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					Unit 26) Food

Aunt Erma’s Home Cooking Show

       Karel had one morning free while he was attending a
       management conference in Chicago so he stayed in his hotel
       room and watched a T.V. show about cooking.

  “ Today on Aunt Erma’s Home Cooking Show, we’re going to show
you how to make a fast and easy casserole. I call it hot dog casserole.
It takes about twenty minutes to prepare and then you throw it in
the oven, bake it for thirty minutes, and it’s done. This tasty dish is
really good for those working mothers who don’t have a lot of time
to fix a fancy dinner every evening.
  All you need for this dish is one green pepper, half a package of
pasta, seven or eight hot dogs, one cup of cottage cheese, one
onion, five table spoons of butter, four tablespoons of flour, one cup
of milk, one tablespoon of Worcester sauce, and salt and
  First, boil the pasta for five minutes. Then put a cloth towel over
the top of the pot and put the lid on. Let the pasta sit in the water for
about fifteen minutes. While the pasta is sitting, dice the onion and
cut the green pepper into small pieces. Sauté them together in butter
for about eight minutes, and then add the flour. Once all the flour is
mixed in, add the milk. Simmer this mixture until it becomes creamy,
then mix in the cottage cheese, cut up the hot dogs, and the cooked
pasta. Stir this all together and season it with some salt and pepper
and a tablespoon of Worcester sauce. The hard part is done. Now,
pour the mixture into the casserole dish and bake it at three hun-
dred degrees for five minutes. Your family will love it. “

       conference [konf∫r∫ns] konference, home cooking [h∫um
       kuki∆] domácí kuchynû, casserole [kæs∫r∫ul] zapékané
       jídlo, tasty [teisti] chutn˘, working mother [wo:ki∆ maµ∫]
       zamûstnaná matka, cup [kap] ‰álek: bûÏná jednotka
       v americk˘ch receptech, asi jako obsah ãeského ãajového

       ‰álku, cloth towel [kloœ tau∫l] utûrka, lid [lid] víko pekáãe,
       season [si:zn] okofienit, ochutit, the hard part [ha:d pa:t]
       obtíÏná ãást, at three hundred degrees [di≥gri:s] means
       Fahrenheit; American ovens have thermostats which can
       be also set to Low Heat, Medium Heat rather than

Conversation in Class
 If your students are interested in food and want to learn as much
 vocabulary as possible, it’s a good idea to prepare recipes with
 them, for example put together one for a meat dish and another
 one for a desert.

Let’s Go and Have Some Coffee and Sweets

       Sara is with her student at a new American coffee house in
       Prague. She is explaining to her student what some of the
       American desserts are.

Sara: I think I’m going to have a capuccino and a piece of banana
cream pie.
Student: I’ll just have a cup of coffee with milk.
Sara: Aren’t you going to have something sweet with that?
Student: I would, but I don’t know what a lot of these desserts are.
Sara: Which ones aren’t you familiar with?
Student I don’t have the faintest idea what cheesecake is.
Sara: Cheesecake is yummy. It’s a pudding-like dessert that we
  make with cream cheese. I don’t know if you have cream cheese
  here in the Czech Republic.
Student: I think we have it, but it’s not exactly like American cream
  cheese. And what are doughnuts?
Sara: Doughnuts are really popular in America. They are a pastry
  that we eat with coffee for breakfast. They are deep fried, chewy
  pieces of bread that look like little wheels. We even have dough-
  nut balls which are the middles that are cut out of the doughnuts

 when they are made. They taste the same as doughnuts, but they
 are a different shape.
Student: You sure eat some crazy things in America, but they do
 sound tasty. I think I’ll try the cheesecake. It sounds the most

       be familiar with [bi: fæmilj∫ wiœ] znát nûco, the faintest idea
       [feintist ai≥di∫] nejmen‰í tu‰ení, hovorovû: be yummy
       [≤jami≥] b˘t chutn˘, yummy mÀam, popular [popjul∫]
       oblíben˘, deep fry [di:p frai] smaÏit ponofiením do tuku,
       chewy [ãu:wi] “gumov˘”, chew [ãu:] Ïv˘kat, wheel [wi:l] kolo
       u vozu, ball [bo:l] koule, middle [midl] prostfiedek, shape
       [‰eip] tvar, bizarre [bi≥za:] divn˘

What Are You Going to Have?

       Zdenûk and his wife Alena are in America on vacation. This
       evening they decided to eat out at a restaurant.

Waiter: May I take your order, sir?
Zdenûk: What are you going to have for dinner, honey?
Alena: I’m not going to tell you because whenever I do, you always
  choose the same thing.
Zdenûk: I don’t think we’re ready yet. Can you give us about five
  more minutes?
Waiter Take your time. I’ll come back when you’re ready.
Alena: You shouldn’t have sent him away. He’ll never come back.
Zdenûk: Sure he will. This isn’t Prague.
Waiter: Are you ready to order, sir?
Zdenûk See, I told you so! Yes, I’ll take the filet mignon.
Waiter: And what would you like with that: baked potato or French
Zdenûk: I’ll take a baked potato.
Waiter Would you like a salad?
Zdenûk: Yes, I would. Do you have blue cheese dressing?
Waiter: Yes, we do.
Zdenûk: Then I’ll take that and I would like a glass of red wine if you
  have it.

