participate in the
                             Exchange Vision through                    Organization: “The impact of             GDC in San Jose, USA. Mr Edwin
                             Digital Cinema Advancements                efficiencies and savings from Digital    Low, Sales & Marketing Director,
                             In November 2003, IDA, together            Cinema to our cinema operations,         Pacific Wireless Solutions said:
                             with Media Development Authority           on top of the enhanced cinema            “Without IDA’s support, I believe it
                             (MDA), solidified Singapore’s              experience, will be significant.         will be difficult for many smaller
                             position as an early-mover in the          We are proud to partner IDA and the      companies to look for opportunities
                             digital space. IDA’s Digital Cinema        MDA on this far-sighted initiative, as   in other more distant markets.”
                             initiative enables Singapore to            the value-add to the media industry
                             manage, process, distribute and            and the opportunities to create

Singapore - Where iT Works

                                                                                                                 Top: Visitors at the Games Bazaar in Singapore

                                                                                                                 Left: Eng Wah Organization - a key player in
                                                                                                                 digital cinema advancements
                                                                                                                                       AGENT FOR CHANGE

IDA’s Agent for Change strategy      + A Networked Government                   levels to Singapore’s citizens and
makes IT work for businesses and       IDA aims to use infocomm                 customers. As at end March 2004,
government agencies through the        technologies as a key enabler            five new integrated e-Services have
use of infocomm to achieve higher      to transcend government                  been implemented including the
efficiency, effectiveness and          agency boundaries to deliver             Public Service Online Consultation
customer satisfaction. In 2003,        value-added, integrated and              Portal; the Singapore Education
IDA worked closely with relevant       responsive services to individuals       Portal for Foreigners; the Integrated
agencies and industry partners         and business.                            Business Incentives (Phase I), the
to initiate various programmes:                                                 One-Stop Government Payment
                                     As the developer and manager               website, and Online Application
Enhancing                            of eGAP II, IDA hopes to realise the       System for Integrated Services
e-Government Services                “Many Agencies, One Government”            (OASIS), a seamless one-stop,
IDA helps the Singapore              vision with different agencies             end-to-end business registration
government transform the way         working seamlessly together to             and licence application system.
it delivers services to the public   deliver consistently excellent service
through varied infocomm strategies
and technologies, while reducing
operating costs and improving
service quality.

Action Plan II (eGAP II)
The S$1.3 billion (US$764.7m)
eGAP II, announced in July 2003,
is a three–year plan, which aims
to create seamless integration
between services and agencies
to improve end-user experience.
eGAP II targets to achieve three
distinct outcomes:

+ Delighted Customers
  IDA plans to improve the
  e-Service experience and
  encourage greater usage
  of government e-Services by
                                                                                                        The eCitizen portal -
  individual and business users.                                                                        the gateway to all
                                                                                                        government services

+ Connected Citizens
  IDA plans to exploit
  infocomm technologies                                         The following five e-Services, available via the eCitizen
                                        FACTS                   portal, garnered the most hits (total of 1.25 million)
  to allow Singaporeans,
                                        & FIGURES               from January to March 2004:
  in Singapore and abroad,
  to participate in policy-making                               +   ERS Encashment
                                                                +   e-Filing of Income Tax
  and review processes by                                       +   Enquiry and Payment of URA Fines
  explaining public policies                                    +   Registration for National Services                              23
  and their rationale online,                                   +   Overseas Trip Notification for NS Men
                                                                                                                                IDA ANNUAL REPORT 03/04
                                                                                                                                INFOCOMM DEVELOPMENTS

  and provide another channel                                   Other government websites received a total of 77 million
  for public feedback on policy                                 hits during this three-month period.
  formulation and review.

                             Singapore Personal Access
                             Launched on 1 March 2003,
                             SingPass was developed by
                             the Central Provident Fund (CPF)
                             Board, in collaboration with IDA
                             and Ministry of Finance (MOF).
                             SingPass establishes a nation-wide
                             personal authentication framework
                             for e-Services, making it more
                             convenient and easier for users
                             to access government e-Services
                             and transact online with the
                             government. As at end March
                             2004, 25 government agencies
                             authenticated users with SingPass
                             for access to 400 e-Services
                             requiring secure user identification.
                             More than 7.1 million transactions
                             have been authenticated by
                             SingPass by end April 2004.

                             Government Electronic Business
                             Developed by IDA, GeBiz is an
                             integrated portal for suppliers
                             to interact with the government
                             via a web-based online procurement
                             system. As at 31 May 2004, there
                             were 129 government agencies using
                             GeBIZ for their procurement needs,
                             and at least 6,218 companies
                             supplying goods and services
                             to the government. GeBIZ has
                             generated over S$406 million
                             (US$238.8m) worth of procurement
                             transactions between April 2003
                             and March 2004.

                                                                     e-Government is all about the transformation of the
                                                                     Public Service to better serve Singapore in an increasingly
                                                                     globalised and digital economy. Online government
                                                                     information and services provide citizens and businesses
                                                                     with increased convenience. It gives public agencies new
                                                                     channels to engage the public in the policy-making process.
Singapore - Where iT Works

                                                                     It also challenges government agencies to rethink the way
                                                                     they offer services to their customers and engage the ICT
                                                                     industry as partners in innovation.

                                                                     Ms Goh Soon Poh
                                                                     Deputy Secretary (Administration)
                                                                     Ministry of Finance
                                                                                                                                                 AGENT FOR CHANGE
Helping Business Clusters                 High-tech manufacturers in
Boost Competitiveness                     Singapore are also encouraged
Technological developments have           to adopt RosettaNet, an open,
revolutionised the way we conduct         e-Business standard to link up their
business. The use of mobiles, PDAs,       supply chains. IDA has co-funded
e-mail, Internet, sales productivity      RosettaNet adoption efforts by
tools and supply chain systems are        pioneering companies in Singapore.
enabling tools to help businesses         Currently, more than 100 companies
meet the needs of their customers         in Singapore use the RosettaNet               IDA’s High-Tech Manufacturing
quickly and cost-effectively.             partner interface processes (PIPs)            Plan will greatly boost the
                                          to automate mature business                   competitiveness of the industry,
Collaborative High-Tech                   processes like procurement,                   improve productivity levels
Manufacturing Plan                        inventory management and shipment             and reduce operating costs.
In March 2004, IDA launched               notice. IDA will also facilitate the test     RosettaNet enables us to
the Collaborative High-Tech               bedding of new RosettaNet processes           communicate with our customers
Manufacturing Plan (the Plan)             and standards to boost new supply             on their procurement needs
to help high-tech manufacturers           chain capabilities such as e-Payment,         efficiently and accurately while
in Singapore utilise infocomm             collaborative design and e-Logistics.         allowing us to free up manpower
technologies to link up their supply                                                    to handle more strategic
chains from end to end so as to           Disk-drive manufacturer, Maxtor,              functions. More importantly,
compete more effectively in the           uses RosettaNet to streamline                 RosettaNet allows us to connect
worldwide marketplace. The Plan           its supply chain transactions                 more effectively with our suppliers
aims to build, within five years,         and communications.                           and provide better service
10 infocomm-enabled, integrated                                                         to our customers.
supply chains and expects to save         AEM-Evertech, which designs
                                                                                        Mr SK Lee
the high-tech manufacturing industry      and manufactures automated                    Vice President, Corporate Development
up to S$700 million (US$411.8m)           equipment and parts for                       AEM-Evertech
a year from higher efficiency.            semiconductor manufacturers,
It also hopes to generate additional      is another company that has
revenue of S$2 billion (US$1.2b)          successfully leveraged RosettaNet
and spur at least S$40 million            to boost competitiveness.
(US$23.5m) worth of infocomm
technology spending. AEM-Evertech,
HP, Maxtor, Seagate and Venture
Corporation are some of the
companies which IDA is working with
to develop the 10 supply chains.

