Felt Flower Bag qxp by mikesanye


Felt Flower Bag
Coats Cotton & Anchor Soft Embroidery

Turquoise felt, 40cm x 21cm (16 x 8in); mauve felt, 40 x 15cm (16 x

Small pieces of felt in the other colours

Coats Cotton sewing thread

0.5m (0.5yd) backing canvas

2 skeins of Anchor Soft Embroidery Cotton in colours to match the main

Millward Medium crewel embroidery needle

Prym Water-soluble pen, Scissors, Pins

How to make the bag

You will need felt pieces in five toning colours. The bag shown here measures 37cm
(15.5in) square, so the two main colours (turquoise and mauve) need to be bought to
fit the width of the chosen bag. You can make up the design on a piece of ground fab-
ric and then simply oversew it neatly onto the chosen bag.

Stitching the Embroidery

1 Place the pieces of turquoise and mauve felt on the ground fabric, and pin and
baste in position. Using the pattern for the basket, cut out the basket shape and pin
in position on the centre of the background, aligning the seam allowances. Using soft
cotton, embroider the herringbone stitch between the two background colours and
work Jacobean trellis stitch onto the basket.

2 Using the patterns on page 107, cut out the leaves and small circles and assemble
the 3D flowers (as shown on pages 2-3).

3 Arrange the flowers in position on the ground, pin and baste a circle of felt in the
middle and work a star stitch in soft cotton at the centre of each flower to secure it.
On the petalled flowers work a French knot in the centre of each petal so that they
won’t droop too much when used. Catch the backs of the folded-petal flowers with a
few stitches in a toning sewing thread.

4 Position the small dots of felt between the large flowers and work star stitches to
secure them. Stitch the leaves in position with a matching soft cotton thread using
running stitch.

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                            Making folded-petal flowers
                            1 Using the patterns on page 107, cut five pieces of felt

                            measuring 7 x 3cm (2.75in x 1.25in) plus one small 2-cm (0.75

                        2   in) square. Cut one central disc 2cm (0.75in) in diameter in

                            another colour.

                            2 Fold each rectangle of felt in half and trim off the corners for

                            the petals.

                            3 Stitch the folded petals to the small square with a few

                            straight stitches in a matching coloured thread, overlapping the

       3                    edges of the petals.

                        4   4 Make a little tuck at the left-hand bottom edge of each petal

                            so that it folds softly over the adjoining petal.

                            5 Place the flower on the embroidery, position the central

                            circle and, using a soft embroidery cotton, stitch through all the

                            layers in star stitch


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Making round-petal flowers                                    1

1 Using the patterns, cut five petal shapes, plus a small

square and a central disc.

2 Make a small tuck in the centre of the base of each

petal and secure with a few straight stitches in a

matching thread.


3 Sew the petals to the small square of felt, overlapping

each one on the left-hand side. Finish as for step 5 of

the folded-petal flower.


The diagrams above show the pattern pieces for this design. Enlarge the overall diagram (above left) by 330 per cent. The
pieces for the individual flowers (above) are actual size.

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