Waiter: The house wine is a California Burgundy, vintage 1990. Is
  that O.K.?
Zdenûk: Yes, that’ll be fine.
Waiter: And what will you be having for dinner, ma’am?
Alena: I’d like your spare rib dinner with a baked potato and a salad
  with French dressing.
Waiter: And would you like anything to drink?
Alena: Water would be fine.

       “Honey” [hani] hovorovû: miláãku, be ready [bi: redi] b˘t
       pfiipraven,take your time zde: v klidu si vyberte, house
       wine [haus wain] víno v zásobách restaurace rozlévané do
       sklenic, podstatnû levnûj‰í neÏ lahve vína,
       vintage [vintidÏ] roãník

Conversation in Class

1. Have your students pretend they are waiters in a restaurant and
  have to explain to their customers what is in a dish, and how was
  it prepared. Tell the students that this is a common practise in
  expensive restaurants abroad, they may not be aware of that
  because of the poor service in Czech restaurants.

2. Discuss with your students what kind of restaurant do they like
  to go to. What kind of restaurants have they visited abroad? If
  they are interested in the restaurant business, what kind of
  restaurant would they like to open or manage?

3. Look at the photograph on the next page.
  What can you see on the table?
  What impression does the table make on you?
  What is everyone eating? Are the people talking over the meal
  or are they silent?
  Do Czechs usually talk when they eat? Do they talk about the
  food like the French would?

                       fotka ã.39
                       uvnitfi restaurace

1) O jídle About Food
vafiení cooking [kuki∆]
kuchynû (styl vafiení) cuisine [kwi≥zi:n]
kuchynû (místnost) kitchen [kiã∫n]
kuchyÀsk˘ kout kitchenette [kiã∫net]

In Czech we use the same word for all these different meanings.
Explain them and give more examples:
jídlo (strava) food [fu:d]
jídlo (napfi. ‰panûlsk˘ ptáãek) dish [di‰]
jídlo (napfi. obûd) meal [mi:l]
chod course [ko:s]
So in English you can say: That dish is not the type of food that
you should eat. I don’t eat a three-course meal every day.

jídlo o tfiech chodech a three-course meal
kalorie calorie [kæl∫ri]
energie energy [en∫dÏi]                                    412
v˘Ïiva nutrition [nju:≥tri‰∫n]
konzervaãní prostfiedek preservative [pri≥z∫:v∫tiv]
pfiísada additive [æd∫tiv]
minerál mineral [min∫r∫l]
vitamín vitamin [vit∫min][vait∫min]
cholesterol cholesterol [ko≥lest∫rol]

mít hlad be hungry [bi: ha∆gri]
umírat hlady be starving [bi: sta:vi∆]
pochutnat si na like [laik], enjoy [in≥dÏoi] something
mlsat have a sweet tooth [swi:t tu:œ]
b˘t mlsn˘, vybírav˘ v jídle finicky [finiki],
       choosy [ãu:zi] with/about food
pustit se do jídla start eating
zhltnout wolf down [wulf daun]
Are you choosy about food?

Denní jídla Daily Meals [deili mi:lz]
snídanû breakfast [brekf∫st]
svaãina snack [snæk]
dopolední, odpolední svaãina mid-morning, afternoon snack
vydatná pfiesnídávka nahrazující snídani
a obûd brunch [branã]
pfiesnídávka, dopolední svaãina BR: elevenses [i≥levnsiz]
obûd (lehk˘) lunch [lanã]
obûd (v‰eobecnû) midday meal [middei mi:l]
veãefie (lehká) supper [sap∫]
veãefie (jako hlavní jídlo) dinner [din∫]
veãefie (v‰eobecnû) evening meal [i:vni∆ mi:l]
snídat have breakfast
obûdvat have lunch
svaãit have a snack, have a tea break [breik]
veãefiet have dinner, dine [dain], have supper

pfiipravit prepare [pri≥pe∫]
pfiichystat get ready [redi]
uvafiit (si) make cook [kuk],
  hovorovû: fix [fiks] dinner, lunch
What is your favorite meal on a business day
and during the weekend?                                     Food

2) Jak se jídla pfiipravují How Is Food Prepared
vafiit boil [boil]
péct bake [beik]
smaÏit fry [frai]
ohfiát heat [hi:t]
znovu ohfiát reheat [ri:≥hi:t]
pfiedehfiát preheat [≤pri:≥hi:t]
pfiehfiát, rozpálit overheat [≤∫uv∫≥hi:t]
pfievafiit, rozvafiit overcook [≤∫uv∫≥kuk]

rychle osmahnout sauté [s∫utei] [sau≥tei]
grilovat grill [gril]
opékat na roÏni barbecue [ba:bikju:], broil [broil]
vafiit v páfie, spafiit steam [sti:m]
dusit stew [stju:]
vafiit na mírném ohni, bublat simmer [sim∫]
syãet, prskat sizzle [sizl]
mírnû vafiit, vafiit vejce bez skofiápky poach [p∫uã]
blan‰írovat blanch [bla:nã] [bla:n‰]
nechat dovafiit v horké vodû, v páfie scald [sko:ld]
rozpustit melt [melt]
rozmrazit defrost [≤di:≥frost]

oloupat peel [pi:l]
krájet cut [kat]
nakrájet na kostiãky dice [dais]
nasekat na drobno chop [ãop], mince [mins]
nakrájet na plátky slice [slais]
strouhat grate [greit]
vykostit de-bone [≤di:≥b∫un]
naklepat tenderize [tend∫raiz]
mlít grind [graind]