                                                                                        AEM-Evertech uses RosettaNet to improve
                                                                                        productivity and simplify supplier interactions

                       Singapore Tops Global e-Government                    Singapore Stays 2nd in Global
  ACCOLADES            Survey by Brown University                            e-Government Accenture Study
                       Singapore has come up tops among 198 nations in       Singapore maintained its 2nd place position behind               25

                       the Global e-Government study conducted by the        Canada, in Accenture’s e-Government Leadership
                                                                                                                                          IDA ANNUAL REPORT 03/04
                                                                                                                                          INFOCOMM DEVELOPMENTS

                       Center for Public Policy at Brown University,         Study, released in May 2004. The report highlighted
                       USA in September 2003. The report highlighted         the service maturity of Singapore’s e-Government
                       Singapore’s eCitizen portal as the website with the   services, such as breadth and interactivity levels of
                       best access to services.                              these e-Service offerings.

                                                                      RosettaNet Global                       Three major supermarket chains,
                                                                      Logistics Council                       Cold Storage (operated by Dairy
                                                                      IDA, collaborating with RosettaNet,     Farm), NTUC FairPrice and Shop
                                                                      established the RosettaNet Global       & Save, are currently developing
                                                                      Logistics Council to standardise        their own systems to tap into the
                                                                      communications and business             e-SCM infrastructure. Spearheaded
                                                                      processes among players in the          by IDA, Singapore will be the first
                                                                      logistics supply chain. The Council’s   country in the region to implement
                                                                      participants include high-tech          e-Business messaging standards
                                                                      manufacturers Cisco, HP, IBM,           involving more than 1,000 suppliers
                                                                      Intel, ST Microelectronics and          in the FMCG industry.
                                                                      Texas Instruments, and logistics
                                                                      powerhouses APL Logistics, DHL,         Electronic Medical
                                                                      Exel, Federal Express, Menlo            Record Exchange
                                                                      Worldwide, Portnet Singapore,           IDA is working with Ministry of
                                                                      Singapore Airlines Cargo and UPS.       Health (MOH) to facilitate the
                                                                                                              electronic medical record exchange
                                                                      e-Supply Chain Management               between the two healthcare clusters
                                                                      (e-SCM) Ecosystem for Retail/           - Singapore Health Services and
                                                                      Fast Moving Consumer Goods              National Healthcare Group. IDA is
                                                                      (FMCG)                                  also collaborating with Alexandra
                                                                      In August 2003, IDA, together           Hospital to conceptualise and
                                                                      with SPRING Singapore and the           testbed innovative infocomm
                                                                      Singapore Article Number Council        solutions, and eventually to adopt
                                                                      (SANC), embarked on a two-year,         these successful solutions in the
                                                                      S$20 million (US$11.8m) project         Northern General Hospital, which
                                                                      to build an e-SCM Ecosystem             is slated for completion by 2009.
                             Infocomm technology has today become
                             an integral part of the medical sector   for the Retail/FMCG industry.

                                                                      IDA’s active promotion of RosettaNet as a B2B supply chain
                                                                      communication standard definitely helps to accelerate the standard’s
                                                                      widespread acceptance in Singapore. With RosettaNet, we’ve enjoyed
                                                                      significant productivity improvements, accuracy, timeliness and cost
                                                                      savings in our operations. As more suppliers and manufacturers
                                                                      connect and exchange data, we’ll be able to facilitate a supply chain
                                                                      management system that is more competitive and responsive to
                                                                      the dynamic changes of the market.

                                                                      Mr Ivan Ho
     26                                                               Director, New Business Systems
Singapore - Where iT Works
                                                                                                                                       CREATIVITY & COLLABORATION
                                                                                                                                       INFOCOMM FOR CONNECTIVITY,

IDA aims to make IT work for             consumers and businesses on                    successfully completed the NITLP.
the people through its Infocomm          how to protect themselves on                   IDA also organised the Great
for Connectivity, Creativity and         the Internet; Telecommuting Month              Singapore Surf (GSS) programme,
Collaboration strategy by facilitating   in September 2003 promoted                     the nation’s largest mass IT Literacy
learning and widespread adoption         the benefits of telecommuting;                 training event to teach Singaporeans
of infocomm technologies in the          Q-Busting Month in November                    basic computer and Internet skills.
community, at schools, and within        2003 heightened awareness and                  The GSS 2003 trained more
the home. In 2003, a number              promoted usage of electronic/                  than 7,000 participants over two
of infocomm programmes and               online services; and Digital Fun               weekends in August and September
activities were organised:               Month in March 2004 generated                  2003, while GSS 2004 trained
                                         public interest on digital application         some 8,300 participants.
Connecting the Community                 and services.
e-Celebrations                                                                          A GSS participant, Mr Roysen Teo,
On 21 June 2003, IDA launched            National IT Literacy                           QA Inspector, commented: “The
e-Celebrations 2003, an annual           Programme (NITLP)                              course has taught me how to use
campaign that aims to bring              IDA, in collaboration with the                 the many online features and services
the e-Lifestyle to Singaporeans          Workforce Development Agency                   in my work.” Another participant,
through fun and engaging activities.     (WDA), developed the NITLP to                  Ms Siti Fatimah Bte Kirom, Senior
The e-Celebrations comprised             educate and train non-infocomm                 Engineer, said: “The course prepares
four thematic months: Security and       literate Singaporeans like workers,            the ground for us to be IT-savvy
Trust Month in July 2003 not only        homemakers and senior citizens to              employees and ensures that the
promoted online shopping and the         become proficient infocomm users.              company is ready for the Internet
TrustSg seal, but also educated          In FY2003, more than 59,000 people             Revolution.” Yet another participant,

                                                             Trainees gain basic computer and Internet skills
                                                             during the Great Singapore Surf

                                                                   According to the Annual Survey on Infocomm
                                              FACTS                Usage in Households and by Individuals for 2003:
                                              & FIGURES
                                                                   + 73.7% of Singapore households owned a computer,
                                                                     compared to 68.4% in 2002.

