Advertising Slogans Celebrate Their 150th Birthday by iupon13


									?It's hard to believe, but advertising slogans are now officially 150 years old. They
started out humbly, but the interest in them has grown considerably during that time.
Now, almost all brands have some kind of slogan attached to them and some of them
are so strongly entrenched in the human psyche that almost everyone in the world
seems to know what they are. That's a great thing for advertisers and marketers, and
it's also a great thing for the companies that are so popular and have such good sales
because people remember them. When people remember a company and like its
product, there's a good chance that they will continue to make purchases from that
company, and that new products that are introduced from that company - also with
catchy slogans - will do well. People will at least be willing to try them.

Slogans are very important now and almost every product or company has one. When
they first started, though, it was just one company putting one on a box of cold and flu
medication in an effort to catch the attention of customers and potential customers.

The company was trying to set itself apart from the competitors that were offering
essentially the same thing for a medication. It worked, because more and more people
started buying the product even though the slogan wasn't that good or that inspiring.
The idea wasn't that there was a great slogan attached to the product. The idea was
that there was a slogan at all. A claim had been made, and it was placed right on the
box for the package, so that everyone could see it. Now, 150 years later, there are
slogans everywhere and claims made by all kinds of products. They continue to
change and evolve, just like the products and companies that they represent, and
they'll continue to do that into the future, as well. Celebrating the slogans and the
advertising that makes such a difference is a great thing, because they've managed to
sell millions of dollars worth of products to people all over the world during the time
that they've been used. It's impressive, and advertisers are always trying to come up
with the next great slogan so that they can continue to move their products and
companies forward. That will only get more important in the future as companies
work to push their products in a market that's struggling right now but showing signs
of improvement.

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