smísit combine [k∫m≥bain]
vmíchat, vmísit do fold [f∫uld] into
míchat, smíchat mix [miks]
‰lehat vejce, smetanu whip [wip]
‰lehaãka whipped cream [kri:m]
míchat vejce scramble [skræmbl]
míchaná vejce scrambled eggs [≤skræmbld ≥egz]         Food
míchat tekuté, polotuhé stir [st∫:]
dÛkladnû promíchat salát toss [tos]                   414
pfiidat add [æd]
odmûfiit measure [meÏ∫]
prosít mouku sift [sift]
zahustit thicken [œik∫n]
válet tûsto knead [ni:d]
podlít tukem nebo ‰Èávou baste [beist], grease [gri:s]
vymaãkat ‰Èávu squeeze [skwi:z]
nabrat nabûraãkou scoop [sku:p]
nalít pour [po:]
Do you know all these cooking techniques? Explain what each of
them means.

KuchyÀské náãiní Cooking Utensils [kuki∆ ju:≥tens∫lz]
talífi plate [pleit]
hlubok˘ talífi deep plate [di:p pleit]
mûlk˘ talífi flat plate [flæt pleit]
talífiek dessert plate [di≥z∫:t pleit]
‰álek cup [kap]
pod‰álek saucer [so:s∫]
hrnek mug [mag]
sklenice glass [gla:s]

pfiíbory AM: silverware [silv∫we:∫], BR: cutlery [katl∫ri]
nÛÏ knife [naif]
vroubkovan˘ nÛÏ serrated knife [s∫≤reitid≥naif]
vidliãka fork [fo:k]
dezertní vidliãka dessert fork [di≥z∫:t fo:k]
lÏíce spoon [spu:n]
polévková lÏíce tablespoon [teibl spu:n], soupspoon [s∫upspu:n]
lÏiãka teaspoon [ti:spu:n], coffeespoon [kofispu:n]
miska bowl [b∫ul]
podnos tray [trei]

sporák stove [st∫uv]
trouba na peãení oven [avn]
Ïáruvzdorná rukavice, “chÀapka” oven glove [avn glav]
mikrovlnná trouba microwave [maikroweiv] oven
dát do trouby put into the oven
hrnec pot [pot]
pánev, kastrólek s drÏadlem pan [pæn],                     Food
    saucepan [so:sp∫n] AM: [so:spæn]
pánev na smaÏení frying pan [≥fraii∆ ≤pæn]
ohnivzdorn˘ rendlík, pekáã casserole dish [kæs∫r∫ul di‰]
pekáã na maso roasting pan [≥r∫usti∆ ≤pæn]
pekáã na peãivo baking dish [beiki∆ di‰]
plech na peãení baking sheet [beiki∆ ‰i:t], cake tin [keik tin]
plech na cukroví, su‰enky cookie sheet [kuki ‰i:t]
nádoba s dvojit˘m dnem double boiler [dabl boil∫]
vafieãka cooking spoon [kuki∆ spu:n]
nabûraãka ladle [leidl]
‰krabka peeler [pi:l∫]
stûrka spatula [spætjul∫]
struhadlo grater [greit∫]
struhadlo na s˘r cheese grater [ãi:z greit∫]
ruãní ‰lehaã egg beater [eg bi:t∫]
metla na ‰lehání smetany whisk [wisk]
maãkadlo na ãesnek garlic press [ga:lik pres]
prk˘nko cutting board [kati∆ bo:d]
váleãek na tûsto rolling pin [r∫uli∆ pin]
vál na tûsto pastry board [peistri bo:d]
otvírák na lahve bottle opener [botl ∫up∫n∫]
otvírák na konzervy AM: can [kæn] opener
    BR: tin opener [tin ∫up∫n∫]
mixér blender [blend∫], liquidizer [likwidaiz∫]
v˘vrtka corkscrew [ko:kskru:]
cedník, sítko strainer [strein∫]
sítko sifter [sift∫]
odmûrka measuring cup [meÏ∫ri∆ kap],
    measuring spoon [meÏ∫ri∆ spu:n]
Name all the objects in your kitchen.
What else would you like to buy?

A very long list follows. Use it to prepare three recipes for your
favorite dishes in English.
Also what is your favorite salad?
What fruits do you like to eat as the year progresses from January
to December?

kuchafika (kniha) cook book [kuk buk]
recept recipe [resipi]
pfiísady, ingredience ingredients [in≥gri:dj∫nts]                  Food
návod instructions [in≥strak‰∫nz]
3) Zelenina Vegetables [vedÏ∫t∫blz]
rajské jablíãko, rajãe tomato [t∫≥ma:t∫u]
paprika paprika [pæprik∫]
paprika s tup˘m koncem bell pepper [bel pep∫]
kedluben, kedlubna kohlrabi [≤k∫ul≥ra:bi]

hlávkov˘ salát lettuce [letis]
salát napfi. bramborov˘ salad [sæl∫d]
zelen˘ salát romaine lettuce [r∫u≤mein ≥letis]
hlávkové zelí cabbage [kæbidÏ] lettuce
zelí, kapusta cabbage [kæbidÏ]
kapusta kale [keil]
rÛÏiãková kapusta Brussels sprouts [≤braslz ≥sprauts]