                                                                   + 64.6% of Singapore households had access to Internet
                                                                     in 2003, up from 59.4% in 2002.
                                                                   + 39.6% of Singapore households had broadband access
                                                                     in 2003, up from 24.2% in 2002.
                                                                                                                                IDA ANNUAL REPORT 03/04
                                                                                                                                INFOCOMM DEVELOPMENTS

                                                                   + 62.6% of the total population (nearly two-thirds) in
                                                                     Singapore were computer users. 

                                                                   + 51.0% of the total population (slightly more than half)
                                                                     in Singapore used the Internet.

                                                           Mdm Rohani and family using their Dell PC received from the Neu PC Programme

                                           Mdm Cheryl Chan, Retiree, explained:         have benefited from the Neu
                                           “Previously, I knew nothing about            PC Programme.
                                           computers and the Internet. After
                                           attending the training, my husband           Mdm Rohani Bte Mohd Abdullah,
                                           and I can now surf the Net and send          who has received a free refurbished
                                           e-mails, allowing us to keep up              PC under the Neu PC Programme,
                                           with the times.”                             recalled: “I am thankful that I have
                                                                                        benefited from IDA’s community
                                           Neu PC Programme                             outreach programmes such as
                                           In April 2003, IDA and various               the NITLP and now the Neu PC
                                           community groups introduced                  Programme. I regularly use the
                                           the New and used (Neu) PC                    Dell PC I’ve received to send 
                                           Programme, a revision of the                 e-mails to my friends and to look
                                           PC Re-Use Scheme which has                   for jobs online, while my four
                                           since given free refurbished PCs             children use the PC to do their
                                           to more than 12,000 low-income               homework and research for
                                           households. Under the Neu PC                 school projects. IDA’s Neu PC
                                           Programme, low-income families               Programme is a good initiative, 
                                           can either apply for a new PC                as it enables any Singaporean to
                                           at less than S$300 (US$176),                 own a PC, regardless of their
                                           or receive a refurbished PC                  financial background.”
                                           for free. To-date, 3,000 families
              Singapore - Where iT Works
                                                                                                                                         CREATIVITY & COLLABORATION
                                                                                                                                         INFOCOMM FOR CONNECTIVITY,
Expanding Infocomm                                    Creating Next
Horizons in Schools                                   Generation Homes
IDA-Microsoft                                         Connecting the Home Call
BackPack.NET Initiative                               for Collaboration (CFC)
On 25 October 2003, IDA and                           On 29 October 2003, IDA
Microsoft Singapore launched                          announced that four consortia
the BackPack.NET initiative, a                        under the CFC - HomeGenesis,
S$20 million (US$11.8m), five-year                    MyStarHome, UniHome and
                                                                                             I believe that IDA and Microsoft’s
undertaking that aimed to drive                       World@Home - have developed
                                                                                             collaboration to broaden our
the testing, development, research                    35 solutions more than six months
                                                                                             students’ exposure and
and showcase of innovative                            ahead of schedule. The four groups
                                                                                             knowledge of new infocomm
infocomm technologies in education.                   represent 26 local and international
                                                                                             tools and technologies, such as
Secondary Two student of River                        companies from the property and
                                                                                             the tablet PCs, will motivate the
Valley High School, Ong Yan Neng,                     technology sectors, including
                                                                                             children to start exploring new
explained: “The tablet PC is very                     CapitaLand Residential,
                                                                                             technologies on their own,
useful, for example, I find it easier                 LG Electronics and Samsung.
                                                                                             thereby helping to cultivate an
and faster to use the stylus, instead                 Two out of the four consortia
                                                                                             informed future generation of
of a mouse, to draw illustrations                     have already commercialised
                                                                                             infocomm experts in Singapore.
directly onto the tablet PC screen                    part of their product offerings,
for my Digital Art classes.”                          with seven companies expecting         Ms Andrea Cheang
                                                      to generate S$30 million (US$17.6m)    Mathematics Teacher
                                                                                             River Valley High School
                                                      in infocomm revenue through the
                                                      sale of their solutions by 2006.

River Valley High School students enjoying the use of the tablet PCs

                                                                                                                                  IDA ANNUAL REPORT 03/04
                                                                                                                                  INFOCOMM DEVELOPMENTS
A house with 
s ste s is   ust
a technolo icall
advanced   iece
of  ro ert .
Buildin the
Foundations to


  IN FY2003
To make IT work in Singapore, IDA must first establish
a strong foundation to support the growth strategies.
IDA is committed to creating a conducive business
environment, facilitating strategic alliances with
overseas governments; continually raising the level of
infocomm capabilities and developments, promoting global
infocomm standards and participating in technology trials.

                                                             IDA ANNUAL REPORT 03/04
                                                             INFOCOMM DEVELOPMENTS
                             DEVELOPING INFOCOMM
                             MANPOWER CAPABILITIES

                             Growing an                            Grooming Web                                          Critical Infocomm Technology
                             Infocomm-Savvy Workforce              Services Specialists                                  Resource Programme (CITREP)
                             IDA plans to grow and develop         In September 2003, IDA                                In September 2003, IDA announced
                             a sophisticated infocomm-savvy        and Software AG launched                              eight new Web Services Developer
                             workforce and a pool of relevant      a S$5.4 million (US$3.2m)                             courses endorsed under CITREP,
                             infocomm specialists in Singapore     collaborative one-year training                       to accelerate the development of
                             by building our capabilities in key   and attachment programme to                           emerging, critical and specialised
                             infocomm technology growth            groom 51 Web Services specialists                     infocomm skills in Singapore.
                             sectors with innovative infocomm      in Singapore over the next two                        In November 2003, IDA injected
                             manpower training programmes:         years. The programme is supported                     an additional S$13.5 million
                                                                   by seven local partners including                     (US$7.9m) into CITREP to train
                             Infocomm Training and                 Cicada Cube, CyanSYS, dotERP,                         another 5,000 infocomm
                             Attachment Scheme (iTA)               Frontline Solutions,,                      professionals until March 2005.
                             IDA’s iTA provides infocomm           Philip Tang and Sons, and S&I                         IDA, together with academic
                             individuals with hands-on             Business Applications. According                      institutions and professional
                             experience through local              to Gartner Consulting, the global                     organisations, developed the
                             and overseas attachment               Web Services spend will reach                         new courses to improve infocomm
                             opportunities with infocomm           US$156 billion (S$265.2b) by 2005.                    professionals’ domain knowledge
                             organisations such as Software        This IDA programme aims to fulfil                     in finance and banking, logistics,
                             AG and Sun Microsystems.              the demand for Web Services                           business services, wholesale and
                             In 2003, IDA contributed              competencies by building a pool                       retail, and manufacturing industries.
                             S$18 million (US$10.6m) to            of skilled and experienced Web                        According to Mr Tang Lek Meng,
                             train infocomm professionals          Services specialists in Singapore.                    IT Analyst at ESPN: “Through IDA’s
                             in emerging technologies like                                                               CITREP, I enrolled for New Horizons’
                             grid computing, Web Services          Web Services Skills                                   Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW)
                             and wireless.                         Certification Framework                               Security Professional Programme.
                                                                   IDA introduced the Web Services                       CITREP has made it easier for
                             Mr Joseph Chee, Manager -             Skills Certification Framework,                       IT professionals to benefit from
                             Chief Architect Office at NCS,        which was jointly developed by                        training courses in key infocomm
                             participated in IDA’s iTA scheme      National Infocomm Competency                          areas such as IT security, allowing
                             with Sun Microsystems – the Java      Centre (NICC), SiTF and the XMLOne                    us to develop a highly-skilled
                             Black Belt (JBB) commented:           User Group. The Framework equips                      infocomm workforce in Singapore.”
                             “With IDA’s iTA, I’ve received the    infocomm professionals with Web
                             firm technical foundation I’ve        Services competencies by meeting
                             always wanted. I was assigned         the career and skills-progression
                             to work in Sun Microsystems’          needs of Web Services talent.
                             Market Development Engineering
                             Group in Boston, USA, and worked
                             on Java and Sun Java Enterprise
                             System Technology-related projects
                             during my eight-month tenure
                             there. I feel very privileged to
                             be selected for IDA’s programme as
                             I’ve definitely enhanced my skills
                             set and employability in the local
     34                      infocomm industry.”
Singapore - Where iT Works