‰penát spinach [spinidÏ]
ãekanka, ‰tûrbák endive [endiv]
ãekanka chicory [ãik∫ri]
fiefiicha salátová water cress [wo:t∫ kres]
petrÏel parsley [pa:sli]
paÏitka chives [ãaivz], chive [ãaiv]
celer celery [sel∫ri]
chfiest asparagus [∫≥spær∫g∫s]
artyãok artichoke [a:tiã∫uk]
rebarbora, reveÀ rhubarb [ru:ba:b]
hofiãiãné listy mustard greens [mast∫d gri:nz]
kvûták cauliflower [≥koli≤flau∫]
brokolice broccol [brok∫li]

brambor potato [p∫≥teit∫u]
batáta, sladk˘ brambor batata [b∫≥ta:t∫], sweet [swi:t] potato
hranolky, pomfrity AM: french fries [frenã fraiz], BR: chips
brambÛrky potato chips
bramborová ka‰e mashed [mæ‰t] potatoes
opeãené bramborové slupky potato skins
osmaÏené vafiené brambory hashbrowns [hæ‰braunz]
ten, kdo se jen válí na kanapi, dívá na televizi a jí brambÛrky:
couch [kauã] potato

jam, sladk˘ brambor yam [jæm]
mrkev carrot [kær∫t]                                           Food
fiepa beet [bi:t]
ãervená fiepa beetroot [bi:tru:t]                             417
fiedkviãka radish [rædi‰]
kfien horseradish [≥ho:s≤rædi‰]
pastinák parsnip [pa:snip]
vodnice, tufiín turnip [t∫:nip]
cibule onion [anj∫n]
zelená jarní cibulka scallion [skælj∫n]
pórek leek [li:k]
ãesnek garlic [ga:lik]
ãesnek ‰alotka shallot [‰∫≥lot]
okurka salátová cucumber [kju:kamb∫]
okurka nakládaãka gherkin [g∫:kin], AM pickle [pikl]
d˘nû, tykev pumpkin [pampkin],squash [skwo‰]
      BR: marrow [mær∫u]
zukini AM: zucchini [zu≥ki:ni], BR: courgette [ku∫≥Ïet]
lilek AM: eggplant [egpla:nt], BR: aubergine [∫ub∫Ïi:n]
okra, ibi‰ek jedl˘ okra [okr∫]

fazole bean [bi:n]
fazol mûsíãní lima bean [li:m∫ bi:n]
strakaté fazole pinto [pint∫u] beans
v˘honky soji do salátÛ bean sprouts [bi:n sprauts]
sójové boby soya [soi∫] beans
ãoãka lentils [lentilz]
hrách zelen˘ peas [pi:z]
hrachové lusky pea pods [pi: podz]
hrá‰ek svûtle hnûd˘ chickpeas [ãikpi:s]

Ovoce Fruits [fru:ts]
jablko apple [æpl]
hru‰ka pear [pe∫]
hroznové víno grapevine [greipvain]
hrozinka raisin [reizn]
granátové jablko pomegranate [≥pom≤grænit]

citrusové ovoce citrus frui [sitr∫s fru:t]
citrón lemon [lem∫n]
pomeranã orange [orindÏ]
druh pomeranãe s mal˘m vrostl˘m plodem navel [neiv∫l] orange
grep, grapefruit grapefruit [greipfru:t]
mandarinka mandarine [mænd∫rin]                          Food
tangerinka tangerine [≤tændÏ∫≥ri:n]
limetta lime [laim]
tropické ovoce tropical fruit [tropik∫l fru:t]
banán banana [b∫≥na:n∫]
kiwi kiwi [ki:wi:]
ananas pineapple [≥pain≤æpl]
mango mango [mæng∫u]
avokádo avocado [≤æv∫≥ka:d∫u]
datle date [deit]
fík fig [fig]
kokosov˘ ofiech coconut [k∫uk∫nat]
oliva olive [oliv]
papája papaya [p∫≥pai∫]
guava guava [gwa:v∫]

ovoce s peckou stone fruit [st∫un fru:t]
pecka stone [st∫un]
tfie‰eÀ, vi‰eÀ cherry [ãeri]
meruÀka apricot [eiprikot]
broskev peach [pi:ã]
nektarinka nectarine [nekt∫rin]
‰vestka plum [plam]
su‰ená ‰vestka prune [pru:n]

bobulovité plody berries [beriz]
bobule berry [beri]
jahoda strawberry [stro:b∫ri]
malina raspberry [ra:zb∫ri]
ostruÏina blackberry [blækb∫ri]
borÛvka blueberry [blu:b∫ri]
americká borÛvka huckleberry [haklb∫ri]
brusinka cranberry [krænb∫ri]
rybíz currant [kar∫nt]
angre‰t gooseberry [guzb∫ri]
meloun v‰eobecnû melon [mel∫n]
meloun (bûÏn˘ u nás) watermelon [wo:t∫mel∫n]
d˘nû meloun musk melon [≥mask≤mel∫n]
velmi sladk˘ mu‰kátov˘ meloun honeydew [hanidju:]
ananasov˘ meloun cantaloupe [kænt∫lu:p]

Ofiechy Nuts [nats]
vla‰sk˘ ofiech walnut [wo:lnat]                      Food
bursk˘ ofií‰ek peanut [pi:nat]
lískov˘ ofií‰ek hazel nut [heizl nat]                419
ofií‰ek ke‰ú cashew nut [kæ≥‰u: nat]
para ofiech Brazil nut [br∫≥zil nat]