                                                                   HP Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Carly Fiorina
                                                                   sharing her views with the industry on “Change &
                                                                    Competitiveness in a Global Age” in March 2004
Infocomm Competency                   award up to 90 scholarships                  Improving Local Infocomm Skills
Programme (ICP)                       over five years to students taking           Infocomm Local Industry Upgrading
The ICP provides training in          up infocomm courses at the National          Programme (iLIUP)
the areas of office automation,       University of Singapore, Nanyang             Under IDA’s iLIUP, Singapore
workgroup applications and            Technological University and                 enterprises gain exposure to
Internet webpage design. Over         Singapore Management University.             world-class technologies and
93,000 workers were trained                                                        international marketing expertise
since 2001, with more than            Distinguished Infocomm                       through partnerships with their
18,000 graduating from the            Speaker Series                               multinational peers. As at 31 March
ICP in FY2003.                        IDA, in association with Accenture           2004, there are 22 MNCs and 271
                                      and HP, presented two Distinguished          local infocomm enterprises under
National Infocomm                     Infocomm Speakers – Glover Ferguson          the iLIUP, generating 225 products
Scholarship Programme                 Jr, Chief Scientist, Accenture on            and services and S$77 million
In March 2004, IDA and                25 August 2003 and Carly Fiorina,            (US$45.3m) worth of commercial
seven infocomm companies              Chairman & Chief Executive Officer,          projects revenue.
collaborated to introduce the         HP on 9 March 2004 – both of whom
National Infocomm Scholarship         shared their views on infocomm               e-Trek, a local IT solutions
Programme. The participating          technology with the local industry.          provider which develops
companies are Computer Associates,    This is part of IDA’s Distinguished          web-based applications for
Frontline Technologies Corporation,   Infocomm Speaker Series which                the insurance industry, is
IBM Singapore, Microsoft Singapore,   provides the industry with an                one of IDA’s iLIUP successes.
NCS, Oracle Singapore, and            opportunity to gain useful insights
Singapore Computer Systems.           on the benefits of technology                Another beneficiary of
This S$10.5 million (US$6.2m)         and how IT can be harnessed for              IDA’s iLIUP is AXS InfoComm,
scholarship programme will            the future.                                  a leading technology provider
                                                                                   and operator of the Electronic
                                                                                   Service Delivery Network
                                                                                   in Singapore.

Through IDA’s iLIUP, we’ve connected with MNCs           IDA’s iLIUP has allowed AXS InfoComm to form
and tapped on their technological expertise and          close relationships with leading companies through
business development experiences, helping us             our iLIUP partners - Cisco Systems and Sun
develop and market our solutions locally and             Microsystems. AXS InfoComm has definitely
abroad, and giving us that added competitive             benefited from sharing information and exploring
boost. And, through regular interactions facilitated     new technology development ideas with IDA’s
by IDA, we’ve benefited from our knowledge               iLIUP partners to increase market share.                            35
exchanges with other iLIUP partner members,
                                                                                                                         IDA ANNUAL REPORT 03/04
                                                                                                                         INFOCOMM DEVELOPMENTS

shortening our time-to-market, acquiring                 Mr Joey Chang
                                                         Chief Executive Officer
more customers, and rapidly expanding our                AXS InfoComm
presence overseas.

Mr Yip Cheng Choon
Chief Executive Officer
                                                                             SETTING TECHNOLOGY
                                                                             DIRECTIONS AND STANDARDS

                                                                             As Singapore’s master planner           prominently in our local Research
                                                                             for infocomm developments, IDA          Institutes’ core research and
                                                                             is responsible for setting technology   manpower growth plans.
                                                                             directions, developing infocomm
                                                                             standards, and undertaking trials       Smart Visa for Identification
                                                                             of selected emerging technologies       with Passport (Smart VIP)
                                                                             in Singapore. IDA collaborates          In May 2003, IDA, together with
                                                                             with leading infocomm companies,        Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA),
                                                                             academia and research institutes        initiated the Smart VIP project,
                                                                             to identify and adopt infocomm          to develop a set of e-Passport
                                                                             technologies strategic to enhancing     technical specifications in
                                                                             Singapore’s competitiveness.            compliance with standards
                                                                                                                     developed by International Civil
                                                                             Bringing New Technologies to            Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and
                                                                             Singapore via Technology Trials         International Standards Organisation
                                                                             and Common Platforms                    (ISO). Leveraging the technology
                                                                             IDA, together with industry partners    used in the Smart VIP project,
                                                                             and government agencies, conducts       IDA is developing a Singapore
                                                                             technical trials in key emerging        Standard for a generic secure user
                                                                             technologies strategic to Singapore.    chip-based ID common platform
                                                                             These trials provide an independent     under the IT Standards Committee
                                                                             assessment of new technologies          (ITSC). The Smart VIP specification
                                                                             and the findings are shared with        is, also applicable in architecture,
                                                                             the industry to raise confidence        for use in generic secure ID chip-
                                                                             and accelerate adoption. IDA also       based tokens such as smart cards,
                                                                             identifies and architects Common        USB dongles and SIM cards.
                                                                             Platforms used to accelerate
                                                                             technology adoption and prevent         Promoting Infocomm
                                                                             fragmentation, offering users           Technology Standards
                                                                             a more compelling experience.           Standards are important in
                                                                                                                     facilitating developments and
                                                                             Singapore’s Ultra-Wideband              adoption of new technologies.
                                                                             (UWB) Programme                         Supported by IDA and SPRING,
                                                                             To prepare Singapore to exploit         the ITSC promotes the adoption
                                                                             UWB for competitive advantage,          of international standards and
                                                                             IDA launched the UWB Programme          establishes national infocomm
                                                                             in February 2003, which comprises       standards. The ITSC provides a
                             From top to bottom:                             three thrusts: setting up a UWB         neutral and open platform for
                             One of the UWB seminars organised by IDA
                                                                             Friendly Zone for UWB players           interested industry players,
                             Attendees at a UWB Seminar admiring a                                                   academia, research institutes
                             state-of-the-art high-speed UWB wireless
                                                                             to conduct product development
                             link developed by Singapore’s Institute for     and testing under license by IDA,       and government agencies to
                             Infocomm Research
                                                                             perform UWB-legacy systems              agree on technical infocomm
                             An interactive demonstration of the Smart VIP   co-existence testing to collect         standards. The ITSC also started
                             Visitors at the ITSC PlugFest 2004 event        first hand information for future       the ITSC PlugFest programme to
                             in Singapore
                                                                             rule making, and to seed the            provide multiple vendors with a
     36                                                                      UWB ecosystem in Singapore.             platform to test and demonstrate
                                                                             IDA’s novel regulatory approach         interoperability of products based
Singapore - Where iT Works