Houby Mushrooms [ma‰rumz]
Ïampión field, meadow mushroom [ma‰rum]
hfiib boletus [b∫≥li:t∫s]
bedla parasol [pær∫sol] mushroom

4) Obilniny Cereals [si∫ri∫lz]
zrno grain [grein]
p‰enice wheat [wi:t]
oves oats [∫uts]
kukufiice corn [ko:n]
jeãmen barley [ba:li]
Ïito rye [rai]
proso millet [mil∫t]
r˘Ïe rice [rais]

jáhly millet [mil∫t]
kroupy barley [ba:li]
ovesné vloãky oat flakes [∫ut fleiks]
p‰eniãné vloãky wheat flakes [wi:t fleiks]
kukufiiãné vloãky cornflakes [ko:nfleiks]

celozrnn˘ whole-meal [h∫ulmi:l], AM: whole wheat [h∫ul wi:t]
chleba, chléb bread [bred]
bíl˘ chléb white bread [wait bred]
p‰eniãn˘ chléb wheat bread [wi:t bred]
Ïitn˘ chléb rye bread [rai bred]
bochník loaf [j∫uf]
kÛrka crust [krast]
rohlík roll [r∫ul], croissant [krwa:sa:∆]
houska bun [ban]
knedlík dumpling [dampli∆]
tûstoviny pasta [pa:st∫]
nudle noodles [nu:dlz]
‰pagety spaghetti [sp∫≥geti]
makaróny macaroni [≤mæk∫≥r∫uni]
pizza pizza [pi:ts∫]
mouka flour [flau∫]
tûsto dough [d∫u]
‰krob starch [sta:ã]
kvasnice, droÏdí yeast [ji:st]

Mléãné v˘robky Dairy Products [de∫ri prod∫kts]
mléko milk [milk]
máslo butter [bat∫]
margarín margarine [≤ma:dÏ∫≥ri:n]
podmáslí buttermilk [bat∫milk]
smetana cream [kri:m]
kysaná smetana sour cream [sau∫ kri:m]
‰lehaãka whipped cream [wip∫d kri:m]
s˘r cheese [ãi:z]
tvaroh cottage cheese [≤kotidÏ≥ãi:z]
sladk˘ tvaroh cream cheese
tvarohov˘ koláã cheesecake
jogurt yog(h)urt, yoghourt [jog∫t]
rokfór blue cheese
taven˘ s˘r cheese spread
pomazánka spread [spred]

5) Sladkovodní ryby Freshwater Fish [≥fre‰≤wo:t∫ fi‰]
kapr carp [ka:p]
‰tika pike [paik]
pstruh trout [traut]
úhofi eel [i:l]
okoun bass [bæs]
rak crawfish [kro:fi‰]
kaviár caviar [kævia:]

Mofiské ryby a mûkk˘‰i Seafood [≥si:≤fu:d]
treska cod [kod]
sardinka sardine [sa:≥di:n]
makrela mackerel [mækr∫l]
losos salmon [sæm∫n]
humr lobster [lobst∫]
krab crab [kræb]
tuÀák tuna [tu:n∫]
Ïelva turtle [t∫:tl]
Ïralok shark [‰a:k]                                     Food
chobotnice octopus [okt∫p∫s]
ústfiice oyster [oist∫]
mlÏ, ‰keble clam [klæm]
lastura, hfiebenatka scallop [skol∫p]
kreveta shrimp [‰rimp]

DrÛbeÏ Poultry [p∫ultri]
kufie chicken [ãik∫n]
slepiãí polévka chicken soup [ãik∫n su:p]
slepice hen [hen]
kachna duck [dak]
husa goose [gu:s]
krocan turkey [t∫:ki]
holub pigeon [pidÏ∫n]
baÏant pheasant [feznt]
kfiepelka quail [kweil]

Vejce Eggs [egz]
míchaná vejce scrambled [≤skræmbld≥] eggs
“volská oka” eggs sunny side up [sani said ap]
“na hniliãko” soft-boiled [≤soft≥boild] eggs
“na tvrdo” hard-boiled [≤ha:d≥boild] eggs
“ztracená vejce” poached [p∫uãt] eggs

Maso Red Meat [red mi:t]
hovûzí beef [bi:f]
telecí veal [vi:l]
vepfiové pork [po:k]
skopové mutton [matn]
jehnûãí lamb [læm]
zvûfiina venison [venzn], game [geim]
králík rabbit [ræbit]
zajíc hare [he∫]

Porcované maso Cuts [kats]
mleté hovûzí ground beef [graund bi:f]
hovûzí maso od plece T-bone [ti:b∫un]
drÛbky giblets [dÏibl∫ts]
hovûzí hrudí brisket [brisk∫t]
hovûzí plec chuck [ãak]
loupaná hovûzí plec round [raund]
kotleta cutlet [katl∫t]                          422
k˘ta rump [ramp]
stejk steak [steik]
v˘bûrov˘ stejk porter house [po:t∫ haus] steak
grilovan˘ stejk London broil [land∫n broil]
zadní ãást hfibetu loin [loin]
hovûzí zadní sirloin [s∫:loin]
svíãková tenderloin [tend∫loin]
fiezy ze svíãkové filet mignon [filet min≥jon]
Ïebírko rib [rib]
vepfiové Ïebírko spare rib [spe∫ rib]
oháÀka shank [‰æ∆k]
mlet˘ kofienûn˘ fiízek Salisbury steak [so:lzb∫ri steik]
peãenû roast [r∫ust]
kufiecí kfiidélka chicken wings [ãik∫n wi∆z]

Vnitfinosti Offal [of∫l]
srdce heart [ha:t]
mozeãek brains [breinz]
ledvinka kidney [kidni]
játra liver [liv∫]
játrov˘ salám liverwurst [liv∫w∫:st]
morek marrow [     [mær∫u]
jazyk tongue [ta∆]
dr‰Èky tripe [traip]

Pokrmy z masa Meat Dishes [mi:t di‰iz]
du‰ené maso stew [stju:]
du‰ené maso se zeleninou a bramborami chowder [ãaud∫]
uzené maso smoked meat [sm∫ukt mi:t]

uzeniny cold cuts [k∫uld kats]
salám salami [s∫≥la:mi]
mûkk˘ salám bologna [b∫≥l∫unj∫]
párek frankfurter [fræ∆kf∫:t∫], sausage [sosidÏ]
párek v rohlíku hot dog [hot dog]
klobása knockwurst [≥nok≤w∫:st]
slanina bacon [beik∫n]
‰unka ham [hæm]
tlaãenka headcheese [hedãi:z]
kofienûné uzené hovûzí pastrami [p∫≥stra:mi]              Food
pa‰tika paté [pætei]
hamburger hamburger [hæmb∫:g∫]
sendviã sandwich [sændviã]
hovûzí konzerva corned beef [ko:nd bi:f]

fiízek Viennese schnitzel [≤vi∫≥ni:z ‰nits∫l], Vienner schnitzel
biftek, stejk steak [steik], beefsteak [bi:fsteik]
gulበgoulash [gu:l∫‰]
rostbíf roast beef [r∫ust bi:f]
ragú ragout [rægu:]
aspik aspic [æspik]
nádivka stuffing [stafi∆]
hovûzí v˘var bouillon [bu:jo:∆]

6) Sladká jídla Sweet Dishes
sladkost sweet [swi:t]
cukroví sweets [swi:ts], AM: candy [kændi]
ãokoláda chocolate [ãokl∫t]
ãokoládové bonbóny chocolates [ãokl∫ts]
nugát nougat [nu:ga:]
karamel caramel [kær∫m∫l]
atlaska butterscotch [bat∫skoã], toffee [tofi]

zákusek, dezert dessert [di≥z∫:t]
sladké peãivo pastry [peistri]
dort cake [keik]
ãokoládov˘ dort chocolate cake
ovocn˘ koláã pie [pai]
jableãn˘ koláã apple pie

lívanec pancake [pænkeik]
amoleta, palaãinka crépe [kreip]
buchta z kynutého tûsta s rozinkami danish [deini‰]
kobliha ( má uprostfied díru) doughnut [d∫unat]
francouzsk˘ rohlík z lístkového tûsta croissant [krwa:sa:∆]
su‰enka biscuit [biskit], AM: cookie [kuki]
ãokoládové, kakaové peãivo brownie [brauni]
malá báboviãka z pi‰kotového tûsta muffin [mafin]
vafle waffle [wofl]
ko‰íãek plnûn˘ ovocem tart [ta:t]
snûhová pusinka meringue [m∫≥ræ∆]                                 Food
nákyp, mouãník pudding [pudi∆]
krupicová ka‰e semolina pudding [≤sem∫≥li:n∫ pudi∆]
ovesná ka‰e porridge [poridÏ], oatmeal [∫utmi:l]
sladk˘ nákyp soufflé [su:flei]
pudink, krém z vajec a mléka custard [kast∫d]
Ïelé jelly [dÏeli]
jableãné pyré applesauce [æplso:s]
dÏem jam [dÏæm]
marmeláda marmalade [ma:m∫leid]
syrup syrup [sir∫p] [se∫p]
zmrzlina ice cream [ais kri:m]
ovocná vodová zmrzlina sorbet [so:b∫t]
kompot compote [komp∫ut]

7) Kofiení Spices [spaisiz]
sÛl salt [so:lt]
pepfi pepper [pep∫]
pepfi cel˘ peppercorn [pep∫ko:n]
kmín caraway [kær∫wei]
paprika paprika [pæprik∫]
sladká paprika pimento [pi≥met∫u]
pálivá paprika cayenne [kei≥en]
nové kofiení allspice [o:lspais]
bobkov˘ list bay leaf [bei li:f]
hfiebíãek cloves [kl∫uvz]
kopr dill [dil]
zázvor ginger [dÏindÏ∫]
vanilka vanilla [v∫≥nil∫]
skofiice cinnamon [sin∫m∫n]
majoránka marjoram [ma:dÏ∫r∫m]
jalovãinka juniper berry [dÏu:nip∫ beri]
máta mint [mint]
máta peprná peppermint [pep∫mint]
mu‰kátov˘ ofií‰ek nutmeg [natmeg]
rozmar˘n rosemary [r∫uzm∫r] [r∫uzmeri]
‰afrán saffron [sæfr∫n]
‰alvûj sage [seidÏ]
tymián thyme [taim]
fenykl fennel [fenl]
koriandr coriander [≤kori≥ænd∫]
an˘z aniseed [ænisi:d]                                Food
bazalka basil [bæzl] [beizl]
saturejka savory [seiv∫ri]                            425
bedrník pimpernel [pimp∫nel]
chili chili [ãili]
oregano, dobromysl oregano [≤ori≥ga:n∫u]
kari curry [kari]
kofiení na ryby tumeric [tju:m∫rik]

mák poppy seed [popi si:d]
sezamové semínko sesame seed [ses∫mi si:d]
semeno, semínko seed [si:d]