                                                                             to UWB developments has been            on set standards and specifications.
                                                                             highlighted as a positive example       The ITSC PlugFest 2004 in March
                                                                             by UWB players to their regulators      2004 featured three technology
                                                                             in Europe. With A*Star’s support,       domains in Crypto Smart Card &
                                                                             UWB research now feature                Token, e-Learning and Web Services.

IDA creates a conducive business       Free Mobile Number                     Streamlined Type
environment in Singapore through       Portability Service                    Approvals Processes
industry-driven policies while         IDA announced that from 1 August       for Telecom Equipment
leveraging Singapore’s excellent       2003, mobile users would enjoy         From 15 December 2003,
infrastructure, political stability,   changing operators without paying      IDA simplified the approval and
transparent business practices,        the recurring costs associated with    licence appliance processes for
and maintaining a liberalised          such a change. Mobile operators        low power radio devices and high
telecom market.                        also had to upgrade their MNP          power analogue radio-communication
                                       systems to provide short message       equipment. IDA is also the first
Establishing Pro-Business              service (SMS) portability for ported   telecom regulator in Asia to
and Pro-Competition Policies           subscribers by 1 October 2003.         receive the ISO 9001:2000
and Regulations                                                               Quality Management System
IDA is the competition development     Proposed Revisions to Telecom          for these new measures.
and regulatory authority for the       Competition Code (the Code)
telecom industry in Singapore.         In October 2003, IDA reviewed          Enhanced Competition in
Since the telecom sector was           and proposed revisions to the Code     Singapore’s Local Leased
liberalised in April 2000, more        to further support competition         Circuits (LLC) Markets
than 200 telecom licences were         within the telecom market.             On 16 December 2003, IDA
issued or expanded, and over           The proposed revisions were            announced additional regulatory
S$3 billion (US$1.8b) additional       presented to 300 industry              measures to enhance competition
investments were made. Maintaining     participants at the IDA Regulatory     in the retail LLC market by requiring
pro-business policies, IDA responds    Workshop on 7 October 2003.            the Dominant Licensee, SingTel,
to trends in the market environment    The proposed revisions aimed to        to provide mandated wholesale
in a timely and effective manner.      achieve less regulation in market      LLC services to facilities-based
In consultation with the industry,     segments that have competition         operators. These initiatives aim
IDA regularly conducts in-depth        and to enhance competition in          to lower LLC market entry barriers,
reviews of the Telecommunications      segments that have yet to achieve      encourage operators to build parts
Act and the Telecom Competition        effective competition. Licensees       of the LLC infrastructure, reduce
Code to ensure continued relevance     have the flexibility to determine      telecom costs to businesses and
of the legislative framework and       end-user service terms and             offer consumers more competitively
competition guidelines.                conditions and dominant licensees      priced products and services.
                                       have to publish all IDA-approved
Telecom Licensing                      telecom service tariffs.               Wider Choices of
Requirements’ Revisions                                                       Radio-Communications and
IDA revised its telecom licensing      Exemption of SingTel’s                 Wireless Devices for Consumers
requirements from 1 April 2003         Wholesale International                To fuel the growth of wireless
to promote greater competition         Telephone Services (ITS) from          communications and connectivity
and increase consumer protection.      Dominant Licensee Obligations          in Singapore, IDA announced
Firstly, IDA opened up the telecom     In November 2003, IDA lifted           on 3 February 2004, that it has
market to more foreign players         SingTel’s Dominant Licensee            increased the range of the 5GHz
by removing the local incorporation    obligations in wholesale ITS.          frequency for use in WLAN products
requirement for telecom service        The wholesale ITS market is            and solutions. IDA also allocated
providers. Secondly, only SBO          now fully competitive, with            the 446.0-446.1 MHz frequency
(individual) and FBO licensees         falling prices and at least five       band for low-powered walkie-talkies.
are allowed to provide prepaid         other major suppliers providing        Equipment suppliers can now
telecommunication services,            effective competition. IDA also        present consumers with a                    37
and they have to furnish information   removed the need for SingTel to        greater selection of wireless
                                                                                                                      IDA ANNUAL REPORT 03/04
                                                                                                                      INFOCOMM DEVELOPMENTS

on their business, financial records   seek prior approval for its retail     communications devices.
and scope of operations to IDA         ITS prices.
for assessment.
                             Telecom Equipment Dealers’
                             Licence Fees Reduced
                             IDA reduced its Dealers
                             (Individual) annual licence fee
                             from S$400 (US$235) to S$250
                             (US$147) per premise, thereby
                             driving business costs down
                             and enabling telecom licensees
                             to offer more competitively priced                             With telecom market liberalisation, consumers 
                             products and services. IDA also                                now enjoy lower calling rates, and a wider array 
                             simplified the Dealer (Class) licence                          of better priced telecom products and services.
                             to allow Dealer (Class) licensee                               Recent IDA initiated telecom policies such as
                             to obtain a single licence to cover                            Telecom Competition Code revisions and 
                             all its retail outlets in Singapore.                           simplified application processes have enabled
                                                                                            us to penetrate the market with an attractive 
                             Allocation of Dedicated Spectrum                               “value for money” proposition for our customers.
                             Bands for Broadband Deployment                                 IDA has successfully created and maintained a
                             From 23 February 2004, IDA                                     level playing field for operators, and its practice
                             announced it has allocated 2.3 GHz                             of seeking industry opinions before implementing 
                             and 2.5 GHz dedicated spectrum                                 any policies ensures that all telecom initiatives 
                             bands for trials and commercial                                adhere to international standards, and meet 
                             deployments of wireless broadband.                             the needs of the industry and consumers.
                             This provides Singapore with an                                Mr Chiang Chee Cheong
                             additional broadband infrastructure,                           Managing Director
                                                                                            Phoenix Communications
                             giving consumers more choices
                             when “going broadband.”

                             Mobile Phone Numbers
                             with Prefix ‘8’ Issued
                             In March 2004, IDA issued new
                             phone numbers beginning with the
                             digit ‘8’ to mobile phone operators,
                             generating 10 million new mobile
                             numbers, which IDA would distribute
                             to local mobile phone operators
                             such as MobileOne, SingTel Mobile
                             and StarHub Mobile, as end-user
                             demand requires.

                                                                     Singapore’s telecommunications liberalisation has allowed StarHub
                                                                     to operate with greater flexibility, and has broadened the range of
                                                                     services we are able to provide. Liberalisation has seen new operators
                                                                     enter the market, and many of them have become wholesale
                                                                     customers of StarHub. StarHub supports the steps that IDA
                                                                     has taken to establish a competitive environment in Singapore
                                                                     and believes that IDA has an important and ongoing role to play
                                                                     in removing barriers to entry and ensuring fair competition in the
Singapore - Where iT Works

                                                                     telecom sector. We would encourage a close interworking relationship
                                                                     between IDA and the local telecom industry.

                                                                     Mr Tim Goodchild
                                                                     Head Regulatory, Strategic Relations
                          Singapore Ranked the Most Competitive Economy        Singapore Maintained Top Position for the Best
   ACCOLADES              Singapore is considered the ”Most Competitive        Business Environment in Asia Pacific in EIU Study
                          Economy” in ASEAN, according to the Annual           Singapore was ranked the best business environment
                          IPS Asian 9+1 Competitiveness Ranking Indices.       in Asia Pacific in 2003, according to a survey of the
                          This is the first study that looks at the relative   world’s 60 biggest countries conducted by the
                          competitiveness of the nine ASEAN members,           Economic Intelligence Unit.
                          and China in four clusters – economic, political,
                          business and social.                                 Singapore Leads Asia for Network Readiness
                                                                               Singapore is ranked 2nd after the United States,
                          Singapore Ranked 1st in Survey on Technology         and leads in Asia for network readiness, according
                          and e-Commerce Capabilities                          to the Global Information Technology Report
                          Singapore is ranked No. 1, above Finland and         2003-4 by World Economic Forum.
                          the United States, in a survey of 48 countries’
                          technology and e-Commerce capabilities,              Singapore is Asia’s Most ‘e-Ready’ Nation and
                          according to the 2003 Global Information             World’s 7th Most Wired Country
                          Technology-Economy Index (GITEI).                    Singapore is the most ‘e-Ready’ nation in Asia,
                                                                               and 7th most wired country in the world, according
                                                                               to an annual global e-Readiness study released by
                                                                               the Economist Intelligence Unit on 19 April 2004.

Enhancing Postal                           Quality of Service (QoS) Standards             raised to 99 per cent and 98 per
Services and Standards                     IDA requires Singapore Post                    cent respectively.
                                           (SingPost), the Public Postal
                                           Licensee, to meet a set of QoS                 Revised Postage Rates
                                           standards to ensure that SingPost’s            On 3 February 2004, SingPost
                                           public postal services are of an               revised its domestic postage
                                           acceptable standard to members of              rates, from S$0.22 to S$0.23
                                           the public. SingPost has consistently          for standard mail of up to 20 gm
                                           met IDA’s QoS standards in FY2003.             and from S$0.30 to S$0.31
                                           From 1 April 2004, the percentage              for standard mail of up to 40 gm.
                                           of local ordinary mail required to be          The rate revisions are to account
                                           delivered within the Central Business          for the increase in Goods and
                                           District (CBD) and outside the CBD             Services Tax (GST) in January 2004.
                                           area by the next working day will be

 SingPost’s Quality of Service                                       Incoming Airmail received before
 Performance for FY2003                                              8pm at Airmail Transit Centre
                                                                     delivered by next working day            Target        FY2003
 (1 Apr ’03 – 31 Mar ’04)
                                                                     Within CBD                                98%            100%

                                                                     Outside CBD                               95%            100%

                                                                     Counter Service –
                                                                                                                                       IDA ANNUAL REPORT 03/04
                                                                                                                                       INFOCOMM DEVELOPMENTS

 Local Ordinary Mail delivered                                       Customers waiting
 by next working day                  Target        FY2003           for less than 10 minutes                 Target        FY2003

 Within CBD                             98%         99.8%            Peak Period                               90%           99.2%

 Outside CBD                            95%         99. 1 %          Off-Peak Period                           95%            100%
                             Fostering Strategic Partnerships         which Singapore entered that                        Singapore and China
                             with Foreign Governments                 recognised non-discriminatory                       Partner for Success
                             In an increasingly globalised            treatment for digital products.                     IDA is committed to building
                             and interconnected world,                A “Joint Statement on Electronic                    ties between Singaporean and
                             Singapore must incorporate               Commerce” was also issued to                        Chinese companies in piloting
                             regional and global alliances            maintain a global environment                       new technologies and innovative
                             to stay ahead in our infocomm            for electronic commerce that is                     IT solutions in the areas of financial
                             strategies and developments.             free from barriers to its growth.                   services, logistics, transport,
                             In 2003, IDA continued to                The statement calls for private sector              healthcare, and e-Government.
                             take the lead in negotiating             leadership in developing electronic
                             and securing many government-            commerce and establishing                           The Singapore Solutions Centre
                             to-government partnerships.              electronic business practices.                      (SSC), established by IDA and SiTF,
                             IDA, through regular and open                                                                was officially launched in Shanghai
                             communication, successfully              Singapore and Jordan                                in April 2004, to serve as a one-stop
                             established close cooperations           Cooperate to Spur Infocomm                          platform to showcase the best of
                             with Singapore’s major economic          Trade and Investments                               Singapore’s infocomm solutions.
                             partners such as China, India,           On 14 October 2003, Singapore
                             Jordan, the United States and            and Jordan signed an agreement                      Singapore Shares e-Government
                             the ASEAN region.                        to promote cooperation in                           Experience with India
                                                                      e-Government and other                              In May 2003, IDA began negotiating
                             Singapore and US Sign                    infocomm technology areas.                          the ICT component under the
                             Free Trade Agreement                     Singapore will share with                           India-Singapore Comprehensive
                             and Joint Statement                      Jordan our expertise in ICT                         Economic Cooperation Agreement.
                             on Electronic Commerce                   master-planning, e-Government                       To complement this, a parallel
                             In May 2003, the United States–          operations management, and                          track of cooperative activities
                             Singapore Free Trade Agreement           delivery of e-Government                            to implement e-Government
                             was signed. It was the first agreement   services in partnership with                        solutions with several Indian state
                                                                      Singaporean companies.                              governments – Andhra Pradesh,
                                                                                                                          Gujerat, Karnataka, New Delhi
                                                                                                                          and Tamil Nadu - are underway.