Pfiísady Condiments [kondim∫nts]
keãup ketchup [keã∫p]
hofiãice mustard [mast∫d]
majonéza mayonnaise [≤mei∫≥neiz]
omáãka sauce [so:s]
tatarská omáãka tartar sauce [ta:ta: so:s]
sójová omáãka soya sauce [soi∫ so:s]
vorãestr Worcester sauce [wust∫ so:s]
kofiení-pfiíloha k masu ze zeleniny a ovoce chutney [ãatni]
majonézová nebo s˘rová omáãka k namáãení zeleniny dip [dip]
ocet vinegar [vinig∫]
marináda, kysel˘ nálev marinade [≤mæri≥neid]
nálev na salát dressing [dresi∆]
rozstrouhaná kyselá okurka (pfiíloha k masu) relish [reli‰]

8) Jak˘ mÛÏe pokrm b˘t Food Adjectives [fu:d ædÏ∫ktivz]
syrov˘ raw [ro:]
vafien˘ cooked [kukt]
polotovar ready-to-cook [redi tu kuk]
zdrav˘ healthy [helœi]
dietní dietary [dai∫t∫ri]
bohat˘ rich [riã]
obyãejn˘ coarse [ko:s]
domácí homemade [h∫ummeid]

sladk˘ sweet [swi:t]
slan˘ salty [so:lti]
kysel˘ sour [sau∫]
ostr˘, kofienûn˘ spicy [spaisi]
vynikající delicious [di≥li‰∫s]
chutn˘ tasty [teisti]
jemn˘, nepfiíli‰ ostr˘ mild [maild]
kfiehk˘, kfiupav˘ crispy [krispi], crunchy [kranãi]
kfiehk˘ tender [tend∫]
‰Èavnat˘ juicy [dÏu:si]
such˘ dry [drai]
fiídk˘ soupy [su:pi], thin [œin]
tekut˘ liquid [likwid]
hust˘ thick [œik]
tuh˘ tough [taf]
ka‰ovit˘ mushy [ma‰i]
vyÏadující Ïv˘kání chewy [ãu:i]
lepiv˘ sticky [stiki]

mouãn˘ mealy [mi:li]
mastn˘ greasy [gri:zi]
olejnat˘ oily [oili]
krémovit˘ creamy [kri:mi]
tuãn˘ fatty [fæti]
libov˘ lean [li:n]

mírnû propeãen˘ medium [mi:dj∫m]
dobfie propeãen˘ well-done [wel dan]
krvav˘ rare [re∫]
bezmas˘ meatless [mi:tl∫s]

ãerstv˘ fresh [fre‰]
oschl˘ stale [steil]
Ïlukl˘ rancid [rænsid]
plesniv˘ mouldy [m∫uldi]
neslan˘ nemastn˘ bland [blænd]
pfiesolen˘ oversalted [≤∫uv∫≥so:ltid]

9) Nealkoholické nápoje Soft Drinks [soft dri∆ks]
pít drink [dri∆k]
voda water [wo:t∫]
sodová voda, soda soda water [s∫ud∫ wo:t∫]
minerálka mineral water [≥min∫r∫l ≤wo:t∫], seltzer [selts∫]
limonáda, citronáda lemonade [≤lem∫≥neid]
tonik tonic water [tonik wo:t∫]                               Food
dÏus juice [dÏu:s], BR: squash [skwo‰]
kola, koka-kola coke [k∫uk]
nûjaká limonáda ze sodovky AM: soda [s∫ud∫]
osvûÏující ovocn˘ nápoj cooler [ku:l∫]

ãaj tea [ti:]
káva coffee [kofi]
kakao cocoa [k∫uk∫u]
mléãn˘ koktejl milkshake [milk‰eik]
What do you drink when you are thirsty?
Do you have any favorite soft drinks?

Alkoholické nápoje Alcoholic Beverages [≤ælk∫≥holik
znaãka brand [brænd]                             bev∫ridÏiz]
pivo beer [bi∫]
svûtlé pivo light beer [lait]
ãerné pivo dark beer [da:k]
hofiké pivo bitter [bit∫]
tûÏké ãerné pivo stout [staut]
svrchní pivo, kva‰en˘ nápoj ale [eil]
zázvorové pivo ginger ale [dÏindÏ∫r eil]
leÏák lager [la:g∫]
Have you ever tasted English or American beers? Do you like

víno wine [wain]
bílé, ãervené white [wait], red [red]
lehké light [lait]
suché dry [drai]
pfiírodní natural [næã∫r∫l]
sladké sweet [swi:t]
‰umivé víno, sekt sparkling wine [spa:kli∆ wain]
‰ampaÀské champagne [‰æm≥pein]
roãník vintage [vintidÏ]
réva grape [greip]
What kind of wine do you like?