Singapore - Where iT Works

                                                                      Singapore Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong (left) and US President George Bush
                                                                      (right) at the US-Singapore FTA signing ceremony in May 2003, with Minister
                                                                      for Trade and Industry BG (NS) George Yeo (centre) looking on
Singapore and ASEAN                     + Bridging the Digital Divide
Leverage Infocomm to Reinforce            To share best practices when
Region’s Competitiveness                  rolling out network and services,
From 17-19 September 2003,                such as Universal Service Obligation
Singapore played host to the              (USO) schemes and promoting
Third ASEAN Telecommunications            infocomm usage. ASEAN ICT
and Information Technology                ministers also launched
Ministers Meeting (3rd ASEAN              ASEANconnect, a publicly
TELMIN). The TELMIN yielded               accessible digital divide
a number of initiatives to                database to house key data
support the realisation of an             statistics, measurement indicators
integrated ASEAN Economic                 and analyses of initiatives, to
Community, including:                     enable decision makers to use
                                          information more effectively
+ Enhancing Cybersecurity                 when planning projects aimed at
  To create a more secure                 bridging the digital divide with
  cyberspace, all member countries        the ASEAN community.
  will have in place a common
  framework for sharing cybersecurity   + Building ICT Capacity
  threat and vulnerability assessment     & Capabilities
  information. By 2005, all member        To promote collaborations between
  countries will operationalise their     infocomm skills competency centres
  own national Computer Emergency         in the region. Common standards
  Response Teams (CERTs).                 and regional accreditation models
                                          for IT Project Management and
+ Promoting Infocomm                      Cybersecurity skills certifications
  Market Integration                      will be explored.
  To expedite implementation of
  Mutual Recognition Arrangements       + Engaging Industry Leaders
  (MRA) on conformity assessment          To further enhance business and
  for telecommunication equipment         industry input for TELMIN on ICT
  by 2005. To serve as pathfinders        industry development and policy
  for the region, Singapore has           and regulatory issues, an e-ASEAN
  entered into bilateral MRA with         Business Council, comprising of
  the Republic of Indonesia and           CEO-level infocomm industry
  Brunei Darussalam.                      representatives, will be formed.

                                        + Establishing Strategic Links
                                          Collaborative activities and
                                          discussions with ASEAN Dialogue
                                          partners, namely, China, India,
                                          Japan and Korea were initiated.

                                                                                 IDA ANNUAL REPORT 03/04
                                                                                 INFOCOMM DEVELOPMENTS
                               SENIOR MANAGEMENT

1 TAN CHING YEE               4 KHOONG HOCK YUN                    6 WILLIAM HIOE
 Chief Executive Officer       Assistant Chief Executive            Senior Director
                               (Industry)                           (Strategic Planning)
 Deputy Chief Executive/      5 ANDREW HAIRE                       7 ONG LIH LING
 Director-General (Telecom)    Senior Director                      Senior Director
                               (Policy & Competition                (Corporate Development)
 Assistant Chief Executive                                         8 DR TAN GEOK LENG
 (Government Systems)                                               Chief Technology Officer

                               8                4                                 5
                                       6                   2              3            7

                                                                                               IDA ANNUAL REPORT 03/04
                                                                                               SENIOR MANAGEMENT
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At IDA, a healthy balance among
professionalism, dynamism and fun is kept.
IDA trains and coaches its staff to do their jobs well,
and to enjoy being part of the IDA family.

                                                          IDA ANNUAL REPORT 03/04
                                                          IDA AND ITS SUBSIDIARIES

                                                                            IDA initiated a series of manpower        new managers understand the
                                                                            training and development                  rationale behind IDA’s key initiatives,
                                                                            programmes designed to inspire            enabling them to be more effective
                                                                            IDA staff to fulfil their professional    in their work and in their interactions
                                                                            and personal endeavours. Some of          with their staff.
                                                                            these programmes included:
                                                                                                                      Career Development Workshops
                                                                            Competency-Based                          Up to 10 career development
                                                                            Development Programmes                    workshops were carried out in
                                                                            In 2003, IDA enhanced the Achieving       the course of the year to give staff
                                                                            Continuous Excellence (ACE)               the opportunity to plan and map out
                                                                            programme, a competency-based             their own career paths within the
                                                                            performance management system,            organisation. Through the workshops,
                                                                            which was first launched in July 2002.    IDA staff are able to discover their
                                                                            The enhanced ACE streamlined              own job motivations, interests, and
                                                                            the workflow and automated some           work values, enabling them to excel
                                                                            processes to route staff performance      at whatever they do. Staff can also
                                                                            plans more smoothly and efficiently       initiate job rotations in accordance
                                                                            to various management levels.             with their career development goals,
                                                                            IDA also introduced the Performance       and learn more about different
                                                                            Enhancement Action Plan (PEAP)            functional and business areas
                                                                            system to provide a platform for          within IDA.
                                                                            staff and their supervisors to identify
                                                                            and collectively map out a staff          Talent Management and
                                                                            development plan, listing specific        Development Programme
                                                                            action steps, progress checks and         IDA believes in identifying future
                             New managers working together during the                                                 leaders within IDA as early as possible,
                             “Bridging Across IDA” orientation programmes
                                                                            learning resources required to help
                                                                            staff continuously improve and grow       in order to harness their full potential
                                                                            within the organisation.                  and provide them with multiple
                                                                                                                      opportunities to excel. Identified
                                                                            New Managers’                             talents are exposed to leadership
                                                                            Orientation Programme                     roles in strategic task forces,
                                                                            IDA conducted two runs of an              varied assignments, job rotations
                                                                            orientation programme called              and through participations at
                                                                            “Bridging Across IDA”, in which 40        Executive Development Programmes
                                                                            managers attended. The programme,         in renowned local and overseas
                                                                            which allows managers to network          universities. This systematic
                                                                            and understand the collaborative          and proactive approach to talent
                                                                            opportunities with their counterparts     management and development equips
                                                                            in the other divisions, aims to help      IDA with a ready pool of leaders.

Singapore - Where iT Works

IDA also initiated programmes             Community Development and              by SPRING conducted a site
to support organisational                 Sports awarded IDA the Singapore       assessment at IDA, and in
development and operational               Family Friendly Employer Award,        May 2004, IDA successfully
excellence within IDA.                    in recognition of its commitment in    attained SQC recognition.
                                          staff wellness.
Cultivating a Conducive                                                          ISO9001 Certifications
Work Environment                          Act, Communicate,                      In September 2003, the Government
Maintaining an environment                Take Ownership (ACT)                   Chief Information Office (GCIO)
conducive for work is important,          IDA initiated the ACT project to       of IDA was fully ISO9001-certified.
but at IDA, it is also important          evaluate IDA’s strategic positioning   A month later, the Equipment
to provide an environment where           in the industry, public and the        Conformance Section and Licensing
staff can readily share their ideas       marketplace i.e. to determine          & Operations Department in
and exchange opinions on anything         how the general public, industry       the Policy & Competition
pertaining to IDA. To achieve this,       partners, overseas partners            Development Group received
IDA has organised a series of             and customers view IDA as an           the ISO9001:2000 certification.
events such as the Staff Conference,      organisation. This project aims to
brainstorming and sharing sessions        improve IDA’s strategic positioning    Online Balanced
like Café Latte (Learning and Thinking    and facilitate alignment within the    Scorecard (BSC) System
Together Enthusiastically) and iCafé,     organisation to accomplish this.       IDA embarked on the second phase
team-building activities, and the Staff                                          of the BSC system in FY2003, to
Suggestion Scheme (SSS) to facilitate     Singapore Quality Class (SQC)          align the objectives and Key
an open exchange of ideas on IDA’s        In July 2003, IDA embarked on          Performance Indicators (KPIs)
organisational developments.              its journey towards achieving the      with the Connected Singapore
IDA also enhanced staff wellness          SQC. The SQC project took about        vision. The system went online
and satisfaction by organising a          six months to complete. On 23 March    in October 2003, enabling IDA’s
wide spectrum of programmes               2004, SQC assessors appointed          various divisions to analyse KPIs
and activities ranging from family                                               and monitor performance targets
friendly policies, employee benefits                                             more effectively.
and employee well-being schemes
to programmes that promote                                                       Net Economic Value
employee-management relationships.                                               (NEV) Project
In June 2004, the Ministry of                                                    In February 2003, IDA started
                                                                                 the NEV, an integrated resource
                                                                                 management framework, and
                                                                                 fully implemented it by March 2004.
                                                                                 NEV is a financial measurement,
                                                                                 which integrates three key aspects:
                                                                                 net operating profit, invested capital,
                                                                                 cost of capital of the business
                                                                                 economics into one key measurement
                                                                                 standard. With NEV, IDA plans to
                                                                                 maximise value from its capital
                                                                                 and resources invested in the
                                                                                 business, and to drive long-term
                                                                                 growth in value.
Staff exchanging ideas and views at the
IDA Staff Conference in October 2003                                                                                           49
                                                                                                                           IDA ANNUAL REPORT 03/04
                                                                                                                           IDA AND ITS SUBSIDIARIES

                                                                        IDA believes that ensuring                spend more time interacting closely
                                                                        staff well-being through social           and bonding with the children on a
                                                                        interactions is just as important         regular basis. In addition, children
                                                                        as organising events and training         from the Home joined other IDA
                                                                        sessions to develop their career          staff and their children at The Cat
                                                                        paths. Fun@IDA, IDA’s recreation          in the Hat movie preview held at
                                                                        club, regularly organises fulfilling      Eng Wah Suntec City and Cathay
                                                                        and fun-filled activities aimed at        Cineleisure during the March 2004
                                                                        helping IDA staff relax and unwind        school holidays.
                                                                        after a long day at work, as well
                                                                        as caring for the less fortunate          Encouraging Healthy Living
                                                                        through events such as:                   through Social Interactions
                                                                                                                  IDA staff benefited from a series
                                                                        Fund Raising                              of fitness programmes such as
                                                                        through Pasar Malam                       pilates, yoga, kickboxing and health
                                                                        On 5 December 2003, IDA raised            improvement talks such as “Posture,
                                                                        and donated more than S$11,000            Posture, Posture! Back and Neck
                                                                        (US$6,471) through the Pasar              Aches”. IDA staff fostered team spirit
                                                                        Malam for its adopted charity,            and sportsmanship by participating
                                                                        the Singapore Children’s Society          in ten games such as bowling,
                                                                        Convalescent Home. IDA staff              football, snooker, squash, tennis
                             Top:                                       worked together to “sell” a wide          and international chess at the Public
                             Raising funds for charity through
                             IDA’s very own Pasar Malam event           variety of items at the Pasar Malam       STAR Games 2003 (STAR stands for
                                                                        ranging from bags, books, clothing,       “Staff Team up for Active Sports and
                             Interacting and bonding with children      CDs/VCDs/DVDs, electrical                 Recreation”), an annual championship
                             of IDA’s adopted charity - the Singapore
                             Children’s Society Convalescent Home       appliances, soft toys, interesting        game organised by the Civil Service
                                                                        collectibles, and even homemade           Club. IDA emerged fourth among 18
                                                                        snacks and local titbits to raise funds   participating ministries and statutory
                                                                        for the Home.                             boards under Division II. IDA staff
                                                                                                                  also enjoyed a night of “rock and
                                                                        Bringing Joy to the Children of           roll” together during its annual Dinner
                                                                        the Singapore Children’s Society          & Dance on 16 January 2004 at the
                                                                        Convalescent Home (the Home)              Raffles City Convention Centre.
                                                                        Fun@IDA also organised regular
                                                                        visits to the Home, so that staff can

Singapore - Where iT Works

                                                                                                                  From left to right:

                                                                                                                  IDA’s tennis team entered the quarter-finals
                                                                                                                  of the Public STAR Games 2003

                                                                                                                  Staff receiving tips on how to maintain
                                                                                                                  a healthy lifestyle at a health improvement
                                                                                                                  talk organised by IDA

                                                                                                                  The IDA chess team at the Public STAR Games 2003

                                                                                                      Madeleine Lee
                                                                                                      Pte Ltd

                                                                                 Ong Peng Tsin
                                                                                 President & Chief
                                                                                 Executive Officer
                                                                                 Encentuate Pte Ltd
                                                                                 (Not in picture)

                                                                                                      Yong Ying-I
                                                                                                      Ministry of

                                         Chairman, IIPL
                                         Low Check Kian
                                         NewSmith Capital
                                         Partners (Asia) Pte Ltd                                      Director
                                                                                                      Tan Ching Yee
                                                                                                      Chief Executive
A NOTE FROM CHAIRMAN OF                                                                               Authority of
INFOCOMM INVESTMENTS PTE LTD (IIPL)                                                                   Singapore

The overall business environment         Among IIPL’s investments,                                    Director
in Singapore continued to be difficult   novaSPRINT, a solutions provider                             Teo Swee Lian
in the first half of FY2003, with        and systems integrator for the                               Assistant
further tightening of corporate          urban planning and healthcare                                Director
IT budgets across industries; the        sectors, which was listed on                                 Monetary
SARS outbreak in Asia; and global        MESDAQ in August 2003, enabled                               Authority of
economic instability. We have,           us to financially gain from the sale                         Singapore
however, witnessed signs of              of our shares.
gradual recovery emerging from
the second half of FY2003.               Moving forward, the board
                                         and management of IIPL will                                  Khoong Hock Yun
Against this challenging backdrop,       continue to maintain discipline                              Assistant Chief
IIPL managed to make a healthy           when sourcing for suitable new                               Executive
profit and performed credibly in the     investments which are strategic                              (Industry)
financial year ended, 31 March 2004.     to the infocomm sector in                                    Infocomm
                                         Singapore; assist our existing                               Development
                                                                                                      Authority of
In February 2004, IIPL was part          portfolio companies to grow; and                             Singapore
of a consortium of Singaporean           capitalise on exit opportunities
investors, which invested S$27 million   where they arise.
(US$15.9m) in System Access, a
leading financial software provider      I would like to take this opportunity
of customer-centric universal banking    to welcome our new director,
solutions for financial institutions.    Mr Khoong Hock Yun, to the Board
IIPL whole-heartedly supports IDA’s      on 17 November 2003 and also,                                                        51
efforts in developing Singapore into     to thank my fellow directors for
                                                                                                                        IDA ANNUAL REPORT 03/04
                                                                                                                        IDA AND ITS SUBSIDIARIES

a vibrant infocomm hub through our       their contributions during the year.
equity investments.

                                         LOW CHECK KIAN
                                         Chairman, IIPL

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