rum rum [ram]
punã punch [panã] [pan‰]
jableãn˘ mo‰t cider [said∫]
koktejl cocktail [kokteil]                                Food

aperitiv aperitif [∫≤per∫≥ti:f]
brandy brandy [brændi]
koÀak cognac [konjæk]
dÏin gin [dÏin]
sherry, ‰ery sherry [‰eri]
likér liqueur [li≥kju∫]
vajeãn˘ koÀak eggnog [egnog]

tvrd˘ alkohol liquor [lik∫]
vodka vodka [vodk∫]
whisky whiskey [wiski]
skotská scotch [skoã]
reÏná, Ïitná rye [rai]
Do you know any brand names of these alcoholic beverages?

kostky ledu ice cubes [ais kju:bz]
kousek citrónu wedge of lemon [wedÏ ∫v lem∫n]
zelen˘ citrónek lime [liam]
oliva olive [oliv]
míchat koktejly mix drinks [miks dri∆ks]
opít se get drunk [get dra∆k]
Do you enjoy drinking cocktails? Which ones?

10) Kde se mÛÏeme najíst a napít
    Places to Eat and Drink
restaurace restaurant [rest∫r∫nt]
vegetariánsk˘ vegetarian [vedÏ∫≥te∫ri∫n]
hospoda pub [pab]
restaurace specializující se na maso steakhouse [steikhaus]
snackbar snackbar [snækba:]
pizzérie pizza parlor [pi:ts∫ pa:l∫], BR: pizza parlour
kavárna café [kæfei]
kavárniãka sidewalk café [saidwo:k kæfei]
bar bar [ba:]
pult se saláty salad bar [sæl∫d ba:]
vinárna wine cellar [wain sel∫]
cukrárna patisserie [p∫≥ti:s∫ri], tearoom [ti:ru:m]
malá restaurace zpravidla v hotelu AM: coffee shop [kofi ‰op]
bufet, obãerstvení buffet [bufei] [b∫≥fei]
rychlé obãerstvení fastfood [≤fa:st≥fu:d]                   Food
obsluha do auta drive through [draiv œru:]
stánek s opékan˘mi klobásami hot dog stand [hotdog stænd]
Explain when would you eat there.

Restaurace Restaurant [rest∫r∫nt]
jídelní lístek menu [menju:]
objednat si order from the menu [o:d∫ from µ∫ menju:]
obsluha service [s∫:vis]
servírovat serve [s∫:v]
nabídnout offer [of∫]
doporuãit recommend [≤rek∫≥mend]
sklidit ze stolu clear the table [kli∫ ∫ teibl]
rozlít spill [spil]
ubrus tablecloth [teiblkloœ]
platit pay [pei]
spropitné tip [tip]
dát komu spropitné tip somebody [tip samb∫di]
úãet bill [bil], AM: check [ãek]

chod course [ko:s]
pfiedkrm starter [sta:t∫], appetizer [æp∫taiz∫],
  hors d‘ oeuvre [≤o:≥d∫:v∫]
‰védsk˘ pfiedkrm, sendviã smorgasbord [≥smo:g∫s≤bo:d]
polévka soup [su:p]
hlavní jídlo AM: entrée [ontrei]
specialita speciality [≤spe‰i≥æl∫ti]
zákusek, dezert dessert [di≥z∫:t]

levn˘ cheap [ãi:p]
drah˘ expensive [ik≥spensiv]

Lidé v restauracích People in Restaurants
ãísník waiter [weit∫]
ãí‰nice waitress [weitris]
vrchní ãí‰ník head waiter [hed weit∫]
osoba vítající hosty maitre d‘ [≤metr∫ di:]
barman, barmanka bartender [≥ba:≤tend∫]
kuchafi, kuchafika cook [kuk]
‰éfkuchafi chef [‰ef]
uklízeã nádobí AM: busboy [basboi]
pokladní cashier [kæ‰i∫]                                Food
Describe what each of them does.
Why is every role important in a good restaurant?

jídelní stÛl dining table [daini∆ teibl]
ubrus tablecloth [teiblkloœ]
prostírání placemat [pleismæt]
ubrousek napkin [næpkin]
pepfienka pepper shaker [pep∫ ‰eik∫]
slánka, solniãka salt shaker [so:lt ‰eik∫]
zasedací pofiádek seating [si:ti∆]
místo k sezení seat [si:t]
rezervace reservation [≤rez∫≥vei‰∫n]
rezervovat si, zamluvit si reserve [ri≥z∫:v], book [buk],
   make a reservation [≤rez∫≥vei‰∫n]
kóje box booth [bu:œ]
toaleta restroom [restrum]
Describe a restaurant where you often eat.

Posaì se. Posaìte se, prosím. Please, take a seat.
Mohu se podívat na jídelní lístek? May I see the menu?
Co si dá‰? Co si dáte? What will you have?
Dobrou chuÈ. Enjoy your meal.
Chutná mi to. I like it.
Nemám chuÈ na pití. I don‘t feel like drinking.
Chci si stûÏovat. I want to make a complaint. [k∫m≥pleint]

Rád bych mluvil s vedoucím, prosím vás.
I‘d like to see the manager, please. [mænidÏ∫]

MÛÏu dostat úãet, prosím vás? Can I have the bill, please?
     AM: the check

Myslím, Ïe v úãtu je chyba. I don‘t think the bill is correct. [k∫≥rekt]

Je v cenû zahrnuto spropitné? Is the service included?
Do you enjoy eating in restaurants?
From the restaurants that you’ve visited in your life, which have
really impressed you?



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